1993-08-29-Sharing Fruits of the Spirit

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Topic: Sharing Fruits of the Spirit

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer and Prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel, your friend, teacher, and guide. You, my faithful, have demonstrated once again your willingness to put aside your own wants and desires and are striving to find that course that bespeaks of the Father's will. It is indeed through your commitment that you will and shall be led down the path; that you will by this commitment know that course, that which you must do.


Free will, Sharing

Those who are not of great faith, strength, and steadfastness often are sidetracked along life's path. And this is not a thing for you to judge. Rather realize, my friends, that in each individual is there that Indwelling Spirit, and in each individual is God working through them. As they choose their life's path, so shall they in time come to the realization of the reality and purpose of life. Pray for your fellow brothers and sisters that they, like yourselves, can come to greater commitment in fulfilling their potential. But do not feel that you must drag them! For this would not be Father's will. Father's will is for all to make that choice. And there is much time that this can be done. Rather is it asked that you, the individual, lead your life in that framework which constitutes a willingness to follow the First Source and Center. Through your fruits you shall be known. Through your fruits and your demeanor shall you lay the seeds and scatter them among barren ground. It is a choice that must be made individually.

This week I am very pleased to be back with this group. It is a time of pondering, indeed. For the events and the happenings of last week are many fold. And, indeed, has much been done to further the will of the Father, to further the Teaching Mission. For many celebrations from many areas across the world have brought together a greater consciousness and a firmer commitment of love, and a further understanding which creates that unity and bonding for all. You, my friends, are part of a much broader whole. And as you see the unfoldings of life piece together in a framework that causes you amazement, realize that it is by your willingness to remain open, to take chances, to follow that path that these kinds of seeming coincidences are seen by you as part of the divine plan.


And so, my friends, today I ask you to think back to Christ Michael's birth. His bestowal on this planet was one of great significance for not only this planet, but for all of this local universe. For His bestowal here gave Him, this God and Man, the experience necessary to rule in His local universe; gave Him the experience of knowing what it was like to walk the material plane. And the life that He led is one that can, indeed, be one that you, the individual, can look at and can mold your life as such. Given your own life circumstances each and every one of you will act out the understanding of Christ Michael's message differently in your own lives. The message, of course, is that of your sonship and daughtership from a Deity of much love. The First Source and Center has given to you that free will choice to follow, then, the teachings of Michael. And as you read through the life of your Creator Son's bestowal you will each come to greater understanding of the depth that this man had, and how He was able to rise up above the human frailties and weaknesses; that even in His perfect example you can find areas that you, too, can follow, that you, too, can ascend to. For even Michael Himself has said, `And greater works than these you may do'.

Divinity, Manifestation

And so take up your commitment to ever hold in your framework, your mindset, that you are not only human, but you are of divine nature. And through your willingness and desire to follow the Father's will, will you be able to incorporate that into your humanness and walk a path that is in that alignment with the First Source and Center. As you, my friends, discover the inner world, you will begin to realize that in order to maintain a balance you must be able to give more time to your spiritual aspect. For in giving that time will your human endeavor hold much more depth, have more meaning, and will be worthy of greater experience.

It is the hope of this Teaching Mission that through these types of meetings of small groups we can give to you a basis for growing and wishing to fulfill that potential you are capable of. However, there are many, many lessons given daily in many different forms around the whole world and these lessons hold much truth, just as the lessons presented by the teachers in this mission. But lessons are only lessons and hold no meaning unless there is within each individual the desire to create what that lesson has brought forth through action.

And so, my friends, it is always my greatest pleasure to speak with you. And I ask that even though various lessons may seem dull or trite it is important that each of you take what is given and put it into action. For becoming and experiencing those things that are taught do you grow and will the unfoldings of life begin to take on new meaning for you. You can trod down life's path having experiences, but when you trod down life's path having the same experiences but witnessed through a heart that is filled with divine attributes you see the real beauty of that life experience. And even though there may be times when you, even in your trying to follow Father's will, do not see the benefit of certain experiences, know that whenever you have that desire, so shall you reap rewards at some point in time. Father's love emanates so immensely that it is all pervasive. And you, my friends, are beginning to understand a small portion of it. Indeed, look to the First Source and Center, for He is love. And as has been said before, love is the answer. When you follow this as your motivating device [[[motto]]] then will you be able to give to one another that which the Father desires. Through love is service rendered. Through service is God given love as well. For in receiving God's love there can be no greater reward for you or the First Source and Center than to return it back to your fellow brothers and sisters.

