1994-09-25-Our Path To Father

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Topic: Our Path To Father

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



Peace, joy and love be unto you this day.. I am joyous at your presence as always. As I have mentioned before there are those who are ever present with you, desiring to be of service and to complete their life missions, their interaction with you, the mortals of Urantia.


It has been mentioned in the book that "the voice of God spoke in the temple. It said, ‘who shall I send’?. These brave souls who have lifted their hands and heads and have replied ‘here am I lord, send me." You dear ones, are the benefactors of this exchange, this covenant between the Father and all of the celestial hierarchy. They and I have volunteered to be here with you and to assist you and ourselves in the fulfillment of Christ Michael’s plan.

The essence of His desire is the uplifting of all humanity. The coming about in Light and Life of this sphere Urantia, which will one day be as the ‘Crown Jewel of Nebadon’. Here is great potential and opportunity for each of you and us on this side to make great strides upon our paths. It is a joyous undertaking for all who have come in answer to the call. It should be joyous to you, the participants and benefactors, of this mission.


Let us this day recount, as you have in your earlier discussion, the growth that you individually and collectively have obtained. It is true, as you have said, and we your humble teachers have recounted that you do not always see the phenomenal growth until the plant is above the ground. Even then for those who do not observe this plant on a regular basis the consciousness of its growth is not apparent. But for those who are daily nurturing and caring, tilling the soil, feeding the plant, watering and nurturing it, they are indeed conscious of every little increment of growth and development. You, dear hearts, are not aware so much as we your teachers and celestial friends are conscious of the great strides that you make in your development. It is our pleasure, we take great joy in announcing to you your achievements. It is through our efforts to enlighten you that you know and can gauge the truth that you are indeed progressing on your path in spiritual enlightenment.

Do not allow yourselves to say that I have acquired all that I need to know, and I do not have to be cautious or careful, I can rely upon the Father. Here is error if you think that on your path you do not have forgiveness. The positive aspects of forgiveness is true. Be concerned or cautious concerning your thoughts and progress. It is often that negative thoughts are implanted in your consciousness. At the beginning of your path in the exuberance and newness of this experience many negative thoughts were cast to the ground and you proceeded on your path. These thoughts were not destroyed, only discarded, they may return to add a stumbling block to your spiritual path if you are not cautious. You must, in seeking the presence and guidance of the Father, also guard against these minor thoughts that are negative and you perceive as being trivial, they are indeed dangerous. They can hinder your growth.


Looking back and understanding from whence you came you should look also into your forgiving and forgiveness. The positive aspects of forgiveness is ‘true forgiving’. When the Father forgives each of us He never again remembers our transgression. He never recounts our error to us. You dear hearts must do likewise. Destroy the negative by forgiving the transgression of others for yourselves. Be true in your forgiveness. Be thorough in your forgiveness in self and in others by truly forgiving the transgressor’s act that brought you into negative thought. I, as your teacher and friend, am aware that there are those who venture through our lives and have left a bitter taste in our mouths. I, as teacher and friend, can assure you that the bitterness of their presence can be replaced through the sweetness of forgiveness and the nectar of forgiving. Embrace forgiveness, embrace forgiving. Allow yourselves to move forward and not bring up the negative aspects of your past. Seek to embrace those who have been bitter experiences in your lives. Embrace them and let go completely of those negative thoughts. Remembrances of negative experiences. Forget these baggage’s and move forward in faith, trust, truth , and beauty of spiritual enlightenment The experience and knowledge that you acquire through your daily living and seeking to do the will of the Father. This knowledge translates to wisdom that you may use to enhance your lives and move further on your path. This wisdom is acquired experiential knowledge tempered with spiritual enlightenment.. It is a tool for you to use also with your fellows. It is not that you would lord yourselves over you fellows saying how wise I am, how great is my knowledge. No, this is not what we desire, this is not as the Father would have you to do. This knowledge is, to day, to your fellows. I have experienced this path and have found errors, holes, obstructions in my path, here and there, and there. My friend, if you will go this way you will avoid the holes and errors that I have experienced. You would indeed have an easier path. This is your approach to using your knowledge for those who are yet in darkness Know, dear hearts, that your fellows need words of encouragement and enlightenment from you. You have been blessed to come to this great adventure to benefit from the knowledge of the text and this teaching mission. You are required to share with others the benefits that you have received. You are the benefactors of great love. The Father loves you immensely. You should be of a surety in this regard.

