1996-08-05-Seeing Through Father's Eyes

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Topic: Seeing Through Father's Eyes

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. I am happy to see you all here this evening. Thank you for having me. This road we travel is seemingly tedious and yet we take a turn and our scenery changes. This is a road of spiritual education, but I say, it is meant to also be joyful. I can say I am joyful to meet with you.



I could say I know you each fairly well. I have accompanied you during times of overwhelming weakness, but I have also witnessed your victorious efforts to overcome darkness. I can say I see you through the eyes of [[our Father].] Your human flaws disturb me not, your moments of continuous complaining or moments of searching for self-glory. You can say I have seen what you would deem to be terrible traits of your personality. Seeing through my Father's eyes I can say that your most selfish deeds do not subtract one bit of the affection I feel for you. Viewing you with my spirit vision is to broaden my understanding on the events that lead you to continuously complain or seek self-glory. My enlarged picture of your status as a child of God has lead me to accept you without my own personal judgment or opinion of you.

With the use of my Spirit vision I am in understanding of the long road we all must travel to reach our Paradise destination. I seek not to change or manipulate you to grow more rapid because with my enlarged view I understand that you are on the path that you must travel. I am committed to the doing of Father's will and I am with His broad vision of spiritual realities. With the use of your new eyes you will also encompass more fruits of the spirit towards your fellows. Tolerance, patience, acceptance will become natural traits of your personality. You shall view your fellows with the same understanding that Father has.

I say when this world does wake up to their new vision the need for destructive competition will become obsolete. Jealousy, envy will be outrun by understanding with the same understanding that Father has for all His celestial personalities. The need for war and control over the masses will become useless because your spirit vision will broaden your understanding of all peoples in all cultures. All will be viewed and given due respect as a cosmic citizen.

With practice and dedication to the doing of Father's will your spiritual vision will increase fairly rapid depending upon your awareness of what you are observing. Spiritual vision is not particularly useful without intelligent reflection and effort to understand. You are correct when you speak of planetary awakening. I am certain that this era will prove to be fascinating and stressful at the same time. Yes, many will undergo series of confusing ideas, but I do say with certainty that we have come so that you may learn to assist in teaching those that are lost in this confusion. Our place regarding the teaching staff is to help direct our students towards an enlightened era. I can say your position in this Mission is almost the same, to help direct.

We are not concerned over those mortals who cannot understand us. We are not bound by fear over those who do not join us. We are settled in the comfort of our spiritual vision that tells us Father already is aware of any concerns we may have. In our practice of spirit vision we will also discover certain changes within ourselves. You may notice not only do you become more understanding and less judgmental of others, you also begin to have more patience and understanding for your own imperfections. You are able to take a deep breath and say I am a child of God. I stand at the beginning of eternity. I will make an effort to keep trying. Your own self understanding through your spirit vision removes pressure towards attaining your goals. Being more at peace enables you to keep clear lines of communication with Father. Allow your augmented vision to embrace your weaknesses and your strengths. Worry not on your level of success. This is your Father's concern and I can say you are not measured by what you are today, but by what you are striving to be. Are there question?



CALVIN: Its good to know Abraham that we are seen in our humanness, in our immature self still, speaking of myself. And you are right, I look back and see, boy, I know better than that. It has been years of habit or whatever that I think we still go on, but being conscious of what we need to grow. Now with what you are telling us, an understanding that it is understood or that we are accepted and loved anyway. There was a time I felt shameful, ugly with stupid things done, wrong things done and that blocked a lot of growth. It is just easier growing not feeling that way. Could you expand a little bit more on the self-aggrandizement or self-glory part maybe what we are not seeing yet or a better hold where I can better look at myself?

