1996-12-23-The Father and Son Support Team

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Topic: The Father and Son Support TeaM

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you this evening. I am in awesome wonder at the spiritual upliftment that is occurring now on your world. Father and Michael, His Spirit, has been successful in reaching the hearts of Urantians to further promote growth individually, as well as collectively. I say had it not been for Michael, and the pouring of His Spirit upon all flesh, this world would have been so much farther behind. I find myself in such splendid gratitude for our Universal Father and Creator Son.


Creator Sons

Last week in Michael's message He had declared Himself to be the Purifier. I have found this to be a wonderful blessing for me. There is not anything I cannot take to the Master. I am not prone to feel shame, for I am at ease to allow Michael to cast His beautiful light upon my confusion. I still happen to experience adversity, and yet, I am not bound by hopelessness, no. Now I find myself intrigued by Michael and His methods used to unlock the doors of adversity with His spiritual keys. I am still somewhat prone to the poisons of the spirit, and yet, I shy not away from the Purifier, for He casts a beautiful and understanding light upon my shortcomings to allow me to acknowledge and find solutions. I fear not in allowing the Purifier to show me what's in my heart, and I must say, that I am shown without being degraded or belittled in any way. In allowing Michael to show me my heart I am allowed to experience the Masters personality attributes, the Masters mercy, love, humor and wisdom. In being shown the Masters personality attributes I am also learning to take on these attributes also.

We have spoken much about the spirit poisons and the medicine to overcome them. I would highly recommend a close personal relationship with Michael. Michael is the bridge to understanding our Paradise Father. He is the Comforter to those who seek Him out. A close personal relationship with the Master is to invite into your lives His mercy, love, humor and wisdom. When we speak of serving, there was no greater servant than the Master. His close personal relationship with the Father enabled Him to overcome the poisons of the spirit with the fruits of the spirit.

The Master's unbroken communion allowed Him to have on hand Father's understanding, Father's wisdom. Do you see? This is like the Spirit of Truth. To love and embrace truth is to invite the Spirit of Truth into your lives allowing you to have on hand the Master's understanding and wisdom. Do you see the beauty in the works of Father in liaison with the Son? This is truly cause to rejoice and give thanks. I would ask you to look for the spiritual team that supports you in your daily living. In this recognition of the Father and the Son support team is there not cause to be thankful and worship? It is!! Are there questions?


Teaching Mission

JOSHUA: I have a question. I don't know whether you'll be allowed to give an answer or not. You told us a few weeks ago that the Teaching Mission was alive and well. I was wondering if you would be permitted tell us what nations or states they are in?

ABRAHAM: I would if I knew the exact locations. I am however permitted to say that our Mission extends into several countries, several different languages, and yet, the Mission not labeled by the name of the Correcting Time. We have reached many and not all groups of peoples would understand our full intentions and trust us as you have. We are still endeavoring to gain trust and release more information. Another question?


TETRA: Abraham, I have a question. Could you give me an example of how you are still somewhat prone to the poisons of the spirit? What does that look like for you?

ABRAHAM: On my level these experiences are easily handled most of the time. There arises occasions that I feel unequipped to deal with certain personalities I may meet. I have witnessed what I would feel to be unspeakable, such as on your world, child abuse, war, natural disaster, unbrotherly-like qualities that would cause me to rise up in anger and voice my anger and sorrow. I at this time would endeavor to seek out the Master when I am overcome with such enormous confusions. I have been sufficiently trained in these areas, and yet from where I am, I can still feel the pain of an abused child, an elderly person in isolation or perhaps what appears to be grave injustices. It is a saving truth that Michael certainly cares about each and every detail of your lives. It is not to be embarrassed over or shameful or attempt to hide these painful feelings, no. The Master is at hand to assist you in what you feel to be hopelessness. And I may not go so far as to feel hopeless, but I do on occasion come against the spirit poisons. Does this answer (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?


RACHEL: I just have a comment Father Abraham. This is the season of festivities and everyone is celebrating the birth of Christ Michael here on Urantia and people at this time of the year and season are far more loving, tolerant, understanding, giving. It would be wonderful if that could remain all year, but it just never seems to, but however, I hope you and all your associates enjoy all these festivities as we plan on enjoying.

ABRAHAM: I would thank you for your well wishes and assure you that we do enjoy this season of open hearts and minds. It would indeed be wonderful to have this experience last year around, and I would say too, that you are indeed helping us with your warmth and friendliness. We are not worried about this season being insignificant because of material tendencies, no. We have witnessed great changes in the hearts and minds of Urantia and we would acknowledge you as a fine example of one who would share and spread goodwill year around. Thank you. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, could you give us maybe a little more enlightenment on this version of the Christ child being spiritually born this season--not this time of the year, December, Christmas time, but the season of the Earth's existence, from your perspective maybe?

ABRAHAM: From my perspective it would appear that the worlds experiences in upheaval are likened to labor pains and the birth, as I would see it, would be to see Christ as the worlds citizens. Urantia having gained back its circuits are once again functioning as a part within the whole of Nebadon. It is the worlds consciousness that has gained you this status thus far. It is your desire and willingness to be participants in the universe that will be the birth of Christ consciousness. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes. It gives a bigger viewpoint, a larger universe-wide viewpoint instead of individual/worldwide viewpoint.


ABRAHAM: Yes. I am grateful to know you each and serve you to the best of my ability. I would express to you my love and devotion. During this festive season forget not to communicate with your spiritual support team. Love and peace be with you each. Until next week, shalom.