1995-11-10-Farewell, Intro. of Minarisa

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Topic: Farewell, Introduction of Minarisa

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Tomas, Minearisa

TR: Rutha, Gerdean



Daniel: "Greetings, my friends, I am Daniel, your guide and teacher. I am rejoicing tonight in being amongst you and feeling your camaraderie and love for one another. It has been a short reprieve from my teaching for you but I have gleaned a lot from my visitation away.[Ed note: Daniel has been away attending a teacher's conference for two weeks.]



This evening I will be saying goodbye to my friend and co-teacher here, Tomas, but the goodbye is not permanent and is only temporary, as you all know, in the ascension scheme. Many things, many occurrences take place, yet those who are spiritually bonded are never separated in spiritual connectedness. And so while it has been a delight having Tomas here as an added teacher for this great group it will be wonderful for Tomas and other students to grow from his wise wisdom and loving presence. Indeed, Tomas is embedded in all of your hearts, a part of all of your experience, and his teachings will resonate for many aeons as you work to displace the peas you have all been speaking so freely about.

We teachers fully understand the human quality of sorrow at the departure of a loved one. You will undoubtedly feel this sorrow but we encourage you to look upon this departure as that which will generate greater good, that which will perpetuate greater thought. So rather than feeling sorrow, understand and feel the joy that this departure holds for the greater good of Urantia and the unfolding of Michael's plan.

To you, Tomas, my sincere love and gratitude for your companionship. While it will be temporarily disjointed we have, and shall continue to be of great closeness. I will now turn this forum over to Tomas for his words to you this evening."

Tomas: "Good evening faithful flock and loyal students. Indeed, we are radiant in our joy this evening in many ways, for many reasons, and on many counts. It is with happiness that we receive the renewed Daniel into this community prior to my departure for the continuity provided by your association with your teachers is part of that which enables us all to bond as a living community. It would grieve me to have been whisked away without this opportunity to cement again the rapport which we have developed in these past many productive and fruitful months as co-teachers of you, and, indeed, of each other and the greater community.

I initially want to thank Daniel for his graciousness in allowing me the honor and privilege of sharing his teacher base platform, for enabling my transmitter/receiver and I to develop the working of teamwork concepts, of being a willing participant of the plan of Michael in instigating this teacher corps and inaugurating this Correcting Time. In no uncertain terms I am indebted to Daniel and to you here assembled for my hands on experience as a teacher in this great mission. I am addressing now the subject which I have chosen to represent my 'swan song'. I have, as you well know, worked hard with you on numbers of matters requiring deep seated effort to uncover and discover deeper realms within yourselves, within your potentials. Many of these have brought about distress and subsequent progress. But I have not spent overmuch time on focusing on what surely for all of us is a favorite subject. I have saved the best for last, if you will, so that I would like to discuss briefly love.

Fear not love. Love is a mustard seed and fear is a pea. Do not confuse these two. For love, although humbler than fear, is far greater and will multiply much farther than the pea plant. When you love in the triumphant spirit of the Creator, when you embrace this living reality and experience the glowing, growing reality from within yourself and out, through, toward, around and with your brothers and sisters in this living flower, you are enriched and made real. Your hopes are made real and your disappointments are lessened.

There is no recipe as great as love for cooking up a good life, yet the fear of love has constrained love in its own existence. In this instance of the departure of your friend, Gerdean, from this group you will know sadness as will she. Yet had you not opened your hearts in love and learned to love one another what legacy would you have of each other? The temporary sorrow which exists when love changes is a small shadow in comparison to the radiance, the illumination, and the triumph of the love that you know, remember, and anticipate. And so of all the fears that you grapple with in your learning to become your greater reality the fear of love is the most heinous sin, unworthy of believers in the love of God.

With courage and gusto I leave you, my loyal friends, for I am filled with the love which we have shared. I am enriched as a result of my experience here with you and you are greater because of knowing me. We are family and our source is the Source of light, life, and love. God is love. I love you. That is all."

Daniel: "Thank you, my friend. This forum is open for questions."


Leetah: "Tomas, thank you. I would just like to say I wish you well in Butler. I know you will be traveling along with Gerdean on her trip. Thank you for being here and thank you for the excellent modeling you did as you said that we were better off because you had been here. I would certainly agree with that and thank you because it is so difficult for me to acknowledge a job well done by me. We appreciate the modeling of the teachers and what we can be as we extend our love to others."

Tomas: "Thank you, daughter. Take it upon yourself to live up to the faith which you have and to the love which you have also within you. It is self limiting to negate your own good. It is not grandiose to acknowledge that you make a difference for this is why we live."

