1995-11-28-Simplicity & Tomas' Bio

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Topic: Simplicity & Tomas' Bio

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



TOMAS: Good evening, my friends. I am Tomas, your teacher. ===Lesson My, how the energies have amplified of late! How joyous we are to experience the accelerated power of energy in your arena here in terms of your conjoining together in interest of matters relating to your spiritual evolution and illumination. Our task will be to harness these powerful energies into a clear and flowing way of life which will be approached as Light and Life, for this condition of perfection, relative to you and your lives here and now, is not only possible but imminent, and many of you have known this sublime state of being even in your personal lives – such as those clear moments when all is in perfect readiness for the next perfect moment. The challenge that awaits us here is to harmonize the myriad energies which have come to this configuration of truth-seeking individuals ~ you here, my students ~ to find that which will bring about that to which we aspire.



I abridged my message for the sake of simplicity, for simplicity is at the heart of a humble and joyous life. Simplicity of thought and action are a way of watching your life so as to allow the more important affairs of universe administration to prevail in your minds and hearts. The business of living as mortals is not that complicated, but we ascendant beings who have occasion to stir the soup will fight for the opportunity to do so. Much of finding the light and life of a moment is in determining when and when not to stir the soup. Simplicity allows the body, mind and soul to establish priority and once priorities are established and practiced, great progress can be made in the spiritual realms.

And, of course, in saying "spiritual realms" you understand our aspiration and goal is spirit, but in the interim we will traverse the morontia spheres of seeing and perceiving and behaving, in anticipation and practice of spirit. Various spirits, which you allude to and rely upon, are personalities and energies. As you begin to glean which energies and personalities can and will assist you, and which are merely here for observation or agitation, again you will simplify your being-ness. In simplifying your being-ness, you become more readily available and more readily attracted to the One simple truth, beauty, and goodness of the Original I AM, the First Great Source and Center, that which directs the harmony of all creation, even that of Michael, and it is that First Source which we depend upon for our most simple and essential sustenance.

Yes, I have a tendency to enjoy hearing you hear me, as it, ideally, creates a very real circuitry of communication between us and among us, for surely you understand that as I speak and as you listen, you are bonding with one another on a higher energy level than you do during your social time or your mindal time and it is invaluable to the development of our community that this feeling be fostered and appreciated, for it will help you and assist you in perceiving the calm and unjudgmental ultimate reality of your neighbor.

It is a new way to relate. There are so few who can make contact on the more refined energy levels, the circuits of the spirit. As you yourself become adept at seeking out and depending upon this circuitry, you will naturally gravitate to it and you will naturally pull others to it as well, and so we begin to build a new world based upon a new reality, not upon the fear of animals or of politicians, but of true brothers and sisters in the "spirit".

I am not the only one here this evening to be drinking in your thirst for righteousness. There are hosts of beings in attendance and indeed, reflecting upon your reading of earlier, we have a new clinical study in your configuration. I understood from your discussions earlier that perhaps there might be some questions you would like to ask. You may ask.



Mrs. M: We have spoken to Machiventa and we were wondering if he would come and say a few words to us.

TOMAS: Daughter, I am quite assured of Machiventa’s desire to meet with you and to allow the love between you to grow. I will ask him when he might find a time to come to visit. I find him a difficult personage to summon at will, for he rather keeps his own calendar and he does not harken to my every whim, but he is most accommodating. I find his tendency is to drop in unexpectedly and catch us all off guard, which is one of the prerogatives of the principal.

Mrs. M: Tomas, I found it most fascinating that you were describing a new way for us to be together, which is that way in which we are listening to transmissions from teachers such as yourself, and that this creates a new kind of bonding, and I have thought of that and I would be most interested if you could enlarge on that.

TOMAS: With the concurrence of the entire assemblage here I will elaborate for, you see, when you listen in this way, it is your soul which is yearning for food, spiritual food, and the food that is forthcoming is not only intellectual food, you see. You may read these words and receive intellectual satisfaction and some emotional security perhaps, but the act of focusing your energies such that your soul is focused and concentrated allows you to develop this in yourself and, you see, the others are also in this same state of spiritual receptivity. In this way you learn how it feels to be in an environment of soul-searching and –seeking and, indeed, -acceptance with your fellow brother and sister sojourners. You begin to be aware of the inner aspects of each other.

Mrs. M: What an idea to contemplate!

TOMAS: I invite you to contemplate.

Mrs. M: We are so happy that you are a teacher who doesn’t mind just talking to us. It’s just a pleasure and I think that’s the way we all feel. It’s a pleasure to have you and I think that I and the others have a lot of questions have come from all of us over the past months when we didn’t have a teacher transmitting and the only thing, possibly, that – we would all love to understand how any of us might be able to transmit, for it seems to have brought so much joy and pleasure to Karen and it seems it was that way before, with Beryl and Susan.

