1996-09-22-Active Participation Mission

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Topic: Active Participation Mission

Group: Tallahassee TeaM


Teacher: Will, Ambrose, HaReel, Alphonso

TR: Unknown



Ambrose: Greetings friends, it is I Ambrose, he who loves you. My student is uncomfortable. But understanding her heart, I persevere. This Teaching Mission as understood by each of you has been a school, a classroom, and you have all been able students. Many of you, all of you in fact, have been taught for many more years than this formal Teaching Mission has been up and running. You were taught on conscious levels as well as subconscious levels. My student is uncomfortable because I have been trying to promote the idea that eventually, and my hope was that this evening, she would accept the challenge of standing in front of the class and giving this lesson; winging it, so to speak, on her own. This is not a comfortable feeling; I understand. But once a student, not always a student, in this case. Each of you are going to be asked, when you are ready, to step up to the podium and begin to speak of the things that we have helped to teach you over these past years. And so I ask her in front of you all, to accept this challenge and speak of whatever she would wish to impart to you this evening.

Ed: T/R makes a distressed exclamation!

Natalya: Talk to us Joi.

Learning, Teaching, Love

JoiLin: Yeah, right! (Long pause) I’ve actually been doing a lot of thinking lately. I’ve listened to a tape; synchronicity strikes again...that I...(crying) it was meant for my mother...but I never sent it, I don’t know why! I guess I forgot about it. I used to sing some songs to the children in my day care. I did a different one at Christmas and one for everyday, and many of the kids just drove their parents crazy because they wouldn’t go in their car unless they had Mimi’s tape, (laughing) and when they went to their (other) grandmother’s (they all thought I was their grandmother) they insisted that the tape go with them! (Laughing) so I kind of got stuffed down everybody’s throats, you know? And when my mother came to visit me this one time, whenever the kids went to sleep I always played the tape for them; it helped them to sleep. And my mother said this one day, "do we really have to listen to those songs ad nauseam?" And I said Mom, I’m sorry, but yeah...plug your ears if you have to, but you know this is what the kids like and nap time is their happy time so they get to have what pleases them.

At any rate, I guess a couple of years ago, (three) must have been the beginning of my mother’s beginning mental disintegration, because she asked me if I would make a tape of those songs for her...(crying) and I made the tape, but I never gave it to her...and the other side of the tape just said today’s lesson and chit chat. So I turned it on and listened to it the other night. It’s funny how much I’ve changed; how my beliefs have undergone such dramatic change in these last three years. And so that began a thread and I thought to myself I ought to make a new tape; not knowing that -this- was coming!

Anyway, as I was driving yesterday... it was such a glorious trip to the beach...just me and God! And I thought about what it is that I believe today? And what are the most important things to let other people know?

First, that I believe in God; I believe in His omniscience; in His omnipresence and that everything, all the creatures on all of the myriad levels of creation throughout all the universe of universes are upheld by Him and His thought. And that He down steps His thought, His power, to His sons, who in turn through their thoughts, uphold His thoughts. And that because we have God within us, we also uphold His universe through our thoughts and by our actions.

The second thing that I believe in is life everlasting. That, because it is our first life and our only wholly physical life, we are truly babes of the realm. We think of ourselves as so knowing, so intelligent, so got it together, but I know that our Father does not look on us like that. He looks upon as fully what we are...infants..babes...taking our first baby steps.

And the third thing that I believe is that He does not judge us, not on this level of existence. That we will make mistakes...little children -make- mistakes. Those of us that are parents look at our children when they are infants and we don’t expect anything from them, except perhaps their love. We don’t expect them to perform, we don’t expect them to follow any particular path other than to learn to become...and hopefully in a happy environment. I believe that this analogy is used by the Father, only in greater measure. And when we (people in general) think of this lifetime...we think of our children as living a linear existence, that ends with this world and yet He understands that we have an eternity of lives that we will live; each one leading us a little higher, a little closer in our understanding of Him, in our ability to reflect the Love that He is.

If I could teach to even just one person that God lives within them, truly lives within them, then I would consider my life a life well lived. If I could teach all of these things I would consider that I had done a great thing; even if I only taught it to one person. It is my hope and desire to teach this to more than one.

And I know that I’ll continue for probably the rest of this life at least, to struggle with the things that are a part of this physical life. But I refuse to ever again beat myself about the head when I make a mistake. That is not what our Father wishes for us. He wishes for us to learn through the mistakes that we make. I know that I learn best through my mistakes; it gives me a contrast to hold up to myself. It gives me a mirror if you will, by looking at what I want to become and what I am now, helps me to turn myself forward and take one more step. And that is what this life is all about, it is about learning. It’s a bout learning to love ourselves first. If I can’t love and accept myself, then how in the name of God, could I ever learn to love and accept anyone else? (Laughing) And that’s my lesson for tonight!

