1997-04-08-Practice Session

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Topic: Practice Session

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Trieste, Adrian, Machiventa

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: Good evening. I am here this evening for your amusement, as well as many others. We have consulted, due to your mind frames, and opted to allow for your pleasure an exercise in sensing circuitry -- a practice session, if you like.



I call to your minds that, having entered the Father's presence in stillness, having found peace within yourself, the Father then sends you out to carry His energy into your daily life; and now that you have each touched base with Paradise, I call you forth into the circuitry to play, to avail yourself of the circuits, that you might begin to foster an understanding of our working arrangement with you -- if your minds are amenable to contact with us.

Leah, your playful acquiescing to participate is not taken lightly, but is accepted as an offer also to access any and all identities that might make their way into your mind. It is in delightful oasis of time and space such as this that provides that opportunity to practice these contacts that give validity to your transmitter experience and that astound those who are aware of its taking place.

I will leave it to the various visitors as to whether or not they would like to offer a short lesson or an anecdote or a prayer or whatever they choose. The assignment for you three will be to remain on line. Do not ask questions, but rather avail yourself this evening of the circuits and, if you opt to, use the circuits to communicate. I will return in the course of the evening as your dutiful host. Have fun.

Hunnah: I'm sitting here feeling electric impulses on my head and the side of my face. If I was a bell that would ring, I would know that someone was on line, but I don't know how to participate unless . . . would that someone would be willing to get the ball rolling. They don't come through and say, "Hey, you, this is Joe!" you know? They don't do that and I would appreciate if they would. But, what do they do? Nothing! And You-know-who isn't helping.

TRIESTE: I am Trieste and I will help you.

Hunnah: How do we identify this, Trieste? I feel as if everything is in order, but I don't know how to proceed.

TRIESTE: In developing a sensitivity to prompts, you must of course avail yourself, and then you must await the, as you say, electrical charge or recognition of an energy. At that point you may assume that a personality is attached to the energy. The key is to recognize the personality. It is helpful if you can identify a door, an opening in the circuit, [so] that when that door opens, a particular personality emerges.

In the case of Gerdean, for example, Tomas always accesses her (in her mind's eye) from the upper left front portion of her cognizance; and I normally slide in through the back door on the right side. Daniel was known to make his entry into her consciousness at a juxtaposition opposite Tomas, that is to say, toward the right front upper lobe. These are cues that have developed over a long period of time.

When a new entity is coming on line, it may be that you do not know them, and so you cannot identify them. All you need to do then is open your mouth and say what they will have you say, and they may introduce themselves at a later time. And indeed it is not necessary, either, that they do, for the process itself is of value. Many times a visitor will come and, knowing that names are difficult for the transmitter will opt not to leave a name. Unknown speakers have always been welcome, however.

The key is that if you feel the "spiritual pressure" - the, as you say, electrical charge, the "psychic stimuli" or whatever terminology you recognize as a prompt, act on that prompt to understand that they are trying to make contact with you, and then avail yourself of them that they may direct your voice accordingly. Has that been helpful?

Hunnah: Yes, it has. In other words, if I . .. I should be aware of how I feel and if it's, like, Merium, I will feel a consistency in that area of myself . ..


Hunnah: . .. and I will be able to identify it as Merium.

TRIESTE: You may trust.

Hunnah: All right. Thank you. Do you understand that?

Leah: Uh-huh.

Hunnah: Learning the rules of the game here.

Leah: I've only once felt any kind of an impulse and it was one time when we were downstairs, so I have no idea what you're experiencing.

VISITOR: I am going to step up to the mike here. It's good to be with you this evening. There is a large group of individuals here who are looking forward to sharing the line, and we appreciate your participation. Hunnah is having difficulty "leaving the room" so to speak; she is anxious for this demonstration to work. This is difficult to accommodate pre-conditioning. If the transmitter-receiver is accustomed to receiving impressions that they are allowed to articulate (it seems that way), there can be hesitancy in the operation of that system. This truly is a practice session. Another impression or condition is that every word spoken is to be a pearl of wisdom. Earlier this evening you discussed this, that the talks were brief [Ed: early in the TeaM) and now they have become social, laced with nuggets of truth and stimulating nuances.

Nevertheless, you are sitting in the light, you are focused, and the form of the manna is not so important but the fact that you are willing to receive it. Things seem to be flowing better now. There is a desire on the part of this T/R to have access to a mental voice that would reassure her, in spite of the fact she has had very receptive communications "beyond thoughts and words".

In a conversation today regarding communications, someone said to her, in spite of the fact she has had very effective communication, "beyond thoughts and words" -- in a conversation today regarding communications, someone said to her, "I would prefer not to hear a voice, because at times I question my sanity." So you see, what is satisfying to one may not be to another.

It is understandable that there is doubt and a little anxiety accompanying this strange mode of education. When he has gone through the throes of infant steps and has stepped up to sophistication, the poise that you receive in a transmitter's message... Do not think that you should be the exception to the rule, my dear. I think that I will let someone else speak for awhile.

