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Topic: Service

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl:The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God protects you from all things. The love of God you experience as you love one another.

JarEl: Welcome to you. It is I, your Teacher, JarEl who loves you and respects you. I admire this great love that is growing within this group. It started small and it has increased. Last week I reminded you that you are progressing on your paths in keeping with the Father's will. This week I remind you that you are further down the path than you were last week. We discussed the measurement of growth, and how inappropriate it would be for one to measure as a child one against another.



For you who are enlightened there is indeed measurement. As you spoke earlier of how you came from one place and now you are at this place. Your measurement is in reflection; within looking back at the person you was and looking now at the person you have become. So the measurement lies not only with each person, but with those who have seen you from that place to now. Rejoice; give thanks to our Father that He has blessed you to achieve a higher level than that which you began on.

We are ever facing new beginnings; new starting; new steps. This should not frighten you. It should reassure you that there is growth within your being. The one task has been completed. There awaits a new task. The difficulty of the previous task reassures the completion and the degree of ease of the new task. Through our yesterdays we are able to make growth today. My children be happy in your hearts; in your thoughts that you are indeed about the Father's business. This growth fares well.

Again we commend you at your level of perception and understanding. Your depth of your understanding is so that we marvel at how you perceive our intent through the lessons of this Mission. Your depth of understanding is encouragement to we your Teachers for it lets us know how well the lessons are received, and the knowledge imparted.


There is another who wishes to address you. Please wait for Douglas to accept this.

Doug: Who is present with us that wishes to address the group? I am having difficulty receiving your name.

Lanzia: Greetings to you who have gathered in this Mission today. I am Lanzia. I will be visiting with you periodically.

Hal: Welcome, Lanzia. Are you another Teacher with JarEl?

Lanzia: Yes. I am. I want to say I am very happy and very pleased to be amongst you. I thank you for your welcome. It is important that I observe the workings and interactions.

Hal: You have a good Teacher to observe. JarEl has been a wonderful Teacher for us. We had a question if this is in order now?

Lanzia: I would prefer that you address your question to JarEl. It is only my intention and my permission granted to give you greetings at this time. So I thank you for allowing me to greet you.

Joe: We are happy that you are with us Lanzia.

Lanzia: Thank you. We perceive much love from each of you. And we know the fact that you work well with one another. This is helping us in our workings with all. I will give you back to the hands of our learned JarEl. I ask that I will be permitted to speak with you from time to time. Farewell.

Group: Farewell.

Joe: We welcome you anytime.

Hal: Yes, we welcome you back at any time.

Lanzia: Thank you.

JarEl: Hello, dear ones. We welcome Lanzia to the group. I must say, Douglas is surprised again. It seems that these events catches him totally unaware.

Hal: You did not know that Lanzia was coming?

JarEl: I did, but this one did not.

Hal: You are referring to Doug, of course?

JarEl: He seems to expect that all lessons and transmissions would be from myself. So, we must remind him and you that this is a Mission. A Mission undertaken by many. When the call came for volunteers to assist in this Mission, there were hosts and hosts who desired to partake of this learning experience. So you should look forward to and expect with frequency the participation of many others.

I am pleased with those of you who have followed our direction in regards to sharing your thoughts and impressions. You do well. Our goal in this effort is for each of you to participate and share with this group your thoughts and impressions throughout the week as they come to you at various times. Your input to this Mission is not only desired, but it is expected. You will not sit here as observers.

Correct me if I am mistaken, but each of you has asked of the Father to know His will? Each of you has expressed in your heart your desire to partake of this Teaching Mission? So why should we your Teachers and your Creator Son expect any less of you than your full whole-hearted participation?

Service, Participation

Service is the word. That you should be ever mindful of in your decision to participate in what you thought was phenomenon. Service came to the forefront of your minds. You thought of being of service to the Father, to Christ Michael and to your fellow man.

Have any of you lost this word; lost this concept; lost this desire? If not, then step forward in faith and in obedience to this cause. I can, and I will give lesson as I have been instructed. As you can see I am bound because of my volunteering to participate. You likewise are bound with duties and responsibilities to this Mission. Let me expand this thought further.

We understand your hearts. We understand your desires to be of service, and to be a willing participant in your spiritual growth and development. We, also, understand your reservation. This reservation comes from a background of fear. This is why we ask of you that you start small in your participation; in your interactions; in your sharing. That you share a little at this time, and a little more next time. That you will fill yourselves a little at this time. By doing so you will become comfortable. Comfortable with one another. Not comfortable and complacent; not comfortable at standing still, but comfortable with your forward growth.

