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Topic: LOVE

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



Our heavenly Father surround each of you. May the presence of the heavenly Father infuse each of you. May His great love give protection and warmth and guidance to each of you.. Proceed on your path knowing that where ever it leads you in the by-ways of this mortal existence, He is with you. He will ultimately place you at that place where you will be embraced by the Father.

My greetings to you my dear beloved and much thought of students.

Group: Greetings Jarel.

Jarel: Profound peace and joy of heart. Clearness of thoughts, of mind be upon you. It is true that we view your growth as citizens of Urantia, but in the broader, much broader sense as citizens of the universe. Your place herein offers great potential to you in growth, of spiritual and mindal energies because of your willingness to participate with us in this mission. You have indeed been blessed and given more opportunities for spiritual development.



The issues you discussed previously concerning mind and its function at this level, and on higher spiritual levels, and ultimately on deity levels is to be commended. You dear students are searching, searching, exploring for those sureties of existence that enhance your growth. I and others of the teaching staff cannot expound nor expand your knowledge and for that matter your complete understanding of mindal phenomena. The text will enlighten your participation and growth on this level. It will bring you to that state of real consciousness of the true functions of mind and its representative states. You have a clue in the same state of mind related to this state of existence. Its meaning implies the continuous existence of mind, but your individual participation is at different junctures, points, or states. That each stage of development your realization or consciousness comes about. I would like to say, mind is bestowed or comes into your existence at each point in your journey.

New awareness, consciousness is given to each of you. So, it is with truth that you know you will receive all that is due and earned in your knowledge at that time as it becomes applicable to your growth and development. In short, when you have achieved that state of mind through growth, trial, difficulty, and experience that understanding will be bestowed upon you. I can say with truth, when that occurs, it will be as though you had never been without this knowledge or understanding. It will be a natural part of your being. Your consciousness of it will be one of, not great exuberance or realization, but one of calm resolve due to familiarity.

Urantia Book

I hope these few words will encourage you to continue to read the text. It was wisely stated earlier that you need to read the text, the Urantia book is indeed your foundation for future growth. We have in this foundation the firm knowledge, belief, faith, and trust to build upon to make you indeed supreme beings, worthy of service to the Father. You, dear hearts, we have told many times that you are indeed coworkers with us your teachers, but I tell you, you are also co-creators of that everlasting part of you, known as soul. You are co-creators with spirit and the thought adjuster that indwells you. So it is that we encourage and admonish you to create with good. Guard your thought process. Do kind acts. Contribute to this growth all that is good of this mortal experience and existence. Allow the nurturing to be of good spiritual content.

Indeed it is good that your awareness is expanding. There is hope that through your dream of truth from various sources that it will bring you back to the text. There to search and explore for the core and foundation meanings, and understanding of what is occurring about you in your daily existence. There, in the text, you will find the keys to understanding this great flood of riddles, material that is currently available at such a phenomenal pace at this day. In the past, seekers of truth did not have at their disposal so readily a quantity and variety of thoughts and concepts by different authors concerning those elements of truth

Today you, dear ones, are digesting much material concerning your individual interests in truth, the core of which is to know, and to know for a surety. Belief is coupled with this knowing. You desire to know and believe. To have those elements present that agree with your hearts and your conscious mind, the surety of knowledge. I can only relate to you that much change has come about since those early days of seeking the truth. You have at your disposal the very best that we can offer you in the way of foundation and reference to all further revelation or expression of expanding revelation, or books that are an outgrowth of ones reading, prayer, meditation, and subsequent standing of revelation. It is all embodied in the text. If you will use the text correctly, it will guide you through all other material that has been influenced by the original revelation.

Much has been revealed of an exciting nature. It stimulates your hearts and mind. It opens great vistas of visions for you, but again dear heart, be grounded in the truth that was revealed in the text. Be grounded there and all additional materials will enhance that that you know or will fall to the side as inconsequential and unworthy of intelligent consideration. Partake of the stillness, inquire of the Father when in doubt as to the validly of any subject. Rely on your endowment, through the fact of the Father, to assist you to clarity of thought, to remove any confusion from your beings as a result of your reading and partaking in these additional experiences.


