1997-06-02-Earth Order of Melchizedek, Addiction

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Topic: Earth Order of Melchizedek, Addiction

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Thank you for letting me be with you here this evening. I am so happy to speak with you about your personal concerns. I am happy to serve you, my brothers and sisters, and enjoy an evening of fellowship. Last week my associates and I spoke about the brotherhood from our own personal perspective. You can easily see that our understanding is varied due to each of our own experience. I hope that this past week was filled with experience to assist you in understanding and promoting the brotherhood. If it is acceptable, I would take questions now.



ELLEN: Okay Abraham, I'll ask one for Nina. Do you have any advice for her as far as living with someone dependent on mind altering chemical addictions? We all have our addictions, but some are worse than others.

ABRAHAM: Yes certainly. It is always amazing to a former chemically dependent individual to realize how his using does not only affect him, but those who know and love him. While in the midst of addiction it is difficult to see beyond your own desires. Along with a physical dependency there is also a mental and emotional one as well, which can stem as far back as early childhood. As a child you are to experience pain, sadness and loneliness. Without the care-taking of the loving parent a child can carry this through adulthood. As an adult one can take responsibility for the amount of pain intake. Those who depend upon chemicals to control the amount of pain experienced learn to loose their edge for accomplishing goals, so not only is the physical effected, but the mental and emotional joined forces with the ego to convince the user that he is better off with them than without. My advice to Ellanor is, you have done what you can. Your focus is to remain on your status as a child of God first. Your Indwelling Father is ever ready to guide and endow you with wisdom as needed. Learn all you can from this particular situation, although it is at times painful. Take not the actions of another on as your own responsibility. You can only control yourself. There is great comfort in the everyday practice of stillness. Start from here and note all you can. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, what information can you share with us about what I picked up off the Internet. Evidently Melchizedek's interaction with the Corps of Destiny back from the early 19th century up until in the 70's where they organized the E.O.O.M., Earth's order of Melchizedek. It seems to me that their interaction is more on the line of developing a united order governmental administration on the world, not so much as spiritual lessons and teachings and so on. If anything you have might could add or if you want to share anything with that?

ABRAHAM: If I am understanding you, my comment would be that there have been numerous helpers who have assisted Urantia in the hope that it would move Urantia into those first stages of Light and Life. Being an experimental planet in isolation we have required the assistance of the Melchizedeks to record information concerning the development of the races and the dissemination of new information. This is all common knowledge. What you are referring to, a group of individuals who have a portion of their message correct for the most part. There is a tendency on the part of some mortals to play up the mysticism while losing sight of the Melchizedek's actual loving ministries. The Order of the Melchizedek is not mechanistic science fiction, no. The Melchizedek are dedicated to a great deal of this mortal planets upliftment through love and compassion. Does this help? (Yes. With that information it gives me a viewpoint to study this by and analyze it. This is interesting information.) Yes certainly. Another question?


MIRIAM: Abraham, since it is personal night, I have been in wonder of the experience that my husband and I had last June. I asked you once before. It was such a catalyst for my whole family. I asked you once before what was involved and I think I asked in relation to me. You said it might have been Thought Adjuster or teacher or seraphim supported. My question is about my husband. Ham was so helpful and instrumental in guiding us as to what would be happening with the situation as he came out of danger. That whole thing was just (?) with energy, everything about it. It was so exceptional. It was almost unreal. From Don's, my husband, and my point of view it still has a reality between us spiritually. He is changed because of that. I guess I am just asking in general about what was that that was going on and if you think you can give me any guidance or insight to Don? I have never asked. I don't know if it is proper to ask, but it was such a catalyst. I don't know if you need anymore descriptors than that or if you know what I mean.

ABRAHAM: I am understanding that this experience was especially crucial for (TR: I thought I was getting his spiritual name. Just a minute. I can't get it. He says that's okay.) Don to understand because it brought him directly face to face with reality and all that can encompass. Don, being somewhat of a faithful son, indeed did experience a rebirth of sorts in that the old anxieties had fallen away to reveal new understandings, new joy. In the experience of spiritual birth there is joy and learning, confusion and pain, learning, and then again, joy. The experience of being born spiritually is not everyday miracle receiving, but spiritual exercise. It would seem that all would be pale in comparison to this particular experience of such a faith-filled episode. I do not mean to say that this knowingness you understood at this time would not come again. I would rather emphasize that being within the kingdom is not having Father do for you. The experience within the kingdom would teach all that spiritual understanding is work, is reaching out. It is reality. This knowingness is with you always, and yet I can say at times of traumatic events you are certainly more receptive and listening for instruction. This is where fear at a time like this may be productive, in that, in your searching you are willing to receive the answers Father gives more faithfully. Yes, you have a spiritual link with Don, and it was strengthen through this particular experience, but I can also say you, Miriam, do share a spiritual bond with many, in that you are willing to be open and unconditional in your expectations of others. You and Don each have Mission assignments, some together, some apart. There is no doubt that your experience with Don's near fatal injury has equipped you each with the tools to be successful servants to all that you meet. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you so much. Thank you. Thank you.)


RACHEL: Yes Father Abraham. I'd like to ask are you and your associates working with and guiding Robert Schuller of the Crystal Cathedral? (We try.) Laughter. He seems to teach so much right out of the Urantia Book. He broadcasts to so many nations that it looks to me like he would be a great help.