There should be no doubt in your being that God the Father indeed loves all men, his faith sons and daughters. There should be no doubt for you individually in this mission that God the Father has indeed showered His blessings and love upon you. How great is this experience for us and you as we weekly come together and hold hands and embrace one another in love and fellowship, and invoke the invitation for teachers and celestials to join with us ascending mortals in worship of the Father, in acknowledgment of the Creator Son, and the spirit of unity in this fellowship of the teaching mission. My heart feels great joy, great love and security with interaction with you. You, dear hearts, are confirmation to me and to others gathered here that we are indeed loved by the Father. How did you sing? Can you confirm to us who are of a higher spiritual natures the truth of the Fathers love. Dear ones, it is through our knowledge of your low animal origins that we are able to vision and see your fantastic growth and accomplishment.. It is through the shining light that pervades your being, giving testimony to your indwelling by the adjuster, that we are assured of the Fathers great love. It is indeed through your willingness to participate and your cooperation and your dedication to this mission that we are indeed confirmed that the Father loves us all.

We desire to applaud you on your path. At the same time we caution you to not allow negative thoughts, however trivial, to take root in this new spiritual consciousness that you are developing. Destroy forever negative influences in your spiritual growth. Forgive and forget the past, proceed face forward, eyes open bright into the sun of the Father’s love. Proceed forward to your spiritual development and destinies. Our paths and destinies are interwoven. Reject no one that comes to you. Be of open heart. Be of good cheer, as the Master was. The interaction with all who seek in sincerity to know the Father and His Will.

Yes, there is great luminosity this day. Many thankful and joyous hearts unite with you this day. Praises to the Father, First Source and Center of all creation and existence. Glory to God in the Highest. Give your thanks and love of the Father through sharing with one another.

My peace be with you this day. Feel my joy in the energy that surrounds you and encompasses your hearts. Know that I am glad, and those gathered here are equally glad and happy at this interaction and development. Dear ones, feel no sadness at the absence of others who are dear to this mission and dear to your hearts. You have each surmised correctly that each of you must be upon YOUR path, doing the Fathers will , as YOU are enlightened to know it. Each of you must allow Him entrance into your lives. So for your brothers and sisters who did not choose the same path as you, salute them in love. Wish them Godspeed and continue in faith on YOUR path knowing full well that the Father will bring them to His presence in His time, in His way. Be of cheerful heart that they have experienced this setting with you.

I will at this time, happily, receive your question or comments, expressions of your heartfelt love for the Father. You may Proceed.


the Teachers

Lucille: Jarel. This may be a curiosity question, but is it true that each one of us have our teacher standing behind us. I seem to see somebody standing behind each one of us ?

Jarel: . Greetings dear one. You are indeed the seer, the visionary for this core group. You must trust in that which you are permitted to envision. Confirmation is not necessary. We have often told you that here in this setting multitudes of beings are present. Your individual teachers and those who would be teachers to you are indeed present and seek to impress you with their presence. So it is correct in your understanding of what you have indeed been blessed to see.

Lucille: thank you.

Hal: Jarel, these multitudes of beings that are present, what are they doing in between our weekly session. What is their assignment or function here. Or is that beyond our concept.

Jarel: No it is not beyond your concept but it may be beyond your understanding. But all who are here are not idle. There is indeed numerous assignments that are of personal import to each individual. Tasks that must be performed daily. For each observation that must be made there is indeed a great amount of travel by those present. There is indeed a great amount of study and interaction with one another, reflecting on the lessons that are learned in your experiential lives and that of others throughout this planet. Assignments of and assistance to mortals, not just of the mission but of those who are truth seekers. Assignments vary according to experience and abilities of these celestial beings. But always when an opportunity comes for them to come and interact, observe, and touch across the line of the morontial and the physical. They are ever eager to do so when opportunity comes in this setting that they may share their energies an give to you their love. They are ever eager to participate. Does this help you ?