We stress so much the importance of your commune with the Father. We stress this because like the text, it is the foundation that is laid for your discernment of all other materials. The stillness, your communing with the Father, is the foundation for all future growth and communication of a spiritual nature. Without your participation in the stillness we could not come to you. We could not participate with you if you dear ones, were not of the mind to participate in quieting your mindal concepts and allowing the receiving of our transmission. If you, dear hearts, would not submit to being still, you could not receive the great vibrations, the energies of love that are transmitted through the stillness practice. So again, we urge you to keep ever mindful of your foundation in the house that you are building, it will be a wonderful , glorious, beautiful mansion worthy of occupancy of the Father fragment if you will keep aware of your foundation. If you will read the text and the transcripts you will indeed have a wonderful foundation.

We, your teachers are ever mindful of your cooperation. We are ever mindful of our duties to you, our students, to try and relate through the experience, the knowledge that is written in the text. We may allow you to read about the great love of the Father and how you should feel toward your fellow man How the disciples of the master interacted with Him, and from this reading you may glean insights, but it is here in this setting, as you sit side by side in the stillness, that you experience the great love of the Father. It is still in your conversation and interaction with one another that you experience the lessons that the disciples learned with the master. You learn here how to love one another. How to accept one another. Accepting the faults, ignoring the faults. Believing in the progress that each of you is capable of making. Acknowledging that progress when you greet one another weekly in peace.


Here, dear hearts, you bestow on one another great love and affection. Here it is put into practical application. In practice you learn of this mission taking with you great desire to share with others. The text is the foundation, but this mission is the structure and building blocks that will build a greater world based on the love of the Father and the brotherhood of mankind. How often have you heard, "it starts with you". However you must realize through your understanding of the text and this mission that starting does indeed require action, movement towards the goal. So start with yourselves. Seek that purity of heart. Allow yourselves to develop slowly through your accumulated knowledge and experience. Through your interaction on a small scale with this core group, then venture out, venture out, each of you sharing what you have learned here with others. Increase your group by being that light, that attracting force to others. There are indeed great events taking place throughout Urantia and this Universe. You are participants in these great events. We have found you to be willing, loving beings. We commend you for this love that you have for one another, for your planet, for your fellow man. It is indeed important for us your teachers to participate with you. Allow us to help you where we can, but depend upon your relationship with the Father for your total spiritual development.

I thank you for this time to relate these issues that are of concern to not only to you but to us the teaching staff, the staff of the mission of Michael. I will receive any questions that you may have this day. I will attempt, as always, to be of service.



Stella; What is the hidden meaning of ‘the word’. For instances in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was made flesh. Would it not have been clearer to have merely said spirit ?

Jarel: Greetings dear one. We will not presume to understand the minds of mortal men, particularly during that era.. You said hidden. We cannot say that it was an effort to hide the meaning of spirit. Throughout the ages concepts have varied. Intelligence, intelligent quotients are different throughout the ages of mankind. So these concepts, these word images that were to give an accurate word picture at that time. It may indeed be different in your understanding today. Proof of this fact is in the many theological books that have been written from the beginning to this day expressing numerous views of the understanding of these phrases. You, because of your foundation understand it one way, others in future years, working from a different foundation will interpret it entirely different. These interpretations will, however have a commonality of truth and enlightenment, and that enlightenment will be of benefit to that person at that time.

Stella: Thank you Jarel this is one of the things I was pondering about. I will have to think about it more and read some of these other interpretations.

Jarel: You may call upon your knowledge and the text to form an opinion as to the true meaning of the phrase. But please keep in mind that as you progress meaning will change and your understanding of that particular phrase may be enhanced greatly.


Lucille. Jarel. Betty came back with some information from Finland We have read it all. It has a lot of information that would be happening, like the teaching mission. I wonder if you could comment on their authenticity ? The papers were named the Time for Change.

Jarel: I am vaguely familiar with these documents as this one has perused then generally. I understand the complete document has not been reviewed by this one. Maybe I may scan with Betty, with her permission, and see what it is that concerns you.