TOMAS: I would like to respond from my vantage point as a teacher in the Teacher Corps; Karen can speak for herself. I would like to point out that the process of transmitting/receiving Teachers is possible for anyone, but it is not practical for everyone. It is largely a matter of, certainly willingness, but the electrochemical make-up of the transmitter/receiver is a part. Also, of equal importance, are those of you who avail yourselves as a conduit for healing energies. Equally important are those of you who work with celestial artisans, in terms of creation, creation of not only art as you imagine it, but art in terms of problem-solving and more technical aspects of life. Many gifts are there to be found and fostered, but I would certainly encourage the practice of transmitting/receiving as a rather unique process of discipline with an abstract art form.

Am I having…? Perhaps my associate or my associate’s transmitter would have a comment in this context. (Pause) No? Very well. I am quite conversational and only remind you of your own mortal constraints. Are there other questions?

Student: Can you tell us about yourself? Do you come from this earth?

The Teachers

TOMAS: I have not been a Urantian before this assignment. I am not natally a Urantian. I am an ascendant mortal male having attained some degree of wisdom and experience by the very process of evolving as you here. I come from another local universe, a neighboring universe, where I have ascended and attained considerable experience in the mansion worlds. I, in my mortal life, on my native world, was what you might call a Cultural Anthropologist, although we threw it under the realm of Sociology.

I was a married man. My beloved partner and I – her name was Janus, J-a-n-u-s – we had four sons. Janus even now is ascending and, although she did not volunteer for this Teacher Corps, I did -- since I enjoyed the experience of going into the more primitive societies and cultures to [laughter from the group and a big smile from Tomas] study and take my findings back to the office, as you would say. In this case, however, taking my findings back to the office is not quite the way it works. I am here in the office and will stay a while past closing time.

Mrs. M: Was your planet settled in Light and Life?

TOMAS: Parts were quite advanced.

Mrs. M: And your Creator Son was different, of course, than Christ Michael, and could you describe some of the ways you might see differences between them? We enjoyed reading about the way Christ Michael is viewed by other universes. I’d be interested to hear about your Creator Son.

TOMAS: One moment. (Pause) I have been admonished that although your question is personally very intriguing and I personally am saddened that I cannot discuss the Avonal who attended our world, I am relieved as well to discover and have confirmed again that this is outside my realm of discussible topics, for although it is certainly a good question, my dear, it will not serve your personal spiritual growth.

Mrs. M: But one thing I thought we read was about how Christ Michael gave us a tremendous amount of freedom in our universe contrasted to the way other Creator Sons arranged their universes. I was quite fascinated by that.

TOMAS: You may be assured that the concept of free will goes beyond the purview of the local universe creator Sons.

Mrs. M: I’m glad to know that, although I remember reading that Christ Michael had given us perhaps even more than some of the other Creator Sons deemed necessary, and that it was going to be an interesting turn of events because of his choices.

TOMAS: And has it not?

Mrs. M: Yes! You are here!

TOMAS: And you are here. And the circumstances are here which bring us together to enable us collectively to bring around the Correction of Urantia to a plateau which is more suitable to the return of a king.

Mrs. M: Tomas, have you met Christ Michael on Salvington yourself?

TOMAS: Indeed.

Mrs. M: Can you tell us about it?

TOMAS: I cannot go into the nature of Salvington, but I can say that Michael came to many of our classes when we were preparing for this Teaching Mission. He sat with us often, as he did here with his apostles, in fraternal harmony in his elder brother fashion and tried to convey something of the nature of your world. It was indeed and in fact part of the curriculum that we have some semblance of understanding to embrace the depth of compassion that would be required to undertake such an assignment as this.

Remember that all the universe saw Michael crucified here, and well … I shall say no more on that.

Mrs. H: We’re so grateful that you’re here among us.

TOMAS: We may all thank Machiventa and his supernal parents, Michael and his consort, indeed.

Mrs. M: Can you tell us what your age would be in years of earth?

TOMAS: Can you tell us what yours would be? (Laughter) It matters not one iota, for I, like you, am wise beyond my years and fresh as a daisy. (More laughter)

Loreenia: This is Loreenia. Can you broaden or give us more information that the Directors of the Most Highs a few months back --- are you familiar with that?

TOMAS: A circular passed my desk, yes. We do try to keep our inner office memoranda orderly, indeed. Indeed.

Mrs. H: Do the Teachers think that we are amusing?

TOMAS: But of course!

Mrs. H: I know we have a lot on our mind, but we try to have fun!

TOMAS: Indeed, not only are you perceived of as amusing, but you are amusing, and if you will listen to yourself in your own amusement, you will find that this is an asset and part of what endears you to us and to one another.