Hal: Yes. A great deal. Then, do I gather that when we are in the stillness it provides the opportunity for them to cross the line between the physical and the morontial. Are there other areas in which we could provide or help this breaching the gap for them as well as ourselves ?

Jarel; Only through your actions. Only thru your sincere efforts to live the truth that is revealed to you. Only thru your interpretation, right interpretations and understanding of the truth can you assist. It is the task of us, your teachers, and supporting angels and guardians to enhance and protect and guide your spiritual growth. You assist us thru your freewill choice of participating and interacting with us. It is through seeking the stillness, quieting your minds, and opening your hearts to the love of the Father do you assist us.

Hal: Thank you.

Betty: Jarel. This is Betty and I would like to ask for all of the assistance that can be available to me to help me find a positive place of employment where I can be actively doing the Fathers will and removing me from this negative place that I have struggled with so long. I am open for impressions and directions that I may understand what the Father wants me to do. I just put that out there to all who are assisting me and guiding me. I am open for direction.

Jarel: Greetings dear heart. We are very aware of your needs, as the Father is aware of the needs of all of His children. Trust and have faith in the Father that He will direct all to aid you in fulfilling your needs. Know dear one, that what you seek will be yours. It is so.

Betty: Thank you.

Stella: Jarel, this is Stella. This is probably a curiosity question, but the beings that are serving us, are they from this planet, or are they from other planets ?

Jarel: Greetings dear heart. Those that are here are indeed from the spheres of Nebadon and some form beyond. We cannot reveal each one and their home sphere but rest assured that these travelers, visitors, star students, and cherubim are indeed from the realm of Nebadon. Your midwayers are indeed of origin on Urantia.

Angelic Contact

Hal: We enjoyed the visit of the cherubim’s last week. Are they always present, are they always around ? They gave such a light and cheerful air. Are they an integral part of our daily lives. ?

Jarel: They are indeed an integral part of your daily experience, however at the last setting, or meeting there were increased numbers of them which added to the festiveness of the occasion. It was indeed a pleasure. But more so the presence of the Creator Son.

Hal: Yes . I was wondering if the presence of Michael was the reason for the increased number of cherubim.

Jarel; Know that the Creator Son attracts all of the spiritual beings of the realm to be in His presence. They are like a chain from His shoulders moving along behind Him as the brides veil. Cherubims, sanobims, all great angelic beings following the attraction of the Creator Son who is also an accurate reflection of the Eternal Son, who is the chief source of all spirit beings. So you dear ones should know this as a reality.

Hal: Do these cherubim play a part in our spiritual growth individually ? How can we call upon them in our growth ?

Jarel: Your contact with them is daily. However your guardian angels are your chief source of contact for you. These little ones are assistants to them.

Hal: You are speaking of the seraphim as our guardian angels ?

Jarel: Correct.


Stella This is a silly statement, but when you talk about cherubim I always think of the portraits painted by the great artists of the adorable little babies with wings. What do the cherubim think of themselves being depicted as little babies ?

Jarel: Those that we have had occasion to converse with have been quite pleased with the images that relate them as loving beings interacting with humans. They are indeed happy to be reflections of the Father's love. Dear one. None of your questions are silly to us. You on this planet have been in darkness so long, as one coming out of a dark place the light is blinding. You in your questions are groping for enlightenment. It is a fact that we desire to impart the enlightenment that we are permitted. It is also a fact that we may not engage in frivolous curiosity answers that have no bearing on your spirituality and its growth. This is the reason we are taking the position to only answer questions that enhance spiritual growth. However you dear ones should have noticed that recently we have departed from that position. The reason is that you have indeed progressed in your spirituality and are more capable of asking questions of curiosity and accepting the answer that goes with it. Allowing those gems to increase your spiritual knowledge. In short you have developed to that area where you can indeed ‘digest harder food’.