Betty: You certainly have my permission Jarel, (pause)

Jarel: Dear students, as we have said, there is much in the way of revelations coming to you. I can not confirm the validity of these particular papers. The statements that are made much of which I cannot say is beyond my knowledge, but I will say has been beneath that knowledge at one time. There are, as we have tried to relate to you many times, areas of truth that come from many sources. It would be indiscreet for me to confirm or deny the validity of the whole. I will say for each of you, you may review this material based upon your foundation of the text, and you will indeed come upon a conclusion. However seek validity from the stillness. Ask that that part which is of spiritual value and truth be added to you, and that which is of no spiritual consequence does not cloud your belief or hinder your growth. This is all.

Betty: It seems for me, in the point of my studies now, that I am getting new different things that supplement the text and your teachings, that validates all that is being presented to me in my consciousness now at this time, such as the Devois books: The Brotherhood, The Way to the Kingdom, The Way Out, The impersonal Life, which is a whole study in itself. higher consciousness and the teachings that we are getting from the Teaching Mission that have been greatly supplemented by this new knowledge that came to me from Finland from Sittu. At the time it was received it was so validating to me that we were on the right path. There is so much new information in these papers that seemed to also be connected with where I am in my consciousness, about my development which is my mind. As I examine my mind I have very little control over my mind, and the more I examine it the less control I have over it. I wonder if you could give me some insight into the new model of mind that we discussed this morning as being evolutionary, and also how to conquer this mind that refuses to be examined ?

Jarel: Dear one,. In our earlier dissertation we covered this area for you. Mind does not refuse to be examined. It is in the process, the path that you travel that you will arrive at that state of mind that allows increased knowledge and perception. Mind is not hiding from you, equally as the Father is not hiding from mankind, but as you develop spiritually and actually seek that relationship with the Father you are brought face to face with Him at some point along your journey. So it is with this great vast phenomenon concerning mind. You admit to having no control. This is not so. You exercise great control. Were this not so you would be a mental deficient. So because mind does not do as you wish at a particular time does not mean that you have no control. You must allow yourself to develop. You are not given more than you can receive, digest, or handle. Keep these factors present in your mind and you will understand much more the various books of learning that seem to enhance and validate the truth of the Urantia book. These studies may be beneficial. Earlier we pointed out where your foundation should lie.

It is not the desire of this mission to have each of you run hither and yonder, saying here is truth and there is truth. There is, as we have stated many times before, truth existing in varying degrees in all religions, in all study. But coupled with truth there is the opportunity and potential for error. The wheat grows with nourishing kernels also, The shaft and the tare grows a beautiful blooming, but also the thorns are present. Knowledge and truth are existent in varying degrees in other texts, but also is the potential for untruth to be accepted because it has as its companion smatterings of truth. So the foundation will help you to discern the truth and separate that which attempts to ride ‘piggy back’ with truth. I hope this will assist you in your struggle to discern that which is good from that which has no value to you.

Betty: Thank you Jarel.

Lucille: I understand then from what you are saying that we really don’t need to read all of these other things if we know the Urantia book. We can refer to it and learn more every time we refer to it, and this extra material is not necessary ?

Jarel: No dear one, I only mean to impress you with the fact of where your foundation lies, and that by adhering to your belief system based upon that foundation. When you encountered new materials that seem to speak of profound truth your foundation will allow you to discern that truth and sift from that material that which is truth and has validity and can increase your knowledge and spiritual knowledge and spiritual development and separate those elements that would ride upon truth on your consciousness. Remember what better way to hide falsehood than to cloth it in a garment of truth. When you accept the truth this element of falsehood is also accepted. So rely, dear ones, on your foundation which is the text, also rely on your relationship with the Father in the stillness and all things of value will be added to you.

Lucille; Thank you Jarel.

Hal: Jarel, we had a rather extensive discussion about the mind. We are going to research it in the U book, in our text, and we would like to come back next time for a clarification of our understanding as to who we are , whether we are, our mind, our soul, our spirit, or what. We should do some research first.