Leetah: "Thank you Tomas. That reminds me of a bookmark that I have that I look at occasionally in the morning. It says, 'Here is the test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: if you're alive, it isn't'. [Ed. note: author is Richard Bach Thank you."

PamElla: "Tomas, I want to offer you my love and my thanks for the lessons that I have learned directly from you and the lessons I have learned in adapting to the changes in our group when you and Gerdean joined us. All of those lessons have been incredibly valuable. I know, indeed, that I am much better off for having you in my life and Gerdean, in my life as well.

I am thinking about your swan song that you saved for the end, fear of love and the description of it as being the most heinous sin. I think your timing is more than just your swan song for this certainly is what I am realizing in myself one more time around on this cycle, how frightening it is to truly love and even more so to allow myself to be loved. I guess I don't really have a question. I just wanted to offer you my love. I know that you are still just a thought away by the circuits so I think it is Gerdean that I will miss even more, although I will miss the dynamic of the group and I will miss the 'dynamic duo' as David Schlundt so beautifully put it, the interplay between you and Daniel and the two TRs. It is just beautiful! So, anyway, thank you and I am sure I will be speaking with you again."

Tomas: "Thank you, my daughter, for your words, your sentiments and your very evident growth, which is perhaps prompted and urged by the teachers but which is ultimately your own doing, your own application, your own desire for growth and your own aspiration to attain perfection. Your work has been exemplary and even though the status of 'dynamic duo' may be off into the sunset the next cinema which we have planned will also satisfy and entertain your evolving growth needs.

I, too, will miss you as will my friend and yours, Gerdean. But the work which is tantamount in our life is ongoing. It is true that we are intending to succeed in this phase of Urantia's development. It is urgent that we forge ahead, that we not falter in fear, that we diligently apply our best efforts toward bringing about the circuitry which will most benefit that apex of enlightenment, that will alter the course of Urantia unconditionally toward Light and Life.

The times are exciting! Time is of the essence. And although it would be foolhardy to push beyond the parameters of proper growth pace, it is truly appreciated when those of you and those of us who are willing to, take direction from our Planetary Prince and allow his will to unfold on Urantia according to divine plan, finally and unqualifiedly."

PamElla: "Thank you very much, Tomas."

Isaac: "Tomas, this is Bill. What am I going to do without those paragraph long sentences to figure out how to punctuate with you gone?"

Tomas: "That is a rhetorical question."(much laughter)

Isaac: "And I am joking, of course, not necessarily about the length of some of your sentences because they are very complex as your thoughts have been. As one who has typed your words for the time that you have been here and also TRed a few times for you, I want to say that you have been a very great source of inspiration to me. I realize that our association will not end with this but you will be sorely missed. I thought you were going to come back with something like, 'Just wait until you get the next teacher if you think that I have long stuff'. But you didn't say that. My love will go with you and of course with Gerdean."

Tomas: "And our love stays here with you. I will comment briefly as to our association, for, my son, how I have enjoyed our association, your honesty and eagerness to please and to share while you probingly, sensitively and intelligently investigate, do honor to the role of a student. You are an inspiration to your classmates and a true colleague of fellow believers everywhere. I expect to continue our association long in eternity."

Isaac: "Thank you very much for those kind words."

Paula: "Tomas, this is Paula. As Isaac was talking about your long sentences it struck me that your TR gets the long sentences to transmit from you and she has typed long sentences which I have given to her as she has served as my secretary at the church. I like the way she has taken those long sentences from me and I have appreciated the way she has transmitted yours. Thank you for the times we have had together, for the times we have discussed sometimes rather urgently and always authentically. I have learned much from you and I have appreciated your listening to me. I, too, will miss Gerdean and I will miss you. And I also know that certainly we are beyond time and space in our journey. So, of course, this is just a temporary space or hiccup or whatever we want to call it. Thank you."

Tomas: "Thank you daughter. Yes, may I say to you that the combined association of the energies that we have each presented around your human association with Gerdean and your combined associations with your spirit companions has made for a very productive and effective dynamic in this community. In the overview there is obviously more in it than you two vital women. The angels, the midwayers, the celestial artisans, many have a hand in the work which you two have touched upon in your association together. Indeed, this gives rise to a mini-lesson.

For whereas we know the effect of one individual sending out ripples on the quiet lake, when two pebbles fall in synchronicity the effects are more than doubled. And in any active association, such as has been known by all of you here today, the dynamics of our work has been powerful! Hear me, powerful! Only in time will you truly begin to discern how much is being accomplished in these humble gatherings which contribute so much to your own personal growth and satisfaction as mortal associates. We are utilizing all your energies in conjunction with our energies, as only the Master and his consort can do, in stirring this creation to the ends which He intends."

Paula: "Thank you Tomas."

