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Topic: Cooperation

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



(Douglas T/R) JarEl: Blessed are the cheerful at heart for theirs are the joy of the kingdom to come. Greetings to you, dear ones.

Betty: Greetings, JarEl (Group Greetings)


JarEl: I have waited patiently for this time. In my wait I have been treated by celestial sounds, cheerful countenance, the joy of fellowship. The humor of human interaction. Pleasure is the word that comes nearest to this feeling.


I am most pleased at this occasion to witness your growth, your sharing, your fellowship. Such talented individuals you are blessed to have amongst you. Such enlightenment as you all have contributed to the early discussion concerning the words and impressions that you freely shared and volunteered of your time to transmit to one another. Cooperation is the word symbol that you exemplify in this group. You are cooperating with one another in your learning, and your cooperating with your Teachers in the fulfillment of these exercises is most admirable. I thank you as I say to you: The presence of God surrounds us. The power of God enfolds your being. The love of God protects you, and guides you throughout your day. Wherever you go in this physical world, and in the world to come, the Father is with you always.

JarEl: Much time has elapsed since our sitting down together; since the invitation from you inviting the celestials to partake of your fellowship. We wish we could give you vision from your mortal blindness to look about you, and see all that have come to your side as a result of your invitation. The sight would overwhelm you. Your mouths would open in awe to believe that so many beings could encompass this small room. The commonalty of all is the service of our Creator Son; the furtherance of this Mission of Truth.

We are all one; one in love; one in truth; one in goodness; one in beauty; one in service. How great is your desire to be of service to this cause! We perceive your growth as from the past to the present. There is much to be joyous over. Your lighthearted humor this day is cause for reflection. For in your daily activities, individually when you come to this setting often time you come carrying burdens, concern for your future; your individual problems. But the fellowship, comradeship, the love and unity that has been the cornerstone of this group lifts those burdens, makes light the troubles that beset you. Upon leaving this environment you are refreshed and renewed, rejuvenated. Ready to proceed to the next task. Ready to overcome the next obstacle. This is wonderful that you learn so readily; so easily the lessons through your interaction. This is what has transpired not just this day, but in previous sessions. You have interacted. You have contributed. You have shared thoughts, ideas, concepts, feelings, emotions, truths, belief systems. You have shared all. You have interacted, and have come away with understanding, enlightenment, feeling of spiritual growth. Is this not so?

Group: Yes.

JarEl: Then continue to be joyous at your growth, and your fellowship, and the love. Continue to share the Father's love as our learned Teacher had mentioned in the transcript. Reflect the Father's love to one and all. You are given opportunities daily to be that your belief system is making of you Christlike as the Master would have been were He here. You are given daily an opportunity to come from blindness into vision, and to see your fellows as the Master saw them, Not with the physical eyes, but with the spiritual eyes. You are given opportunity to look directly into the heart and soul of your fellows, and recognize that spark of the Father Fragment that indwells each and every being on this planet. Keep this mind as you meet and encounter new persons that each is a fragment of the Father. Each is a brother and a sister to you. Treat them accordingly. You will take a few moments for your expressions, and perhaps a question or two. I feel inspired by the proceedings earlier, and I desire to continue this happy, spiritual mode. Greetings. That is all.



Hal: Greetings, JarEl. We are glad that life was meant to be pleasant and to be joyous. We find that we learn more; learn faster. We are so grateful for your inspiration to us. When it fits your schedule, I would like more information on intuition. And how we can use it and apply it?

JarEl: Intuition is very important to you in your development, and your proper use of intuition will assist you greatly. There are those who have taken the talents of intuition and have used them for profit. We do not suggest that any of you fit this category. This is an unwise decision of mortals to take the God given gifts and use them not for the benefit of fellows, but for selfishness. So we are aware of the gifts and instruct you sparingly so that in no time are you overwhelmed by the gift.

Hal: Is there any way in which we can distinguish intuition from our own thought patterns?

JarEl: Intuition as a whole is generally your thought patterns, desire for information. You are requesting input and information to make decision; to have knowledge. Intuition allows you access to the spiritual side. That information then can be used in your decision making. But it happens at such a rapid pace you become unaware of it's process. This is what we mean when we ask of you to trust in the process. The processes are moving very quickly. You cannot take conscious thought of each aspect of a particular process. It will not fill your consciousness. But the end result will be aware to you. It is the end result that allows you to just trust in the process. When you have in your hands the end result, you are not thinking about the process it took to achieve this thing only that it occurred. Does this help you?

Hal: Yes, thank you. Then we should just relax and let it flow as long as we know the Father is within guiding us. That would be intuition.

JarEl: This is so. There are truths that are existent, and always has been. On these truths rely. Do not question; accept and allow.

Hal: Thank you.

JarEl: All are welcome.

Jimmy: JarEl, this is Jimmy. Hello.

JarEl: Hello, Jimmy.

Second Coming

Jimmy: How close are we here on Earth to being blessed with the presence of Christ Michael's manifestation again? Or is that an inappropriate question?