I have another question I would like to ask. We are told to go out and spread the concepts of the U book and its teachings. I would like to know if these spiritualism followers are people who are searching and would be likely persons to receive the U book concepts. I asked you to be with me this morning at their service, and is it something I should leave alone or is there potential there of spreading the spiritual light through them.

Jarel: Dear one, I will not direct your path in this regard. Your efforts to spread the truth revealed to you through the text always has the potential of falling on deaf ears. Those who are participating in this group that you have related are seekers indeed of truth. But many have felt that they have found all truth through this media. Their receptiveness of another venue of truth may not be warm. However do not allow this fact to deter you from attempting to share the knowledge of the U book with them. We present here know of the benefits the text can have on those who sincerely seek truth. If this group of persons are indeed sincere seekers of truth they will be open to critical examination of the text. If however they have found what they feel is the ultimate expression of truth and enlightenment through these meetings then they will reject your kind efforts to inform them, of the existence of the text. Some of these persons I would venture to say have had some contact with the text. So you may proceed to attempt to enlighten them. Accept their acceptance or rejection of your efforts in the spirit in which you desired in the beginning. The spirit of sincere service. Does this assist you/

Hal: Yes, very much It gives a much clearer concept of it. Would you care to enlarge upon their concept of getting impressions, which we are getting from our teachers. They are getting impressions, however their impressions, they claim. are from supposedly departed people. Would you care to comment as to the validly or error in this belief. It is a common concept in many areas. It is a national organization ?

Jarel: I will not comment as to what has been revealed before. Know that many may believe that the moon is made of green cheese. This belief may become popular, common among certain individuals. These individuals may travel to other lands and spread this belief, forming a body about this belief and you have a national or international organization of people believing that the moon is made of green cheese. The international and national flavor of this organization does not make the original concept so. This is my comment.


Hal: Thank you. About this new material we have received again and back to this concept of the mind. It refers to the reincarnation of the mind, and when we graduate to the mansion worlds our mind goes back to the Supreme and if our mind has not attained adequate training it will return to another individual on this planet until the mind is ready to go forward. This, as it is revealed in this new material, is a new concept which might explain why reincarnation has been so universal, particularly in the Eastern countries. Could you have any comment. This is why we are so interested in the study of mind as to what it does, who am I my mind or my soul ?

Jarel: This dear one, is indeed a reincarnation concept, and there fore I would not care to comment. thereon

Hal; OK. But may I ask why you cannot comment upon it.

Lucille: The text says that it is not true.

Hal; It is not true as far as our soul is concerned.

Betty: That is right. We are not talking about the soul, we are talking about our mind We know that we don't come back as a thought adjuster and soul. We are not saying that. We are saying something about our mind , which is separate from our soul and thought-adjuster, that continues through the evolution of mankind.

Hal: This a question that comers us so often when people ask about the U book, does it believe in reincarnation. If we say no, it turns them off and we have lost another convert to the U Book. We would like to have an answer.

Jarel: If the text has indicated that reincarnation, as they understand it, is not so and this is a deterrent in their acceptance of the book, then they were not at that point of development in their path that they could take in this understanding and then proceed to find what is of value in the text.

Confusion is not the desire of this mission. Many of the topics you are exploring can add confusion at this stage of your development. Please keep in mind my constant concern, and that of all of my associate teachers, is for your proper spiritual development. We do not desire to push you beyond your ability to comprehend and understand. We do not desire to allow you to proceed in error. These new concepts, as you have termed them, will explain themselves shortly in your development. Patience is required. Again we attempt to answer questions for you that we can answer accurately, adequately, and with truth as we know it through the text and our experience. But there are areas that we will not venture into at this particular time. This is not to say that some other time, some other juncture in your development, that we will not freely, openly discuss these issues and attempt further enlightenment.

Betty; The Urantia book says very little about reincarnation. It says that it just isn’t so. Now, not today, but would you please be considering to explain to us what is meant by reincarnation as it is referred to in the Urantia book. What are those elements that it is referring to. We are not in any way trying to discredit the Urantia book. I have never questioned the validity of the U book, I have often questioned the validity of the teaching mission, but never the Urantia book. I would like to know if you could explain to us, when it is appropriate, the elements of reincarnation that are discussed in the Urantia book as to what it is and what it is not, if that is possible.