Leetah: "Tomas, I know that you are well aware of our visitor tonight who has been with Gerdean for these many weeks. I know also that in due respect to Lynn and to Daniel who has been away, we would like to introduce you to Lynn formally. I would like to acknowledge her in your presence, Daniel."

Daniel: "Thank you. Indeed, the presence of Lynn has not gone past me. In fact the presence of Lynn has aided and enhanced the flow through which Gerdean and Tomas can take leave.

To you, Lynn, I open my heart and my words that through your willingness to grow will you find the needed nourishment and support which is gleaned from within and from the willingness to continue working and growing toward a greater enlargement of vision. Your presence here is very much welcome. Your presence has not gone unheeded across the universe, across this planet. Your presence is an added dimension to a growing commitment to higher ideals and greater, much greater understanding of the life of Christ Michael. Lynn, Tomas and I love you and welcome you to our growing family of united souls in the service of Christ Michael. Welcome, my dear."


PamElla: "Tomas, I know you are aware of the scientific approach that is being taken toward the discussion of earth changes. It was asked that we ask our teachers through transmitter/receivers who were willing three questions. Is it okay if I ask you those three questions at this time?"

Tomas: "It is always okay for anyone to ask me questions."

PamElla: "Thank you, Tomas. The first question is, what is the nature of these earth changes? The second question is, why are we being told about this? And the third question is, what can we do about this?"

Tomas: "Let me first say that my transmitter/receiver has a tremendous block against speculation. Her faith is strong but her control is also great and is unwilling to submit her teacher to criticism. In light of the coloration which is inherent I am willing to attempt a response if this 'compromise' response would be applicable to the specifications set out in the 'scientific' inquiry."

PamElla: "Tomas, I am not sure how to respond to that because my guess is that this is the case with many transmitter/receivers and this is the problem. I admire Gerdean for even being willing to be the transmitter for such a question. I know that my control is so strong that I could not even allow that to come through me at this point. If it is not completely inappropriate for the theme this evening I think we would like to hear whoever's perspective we could get on this, recognizing that it is compromised."

Tomas: "I will chat, then, for it is truly a chat and not a pronouncement or a prediction. I will not bore you also with a detailed discussion of the nature of your planet as a yet unsettled and turbulent young planet undergoing the natural course of earth changes for that is assumed to be understood by anyone who has read the textbook.

The earth changes are imminent, of course, for this planet is still cooling. That many predictions have been made, i.e. Nostradamus, the pyramids, Edgar Cayce, etc., has given rise to tremendous titilation and speculation as to the exact dates of certain pitfalls, tragedies, and crises. We teachers are not in the business of predicting the downfall of Urantia even in its most physical terms. I do not decry your question for certainly it is uppermost in many minds since the time is upon us that these predictions are supposed to begin to unfurl.

Many changes will take place simply because, as was said, the planet is cooling. There is certainly no indication that the earth is going to go through some tumultuous shaking up period in order to set aright the evils and errors of humanity. Our Father does not shake up Mother Earth to make His point. However, in light of certain inevitable geologic/physiological changes on the face of Urantia and, indeed, from beneath the surface or Urantia, and, of course, from the outer atmospheres of Urantia, you will all be affected. Remember we are here to address correcting including the condition of the world as a physical plane, the ecological situation, as well as other and different realms of interest.

But inasmuch as earth changes will certainly bring about that crisis of individuals wherein they grapple again with their mortality/immortality, there will be an activation of spiritual interest. It is herein that we teachers are preparing ourselves and you who are participants in this growth movement to abate the terrors and access the yearnings of those who will be brought to a point of asking 'who am I, really? Why am I here? What can I do! God, do you hear me? Am I alone in the universe? Are we just going to die and that's it?' These are questions which people ask daily, but in times of great tumult or crisis they become pivotal, repeat, pivotal!"

PamElla: "Tomas, I sincerely thank you for your chat. I know that those on the Teaching Mission list thank you for your chat, and those who have been following this, like myself, sincerely can thank you for your chat. You did answer the three questions that were asked in your chat. Again, I very much appreciate it. And thank you, Gerdean, for your willingness and your courage in letting Tomas' words come through."

Tomas: "I always urge students to ask questions. It is never foolish to ask questions of we teachers. We try to prompt your thoughts toward wanting to enlarge your understanding. So thank you for presenting these thoughtful quandaries to this forum."