I restate; reiterate this offer. It is important that you understand what holds you back. Do you say: the others will see me for what I truly am? Do you say: the others may not like me for what I present? Do you say: I have nothing of value? If these are within your thoughts, then I say you have much to work on. There is much to discard. These are the thoughts that hold back your growth. If your individual growth is not present, then the group is slowed. So think on these things. Honestly. Be honest with yourselves.

Return next week ready to participate fully. This is all. I will entertain a few questions at this time, asking always that you keep in mind we are not here for anyone's amusement. This is a serious Mission. Please let your questions reflect that curiosity that will enhance your growth and that of this group and that of the Mission. And bring that clarity to your minds that you may take this knowledge and experience that we share and learn together and utilize to better yourselves; to better your world; your planet; and aid in the coming of Light and Life.

I greet you once again in the name of your Creator Son, Michael. He is pleased with our growth thus far. Greetings and love to all. I await your questions.


Lucille: JarEl, this is Lucille. Is Rayson present? I keep seeing a tall, tall figure who I feel is you, and then somebody that is shorter? I wonder if I keep praying for his presence to help Hal, and trying to receive the residue that you talked about or that he talked about. I was just curious whether he is here today.

JarEl: Please wait. Greetings Lucille. Rayson is with us, however, he asked not to address at this time. He is here to observe, and to address you at this time would interfere with his observation. Your perception of this tall being, and a smaller being could perhaps be him or myself for that matter and Lanzia and others who come from time to time to observe. This is interesting that you are viewing a scene.

Lucille: Are there many beings in this room? I have a feeling of being very crowded.

JarEl: You are correct. There are many here today. If you will try and concentrate, we hope that you may feel the energies and love that emanate from the gathering of this size. Take a moment, and we will pause to allow this.

Great joy. You are loved. It is sad to us that you cannot perceive the great extent that you are loved by the Father. It is not within our knowledge at this time to say that you may never experience the full knowledge of His love. This is a question I must ask of others. But the small amount that you are in receipt of is very small in comparison to all that goes out to the Father's universe. You received a grain of sand. Let us continue. Are there other questions.

Marlies: JarEl this is Marlies. Greetings.

JarEl: Greetings.

Marlies: I was curious to know whether Lanzia was a female. When Lanzia was speaking, I got the distinct impression that it was a female voice.

JarEl: This is true. She is a female. And she is a Teacher, and she's an assistant to Rayson. She assists him in the observation of this group, and in the meetings at your request. Correction--at your recent request.

Hal: JarEl, if Rayson is there and Lanzia as observers, I give them permission to have a complete examination and check of my problem. I give it permission to discuss it with my Thought Adjuster such as necessary. Thank you, I am very appreciative of them being here.

JarEl: Thank you. This meets with their approval. Come now, we just gave you a lesson on participation.

Stella: Can I ask a question?

JarEl: Please do.

Stella: JarEl, this is Stella. We will be meeting at my home in Whittier next Sunday. I welcome you there, and I hope you will find it. I would like to ask you--there are about four people I would like to invite. This is not a joke or anything like that, but these people seem to be very serious. And I wonder if it is all right with you.

JarEl: Thank you for your welcome, Stella. Have these individuals viewed the materials.

Stella: Not the transcripts, but they have all been Urantia book readers.

JarEl: We have established a procedure whereby to ensure that all that come are sincere truth seekers as yourselves. I trust in your judgement. In addition I ask that you take to them one of the composite texts.

Stella: Of the what?

Hal: Of the transcripts.

JarEl: Composite texts of the transcripts that has been prepared for new students for this purpose.

Stella: All right.

JarEl: After they have completed reading this text if they are still desirous to attend they will be most welcome. But please proceed with the composite text as a prerequisite.

Stella: Okay.

JarEl: Also, your home is wood shaped?

Stella: Wood shaped? It is two-story, hundred year-old house.

Marlies: It was wood at one-time (?)

Stella: It was wood at one time, but they put stucco on it. 8316 Comstock Avenue in Whittier.

JarEl: Thank you. We would have found it.

Hal: It makes me wonder how you all find us where we are? What is your means of communication?

JarEl: Sincere hearts. Sincere thoughts. Your sincere desire to follow the Father. Attunement to the spiritual circuits that encompass you. So it is not difficult to know where your physical beings are.

Hal: Were you listening to our discussion prior to our quiet time? Was that what you were referring to of stepping out and doing the Father's will and communicating as we were attempting to do at that time. Loosen up our inner selves.