Group Yes. This would help all of us. It is a good question

Jarel: Yes dear one, I will attempt at that point in your, and the others development, that I may relate my understanding as revealed through the text.

Hal: Maybe we are trying to stretch our knowledge beyond our capabilities. But we would like to stretch them all that we can.

Jarel: You dear one, have said that. Not I. (much laughter)

Hal: Thank you.


Stella: Is this a picture of Jesus. ? Warner Sallman was a religious painter and he wanted to paint a picture of Jesus This is an impression he received in a dream. Impressions are what we are studying in the mission, and I wondered if it is accurate.

Jarel: Well. Dear hearts, it would seem to my understanding, and I would hope to your intelligence, that the physical mortal being of our Creator Son as he lived on Urantia 2000 years ago would reflect the racial cultural and environmental influences of the time that He incarnated. So if he were a man that incarnated in the city of Bethlehem and at time that it was inhabited by people who were of Jewish ancestry you would need to reflect on the physical aspect of the people at that time to have an idea, a concept that will be close to accurate of his countenance. If the people at that time wore the adornment hair in that manner, then it would be true and consistent with that time that he would also wear his hair in that manner. If the people at that time were of a certain hue in complexion due to their racial heritage, the Creator Son would also be of that same hue. The vision of this gentleman who requested a vision of the Creator Son that was given to him was based on his knowledge also. It was not revelation of the nature of the text. It would be totally inappropriate for a revelation of the image of the Creator Son to the world at this time. Each person, must view the Creator Son based upon their knowledge of Him, just as each of you will have a different visual picture of the Father based upon your relationship with Him and what you have experienced and what has been revealed to you of His nature. So it is with the Creator Son. His nature has demanded that you view Him with the most gracious, loving, kind concepts that are known to mankind. So if this picture shows forth His majesty. His love, His compassion, His kindness for mankind. If it shows the great intelligence of the Creator Son then I would venture to say that possibly it is an accurate representation of your Creator Son.

Donna: To go along with the same idea of the picture and talking how we need to understand what race He came from and all of the racial heritage, etc. The U book talks about His mother Mary who was a very mixed racial heritage, and it was Joseph who had the Jewish background, so He was inheriting a lot of different mixtures. He was inheriting more than just a Jewish characteristic. I don't think it as simple as just Jewish.

Stella: Anyway a lot of people have related to this picture, so it has been sort of a group consciousness of His appearance.

Hal: Thank you Jarel for all of your insights.

Jarel; You are all welcome for this discussion. Perhaps one day we will ask Jasmine to portray the Creator Son for you. (Jasmine is the cat) I am sure she will relate a painting where the Creator Son will have whiskers. ( Much laughter)

Betty: Jarel you are progressing in the ways of this world. Thank you

Marlies: Or shall we say regressing.


Jarel: Greetings dear hearts to you this day. Continue in love, continue in Joy, and bright countenance of sharing this love. I am pleased to participate with you, and as always I am honored to be in your presence. I love you immensely. The Father and the Son loves you beyond your understanding and comprehension, but just your awareness of the fact that you are loved indeed entitles to be in receipt of that great abundance. Dear hearts, attempt to do acts of kindness that show your understanding of the Fathers love to those who yet walk in darkness and without this understanding. Help your fellows as you come in contact with them in your daily lives. This is always our message. This is always the desire of your Creator Son, that another of His children be brought in to contact of His love through you, thereby establishing a desire in their heart and mind to seek further. Remember it is not all inclusive in one setting that this knowledge that you are acquiring is given. It cannot through one contact give all the understanding that is inbound in the text. It comes to you in increments as you take the time to seek. So for your contacts with others give them a little daily and they will ask for more. You will invite them into your heart and share the knowledge that the Father has blessed you to understand.

My greetings of peace be with you as you continue throughout this week to further yourselves along your path towards the Father. May He bless you with peace and understanding that comes only from His association with you. May you be fruitful in your efforts to share. Go in, peace, truth, and beauty. Go in love dear ones until our next adventure. Farewell.

Group: Farewell.