1996-12-30-The Flavor of Life

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Topic: The Flavor of Life

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



Spirit of Truth

I am ABRAHAM. My greetings to you each this evening. It is my supreme pleasure to be here with you. It is known that you each have had various experiences with Michael's Spirit of Truth. Michael is ever so merciful when revealing life's hard truths. In His technique we are shown a more efficient solution to spiritual difficulties without feeling small or inferior. Michael, in His ever so merciful way, reveals to us those spiritual realities that is required to travel onward towards our Paradise destination.


In Michael's mercy we are shown universe realities and His methods on how to live within them. Michael's Spirit of Truth is enabling you to better understand your inner Father Fragment. Father guides us into all truth and Michael assist us in understanding what truth is. With such assistance there is no cause for hopelessness or anxiety. Your spiritual Support Team is always prepared for any human complexities that may arise. This in itself is cause to relax and be joyful.

In our learning to serve as the Master served it is altogether wise to study His life. The Master was not one for passive inaction. He always rose to the occasion where He could put forth His spiritual tools and be about the Father's business. So it is with His Spirit of Truth, always prepared and willing to stand forth in positive action. You would do well to know and understand your spiritual Support Team when in the act of serving.

Human Condition, Moment

As I view you this evening I remember our past together. I understand your efforts to travel Paradiseward in a material body. I do know of your difficulties. I have experienced them, and yet, I can see where a life in this day and age may be somewhat more complex. I am inspired by your courage to carry on. To carry on in the faith of possible humiliation, ridicule, misunderstandings with loved ones about your Mission purpose. I am inspired by your determination to live within the will of our Father and the word of His Son. I must say that in your efforts to grow you have overcome many of the spirit poisons, although they may befall upon you from time to time, you are not left feeling without hope. Do you not agree that most of what causes you anxiety never comes to pass?

I do have some understanding of the mortal path and the tendency to lose awareness of the present moment. In the rush of material living the flavor of life is lost. The feeling of love is somehow out of focus. The small appreciation's are unnoticed and therein one can lose the ability to feel and know the presence of Father. Are there not moments when you feel appreciative for one thing or another then become distracted by your obligations? This compares to a painting where an artist may keep repainting the background and be unable to move onto the detail of what makes the painting 'the painting.' How often would you stop and utilize your five senses to view a beautiful sunset, to hear a wonderful symphony, to appreciate the words from a child? This is the flavor that brings joy into life. I do not say surround yourselves with material adornment, no. I would ask you to acknowledge and feel with all your senses the present, the present moment. I would say that in living in the fullness of life, there in the midst, is our Father.

A year is passing, a new year will soon begin. I would say to you, my friends, that in your mortal experience there is goodness in living within the fullness of the present. There is not guilt or worry over obligations. There is the ever efficient presence of Father who leads you to your true obligations, priorities. Father asks that we have life and have it abundantly. There is not guilt in enjoyment and appreciation for the splendor of mortal living. Living in full awareness of the presence enables us to make direct contact with our Father and His never ending abundance of wisdom. Are there questions?


CALVIN: Abraham, thanks for your again thought-filled, much to chew on lesson, for another week. If I am grasping the point of this one for myself, it is to learn to find Father in the moment and let go of worry and strife, cares of the material world, because in doing that you miss the realness of life. It does seem like I am way too busy for what few moments I take to do that. I know you are not saying we should take x-amount of time to shut everything else out to find the Father. I think what you are saying is to find Father in everything we do in our work, in our play, in our humor, beautiful sky, so on, in the moment of where we are.

ABRAHAM: Yes and to stop and give full awareness to your appreciation and allow yourself to experience joy. Too often do mortals find themselves deep in obligation and crisis without taking those moments of awareness to appreciate the beauty in things. All too often you are clouded by what you should be doing as opposed to being within Father's presence and asking Him, "Father, what should I be doing?" In mortal effort to endure life they have forgotten how to enjoy it. Does this help?

CALVIN: Yes, very much. May I introduce a friend of mine, Kamille's brother-in-law, Chad, who is here with us as you know. He is welcome to ask whatever he might want.


CHAD: Abraham, you are choosing to speak through somebody right now. Is that your preference or do you have other ways to communicate with people directly or indirectly?

ABRAHAM: I am choosing this method with Ellanor because she allows it. If she did not I would attempt to perhaps use different methods, such as speaking to Ellanor through her friends, her family, perhaps through meditation where messages are felt rather than heard. To speak through another is not uncommon. We have perfected this method over time. And I would agree that everyone here this evening is quite capable of using this particular method, whether there is willingness is another question. But I say those mortals who claim to have exclusive rights on this particular method of communication are not being truthful. All are capable and indeed welcome to experience this technique. It is a matter of willingness and trust and allowance on the part of the receiving mortal. As time goes on this method of communication will appear to be quite natural and not at all the phenomenon some proclaim it to be. Still as this world progresses further into Light and Life, this particular method of transmitting/receiving will be outdated and unnecessary to reach the masses, for the natural abilities of those who seek to live within the will of Father will easily have all needed information at hand through the universal circuits and the use of the cosmic mind. Does this help? (Yes.)

Mother Mary

RACHEL: Father Abraham, this has to do with Mary, the mortal mother of Christ Michael here on Urantia, also know as the virgin Mary. There has been so many reports lately from back East, around different places, of visitations from the virgin Mary to groups and to individuals. Do you know of this Father Abraham, and if so, can you tell us anymore about it, if this is actually Christ Michael's mortal mother, Mary?

ABRAHAM: I do know of two occasions when Mary, mother of Jesus, has made herself known and I can say it is with full authority of Christ Michael she assists in the Correcting Time. I would not agree all the appearances are Mary, no. Our Mother Spirit is deeply involved in our Mission and Her and Her daughters are known to on occasion appear with good tidings and messages of hope. Does this answer. (Yes it does, thank you.) One more question.

CALVIN: In references to those two questions then, Abraham, Chad's and Rachel's, this method of communication versus appearances of Mary, we understand through past history Gabriel appeared, so on and so forth. In your summation why would your message be better received through transmitter/receiving rather than personally appearing? Is there more than just so we can believe without seeing?

ABRAHAM: I am assigned to you as a spiritual education group, whereas those who may witness visions are not at a status where they would so easily receive my teachings. The appearances are where hope has been lost. Upon the Mother's messages of hope, after the fanfare dies down, I am able to teach the spiritual lessons. We are finding that those who embrace God with love and intelligence receive our teachings, and those who may not be prepared for such light, receive what they can believe and understand.


I would express to you my love and gratitude for your patience and kindness towards me. And I would remind you each to live in the fullness of each moment and be aware that Father dwells therein. My love is with you each. Until next week, shalom.