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Topic: Worthiness

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JarEl: The love of God enfolds your being. Wherever you are He is with you. He is ever present in your lives and beings, through difficult times, your troubles, your doubts and uncertainties. In your joy, your triumphs, when you are overcoming adversity the Father is with you. Greeting Dear Ones.

Group: Greetings JarEl. Welcome back!

JarEl: Much joy do we feel at your presence. You have been sorely missed in this gathering. I must assure you that though there are those who are absent let this not be a distraction, or disturb your consciousness. They are present in love, in thought and in sharing this consciousness.

I wish to address at this great beginning of a new earth year; You mortals take conscious note of the passing of one segment to another. This is a opportunity for reflection, which you speak of as resolutions. Resolving certain issues of the past. Time to improve upon in the time to come.



I wish to address a past issue that is still with us for this new period. That is the issue of WORTHINESS. It appears to be among mortals to view their relationships with the Father based upon their worthiness of such a relationship. This has been and continues to be a great stumbling block for those who seek the truth and a relationship with the Father, or their higher consciousness, or their God, however they address it. But their feelings of unworthiness hinder their relationship much to their surprise. They feel that they are progressing spiritually, but it is this issue of unworthiness, tied to doctrines and rituals that leaves them lacking. They can never obtain in their mind that state of being that allows them to be worthy of His blessings and love. They suffer from low spiritual esteem, which is similar to low self esteem on the level of self. One perceives himself as unworthy of success or happiness, or the things that bring balance to ones life. The absence of them bring unbalance and low self esteem. This allows others to dictate the level of your success, your accomplishments, and your growth, based upon their false value system.

Low spiritual esteem is similar. One does not feel worthy of the blessings and presence of the Father in our lives. We ask the question, can this be so, that I am favored with His presence? Can this be so, that He is blessing my very existence? What have I done to deserve this goodness? We search in our rational minds for those acts of kindness and goodness to justify this flood of goodness and love from the Father. I does not add up in equal terms. We cannot say in our being that what we have done in goodness warrants the blessings and abundance that we receive. So then we allow the rational mind to insert the word unworthiness, and we don't feel worthy for the abundance of goodness and love that comes from the Father. The truth of the matter is that each of you are worthy of His love,and the abundance of goodness that comes only from Him. Each of you and your fellows are special to the Father individually and collectively. Your existence;your daily lives; your experiences; the ups and downs; the triumph and the failures, the attempts at striving toward perfection are important and matter to the First Source and Center of your existence. The Father is conscious and aware of all that you experience individually, and it matters to Him.

Growth, Experience

He partakes with you in your daily striving for perfection for attainment of spiritual growth. He is ever present with you individually and collectively to share in your lives all that you experience and that experience is important to Him. Each of you and your fellows matter to Him. You are of value, great value. You will never be able to equalize in your minds your goodness compared to the abundance He gives you. So cast this thought of unworthiness from your beings. Abundance is what He offers you for little effort. For little movement you are rewarded with great abundance. Do not attempt to justify this. Just accept and allow His graciousness to you. Your fellows suffer from this misunderstanding. As a result they say "I cannot reach perfection so why should I try? Why should I attempt to do right, to think right, to act right or to be right?I am but a speck in the vast sea of humanity. God is so immense. He is not conscious of this little speck. So why should I attempt to be all that I can be? He will take no notice of me". This is sad. This thinking, while they hold the rituals and practices of righteousness and attempting to be better. These doubts still pervade their view. Again you should know that He is ever present. Ever conscious of this tiny speck of humanity. Did not the Master leave the ninety nine and search out the one that was lost? Did He not rejoice at the return of the prodigal son? These are parables that show His immense love for you individually and collectively. Your fellows and you have a personal, and we must emphasize "personal", relationship with the First Source and Center of all existence. God, The Father.

That relationship is unique. It is private. It is personal. It is you and Him. Your consciousness meeting His. Your problems, your concerns, your achievements you may relate to Him personally. You have His ear. There is none between you. So rest assured and be conscious of this fact and allow the relationship to grow, allow yourselves to experience His abundance, His great care and His love for you individually and collectively. Let this time that is marked as a "New Year", bring to you a resolution to experience God's Love and direction in your lives. Let this time be a resolution of a re-dedication of yourselves to knowing and doing the Father's will. Let this time be a resolution to you to share His great abundance of love and goodness with your fellows who yet walk in darkness.

A great light is shining on Urantia with the text and this Teaching Mission. Allow your fellows to step into the light and receive the abundance of love and knowledge that awaits them.This will erase all doubt of their worthiness for His Love.

Again, it has been wonderful to be with you. To share your presence and the lover that permeates this room. The circle is indeed complete from end to end. It circles your beings. I give thanks to the Father for your presence, for your safe keeping and for your prayers. I thank you for remembering your teacher and your celestial companions.