ABRAHAM: Yes, a child who is constantly praised and encouraged strives to continue that practice, for this child receives energy and is made to grow and measure self-worth. A child who is devalued constantly is likely to go about in a mode of destruction believing that is his lot in life. He is believing that he can do no better. A child who grows in this way into an adult has learned to not accept any praise even if it was deserved. Both children are being shaped to perform what is expected of them. The secure child has within that inner confidence and awareness of their status in the Kingdom. The devalued child has learned that the only way to receive praise is to bestow it upon themselves. This child craves glory and love that was not ever received. A child such as this learns to go about staking claims upon various lands of self-glory and this is where one such as this may draw upon an false well of energy. This person knows that he seeks love and someone to believe he is acceptable. When this expectation is not met he must fashion it within his own mind and spend vast amounts of energy to continue the charade. You see, in spirit vision this is all understood. To view yourselves or others through the eyes of Father is opening the door to understanding how each individual came to be that individual. There is no judgment. There is no pity, no sadness. There is just understanding that, yes, this is experience in mortal life. It is part of the education. Those who seek truth know that self-aggrandizement is not part of truth reality. Those that sincerely seek the will of Father are made to see that the only love and acceptance need come from their Father in Heaven. Does this help?

CALVIN: Very very much. You couldn't put it a better way to me to understand what you are saying. Thanks.

ELLEN: I have had a couple experiences in the past where I thought I was seeing through the eyes of Christ. It was like I saw this person with increased compassion and tenderness that I knew it wasn't me. I am wondering if that is what you are talking about or I went just a little bit crazy?

ABRAHAM: Yes that is in the chapter of our book on spiritual vision, increased compassion and understanding for your fellows. To view another mortal as a family member is indeed fruitful use of spiritual vision. Your desire to be spirit lead opens the door to spiritual vision and increased morontial understandings. Yes, I would say these experiences are visions of the spirit whether it be through the eyes of your Father or the understanding of Michael's Spirit of Truth. Yes. Another question.

RACHEL: Well Father Abraham would that hold true with the situation similar to this when I watching the Olympics. They were so far away and I was just watching them on TV. So much of the time when I'd see the groups and they would show the faces up close I felt like I was so full of love and appreciation of each and every one of them. I kind of felt like I was there with them to a certain extent. Would that be a part?

ABRAHAM: Yes certainly. An understanding that regardless of culture, race, religion or gender individuals had trained mentally and physically to represent their countries with equal love and devotion. Your understanding of these individuals quite simply enhanced your love for them. It is literally true that love is a universal understanding and can surpass any cultural barrier. Good example. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, I have been reading the Starseed books that Anthony shared with me and I've grown tremendous. I think I have increased my spirit vision tons as a result of your lesson and in conjunction now reading these. It is seeing the world as a whole, the past and what is coming in the future and the purpose of this, our purpose in this Teaching Mission and what you are doing. Is that part of what you are saying, seeing through the eyes of the spirit?

ABRAHAM: Yes. It has been long in preparation. Our Mission is carefully orchestrated to synchronize with natural evolution. We are joyful that truth appears to be to coming from many sources and has exceeded our original expectations. Is this answering?

CALVIN: Yes. I am sure there are many other sources besides that, science, art and literature, awareness of human history. It all seems to fit perfectly. (Yes.) Just a quick question. On my neck there is a little bump back there. I am wondering if I am worrying too much or building up some kind of--I don't know if it is worry. I don't call it fear. I don't feel afraid. Is it just a visible thing related to my tooth or something? If you know anything on that it would be helpful.

ABRAHAM: I am certain that you would feel better consulting a physician. To ease your mind concerning your physical health would remove much anxiety and make more clear the channels of communication. I am certain that you are entirely capable of any problems that may result from the physical or the mental. Does this help? (Yes. I will get it checked. People have been bugging me about it.) Understood.

ABRAHAM: Ellanor, what is your question? A little more understanding on the reasons to learning about spiritual vision. You don't understand the lesson from last week. One moment. I am equipped to reveal certain amounts of information according to our morontial advisors. It is your prerogative to take what you will from those lessons. These morontial lessons are designed to teach mass personalities from differing parts of the universe. I have said that these morontial lessons would be different, and I would emphasize there is no pressure to force any understanding. There is time left yet in your mortal career for learning. I would ask you each this week to look past all human flaws to the pure souls that are the children of God, please include yourselves.


I leave you my love. Until next week, shalom.