1993-10-26-Unbind Your Tongues

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Topic: Unbind Your Tongues

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Machiventa, Michael

TR: Douglas



JarEl: (Douglas) Focus on love. Relax. Allow the energies to flow through you and about. Feel the center of your beings pulsate with love and achievement. It is freely given. The sharing is essential to your development. It is a goal in the mission to learn to share yourselves with one another. This will enhance the knowledge and experience provided through the text and this mission. Remain in the stillness, focused on love. Try and perceive your connection with one another as the energies of the love circuit enfold you. As the ribbon, wide and glistening, blown in the wind.

It is the presence of God that surrounds you and the love of God that enfolds you. Wherever you are, He is with you and He is present also in this mission to make real to your knowledge these facts of divine truth. The Father is ever present and open to your petitions. Your desires are to commune and to be like Him. Be comforted and secure in this knowledge. Rejuvenate yourselves in this sharing.

Greetings, dear ones.

Group: Greetings, JarEl!



JarEl: Rejoice! Which is usual for these who are here to be with you in this practice. Our place is with you wherever you come together. We are pleased to have Hal and Lucille with us for this session. I would ask that they continue to come and practice the techniques of communication with those who are selected for this means of communication.

We have, with assistance of other teachers, attempted always to impress you and encourage you utter our messages, someway. If you write, this is well. If you speak, this is well. The comfort of the transmitter is important. This allows the opening and ease of reception or our words and impressions. The comfort of the transmitter verifies to him the authenticity of our messages. So, as always, we ask you to relax and allow the flow of our words to focus in your beings. Bring forth the impressions, however you wish and rare comfortable for your beings. It has been a lapse of time in the practice for some of you. Regression has not taken place. However, we must start anew with sincerity in our efforts to communicate for your fellows the message of this mission.

In earnest seek you the Father and ask for His guidance in this effort. In earnest decide whether this is for you or not. If this is not of your wish , then cease and encourage others to participate. If this is then within your desire, dedicate yourselves to the fullness of learning. Your cooperation and 100% participation is required. You will achieve a proficient level of communication with practice. It will astound you with your growth and proficiency in this area. So I, your teacher, encourage and ask that you experiment with all means of communication. We are always impressing you with our messages to see what is best for you. We are adaptable. Mortals are limited. Some areas of communication are suitable for some individuals, based upon their spiritual development and association with their adjusters. So let us reaffirm our commitment to this cause and practice, practice, practice. This is all for the moment. I desire to hear of our progress from your colleagues. Please accept my greetings on behalf of our Planetary Prince.(pause) Are the tongues bound?


Lucille: This is Machiventa. Love and peace be with you. Fear not, I am with you. We love you. Thank you for trying.(pause)

Betty: When one approaches the water the feet are on firm ground. The nearer you come to the water, the looser the soil becomes. At first it is very pleasant. The water laps your ankles and cools your tired feet. To venture beyond requires skill. To find our balance in water when the feet are no longer on the ground requires skill also. Take these steps in faith and we will impart the skill. The buoyancy of the water will lift you up. You will be lifted in your faith. The hand of God is upon you. No harm will come. Open you hearts. Allow the current to take you. Allow the buoyancy to make you light. This is a parable to use. Surrender to the water. Surrender to your faith. This is all.

(Long Pause)

JarEl: Submission to the will of the Father, dear ones. The urge that you allow the flow of our messages to your being is similar to that of the palm that grows tall. In a great storm this palm will bend down to the ground in submission to the force of wind. While other trees will stand against the force of wind and be broken in their growth, the palm returns to stand upright and strong because it yielded to the wind in its fury. Ofttimes mortals stand against our messages-the knowledge that we try to impart. Submit, relax, allow and bend. Rise again to stand tall in your faith and in receipt of the knowledge to be imparted through this mission. Effort is required, but subtle effort. Submission and effort conjointly. Let us see what we can accomplish. Continue and focus above the energy circuit. (pause) Speak outwardly. Unbind your tongues. Take the steps.