As you have seen, circuits are quite weak this evening. And so I will end this message saying to you: Take time to evaluate your life. Take time to decide which commitments are most important, which ones can be set aside. For in one's life one can only follow so many roads. Too many bring much scatteredness and not any progress. Following fewer roads with more commitment will bring about strength and growth. And so, think this week upon where you wish your energies to be given. I will accept questions."


B3: "Good evening Daniel. Thank you for that message. As usual it had something I thought was pertaining to me. May I introduce a friend of mine. This is P3 who is from Germany and is visiting our country at this time."

Daniel: "Thank you B3 and welcome P3. As always we are happy to have visitors. And in your frame of reference for Urantians to have a visitor from so far is welcome, indeed. And I say to you, P3, life has many experiences and many roads to choose. Your road has been one that has brought much to many young people and has laid down a foundation that has helped many a person to see with greater insight and with broader horizons. And so I say to you that to follow a path is wonderful, to follow a path with open mind and open ears and open heart is grand. Welcome and my love to you."

Teaching Mission

V1: "Hello, Daniel. I was reading in the book today or this week and I am reading in the ordination of the twelve. The apostles really wanted to interpret what Jesus was saying to them literally. I tried to correlate this with my present life right now and I would like to believe that the Teaching Mission is going to literally improve our planet, bring us peace and bring us all those things that will make human beings live together in a better way. I was wondering that perhaps the message is also to me that it is not literal, but that it is the Kingdom of Heaven within us. Would you comment on this, please?"

Daniel: "The Teaching Mission can only go, produce, and do as far as the will of those involved. As you grow and progress and become of Godmindedness so do you put out into the world change. The Teaching Mission is but one aspect of many global changes, many global activities that are in the works, as you would call it, to yes, indeed, bring about more awakening of this planet so long in darkness. Truly, because of circuitry being opened, is there being given to this planet greater and greater help, that through this help the work of the Indwelling Spirit can be given more emphasis. By that I mean, through help being given by many celestial beings that have been brought here is there being given a change of thought and of patterning. And through this, then, the Indwelling Spirit is able to make that communication with the individual. And it is through the individual that change will come. It would be wonderful to think that grand change could come about by the masses. But as with all things, a mass choice is not an individual choice. God's will is that you, each individual, make that choice. As you make the choice so do you change. As you change so do you bring about change. Indeed, the Kingdom is within. As you take the time to seek that inner Kingdom, so your commitment changes. And so shall you know the road to follow. And at that point do the teachings of Christ Michael become real for you. And at that point are you able to follow with greater desire, sincerity, confidence and love. Has this helped?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel, it has. And I guess it's exactly what I thought you would say. I just want to see our planet improved so much. It is one to one, and I know that. Thank you very much."

Correcting Time

N1: "Daniel, first of all thank you for your lesson tonight. Mom's question and your answer brought up a long time question of mine which you have probably three quarters answered already. But if I could just ask for further clarification I would appreciate it. As I had thought about the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time my understanding has been that the Teaching Mission is just a small aspect of the Correcting Time; that there are, in fact, many different missions and many different ministries taking place all over the world, and perhaps different dogmas. My specific question is, if the Teaching Mission is associated with the Fifth Epochal Revelation through the information given in the Urantia Book, and that you as teachers have a particular mandate and certain rules that you must follow in giving us information, that perhaps other ministries don't have exactly the same mandates and the same rules in dealing with individuals. Is this an accurate perception?"

Daniel: "To a certain degree it can be seen as accurate. Know, however, because of this Correcting Time is there given into many, many areas an opening and enhancement that will help to bring together those in high authority, human high authority that can help to bring about a more unifying effect. Indeed, as each and every individual is different, so is the experience of each individual different, so is the culture and the background and the intellect. And so, too, must the understanding and the relationship with the First Source and Center be individual. And to speak to a person on their understanding level is important, hence many, many areas must be addressed in order for there to be information fed to each individual. In that regard is there much help being given to meet the individual at a level of their own understanding. Do you see?"