MIDWAYER: I am a midwayer. I am designated by number. I have been here sharing your world for a long time. Even before you, I was. I was around for Machiventa and during Michael's sojourn here, and now again I am intrigued to receive assistance. We midwayers are overjoyed with the results of the circuits opening.

Your short lives have shown you certain growth, spiritual evolution. Your questioning moments are truly a blinking of the eye in comparison to those of us who have been here for a long time; but in perspective, you see, we too have, been here, in existence, but a brief time. We look to the angelic hosts and to other universe personalities for their seniority and their longevity to provide us the perspective that we engender.

It is cause for celebration to see the light coming. We have been here this long time and will remain on Urantia until it is established in Light and Life, and so I and we will be here long after you have gone and as you are working and playing and learning in the Mansion World experience.

Thank you for your help in bringing about this new age. The torch is lit. You have helped to fan the flame. I wanted to say hello and greet you and give you a pat on the back and those words are shallow compared to my true intent. You help lead us into our own release from this assignment, from our natal sphere on which we have served since the time of the Material Son and Daughter. That is all. Farewell.


VISITOR: Greetings. There is such a banquet of opportunity for subject matter this evening. Your lives have been very busy; your questions have been many; you have been both in a state of joy and sorrow, puzzlement and pleased with your discoveries. You understand when you keep a single eye that the road appears to be smoother but there are so many distractions that seem to pop your safety belt, so to speak, and it is puzzling to you and it can be draining, but in spite of this emotional roller coaster ride, we do go forth with confidence to apply what you believe to be coming from your platform of truth, and for this we do applaud you.

As I see it, there is a need here to assist you with your ability to be quiet, to be still, to allow yourself the discipline. Perhaps we better go back, all the way to the beginning and say, "It is such-and-such a time; I must go and be quiet." Pick your time of day. Ask for the loving assistance that surrounds you to bring you to the point of decision of breaking away from whatever it is you have that appears to be distracting you.

Man cannot serve two masters, and the dictates and the demands of others who are not enlightened are draining. You are so conditioned to play the rules of the game. "But this is my child! This is my husband! These are customers!" You have within you new selves to a new purpose. It is time once again to review your priorities. This is what's calling.

My arms are about you. Truly my hand is always on your shoulder and as you understand that you have your own conditioning and it is very persuasive. Hunnah has a memory of a friend who had read a book, a book of truth and light, and in that book it offers: "Who told you? Man or God?" I have brought this statement forth in an effort for you to use this statement when you find yourself having your harness, your human harness pulled on. Your harness is a tether of light and it allows you to be checked in, held in line.

I have chosen this metaphor so that I might approach this subject to you as a small group, and I know you can relate to it. Our hearts are filled with compassion. The dual aspects that you experience. As you are challenged, pause and redirect, and allow those who live with you or pass around in your daily life, know that there are priorities and they have priorities, too. Sometimes you do have to compromise, but not when it comes to living manna. First things first.

If you were in a position of government, you would have to apply the same discipline. If you were in a wilderness, finding your way, you would still have to bow to the allegiance of this new terrain. It is very difficult when you live among many who are heavily besot with confusion. Allow the light to make a buffer zone between that which is the Father's business, and that which is the child's tribulations of the man.

I hope that this little pep talk will help. And please remember that regardless of the name of the issue that is presented, it is nothing in the sight of God. Nothing. Your relationship with the Father is truly the only agenda. Go in peace and confidence. You are greatly loved. Thank you.

Gerdean: Thank you, Teacher.

MACHIVENTA: This is Big Mac.

Hunnah: Oh! What an honor it is.

MACHIVENTA: (This is) an informal occasion, and so I thought I would come in smiling. I do not wish for you to have to recover from your astonishment on my account. It was only necessary for me to say "Big Mac" and you understood who I was. I could have as well identified myself as any one of a number of Melchizedeks and you would hear me say the same words, the same blessings, the same encouragement and the same acknowledgement.

But it is a practice of mine, in good stead, to visit occasionally with those groups of individuals who are maintaining a loyal diligence in the face of so much distraction. It is much appreciated that you forbear and manifest steadfastness of purpose. And, in keeping with your humor this evening, it is my pleasure to advise you that we are also amusing associates and compatible friends, not just drivers and teachers.

But I will not dally. I will leave you to your devices, in full confidence of the privilege that you all enjoy and that you respect. Were it not for the truth of your sincere reverence for the Master and for his plan of salvation, I could not come and enjoy you so intimately, indeed, so familiarly. Respect of the work and the integrity of the workers is uppermost. I will come again.*

Group: Thank you.

ADRIAN: I am Adrian and I will push through for I understand that in times of, shall we say "bliss", it is difficult to keep you moving. I would urge you, when you are in bliss, to carry it in stride and become comfortable with this state so that you can act within it. On the other hand, when you are stilled by your fear, I would then urge you to move also out of your fear, away from the paralysis, and in this way you are asserting yourself, you are asserting yourself FOR progress and AGAINST decline. It is a good stride. It is a comfortable striving.