There is a great light. (pause) During this time from our formal meetings there have been much prayer and concern for one another. You have indeed grown more spiritual in the absence of our direct teaching. You have each sought the stillness in your quiet times with the Father, to be unselfish and address the needs of our fellows. You are commended on this great growth and understanding that this humble mission has allowed you to acquire. You are commended for your concerns for your fellows on this planet, and putting their need above that of your own. I thank you for remembering them and asking the Father's blessing upon them.

Continue, Dear Ones, to reflect and to share His love. You do well and your phases of growth are evident. (There is a pause)


There was a question concerning spiritual difficulties. Experiencing spiritual growth. The idea was expressed as to why you who are in this mission, are experiencing difficulty. So much difficulty during this time of enlightenment. Perhaps we can ease your concern in this regard. We have mentioned before that the knife was sharpened by the rock to the point where it would be of great use and service to the cutter. Prior to your coming into your knowledge of the test and this mission you were as a dull knife laying in its holder, unused. Had you selected to use it you could not have cut any material. The edge was not sharp. Upon coming to this knowledge you began to be sharpened. Through the knowledge of the book and this mission, you have been taken from the holder and cleaned up. Difficult times and troubles are the rock that is sharpening you, preparing you for great use. Notice that as the knife is sharpened, it is also shined and illuminated. It can be seen to have great reflection.

You, Dear Ones are being prepared, being sharpened. The reflection of this is being seen by your fellows.You will be great instruments for the Father in carving out the kingdom. We, your teachers are the stones, through the application of these teachings. The knowledge sharpens your spiritual and mental abilities, enabling you to cut through the dogma of false teachings.The misconceptions of your fellows, lay open to you the true knowledge from the Father. Fear not: be not disheartened by the events and difficulties that come upon you. Allow them to so their work of sharpening you and then to fall away from you like the dust from the stone.

Know that in the end you will be with us and ready for whatever task the Father has in store for you. So rejoice at the difficult times. Smile in adversity. Be of stout heart and rely upon one another for comfort and strength. Always seek the Father for that verification of your being; for that comfort and assurance that only He can give. My joy at your presence is exceeding and those with me at this gathering send love radiating through this room.They share in your happiness. I will now accept greetings and your questions.


Hal: Hi! JarEl. It was a wonderful lesson. We certainly enjoyed the holidays. We hope it was not too far from the true meaning of the holiday.

JarEl: Not at all. As was noted the spirit of the Father, of truth and goodness is upon this planet. The hearts of the children are being turned to the Father. In all religions they are experiencing this growth.


Hal: It must be exciting from where you are to see all these things happening through out the planet?

JarEl: When we reflect where Urantia has come from in isolation and darkness, the least in the system. Now much attention, much help is being showered upon this planet of Michael's, nativity. All the celestials are eager to participate in this mission. So yes, indeed much excitement is prevalent among us. Much hurrying about, from here to there to address the needs of humanity. This is good.

Hal: We feel quite fortunate and honored to have been born on this planet, despite its problems. It is an exciting planet to have been on.

JarEl: Yes, we know. We desire that you focus upon the potential, that your being born here has given you.Great significance in the Father's over-all scheme. Your worthiness is apparent. You are in divine favor. Notice! Take on the feel, the emotion, the confidence of your worthiness.

Drugs, Mood

Betty: JarEl, I have a question concerning mood elevation. My friend Debra was down the past two weeks from Big Sur and it seems as I gather with my friends that most suffer from some sort of mild depression. Many of them are using a drug called "Prozac". It is the topic of conversation wherever yo go. I feel that I isolated myself, and I was wondering if a mood elevator is detrimental to spiritual growth. Can you address this?

JarEl: Yes! This one,used the same drug. But his experience was that it did not enhance his spiritual growth. Many of your chemicals that are used to enhance health, have detrimental side effects. This particular drug you call a "mood enhancer" was designed to alleviate depression. However, the state of depression is a normal function of human existence. It can however become extreme. The extremes of it are treated with several chemicals, of which this "prozac" is one.The natural state of your existence will allow momentary depression and elevation. Your diet is important to this. Your exercise and constitution are important also. All things in balance will help to put one's mood where it should be and allow you to pass from the state of depression. Each should be considered individually. You are personal. You are uniquely individual. The chemicals cannot be a blanket solution for all. You must make a conscious choice as to your need for such. Perhaps you may need this temporarily. But in the long run of your life, you would be better to seek natural health and improvement of your physical and emotional being. Does this help you?

Betty: Yes, JarEl. This was quite comprehensive and concurs with what I feel about taking chemicals. Thank you.

JarEl: We can speak from the experiences of those we are in contact with. Now you should see and understand why this group has diversity. Each of you has a contribution to make. You do not fully understand your contribution. But it is at times like this, that we are able to draw from your experience to help others who are experiencing similar things.

