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Topic: More on Strength

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Opening prayer

Daniel: Greetings my friends. I am Daniel, your guide and your teacher.

As you have gathered here this evening it has been apparent that each of you have traversed life's path following the trials and tribulations that have been placed before you. However, as you have been fine tuning your divine nature over the many years you have reached points in your human living where you are able to raise your consciousness to a higher level and not be so dramatically or completely pulled down by life's situations. This is the beauty of the marriage of your divine nature with your human nature, that you can raise yourself and not remain in that state where negativism takes over. You are growing, my friends, and becoming more whole. Even though you must make important decisions regarding your lives, you are beginning to make those decisions based on a higher and more divine thought process. And so I commend you on your ability to trod life's path with more confidence and assurance.

The lesson this evening will be a broadening of last week's lesson on strength. Last week Larenzo gave an overview of strength as it fits into the human anatomy, physiology, and mental state. Larenzo did speak also about that divine strength. And this is what my lesson will broaden, your perspective in this area.



As mortals you are born with inherent capabilities. These capabilities help you to grow and progress in your own personal evolution as well as make a contribution to the evolution of your brothers and sisters in general. These inherent abilities are based on years of genetic programming, and this is biologically something that is understood through your science. What is often not understood is that there are also divine inheritances that you receive as well. The ability to move forward and to seek out a higher nature, the inward momentum to find and know the Creator, is part of the gift that the Indwelling Spirit gives to you that helps you to move in that direction toward home, toward Paradise. Part of this divine inheritance is the gift of strength.

Often you as individuals do not realize the strength which you do hold. It has often been stated that the human body is capable of great physical strength in times of crisis. It is asserted time and again that the mental capabilities of the individual are not fully used, that the strength that the human intellect can hold is not totally relied upon. That is, as a human you are able to do far more than what you normally think possible. You only begin to use your capabilities, often limiting yourselves and relying on weaknesses rather than strengths.

This happens not only in your human, finite, material life, but sadly, it occurs in your divine/spiritual life as well. Often you fail to realize the strength that divine inheritance has given you. When you are in a crisis situation you often find yourself seeking the higher source to help you through this time of need. This is a time when you readily uphold that there is divine strength and wisdom beyond your understanding. This is when you readily and easily turn to the avenues of prayer and turning over in order that you can bring about change, upliftment, etc., in the human crisis.

My wish this evening is for you to begin to see that you do not need to ask for strength during these times if you already know that at all times there is divine strength and guidance available. This is part of your nature. Your strength can only be discovered individually as you seek to discover that inner world of the Indwelling Spirit. As you broaden your circle to include your divinity with the finite you will be more readily able to recognize strength in its divine nature. It is through strength that you unveil faith. It is through strength that you are able to lay aside doubt and fear. It is through strength that you are able to come to terms with a situation and allow forgiveness to be your freeing agent. It is through strength that you are able to tolerate situations and circumstances that are often what you would normally consider intolerable. It is through strength, my friends, that you continue to evolve and grow. And divine strength is given in the measure that you open yourselves to it.

The point of this discourse this evening is to bring to your attention that you, yourself, are the main factor in limiting the strength that you know. When you let go and allow God to work through you, you will know strength. It will be apparent. For in turning over you are not giving up free will, rather you are utilizing your free will in order that you can live a righteous life, that you can face the day to day difficulties with confidence and the knowledge that you are on that right path. This is strength. This is known. This is what helps you to continue. Spiritual strength can support you not only in your divinity, but, most importantly, it can help you in life's experiences. Those who understand that God does not forsake any, that God's love and care is always available have an inner strength that cannot be defeated by life's experiences. Therefor the experiences that are held open for you are reached in a different light. No longer do you feel life's drudgeries as something that must be done, something that can pull you into doubt, something that can bring fear, something that victimizes you. Rather you see life as the school through which you can learn and grow, knowing full well that as you learn and grow you are being supported, that there is strength that will uphold you.