Joe: Walk slowly step by step into the water till it is past you knees, past your shoulders. Take the plunge and dive in. You are swimming freely.(pause)

Second Coming, Light and Life

Michael:(Douglas) My children. Your acts of faith; I am pleased. As you know, this mission and event are spreading quickly to the forefront of the consciousness of all humanity. Urantia will come about in Light and Life through your efforts and dedication to this cause. You will usher in this era from the Correcting Time to Light. How pleased am I of the progress of this mission and the development of so many shining souls. The light of your lives illuminates the darkness that has surrounded Urantia. The hope of the planet lies within your beings. Take upon yourselves the challenge to assist. Learn from your teachers and the text book you have been given. Let love reign in your hearts. Be ever mindful of your place in this cause. You are separated; set aside to be ambassadors of the kingdom; to teach and enlighten the brotherhood and sisterhood that is yet to arrive. Your teachers have asked that you prepare for my coming; that you prepare for your place in this mission. The hour fast approaches. Your efforts will be rewarded. Oceans of Humanity will fall to you. You must be prepared that your shore will not be over run, but contained firmly with the love that your teachers are imparting. This will be the dam that will hold in check, the flood of humanity forthcoming. You may channel this water of life if you have prepared yourselves. My peace and love I give to you, freely and joyously. Know that I am with you always. Ever reach out for counsel and comfort. Farewell, my children.

JarEl: The Creator Son has spoken. His words are comforting, uplifting, challenging. Dear ones, prepare yourselves for the events to come. Those who walk in darkness are seeing the light of your lives. They will rush to you. What will you have to give them? What will you offer when they ask? Preparation is the key. Continue in this wise. I will work tirelessly with you. You have but to ask. Your faith will provide all that you need. You must exercise faith. It is as a tool. Say-the hammer. It may rest in the box; the house will not be built. Yes, you have it, but until it is put to use it is of no value. Take your faith from safe-keeping and exercise and apply it. Continue to build the structure we are building. Side by side with your teachers, your brothers and celestials are working with you. Take our hand and continue. Glorious, joyous, and beautiful, was this evening. I await your questions or any expressions you may have at this time. I know of the emotions and feelings as result of the presence of the Creator Son.


Hal: JarEl, I would like to know the problem. I felt open and ready for impressions, and ready to speak. Not one impression came. What have I done to block it?

JarEl: I cannot say that you have blocked it; not consciously. You are open. You are conscious of that openness. Perhaps you must go deeper into the stillness. More time will be required. Once you have turned the key, the door is unlocked. You have turned this key. You have received your teacher. So practice with your teacher. Proficiency will allow others to come to you and speak through you. Perhaps not as this one, who is versed in the verbal. Your door may be in scribe-correction-in writing. I forget this term "scribe" is not used in this era. Do not be disheartened in your progress. It is like your life in the flesh. You must heed the example of the Creator Son as He lived as the God-Man. He accepted all adversity in joy. A stout and courageous conscience; looking ever forward.

For you dear one, you are blessed and loved. We embrace you dearly. You are in the watchcare of angels. You have nothing a fear or be disheartened about. Lift up your head and your eyes to Christ Michael. I look forward to the day when you will say to me, "Teacher, I have come through this door. I receive your messages." This time is not far off. I desire your spirit to smile and radiate the happiness of heart that your fellows find so refreshing in you. I, too, find it refreshing as cool water. As I have told you, never before have I experienced this love from beings in my tutoring. This is a great experience for me and others. Should I default in my duties, there are thousands upon thousands of others who would take my place, instantaneously. They would be happy for the opportunity to work with such as you.Count yourselves among the fortunate and blessed to be a part of this Mission.

Hal: We also feel blessed to have you with us. It is a wonderful experience for us. The greatest we have ever had.


JarEl: Thank you. In the sharing of this love, let us join together once again in unity and fellowship. Celestials are here and hand in hand, holding the banner of Christ Michael. I will depart from you at this time. However, keep my words of encouragement close to your heart. Know of this great admiration and love that I, your humble teacher, have for you all. My peace I leave with you. The blessings of our Planetary Prince-Creator Son-be upon you. Shalom.

Hal: JarEl, we are so grateful to you. Your words of encouragement are meat to our souls.

Group: Farewell, Jarel.


A deep emotional love permeated the atmosphere. All were affected.