Donna: Jarel this is Donna. what were you laughing about. ( The T/R was grinning and shifting a bit).

Jarel: Douglas says that is simple.

Donna: Digesting harder foods ?

Jarel: The whole narration. He has added the word simple.

Gonzalo: My friend in Mexico is going into the stillness at the same time. I would like to know if he is with us at this time and how is he doing. ?

Jarel:" Greetings Gonzolo. You speak of Rudolpho who visited with us two weeks ago ?

Gonzolo: Yes.

Jarel: Did he relate to you that he indeed has a teacher.? He has practiced the stillness, and he does indeed have an individual teacher who is attempting to give contact. It is hopeful that shortly he will acknowledge his teacher and confirm that teacher with you. That is all.

Gonzolo: Thank you.

Hal: It is good to know that he is doing well in Mexico City.

I have a question. In reviewing an old tape, as we did prior to the stillness, we realized that we were getting the same information then as now, that of going into the stillness. I gather that in our spiritual growth at that time we were attempting to overcome our doubts and fears of this process, which I think we have all overcome by now. I gather then, that the stage we are now in is to put this process into action, by relating the love of the Father to everyone we meet, spreading the love of the Father around Urantia. Is there another stage that we will go into as we progress spiritually. What we can be looking forward to in training ourselves for it. ?

Jarel: Yes dear one there is another stage. There are numerous stages in your development while yet on Urantia. I like the way that you relate the lessons. I hope the Melchizedek will not replace me with you Hal.

Hal: "Fat chance"

Jarel: Ah! but the chance does exist. You dear one have a wonderful understanding of that which we try to impart. You do great service to your fellows in repeating the lesson and the correct understanding thereof. You have developed as each here has developed, so your discussions among yourselves has become a great learning tool for each. We have observed and do not interject. It is marvelous to see you all interact and solve the problems, the mysteries that concern you. In your discussion realize that you are indeed upon the path, and you have progressed sufficiently to solve many of your problems because of spiritual growth and development.

Hal": Thank you for the encouragement. We need it now and then. Particularly in that I have a problem of the lack of a surety in making contact in my stillness. I have a long ways to go. We need the encouragement. Thank you.

Donna: Jarel: This is just a comment. I know that so many times you have given us so much encouragement to the group as a whole. My conversing with other teacher transmitters in other groups have brought this to the forefront of my knowledge that we do have a very special group in that we are able to love each other so well. We are still human beings and yet our group has gotten to the point where we can put aside differences and focus on the positive which has kept our group intact without fracturing. I think we are very fortunate in that. I just wanted to add that bit of observation. Do you have anything to add ?

Jarel: Greetings Donna. Thank you for your comment. You are correct. I am indeed very proud of you who have dedicated and participated so much in this mission. We as teachers do not like to exalt one over another. This I would say is one of my short comings, in that you are indeed my favorites.

Betty: Jarel you are our favorite too.


Jarel:" My children if I may address you as such, because I was there at your birth into this mission. Although it was Aflana who brought you forth and spanked you lovingly on the bottom to make you yell and take your first breath of faith, it was indeed into my arms that she lovingly laid your beginnings. I was first to hold you and gaze into your loving trusting hearts. It is indeed the love of the Father thru His Son that I attempt to reflect to you. You are indeed my children. I and you are the children of Christ Michael. We are all indeed the faith sons and daughters of God the Father. Great love exists between us all. We are family. You are family to one another. Continue in love, peace, and harmony. Continue to increase your faith thru relying on the Father. Continue to increase your knowledge thru reading the text, the transcripts, the book, and any other book that extols the truth and love of the Father. Allow your daily experience and interactions and knowledge to translate into wisdom. Use that wisdom to smooth your path and enhance your spiritual lives. I love you. The Master Son loves you. The Creator Father loves you. Love one another likewise. My peace, joy, and gladness of heart be with you this day and the days to come until again I share this setting with you. Go in peace and love and share this love with all of your fellows. Farewell dear hearts.

Group: Thanks Jarel, and our love goes with you