I ask this week that you again look to the Indwelling Spirit; that you give thanks and realize the wondrous gift of strength; that this divine source is. In welcoming this strength into your life you will walk with a sense of greater purpose, greater conviction and with greater love. Divine strength is open and available for all. It is only limited by you, the individual. When you think in broader terms in this regard you widen your perception. In going beyond the bounds, little by little, you will begin to broaden your narrow vision to the point where you can encapsulate universe upon universe.

It is not possible to know the whole until you can begin to understand some of its parts. You have seen many fragments of these parts. You have begun a journey of pulling these together. No longer, my friends, can your world hold but one part. Your vision must be to collect as many parts as possible so that the universe, of which you are a part, can benefit as you do in your personal growth. Rely on strength to help you to pull these parts together. Allow God to work through you. Divine strength gives strength in all areas of human endeavor and human life. Be not afraid to go within, to allow the Indwelling Spirit to help you in utilizing and understanding the strength available for you in all areas of your life. I will now accept questions."


Thought Adjusters, Progress

N1: "Daniel, that was a very beautiful lesson. I look forward to reading it in print. At the moment I don't have a directly related question but when you were talking it reminded me of some things I read when I was rereading the Thought Adjuster papers. I have many, many questions. But one of the things that struck me was that it said that there were less and less people being born that could act with a self-acting Adjuster. I realize that this is not what you were talking about in terms of the divine strength that comes from our Thought Adjuster but in terms of spiritual inheritance, is that in some way biological? Why are there less and less people being born that can work with a Self-Acting Adjuster? And I am not sure I understood just what a Self-Acting Adjuster is. There was no contradistinction given. There was no description of a non self-acting Adjuster so I assumed they all were. If you could address those areas I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "It is important that you all realize that as you individually must grow and develop, so, too, has the evolution of man and women been a slow process of biological uplifting and spiritual uplifting. As part of the plan for this planet there has been this continual progression to the point where there could be Thought Adjusters given to mortals. And as this became more common because of upliftment so, too, was there made then available many more Adjusters for mortals.

And as Michael on His bestowal here, as His time for earthly existence ended was there then given this Spirit of Truth to all, that from that time forward all would have Adjusters that would be the personal Monitor and Fragment of the First Source and Center ever available within the individual to guide, motivate, and bring forth that spark of divinity and the progression of soul growth. And as the evolution of man continues so, too, will the times give way to Light and Life. As mankind as a whole progresses then the role of the Adjuster changes from one that must begin on a very low level and rise to a certain level. As the planet moves closer to Light and Life will the Adjusters be able to begin with mortals that are on a higher level of existence. And so your question regarding biological improvement does bring forth Adjusters that are able to work then from a higher base leading a mortal life to still higher areas. For now I will not address the other question regarding self-acting Adjusters. This will be forthcoming at a different date."

N1: "Thank you, Daniel."

C2: "Daniel this is C2. Did I understand you to say that Michael as He then gave forth the Spirit of Truth to all humankind as a collective, that's when the Adjusters became part of our biological inheritance?"

Daniel: "This is when the Adjusters were available for each individual as they reached that moment of making a soul growth promoting decision without the aid or help of another individual."

C2: "So all the people, then, historically before Christ Michael didn't have that; is that right?"

Spirit of Truth

Daniel: "Not all people had Thought Adjusters prior to the bestowal of Michael and His giving of the Spirit of Truth, at which time Adjusters were made available for all. Correct."

N2: "Before the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth under what circumstances did a mortal being receive an Adjuster?"

Daniel: "As evolution progressed from the very base animal source, as people grew in intellect and conscious ability to learn, communicate and reach out as community, as this became more prominent were there then made available Thought Adjusters, Mystery Monitors to those who had mindal capacity and soul capacity; there was made available a Father Fragment for those who had reached this level. This is not an area that is often welcomed by mortals for in regarding your brothers and sisters you often become very determined that there is or has been an injustice to those who may not have had a Father Fragment.