I have noticed Gerdean caught often of late in fear. She sinks into a quagmire and, as if she were practicing yoga, embraces the fear, holds on to it, as if it were a saving grace, and I am happy to see that she has at last recognized her habit of succumbing to fear, for now that she knows what it is and that it is indeed an unreasonable fear, she can go forward. How marvelous that Merium has been able to plant seeds of growth within Gerdean from which we have already seen effective results. It is one of the advantages of having other people transmit teachers. This is community.

And in closing I would like to second the recommendation that you redouble your efforts in stillness, and I speak to Gerdean here in support of the suggestion, for if, Gerdean, you were to remember your time with The Father in stillness on a disciplined basis, you would not so readily succumb to those fears that you have begun to see and recognize. It will help you pass by.

Dear ones, it is always a pleasure to have the occasion to greet you and to embrace you in the spirit. Until we speak again, farewell.


UNKNOWN: I would like to speak about confidence. Confidence is an accumulation of having made an effort. In a sense, if I may use the imagery, . .. ah, yes, there are several situations here in Hunnah's memory bank that I can use and one is very recent:

Pilgrims, of a sort, have ventured to a new land, and the land is not so hostile as it is foreign. The terra firma, the foilage, the temperature, the residents, they are all in great contrast from where the pilgrims have ventured, and in this climate, the ground is very very soft, and the pilgrims have had to take boards (I use the word 'pilgrims'; take that word lightly, please) -- they took boards and they placed them ahead so that they could have a steady place to step. Sometimes the boards didn't seem to be available but they pursued; their clothing became soiled and uncomfortable but they pursued.

There is another imagery here from her journals where she has used the analogy of a lily pad, and without quoting the lines, she has said that these lily pads were placed "by care's preparation". Is that not beautiful? The new situation that you are encountering is providing lily pads, not boards. The lily pads are associated with the new life. The lily pad is associated with beauty. The boards are yesterday; they indicate the hardships of the times.

The lily pad -- I will use the lily and the lotus to indicate the new times, and unfortunately you are so conditioned regarding difficulty that you make it difficult! There was a time when a gentlemen would lay down his cloak for a lady to step upon. There are many other -- ah! how about the rug? the famous rug that went through the sky. Such a wonderful lily pad that was! -- but in this case, I am speaking metaphorically in this manner because I need to have you lighten up! You may take your chain and ball off! It is no longer appropriate!

Also in Hunnah's travels she watched a movie where the main character carried his armor in a great fishnet rope bag and hauled it on his back through the jungle as a form of mortification for the wrong he had done, and it took the innocence and purity and humor of a native to take his sharp blade and go over to the man and snap and release this terrible burden and this foolish sight that he hauled with him. The man was in great shock; he had lost his source of punishment, but in spite of that, he sensed an immediate relief.

I have come like a storyteller to you this evening to remind you that you have entered your rest. That, too, has been shown to Hunnah in the past, that our beloved Jesus, Christ Michael, has labored for you and brought you a long way, it seems, out of the muck and mire, out of the uncertainty, and lifted you up, weightless, free of heavy clothing, the clothing of the fibers of misunderstanding, mistruths, other people's philosophies, and on this accumulation of journey of visions of visionary teaching for those who have decided that that's how they should be taught (for it is their limitation), it is necessary to remind you that your yoke is easy and your burden is light.

Your robe, your garment, is light, but out of habit you insist upon putting on the wrong costume. You have traveled far away from the hardships into My arms, and yet the memory and the sound seem to cling to you. SEEM to cling. I am speaking to you this evening to remind you that you have passed through the living waters, been lifted up into a shimmering radiance of truth being and that there is always a lily pad of preparation that has My strength and a mind set of confidence.

S-e-l-f. Please capitalize it. Your true self. The self that you long to be is the true self. The self that you know you are. You do no longer have to carry your burdens. You are in a new state of creativity. You have a new agenda. And you have permission to carry it forth. Without doubt.

Tonight I am the coach; you are my team. And how I love you! Did you know that I smile all the time? Like the Buddha. In the human, the smile is an act of surrender. Isn't that wonderful? I hope that you smile a great deal and that you hold your head high and when you think that you are speaking to someone, remember that there is only one to speak to and it is Me. I am your best conversation. I am your awakened state. I am the task of the day. And I am your radiant fulfillment. Oh joy!

That is dessert. And we know you like sweets. Speaking of food, I am giving you permission to look at it with new understanding. All your appetites, all your senses belong to the keeper of truth. They are gifts. I cleanse your palette. I open your ears. I clear your sight. I warm your hearts and cloak you with radiance and I send you forth on your journey that comes to you one moment at a time. Go in peace.


TOMAS: I am Tomas and I too will admonish you to go in peace, to savor the rejoicing of the evening, indeed, it has been a cream puff. We have all had a wonderful time. I hope you feel uplifted and replenished. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Good evening.