Group applauds, and thanks JoiLin (making her feel very uncomfortable! I know this because I am also the transcriber!!)

Analiese: Very good and right on a par with the unseen teachers.

Ambrose: Hear, hear...my student has done as I fully expected she would...took the challenge and stepped out beyond her comfort zone. More and more this is what is expected of all. I thank you for giving us your attention this evening and we will step back as there are others who wish to speak. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

HaReel: Good evening, this is HaReel. I would like to say those of us visiting your group tonight, how pleased we are in your lesson Joi. We can see how wonderful and how valuable these lessons can be when coming from the mind of a human to the minds of other humans. We appreciate your (?), and we know that many of you will one day be called to do the same. Students become teachers. You are all learning very well. Of course you have the love of God to support you in this effort. And with His will behind you nothing is impossible. That is all. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

JoiLin: Thank you HaReel.

HaReel: Thank -you-.


Alphonso: Good evening, this is Alphonso and tonight I would like to speak to you about action. Too long have people understood but not acted. This is an active participation mission. Each of you is willing and active in your own lives. We have witnessed your conscious activism grow through the years. You are each more sensitive to our leading toward action and even tonight we have heard you discuss projects for which you have been nudged. There is so much to be done. But it must be done in its own time. Even now, people are coming into your lives who will be instrumental in the actualization of your goals. Pay close attention to chance encounters. Your lights are strong; your knowledge is vast; your faith is secure. If not now, then when will we be about the Father’s will? I say the time is now. When you awake in the morning, prepare for a day where you actively spread the Father’s love. No more drifting through life. We never know how much time we have and so we take advantage of the present. This lesson is on action. You will know when the time is right. But daily give thanks for the time you have; count your many blessings; and spread out to do the Father’s will. It’s such an exciting time. We are all so lucky to be here today. It’s a joyous occasion. So smile. And actively spread the Father’s will. Shalom.

Group: Shalom.

Will: The love of the Father fills our hearts with gladness and songs of thanksgiving. The beauty of the Father surrounds us, inspiring us to seek Him. The power of the Father supports us in all our endeavors, through all of our lives. Wherever we gather, He is.

Greetings dear ones, it is I Will, your teacher who loves you.

When you hear us speak of stepping out beyond your comfort zones, or even more actively, as when you hear us speak of ‘it is now time to be about our Father’s business’...does this engender within you, any of you, feelings of insecurity or even anxiety?

Ed: Two students indicated that it did.

Will: Would you be willing to share Analiese, what you are feeling?

Analiese: Yes, I’m willing to share. It seems like one more task, and I already feel overwhelmed by all the tasks I see and feel around me. I feel like I have a good life that I don’t cope with very well and I’m struggling to cope with a good life (laughing) if that makes sense.

Will: It makes a lot of sense to us Analiese.

Analiese: And when you say it’s time to step out and be about the Father’s business I just want to go somewhere and hide and curl up because it just sounds like one more source of anxiety and one more task to do and one more way to push myself when I already do push myself in a lot of directions already. It feels overwhelmed, I feel overwhelmed already and that just to me adds to what I am feeling.

Will: Blessed child, I would very much like to hold your hands.....

Analiese: How do you mean?

T/R/transcriber: I was aware of a tremendous surge of love coming from Will; I understood that she literally wanted to bring comfort to Analiese.

Will: I mean both metaphysically and physically...I would like to -hold- your hands!

Analiese: Well, metaphysically, I think I can undertake...

Will: We understand Analiese, that you are here because you have been guided here, because you have listened with an open heart and come to sit at Michael’s table.

Analiese: Yes.

Will: Each person in this room has served Him on differing levels at different times in their lives. Never are any of you ever coerced, nor do we mean to make you feel guilt because you do not perform according to someone else’s understanding or according to someone else’s ability or willingness. You are all different. Each of your lives are different. This child here has a lot more time, for instance, than most of you. (Will was referring to the T/R) We have said from the very beginning that free will is inviolate. How you choose to accept Michael’s call is up to each of you individually and none are seen in a lesser light...that is something that mortals at your level of development understandably find difficult to understand, but trust me Analiese, when I tell you, you are -not- seen in a lesser light! You do serve your Father and Michael well, within the arena of your life. Each of the gifts that you give to your brothers and sisters is noted child and appreciated.