Here, again, you are not asked to judge or be ones who must make decisions regarding eternal ascension. Rather trust that these individuals, any individual who had even a remote glimmer or spark of understanding regarding a higher source, a greater purpose than survival on this planet, has been given the opportunity for making the choice of eternal progression. Hold into your framework the knowledge and understanding that through the evolutionary process there has been a greater uplifting and fine tuning of mortals, that the process through which soul growth has taken root is well seated. The Spirit of Truth poured out on all the land for all mortals has been a gift that has truly benefitted not only the individual but all of humankind. Does this help?"

N2: "Yes, thank you."

Daniel: "Tomas, if you would care to speak please feel free to do so."

Tomas:: "I shall. However I see things are going according to plan and I have not felt the need to interrupt, although I have had thoughts along the way, and have greatly enjoyed listening to your valuable words. I also am willing to entertain questions or elaborate as deemed desirable. I am not impatient."

Thought Adjusters

B1: "I want to make a statement. My understanding of the Urantia Book teaching is that Andon and Fonta, our very first human parents received Thought Adjusters because they were spiritually at the level where they could benefit from them. And then there appeared to be a retrogression that occurred where many of their descendants, not their immediate descendants, later on were not..had descended back down through mating with lower levels of animals. And so that the history of the giving of Thought Adjusters on this planet prior to Michael's bestowal depended on the spiritual capacity/capability of any individual. And the difference with Pentecost is that except for the non-normal minded, now every human has that opportunity, receives those Adjusters. Have I stated the book's teaching correctly? I was afraid, C2, that you had the impression there were no Adjusters prior to Pentecost. Exact numbers are not stated in the book, but many people had them, while some did not. That is my understanding. I just wanted to interact with you on that."

C2: "What I thought I heard Daniel saying was that Thought Adjusters were bestowed upon all at Michael's bestowal. And that those people before Christ Michael's time had another mechanism, and maybe it's Thought Adjusters or something, but they had according to their openness and willingness to receive truth or be in touch with the First Source and Center and their spiritual development had in name that kind of relationship, that they had an Adjuster, or if not an Adjuster, someone that encouraged them."

B1: "That's right. They had Adjusters and group angels from the very first human beings, Andon and Fonta. That is my understanding."

Tomas: "Even today, you will note, with Thought Adjusters distributed broadly, there are some who are more willing to follow its leading and some who are adamantly backward about spiritual matters. Herein lies a lesson on various types of Adjusters as well as thoughts and discourses on will, free will, and societal conditioning, which I am not prepared or inclined to embark upon at this moment."

B1: "I would like to say to Daniel in particular, since you gave the lesson, your point, as I understood it, was that we human beings, we mortals, we free will beings, are the fulcrum. It is crucial that we desire, request, turn over, and allow, whatever words you want to use, that this spiritual strength will occur. It isn't that God is stingy with His gifts, but rather that it is our unwillingness and lack of asking that restricts our strength."

Daniel: "Very well stated, yes indeed."


N1: "And for me it's fear. Intellectually I can believe that if I could just turn it all over to the Thought Adjuster it would work out. And sometimes when I am able to turn most of it over I know that strength that is spoken of. But it seems like I still have this inherent fear that if I just let go and turn it all over that it's not going to work out, the world is going to fall apart. And I just get this overwhelming sense of panic, even though I know better and as I practice little bits I get the sense of it. And I think last night I was thinking about this and I realized that we really are like toddlers. We are like toddlers trying to walk in practicing partnership with our Thought Adjusters. That is how I saw myself, and realizing that it is going to take time and skill. I also notice how inpatient I am too, and then think of myself as a toddler in that aspect as well. Right now I already want to be an adolescent."