Lucille: JarEl, this is Lucille. We have the same experience with our granddaughter Kendra, who is under our guidance and care now. She was so depressed that she ended up in the hospital. The psychiatrist is giving her the same drug. Prozac. It seems to be helping her now. But I gather it should be just temporary help. Is that right?

JarEl: Greetings Lucille. Yes, temporary use of this drug is alright to accomplish the initial state of relaxation from the depression. Hold Please. I am informed you should not allow the long term use of this drug. Dependency is an issue, a false sense of security in the one using it. This one is young. A false sense of security based on the use of this chemical is a danger.The initial state will improve, then a gradual decrease use of the drug should be sought. Consult with the physician. Evaluated their treatment plan, but long term use is not desirable. Counseling is desirable.

Therapeutic counseling, affection and lots of love. Reaching out and sharing will accomplish much more that the chemical. Frank, open discussion of issues;interaction with family and peers will help this one to grow beyond this depressed state. Does this help?

Lucille: Yes, very much.

JarEl: We do not know all things. We are not possessor of all knowledge. But there are those among us who have knowledge of certain aspects, and they freely share this. This is the object of your existence, to share and to be of service to one another. To help each other grow and overcome those issues and obstacles that would hinder our growth were it not for your fellows assistance.This is good. This is pleasing to the Father and to your teachers.

Hal: Thank you JarEl. We are most anxious for the growth of Kendra. For her material growth and her spiritual growth. We feel so inadequate. We need all the help we can get.

JarEl: You do well, dear ones. Keep seeking guidance from the Father. It may be of benefit to include this one in your prayer times. To set aside a time to pray to the Father with her.

Lucille: She has asked to be in our session here. We didn't know how to answer.

JarEl: This is growth. A desire to participate is growth in itself. I as your teacher would have no objections. I would advise that she read some transcripts of previous sessions to familiarize her with the environment, and to acquire some knowledge as to how the proceeding evolved. At that time she would be most welcome. It is our desire and that of the Father to assist all of His children. This is my response.

Donna: JarEl, this is Donna.

JarEl: Greetings Donna. I was just wondering if we would hear from you and Marlies.

Donna: I just wanted to say that I had a very nice visit this Christmas with my daughter. She was visiting for seven days and nights. It was very pleasant and I felt closer to her than I had in years. Perhaps Hal & Lucille would like to hear some of my experiences and stories because it might be able to help them with Kendra. My daughter was also on Prozac at one time a few years ago, temporarily. I am very happy with the way she is now.


JarEl: This is the purpose of this fellowship, that you may share your experiences, your growth with one another. This knowledge has become wisdom, and you apply this wisdom to solve current difficulties and issues.

JarEl: You may speak, joyous one. (Referring to Marlies) This heart is happy. No words? This one is thankful to the Father. We have experienced great growth in numbers and in development. The small numbers present here today does not represent the great growth that lies in those not present. We sill always have fluctuation in numbers but that does not deter from the great good and growth of your fellows. In any regard you all do well in your individual development. My thanks to you for being such willing students. I am thankful for the message given to us your teachers by Christ Michael, to infuse your being and to become a part of your lives. We thank Him for the opportunity to be of service.

Hal: A couple of lessons ago you mentioned the growth of our group depended on growth together. This depends on attendance. Should we contact the members or should we leave it up to you and teachers?

JarEl: Yes. This will be well. The aspect of fellowship depends not only on the presence here but contact outside as well. So use the device to communicate with those that are not here and encourage them to attend. But most importantly assure them of your love and their absence has been of concern to you. They are only temporarily absent. We trust they are still about the Father’s business in their absence.

Hal: Thank you. We will follow up.


JarEl: We will take our leave of you at this time. But we leave with you our love and peace. Know our concern for your individual and collective difficulties. We are ever concerned for you. As the Father loves you, so do we. Your future relies on the Father and on our obedience to His will. We are ever present to assist you in those ways that we are permitted. Again, I thank you for your presence. Your dedication. Your loyalty to the cause of Christ Michael. I thank you for your lover and fellowship with one another. Continue to share this great love and come together often. Farewell.

Group: Farewell JarEl. We look forward to being with you again on Tuesday.

Marliese: I was watching him. It is hard for me to talk. My mouth is dry. It seemed after a few minutes I was watching these lights. Then it seem like two hands lifted me up, and I saw these candles burning, and then all of a sudden there was JarEl. I was watching him talk. I tried to talk. The words that came to mind were "the love of God." "The Love of God". He is a large man with a beard and salt and pepper hair. He had a brownish kind of robe on. I could hear you people talk, but it seemed sort of far off.

The group adjourned for refreshments and discussion on the revelation of Marliese.