JarEl: Appropriate, but yet untimely. We all look forward to the manifestation of the Creator Son again in the likeness of mortal flesh. This time will come about. The Creator Son has said so. As you know whatever He wills is. Time is only important on your level. So, we cannot say if we are talking in terms of months, years, or days. We do not consider the element of time. When it occurs, you will know. Most likely before all others.

Jimmy: Really! I don't say that unbelievably! It's fascinating.

Hal: Time may not be important at your level, but to a few us who only have a few limited years left, time is more meaningful. We would like to know if it could be within our time.

JarEl: I understand your preoccupation with the passage of time. Whether or not this particular event takes place in your lifetime or the next is of no importance. The importance is that it takes place. If you are here to witness it in the flesh, this is well. But you will witness it either in the flesh or in the spirit. So again time is of little importance.

Hal: That is a reassuring that we can enjoy it from the morontia level as well as from the material level.

JarEl: This is so.

Sleeping Survivors

Hal: How about if we have to sleep for 1,000 years?

JarEl: We know not the time of your sleep. A thousand years can be equivalent in value to a second of your time. For the sleeping survivors it is often the case. They awaken as if they had just closed their eyes.

Hal: Yes, but a lot has transpired has it not on this level?

JarEl: This is so, but all are brought up to date to the events that are of importance to that particular being; to the history of the planet of its origin.

Hal: In other words: Kitell, don't worry about, relax and enjoy it.

JarEl: Take the chill pill. Group laughter!

Marlies: Chill pill!

Betty: Chill out Hal.


JarEl: Relax; allow, as our practice session group likes to say, "Go with the flow." Go with the flow of the Father, and the Creator Son. This Mission flows steadily as a stream, clear, cool, unobtrusive against the rocks. Over the sands disturbing not, but in its wake it forms pools. These pools men can drink from; sustain life; find refreshment. Let your group be such a pool that others may come and partake of refreshment of the knowledge, of the fellowship, of the true brotherhood of the body of Christ.

Dear ones, the hour grows. We have enjoyed immensely your presence. Your association of words is interesting. As you witnessed, these words that you were impressed with can come together and express complete spiritual thoughts.

Hal: Only as Douglas can do it!

JarEl: As all are capable. Take into consideration your thoughts; give credit to your learning. Doubt not that you are progressing on your path. More confidence is needed. More self assurance; realization of your place in this cause.

Teacher Contact

Hal: I don't want to dominate the conversation, but no one else seems to say anything. And I wanted to thank you, and I assume you have been with me all week. I have had a glorious time in our sessions. Rambling on that I assume are impressions from you. I am assured that you were there?

JarEl: Be most assured. Olin has been with you, also.

Hal: Great. I have asked for him, but I have not been acknowledged.

JarEl: You have some difficulty in perceiving his presence.

Hal: Yes.

JarEl: His words are similar to mine. Therein may lay your confusion. Since all are part of the whole Mission similarities in the Teaching staff has often caused a confusion of identity. For each of you who have entertained your individual Teachers it is incumbent upon you to seek their guidance and presence more so than myself. Each Teacher has an area of assignment particular to your needs. We do not desire to take the group time in recounting lessons that are appropriate for your individual growth. This is the responsibility of your individual Teachers to assist you and supplement this weekly session with lessons and guidance geared specifically for you. Then when you come to this session you may share the impressions and the lessons of your growth with your fellows and collectively we may all share the experience and the knowledge.

So I ask you this week and from now on to ask for your Teachers; to be more receptive to their callings. I am informed by a Teacher that the problem with his student is one of not taking the opportunity to address him. Dear ones, in all of your activities you must make a sacrifice. What is of paramount importance: The life you have lived or the life yet to come? The falsehoods of yesterday, or the truths of today? The dreams of the past, or the vision of tomorrow? Govern yourselves, take a time to afford yourselves the opportunity to spend a few moments in the Stillness with the Father and with your Teachers. We are flexible. You may call upon us at any time. Often times we are already near you. However, if you do not use us, you hinder your own spiritual growth.

We have informed you that Teachers are available and willing to assist you of you. Some are at different development levels than others, but this session on Sundays is the equalizer session. So practice with your Teachers. Take the lessons they give and apply. The Mission continues 23 hours, 56 minutes, 46 seconds of your time.


I thank you for this opportunity to share in your fellowship. Your presence is illuminating, and brings joy to myself and those gathered in His name. My peace I leave with you. My love, the joys that the Father has blessed us all with I share. Thank you. Farewell.

Group Farewell.

Hal: Farewell, JarEl. No more questions then. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you JarEl. I have a lot more questions though!

Stella: So do I.

JarEl: Inquisitive ones. When will the questions cease?

Hal: When we know it all!

JarEl: Trust in the text. Read, digest, allow the transformation, the transmutation of wisdom from the text and the transcripts to your minds. That is all.

Hal: Does the text tell us how to make contact and relax into this spiritual world? I don't recall that in the text.

JarEl: Seek further into the text.

Hal: Yes, sir. Anyway thanks a lot JarEl.

(Another T/R Dora)

I, Andrew, thank you Douglas for reading the transcripts of so long ago. My peace I leave with you.

Teacher: JarEL T/R's: Lucille & Douglas Date: Nov.21, 1993