ABRAHAM: Robert is a source of positive spirituality for the masses. Some with the means to reach many will and we work with him to help keep the focus on positive spirituality. There is negativity within the Bible and Mr. Schuller has an assistant to help him stay focused on those messages that might help to inspire people and draw them into wondering what is this faith Mr. Schuller has. Does this answer? (Yes. Thanks.)

TECTRA: Abraham, you are probably aware that in a few weeks I am going to be doing this week long personal growth seminar called the Awakening. I was wondering is there something or things I should focus on to help me prepare me for my experiences that I will encounter in that seminar?

ABRAHAM: You, my son Tectra, have always been a man of peace and this can be somewhat a source of confusion at times. There is not sin in showing strength of character or verbalizing your true beliefs. Jesus was the embodiment of strength combined with gentleness and this made for a well balanced mentality. You are a man with wisdom and strength beyond your understanding. It would do you well to extend yourself at this seminar to be more involved than on just a learning level. Extend yourself to also serve. You do well. Does this help? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

ROLAND: Abraham, I had an opportunity to meet a man, his given name, Mark S. He channeled an angel for me in my backyard in the language of angels to begin with and then that into English. I am wondering what can I do to serve this man? I felt the Spirit of Truth in my heart about the words.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I am understanding that this man has great faith in his spiritual practices and exhibits it freely. There are times when well balanced words would not serve one who is so attached to their own spiritual beliefs. The Spirit of Truth is always ready to tap the code of truth upon your heart letting you know how to invest yourself in service. Jesus knew who He could speak with openly, and he knew who not to waste time with. Always did Jesus work from His fellows belief system. Not spending time in casting shadows of doubt upon their understanding, but revealing rays of light through love and honesty. You can best serve your fellow with a show of humbleness while expressing your honest heartfelt thoughts. In your show of humble truth his defense is not likely to appear to guard him from those things which might interfere with his attachment to his beliefs. You are well trained for this particular situation and should act upon this with a touch of light heartedness. (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome. Another question?

Self Esteem

ELLEN: I was wondering just where do you draw the line between selfishness and self-respect?

ABRAHAM: Yes. This is a difficult line to draw. Is it drawn with the pen of the mortal, or the divine? From early on we learn to acquire a taste for seeking acceptance, and as we grow much of our time is invested in this quest. It can be a wrench thrown into the workings of life when one is born of the Spirit. There is now a confusion between continuing the quest for acceptance and respect, or being the good sacrificial Christian, or the child of God who needs to be treated as she treats others. Yes, there does require a certain amount of respect, in that the measure is, what amount are you also willing to give? Michael would ask you for no more than what He would also give back to you. As a child of God and representative of the Kingdom there comes a spiritual confidence, in that where there is disrespect it is more deeply felt. You would not treat another in this fashion. That is what you can expect in return. You are knowing of this truth, and there need not be uncontrolled outbursting, no, there is simply being yourself. Honesty that can help your fellows understand that you believe yourself to be a child of God and would not accept less than that. Nobody is deserving of anyone else's degradation. It is acceptable to stand your ground with confidence that your citizenship within the Kingdom is secured, and let no man rob you of your eternal destiny, meaning that in your spiritual progression there can be an attitude of unshakable faith adapted from the Master. You are well qualified to handle these experiences with confidence and a light heart if you truly believe in your status. Does this help? (Yes. Thanks.) Is there one more question?


ROLAND: I have one if no one else does. Two statements I believe to be true: God loves all His children equally and that He is no respecter of persons. Are those two statement that characterize God's attitude toward us correct? (Yes.) Then He says to us be you perfect even as I am perfect, through the mouth of Michael. Who has seen Him has also seen the Father. How is it then we should respect other people if Father says be you perfect even as I am perfect? I am no respecter of persons.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I would not presume to give advice to God, however, I would give advice to you, my mortal friends, which I can say with certainty, you are not God. Laughter. I would agree with you totally on your statements, and yet, there is a certain amount of respect that must be between you as mortals. There is not one higher than the next. There must not be the temptation to step upon the backs of your fellows to move up on the ladder to Paradise. Brotherly respect insures this, that you each are Paradise bound together. It is not acceptable for you to be a burden to one who is also climbing this ladder through means of belittlement. There does require a certain amount of respect towards your fellows in the measure of what you would want for yourself. Is this making sense?

ROLAND: Yes. I can understand. It seem to me like it is more of semantics problem than it is recognizing we are not God, and thank you for reminding us. I assume you are putting yourself in that category too. God does not respect one over another and that may mean differently that not respecting. He loves all His children equally, doesn't respect one over another because of something they have done or achieved or whatever. I think as we look at this, rather we use the idea for respect in different way between each other, but we love each other equally, and therefore, show courtesy and kindness and those conventional things that will allow that person to feel comfortable in our presence. Respecting, placing one person over another, I think is in error. I'm just a lowly mortal, a younger brother of yours struggling with these concepts.

ABRAHAM: Understood and I am in respect of your feelings. I would feel no difference toward you in your understanding of my concept. It is perfectly acceptable. You are understood and it is with my deepest respect for you that I would not in anyway presume to change your mind. It is of no consequence to our relationship within this brotherhood.


I am most grateful to you each this evening that you are learning to share and embrace love and truth. I am slipping and I wish to leave you with my love and bid you farewell. Until next week, shalom.