Thought Adjusters

N1: "Yes, Daniel. I do. Thank you. I am in the midst of, I guess, retraction and a little bit of doubt and stuff at the end of this week. Can you give me confirmation of what went on earlier this week....oh, forget about confirmation. Could I ask about Thought Adjuster contact? I recognize that I did have that contact earlier in the week. What happened to me later in the week is that I continued to think that I was making contact, then it was really starting to feel like I was making it up and I am sure that I made up some of it later on in the week, even. I guess I'm wondering if Thought Adjuster contact is supposed to be that easy once you make contact. I guess I thought that one needed to be deeply into quiet time and stuff. And I didn't find that to be my experience and so I think that is why I have been thinking that I have a very active imagination. I was wondering if you could address that please?"

Daniel: "Indeed is Thought Adjuster contact most special! And, indeed, is it a time when one should be very joyful, for in making that contact are you totally aware of Who and What you have made contact with! It brings to my memory, if I were on this planet and back in the mortal state, would it not bring chills to me now to think about Thought Adjuster contact? It is that which you, the individual, long and desire to make! Once you have made that contact are you forever changed in the fact that you have been brought into an inner sanctuary of your dual nature. The divine aspect of which you are partly is so often neglected that when it is gloriously brought to life, as with Thought Adjuster contact, is there a real change for the individual. Indeed, was contact made earlier for you. And, indeed, was imagination rampant later.

My friends, as you travel this path of life, how easy it is for the mind to play games. How important, therefor, it is to pray and to seek inner solace from the inner world of the Thought Adjuster, that you can know that which is true divine guidance from that which is ego and humanly motivated. It is a fine line that you walk, but you are in much company. It is a fine line, but do not be afraid to walk it. Understand that as you desire, truly desire to follow Him and the life He would wish you to lead, so shall you be guided. Imperfect you were. Perfect you are striving for. Imperfect you will still be in this world. But it is better to have left this world imperfect and be willing to search and to follow a truth than to have never tried, or to have given up out of fear and doubt. When doubt and fear take hold, seek the Father that you can, again, rid yourself of the shackles and again be of joy. It is a fine line, yet it is a line that holds great adventure. To seek communication with the Thought Adjuster is a grand and wondrous occasion."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel. That helped a lot."

K2: "Daniel, I know that it is grand and wondrous. And the time that I spoke with Him was the time when He told me that my parents weren't coming back. So it was a difficult thing for me because I wanted to believe that That was Who I was talking to, but I wanted it to not be the truth! And I guess even though it was a horrible thing for Him to tell me, it was the peace that I felt when He told me and I knew that they were OK. It is just confusing to me, you know, mine was so dual. It was such bad news but from such a wonderful source. And I felt so guilty because I heard such awful news from such a wonderful source. And I don't know if you have a comment for that but that's my experience with my Thought Adjuster. I haven't heard much from Him since. I hope that it is not just for bad things that I hear from Him."

Daniel: "Understood. Life has many paradoxes, indeed. Yet, you see, had the news not come from your Thought Adjuster, you would have not realized that the death of your parents was, indeed, OK; that all is well in the realm of the divine. You, however, of are of a time/space material creation and it is, indeed, difficult in a material sense to understand that which often transpires. Know that, indeed, the message given to you was for your own benefit, that you could have a sense of peace amidst the tragedy of the event. And so, do not be afraid to seek and to allow this communication to again ensue. This communication is not always a bearer of humanly tragic news. It can be the inner guide that certainly directs you to Paradise Isle and back to your home from which you came. And so all of you who are in a material state must realize that the events that are so real to you as you travel this path are but events that over time and in time and in the divine essence help you to grow in character and in stature, help to provide you opportunities that you can make choices. And it is these choices that you make that help you in your ascension. Please, my dear, do not allow this experience with the Thought Adjuster to be one that because of its news cuts off your openness and willingness to receive. This would be tragic, for you see, you have already consciously made this connection. Allow these connections to become more frequent for you. My love.


I will take my leave this evening asking that each of you take the time this week to ascertain the direction you are going and to take a few minutes to ask the Creator Son, Christ Michael to help you in increasing your faith and increasing your commitment; that through this commitment you are able to say willingly, `Yes, I am an apostle. I am willing to follow. I am willing to lead. I am willing to serve'. My love and peace to you all. Good evening."