Analiese: I appreciate your saying that, I thought that’s what my teachers were saying to me just before you started to speak. Although they said it was just for me and not a lesson for the group. Which I understand to mean that I can share at will. That I am alright exactly as I am that I am on the right path right now, that I don’t have to do more and if I am able to do more that’s wonderful; if I don’t feel able to do more then I am acceptable exactly as I am. That the way I’m living my life they said was acceptable in the sight of the Father and a delight to Father Michael, so that’s what I thought I heard them saying to me before you started speaking, so I appreciate your second vote of confidence here.

Will: Indeed. And thank you for sharing your teachers words to you child. Did you note how easily you were able to share?

Analiese: Oh yes, I don’t mind sharing like that.

Will: We much appreciate your every effort, all of your efforts. Would anyone else like to share with us what they are feeling?

Natalya: I’ll tell you about my anxiety.

Will: Yes, Natalya, please.

Natalya: It comes anytime I think about stepping out of the comfort zone. Although there is some excitement that goes along with this anxiety. This is something I’ve come to accept and maybe someday I will not have the anxiety, there will just be the excitement.

Will: Indeed. There will come a time, trust me when I tell you, that you will woo the excitement and even look back with nostalgia on the anxiety!

Natalya: Oh, boy! Thank you.

Will: Thank -you-. Would anyone else like to share anything?

Judy: My concern sometimes is that...is it ego wanting these things or is this spirit? I want the spiritual center, I think for me and everyone...for God’s...it’s in God’s hands...it’s Gods plans...

Will: You live on, beloved child, a physical planet. You -are- more physical then you are spiritual at this point. Remember, babies, infants. Beautiful babies! Beautiful infants! So loved by the Father and by we who teach you! Yet babies all the same. Ego is a part of your nature child and you cannot divorce yourself at this point from your ego, for in fact it does indeed serve you well. But I understand your meaning and yet I say to you, each of you, you’ll struggle with this in days to come, have indeed struggled with it in your past, yet the mere fact that you are concerned says much. Don’t focus overmuch on fear. Simply recognize, as you have, and then let it go.

Judy: I will definitely try. I’m enjoying this work, I want it to go faster and more everyday!

But I know...we need to do it when the time is right.

Will: Indeed. Don’t run before you crawl!

Judy: Amen! Thank you.

Will; Thank -you-. Anyone else? (Pause) I have thoroughly enjoyed this give and take. I would like, in days to come, for us to have more personal sharing between us. The lessons you have already taken within have been considerable. Now don’t be concerned. I’m not saying there will be no future lessons. But I would like to take some time, if you are agreeable, for us to do more of this sharing, one on one. For this is one of the ways that we, as a group will begin to build stronger bonds.

Analiese: I would like it if we did that.

Natalya: I would too.

Judy: Me too.


Will: Thank you. So we will plan on it. And now I would very much enjoy sharing your prayer circle this evening if you would be willing.

Group: Yes, please.

ED: Group gets up and forms a circle holding hands.

Will: I wish to thank you, mortals and celestials alike...Michael, Nebadonia, all of my superiors, Machiventa...for placing their trust in me and allowing me to share my life with this beloved group of students. It is a blessing that never ceases to fill me with joy. Each and every one of you are glowing with such a beautiful glow, if you could but see yourselves from my perspective you could never see yourselves as wanting! Thank you Father, thank you students for blessing my life.

Natalya: Thank you Father for (lost words) love and fellowship (lost words)

Analiese: Thank you Father for reaching out to us individually through the teachers. Through other people. It is very reassuring and helpful in our day to day lives. Thank you.

Vincent: Father you have assembled a motley crew here! Teachers, mortals, brothers and sisters who have all been drawn together to do your will. And I ask you to lead us into what you have planned for us and help us recognize your will in our lives. Finally, give us the strength to do your will as we pass by.

Ruth: Thank you God for all the little synchroncities that you give us to lead us to your will. Thank you for the relationship we have (lost words)

JoiLin: Thank you Father for bringing me to this place. For opening my heart and my mind.(lost words) and helping me to understand that all of the things that I go through may be necessary in order for me to understand better what your will for me is. That even the things that I think of as mistakes are really mixed blessings, that you provided me (lost words) thank you for giving me the courage to go on when I become disheartened. Thank you for this group, for without them I might not have.

Judy: Thank you Father for the gifts of courage you have given us all; especially for JoiLin’s courage tonight. (lost words) her willingness to share like that (lost words) I pray that we all accept the grace of courage and move past our comfort zones. (Lost words) I am so grateful! So grateful for everything you have given us...all these wonderful people that I knew I’d find! Thank you.

Ed: Group raises arms together and says: Amen. [[Category: HaReel