Beth: "Thomas I would just like to extend my thanks to you for your commitment to us and for your patience. I have enjoyed your sense of humor and your thought provoking lessons. And to you and Gerdean I say, 'thank you for the dance'.(chuckling)

Kent: "I, too, dear friends Daniel and Tomas, thank you very much. I first became acquainted with you, Tomas, when Gerdean moved into town and asked me to edit your previous lessons. I don't know how long you have known me. I have seen your love in those lessons and the lessons you give today, and as my wife just said, your support. I also see the teamwork between you and Daniel. I also see the hidden lessons that evolve between you two that you don't speak of. For that I am grateful and hope that I have learned. From this evolving soul at this level I give to you my love and my peace. Thank you."

Tomas: "Thank you my son and daughter. I would like to also thank you for being my friends and confidants and for providing for each other those strengths and consignments which enrich not only your life with each other but which reflect to your arena that tenderness and sensitivity which is born in the fond embrace of matrimony. The several exemplary examples in this community are upstanding, but like the nuances which are a part of the foundation of the relationship between myself and Daniel, your foundation of love for one another is firmly laid. You have been a joy, individually and united, for me to associate with.

Francyl: "Thank you Tomas and Daniel for your many lessons. They have meant a great deal to me. And Gerdean and Tomas, you surely will be missed, but I know that we will be talking to you over the circuits. Thank you again."

Tomas: "Thank you."

Sharon: "I just want to say thanks for your encouragement on my own spiritual path. You will certainly be missed. But we will keep in touch."

Tomas: "We certainly will."

Daniel: "My friends as this evening is brought to a close let it be known that there is no closure in spiritual awareness and in spiritual joy. It is most difficult for me to say goodbye to this co-anchor for Tomas has not only brought great stability, great learning, a great unifying factor, but through Tomas' lessons and the work that we have done together this group has reached a state of living example throughout all Teaching Mission communities, an example of the diversity of individuals, yet the collective unity that those so truly inspired by the Indwelling Spirit can put forth.

Gerdean as you travel the road of life remain faithful always to your commitment to serve. Always be open to the guidance from within and from the celestial teachers. It is not goodbye but rather a change of programming. (one moment please).

Minarsia Melchizedek: "Greetings. I am your latest edition to, shall we say, our version of the evening news. I am your newest anchor, your new friend, teacher, and guide. This TR has yet to clearly discern my name."

Daniel: "The name is Minarisa."

Minarsia: "Yes. I am Minarisa. The name does begin with an M and end with an A. It is my great delight to be among you this evening. I have prepared for this moment for a long, long time as you would measure it. I have followed your paths for many years. We have been awaiting these times of upliftment and correction with anticipation and with planning. We have charted the changes to occur geologically. We have tracked genetic strains. This has been a part of our preparation in the culmination of this time of correction and our association with each of you.

You are chosen because you have chosen. And yet, so too, were you pre-chosen. This you know in your studies of the Corps of Destiny and in your study of the planning of Christ Michael's final bestowal. You, my friends, are indeed part of the core of lights that will burn ever brighter until the world is fully illuminated in the brilliance of the love of the First Source and Center. Know this! For, indeed, will God have His way with this planet!

It is my thrill to make your acquaintance this evening. We have many good times ahead. We have much learning and growing ahead. Welcome to change. This is, indeed, the way of life. I will be speaking with you in the near future. Farewell."

Paula: "Minarisa, before you go may I ask you a question? This is Carla. (pause) Did your name come to me last week at my conference in Minneapolis? The name Minersa or something came and I didn't know what it was. And then the word that came to me was 'luminous'. This seemed to be a strange connection."

Minersia Melchizedek: "One moment. I will see if I can access the other TR. This one is not ready for such questions. (switching TR hookup) Certainly, Paula, I, Minarisa was with you calling upon you to fill the light of completeness, the light of the new dawning, the light that will bring forth change. Minarisa is my name. I have come here today, back with Daniel. Our teachings will be coordinated. Good day."

Paula: "Thank you!"

Isaac: "Please spell your name so I may type it correctly in the transcript."

Minarisa Melchizedek: "M..I..N..A..R..I..S..A [Ed.note: The pronunciation is min er zee ah]

Isaac: "Thank you very much and welcome."

Minarisa: "Thank you."


Daniel: "And now I, Daniel, will end this great evening. I have been asked by this TR to convey to Gerdean and to Tomas great love and the understanding of a bond that goes beyond understanding. Rutha asks you, Gerdean, to understand the depth of this bonding so deeply tied in material and spiritual realms, so deeply interwoven are the many intricacies, not always consciously known. And to this end I, Daniel, say this.

Love is that aspect which cannot be fully described, fully intellectualized, fully emotionally understood. Rather it is the integration of all aspects of life that seek to bring forth the greater good. And so our love from the teachers, especially Tomas, Daniel, and Minarisa to you this evening. We deeply feel your love as well.

All of you go now to travel on life's path this week opening up yourself to a greater integration and understanding of love. Good evening."