JarEl: Yes, this is correct. You do not know how really well you do as a group. When we observe how you interact, and you are correct, there is no need for our input; our interference. We simply allow. By doing so you grow more; you perceive. Your perceptions and understanding is increased much more than were we to interfere. So, when you let go as you say, you allow it to take place. By it I mean your growth.

Hal: How is the Father to it?.

JarEl: What was your question.

Hal: It was a comment not a question. By letting go it allows the Father to enter our being and be our will be His will.

JarEl: Oh, yes. And this is His pleasure that He meets with you in the Stillness and shares His presence and knowledge of Himself with you directly. I have for you a question, and I ask a response from each of you if you would please. The question is: "How do you perceive yourselves since your participation in this Mission? In your response please keep in mind that Douglas is tired.

Violet:I feel like I am not the same person that I was before.

Marlies: I feel myself growing. I feel myself perceiving things differently.

Stella: I feel that I am growing, too. That this past week I have had the opportunity, maybe, a person a day. When I would talk about radiating love and service, there is a satisfaction that this was the crux of what I was to say to them. And I have mentioned the Teaching Mission, and there is a lot of interested people. So, even though I was conscious of the Urantia teachings before this past week seems to be more emphasis; more power spreading this.

JarEl: Yes. This is well. Continue.

Fred: JarEl, this is Fred. This is sort of a homecoming that I am experiencing for the lessons I learned 20 years ago, and the angels that were revealed to me. I wonder if they are still active in my spiritual growth and at this new stage?

JarEl: Those that were with you before?

Fred: It was about 20 years ago.

JarEl: Yesterday. This is possible. There are many who heeded the call, and we are not aware of the names or the locations of all those that participate in this Mission. This is very possible that they may at this time be a part of this Mission. You may seek them during your quiet time. And listen for their presence. This would most likely enhance your growth. To be able to renew those fond relationships of yesterday in this new Mission. Does that answer your question?

Fred: That is very good. Thank you.

JarEl: Continue.

Betty: I feel that I have learned to trust myself, and to go to the Father and trust Him. And I have learned to pray.

JarEl: This wonderful, child. We have observed much development in you. And it is good that you are pleased with your growth. This is important that you are pleased with what you are becoming. Have we slain our dragon?

Betty: Almost.

Joe: JarEl, this is Joe. I feel that my knowledge as far as our place in creation has dramatically increased. I feel maybe at times that I would like to have a more emotional connection. I pray and hope that will come in time. I am very happy and glad of having rediscovered my Father through the quiet times.

JarEl: This is wonderful, Joseph.


Hal: JarEl, I feel I am (in) a tremendous transition stage. I had beautiful, intellectual academic knowledge of these things. Since the Teaching Mission, I have internalized them, and it's becoming a part of me. I find it is sometimes quite frustrating that tremendous transition that I feel having the knowledge become integrated within my soul. I feel that I'm making great progress, however.

JarEl: And indeed you are. And I would like to say in addition that earlier before our starting today with prayer you mentioned your battles; your skepticism. We have attempted to reassure each of you in a small way perceptible to you alone. We were there to reinforce what we tell you repeatedly here and through the various lessons that doubt is a necessary part of growth. It is not unusual. If you allow your doubts to pull you from the path, then this is not good. If you allow your doubts to make you seek further for clarification and your understanding, that this is good and facilitates growth. When your questions and doubts are answered to your mind and hearts satisfaction, there is a leap that takes place within you. And you traverse a great space from doubt to surety. From surety to faith. Please continue.

Lucille: I feel much closer to God than I ever did before. And this is probably due to the quiet time spending more time on that. I also feel a strong feeling of love.

(The tape ends. The session continues with replies to JarEl's question from Dora, and statement from Violet. A synopsis of these answers follows, plus Douglas's answer which was taken after the meeting.

Dora's answer: "JarEl, I have found myself less irritable, angry; more acceptable of "things" that come along. I feel more accepting of others and where they are at in their growth. And I am able to explain my spiritual convictions better than I have ever before. Also, I have once again become part of a spiritual family. And I know that I have always looked for a close spiritual family such as I had when I was a member of the Science of Mind group in Hesperia. But that this spiritual family is stronger, and it is good to be part of this group."

Violet's statement: "Thank you JarEl for reminding ourselves to think about where we are at in our growth, to look at ourselves objectively, That we are not to judge ourselves, and to be more patient with ourselves. That we need to wait for things, but not to procrastinate in our growth."

Douglas's answer which was given after the meeting ended: "In the beginning I felt like a doubting Thomas. I know now that doubt is part of the growth process."


JarEl gives the group his farewell statements. His last sentences were: "Next week the same time; same channel! My peace and love I leave you with. Farewell."

The group bids him farewell until the following Sunday.