Transportation, Sea of Glass

Mr. H: Tomas, I have a technical question. Not a philosophical one, but a technical one.

TOMAS: Yes, my son.

Mr. H: Okay. You lived in a neighboring universe, which is quite a long distance. How did you travel from there to here?

TOMAS: There are circuits similar to subways. Networks of velocity, conduits, engineered if you will. You might perceive of them as tubes.

Mrs. H: Angels….

TOMAS: Angels are used in the transport of surviving mortals, but in the grand universe, that is, in the superuniverse structure, there are actual avenues and there are … related to Power Directors … who supervise … traffic controllers … supervise that there are no collisions in these energy bullets, bursts. Have I responded?

Mr. H: Yes, I think I agree with you. I think that’s true, but I’d like to take it one step further. In the Urantia Book, in the time of Jesus, Christ Michael, when he went on his bestowals, he always seemed to go to a place called the Sea of Glass and he always seemed to leave from that place. Was this an energy place, a place where all the energy emanated from? Was he translated from there to the – like earth? Just what was the Sea of Glass?

TOMAS: You have asked a most poignant question. The travelers are, as you might recall from your reading, admonished to never attempt a landing there, and for good reason. This Sea of Glass, as you might conjecture, is called the Sea of Glass because of its reflectivity contours.

Mrs. M: Tomas, were you on the planet when Dr. Sadler first met the man who – where you here then? Did you enjoy that?

Mrs. H: Did you finish Ron’s question about the Sea of Glass?

TOMAS: Thank you. No. I was hovering over this very powerful lake of reflectivity when I was diverted and I appreciate your keeping me on track, and I would also appreciate, without being tedious, if we could maintain this rather systematic process, for I am eager to respond to every question, but more importantly, I am eager that we become sensitive to the energy patterns that are created in our configuration here, in our session. The sensitivity, which is developed toward me and toward one another, is of benefit to yourself and all of us, as well. This is a process, I remind you, and in the process we will err and fumble and proceed in good faith and with amusement, but your question regarding the departure and arrival in and around the Sea of Glass was and is an important question. It is – forgive my pun – a very deep subject. Not water. With all those parenthetic remarks, have we clearly resolved your question or are there puddles of questions round this Sea of Glass?

Mr. H: I’m still waiting to hear those puddles.

TOMAS: You ask why Michael left from there?

Mr. H: That’s correct.

TOMAS: And was it an energy field.

Mr. H: That is correct.

TOMAS: Yes. And I know you want a technical answer, but it is beyond even my comprehension, much less yours. I will borrow upon your Star Trek and say "Beam me down, Gabriel" or something to that effect, for it is quite a sophisticated and, yes, very technical aspect of bestowals which is and remains a mystery to us.

Loreenia: Can we go back to the directives of the Most Highs across your desk?

TOMAS: Ah, yes. The memorandum. I recall. The directive, having to do with up-stepped activity? Worldwide? Is that the one?

Loreenia: Yeah.

TOMAS: We have seen several of those. There is and has been tremendously accelerated activity already, snowballing. It is hard for you to see, however. As you and we together begin to coagulate into a team, a working community, a living organism of truth, beauty, and goodness, more will be revealed. Trust me that, yes, much has been on-going and this snowball effect will lead to even more increased activity and from there, there are perhaps dozens of questions as to what kind of activity, where, when and so forth. I am not intending to be facetious, but there cannot help but be up-stepped activity when there is being focused on this world so much . .. so much.

Mrs. McD: Tomas, is there anything that we could do, individually or collectively, to play our part, as it were, in the Correcting of the planet? To contribute to the plan, the overall plan?

TOMAS: Ah, my child, how you strike the chords of love in my heart when I hear you voice your desire to serve. The sincerity is clear, and although there is reflection and reserve, your intent and desire is clear. How pleased I am to hear you, individually and as a group, admit your willingness to serve. And yes, there is much that you can do individually and as a small community, even as part of the larger community, but lest you be overwhelmed with all that can be done, I would like to rather provide you with what I will call an assignment for this week. One moment.

This week, beloved partners, be at peace in your own personal realm, your own soul, your mind, your heart. Attain simplicity of being. Attain simplicity of being as often as you find yourself moving too quickly, becoming angry, becoming tired, as you feel non-spiritual, remind yourself of the simplicity of the God within you. Touch upon the simplicity of perfection, your own potential. Simply ponder simple. Feel simple. Study simple. I wag my finger and say, "I did not say simple-minded! but simple, as a child is simple."


For now my friends, my dear family, although I am reluctant to end our session here this evening, I am mightily grateful for this occasion, for surely it is an occasion when we can come together in this forum in this desire to bring to Urantia the love and light which is the birthright of you all. We will work further, but for now, my precious ones, good night.

Group: Good night.