Daniel: "Indeed it is often within your framework, all of you, to have the desire to circumvent the pain of growth. But, you see, my friends, the hardest growth in human terms is those adolescent years. Are you sure you wish to embark so soon?(much laughter)"

V1: "Maybe a few more years of hanging on to the couch and the table!!.. (much raucous laughter)

Daniel: "Allow the time of foundation building, of being able to have firm footing, help you as you continue your ascent, my friends. It is not asked of you to live a lifetime in one day! It is asked of you to take your progress in those tiny increments, realizing that with any type of movement forward there are times when there will be relapse. But the length and the duration of the relapse is greatly shortened when you keep in your focus the First Source and Center, when you keep in the mind set of allowing God, even if it can't be fully, to allow what you can. That, indeed, each little bit that you turn over will give you firmer footing. And you will find as a byproduct of turning over you become freer. You are able to soar with eagles wings as C2 brought up earlier. Right now your wings are gaining strength, are learning the skills necessary to keep you in flight. Once you understand the all encompassing nature of the First Source and Center there is freedom and the ability to soar will be yours. Do not try to rush this. Take the lessons that are presented that when you finally are able to move out of the nest you will do so with a greater and more fulfilling understanding and appreciation of the trials that have brought you to that point. Divine strength will be there available for you. Do not be afraid to accept this gift."

N1: "Daniel, I know. I work on that."

B1: "Daniel, I feel like a kid who is being told about the beauties of calculus, all the things it can do, measure the surface of round objects and etc., and then I find out that I have to learn the times tables. I have to figure out fractions. I have to learn decimals. I have to know algebra. And I am hearing you say, to use my analogy, yes, learn your times tables! Because everything builds on everything else. Have I got that right?"

Daniel: "Yes. Very well stated. You are understanding the concept, yes."

B1: "But sometimes we are kind of ogled by you guys that know calculus and we don't know it yet!"

Daniel: "But you see, Tomas and I had to learn our fractions as well. And there have been many lessons, indeed, for the two of us. We look back at you with awe! We are, again, reminded of the fortitude of the human spirit. But that fortitude is given because of the strength of God. All things must come back to that Source.

And so as we sit here in this group this evening let us consider the great strength and Source of strength that has brought each of you here this evening. Were it not for your own desire to seek out the higher source, if it were not for your wonderful Indwelling Spirit, if it were not for the many lessons and experiences of your lives, then you would not be on this path. You would not be here this evening.


Let us consider how as a group you started out as individuals very much confined to your own lives, afraid to share and allow others to come in. But as you have grown in divine strength you have been able to allow others to come into your human life. Suddenly you do not feel as vulnerable. You can speak about your weaknesses, your trials and tribulations. You can speak about the times you have grown and the strength you have. This is because as a group you have bonded and adhered and allowed group strength to help you grow in individual strength, thus making the group stronger as well, interconnectedness. As you come weekly to this meeting the Indwelling Spirit has given you a greater push to seek out and search deeper with more meaning the reality of life, both finite and infinite. Look to your Indwelling Spirit as a source of strength, but also hold out to your brothers and sisters for a source as well. You are a group that has utilized the strength of each individual to help you grow. In this regard you have grown beyond a toddler stage. In this regard you are much further ahead. Please hold hands and let us pray.


Christ Michael, we Your brothers and sisters, Your sons and daughters, come to You this evening asking for the great strength through which you came to this world as a mere babe and mere child. As You led your life as an ascending being, as a mortal of this realm, You were called upon time and time again to rely on inner strength to help You understand your humanness which ultimately led to defining and knowing Your divine nature. We ask that we as Your ascendents, we as Your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, that we can take your example and utilize it fully in our lives. We ask that we not limit ourselves, but accept fully those gifts and rely on them as our inner guide to bring forth the will of the Father. As it took much strength for You to allow the Father's will to prevail in Your life, let not these aspiring mortals lack for strength. Allow that their own desire to know truth will provide them with the strength to ever seek it out and know it. Allow their strength, then, to benefit their brothers and sisters on this earth. Amen."