1997-10-21-New Spiritual Light

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Topic: New Spiritual Light

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome. I am honored to meet with you again. I always am joy-filled to assist where I can. My only regret is that I cannot give to you my vision of what I have seen occur on this worlds spiritual advancement. I am limited in what I can speak about until such time you are prepared to receive. By your experience will your questions become more advanced, and then I can receive more information. Your experience also allows your own personal Father to unify your meanings and values to receive higher concepts concerning the Kingdom of Heaven.


I have this week endeavored to spend time with you to aid in your understanding of experience, of writing your eternal autobiography, and contributing to the worlds cosmic destiny. Throughout the week I have attempted to show you that experience need not go to extremes to contain value, no. In our Father's plan there is balance; there is learning; there is rest. In our lessons on experience, I would have you know that in the worlds present status there need not be so much pain endured to experience divine values and meanings. Your purpose is not to be one of misery, but one with an educational balance.

This world being welcomed back into the fold of the universe experiences increased assistance via the circuits. It is becoming well known that many individuals will grasp spiritual concepts at an increased rate. The worlds spiritual knowledge is not accidental, no. Father has His divine forces working constantly to insure the worlds well-being and future destiny within the universe. You, as an individual, may feel more inclined to rely upon spiritual power than those totally relying on material sources. You, my students, who endeavor to hold fast to faith and learn these spiritual lessons, will be the upholders of this new light.

Those that would be responsible for upholding the light will find themselves endowed with needed tools. Self-mastery would be one such gift that you would be close to in helping to bring the new light to others. To constantly rejoice in your own spiritual connection gives opportunity for others to look in on what you have found. You, my friends, who endeavor to uphold the new spiritual light will experience various ranges of energy that would become familiar over time. A confident knowing will be your countenance as you go about doing the Father's business. I mean not to say that this is only for a privileged few, no. Those who endeavor to uphold the new light will indeed find themselves endowed with spiritual power from on High.

This too is a page in our eternal autobiography. This too is just experience that will at sometime connect to create new divine meanings and values. Father in His deep and abiding love for you, His children of Urantia, grants to you the ability to keep reaching for those gifts that reveal your diligent effort. The Father, who is concerned about all that goes on, knows of your continued struggles, and is offering you the proposal to take up His spiritual tools, and help Him to reveal the new light.

The urgency of our message is up-stepped to provide relief to those who only experience half of the mortal living sojourn. Many continue to dwell in darkness unknowing of the light that awaits them. Many expect this darkness to be their lot, and are hopeless to escaping it. I would say to you, this darkness is a reality, and needed to be experienced, but this is only half of the mortal experience. You are entirely missing the point of existence without the lighter side of living, the side of spiritual joy and comfort, knowing that all is well and watched over.

Bad experience need not to be the only pages that fill your eternal autobiography, no. There is always a complete story when one has embraced goodness, truth and beauty, humor and love. Good experience is more of a reality than bad. To wade through the waters of adversity, and emerge with confident knowing, producing worshipful rejoicing, is more of our Father's plan, yes. All experience should be viewed through the eyes of Father, in knowing expectation, that He is in total control. Father is overseeing our path to Him. Have you questions?


LaREEN: Abraham, I have two questions. One, would it be possible to have a personal interview someday? Two, when you talked about spiritual help from on High, are there days..like I have been feeling very tired. I know a lot of the air quality in the valley, and the noise, and the extra traffic, and all that have a lot to do with it, but are there times we are slowed down spiritually to kind of regroup physically, mentally, and spiritually, in order to prepare for what's coming? Or am I just not living right? Should I be doing something different? Lately it seem I am just really tired, and it makes me a little grumpy with the kids, and I am not being myself?

ABRAHAM: Understood. One moment. Yes, a private meeting is acceptable. Upon everyone's convenience, I will be there. If I am in understanding, I would say those from on High would not purposively encumber your physical well-being to make a point, no, rather, over-stimulation of material things would chance to draw your energy from you. Your constant needed attention on various material events drains you of your needed energy to put a divine twist in all you do. We have endeavored to show the value of stillness practice, or meditation, to regain that lost energy, to bring back the focus on those things that really matter. You are due to take some personal time to be alone, mind to mind with your personal Father, Indwelling Father, yes. It is difficult in this world where peace does not seem to exist, but I can only emphasize that through every individual is how peace will begin to dominate over chaos. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you very much.) You're welcome. Another question?

ASHLEY: Abraham, I was planning on moving to Park City in less than a couple weeks. I don't know right now if that's what I am supposed to be doing. I am actually confused on where I am supposed to be going right now in my life. I was just wondering if you could give me and advice?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I am aware that anywhere you go there your Father will go before you. You see that these material decisions are yours to make, and I've no doubt you are certainly qualified to consider the well-being of everyone when making decisions. You must know that your Indwelling Father would always go before you in all you do. Understand that you are a child of God, experiencing the mortal journey, and as you experience there are lessons, sometimes hard lessons, but nevertheless, Father goes before you. I am unable to help on your decision, but I can assure you that you are a spiritually led individual who is indeed a candidate for upholding the new light. Know this my daughter, your experience up to this point has made you into the wonderful individual that you are today. You emanate strength, truth, and love, in all you do. I would also ask that you put time into stillness practice. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, if no one else seems to have one, lets think for a few minutes about the 6,000 scientist that are members of the US Geological Survey that are here in Salt Lake City for their work sessions. I was right interested in the article that was published Sunday about the comet that hit in Nevada 370 millions years ago when Nevada was just an ocean. From what they said in the paper, it was 120 miles in diameter where it had it. I remember this real well cause it was close to Rachel, Nevada. Are you monitoring any of these meetings, or anything Father Abraham, with these scientist when this is what they are studying, and do you suppose sometime they might be able to figure out how Christ Michael actually created this planet?

ABRAHAM: My understanding of science is not my area of expertise. However, other teachers, Rayson, would indeed frequent these events, and the Life Carriers are also helping to shed light on what the planet needs to live. Scientists will however not prove that the creation of the world was ever a divine occurrence. Only those scientists with faith will hold a more complete picture, yes. That is also a ministry promoted at these events. Is this answering. (It helps and I thank you.) You are very welcome Rachel. My love for you is always and ever-present with you daily.


I would continue to minister to you each personally this week. Continue writing in your journals, and continue to bravely face experience to add to your story. Until next week, shalom.