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Topic: Tragedies

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you each for coming here tonight. Tonight, we shall discuss tragedy.


Tragedy, Agondonters

What you humans consider to be tragic events are always the natural outworking of events both due to human decision or to nature that have been following the course of cause and effect over many years. Human beings generally create their own tragedies and are responsible for the chain of events leading to their tragic situations. Often times, however, this chain of events effects not just the person who set these things in motion, but many other people so that the out workings of error and of sin, even of iniquity, reverberate far beyond the sinner or iniquitous one and many people are affected who are entirely blameless in the matter. But, make no mistake, the person who sows the wind shall eventually reap the whirlwind and those blameless ones will be given additional rewards for their suffering through the consequences of another's sin.

The sin of the Lucifer rebellion, for example, and coupled with the Adamic default on this world, seems to greatly handicap your planet and retard your spiritual progress, all this, though you are absolutely blameless in these matters. But, look again, your world was blessed with the mortal bestowal of your creator son, you are individually blessed with Agondonter status meaning your faith is so greatly strengthened through having to believe without seeing and trust without material proofs, that you children are developing far stronger spiritual selves, morontia selves, than those who come from planets that are settled in light and life.

Your faith is truly tested in this world which is full of sin and sorrow. Your decisions are strong, your determination even stronger. Ascenders coming from worlds such as this are the most trusted in the universe. You will be trusted with the most sensitive assignments where loyalty, perseverance, and faith would be greatly strained in those who have been less tested. You children, are among the most fortunate in the entire universe for having come from such a sin-darkened world.

The faith believers on this world know now, know certainly, and know that they know that the Father in heaven is goodness, is truth, and is beauty; for when you find those things on this world, they are indeed the pearl of great price and you gladly give up all you have and all you have been to possess it.

Spirit of Truth

Also, look again. How blessed you are to have beside you the living spirit of truth bestowed directly from the Master Son to your souls. With his aid, you can be absolutely sure of truth when you find it. How fortunate this is, for even on a world where truth is rare and beauty and goodness are rarer still, you have an unerring guide that gives you unquestioning certainty when truth is upon you and this is so unless you would actively seek to block it from you consciousness.

Know children as you go into the world to bring the news of the expanded gospel, the words of Jesus restated, you are aided at every step by the spirit of truth that lives within all people so that if you are a pure enough conduit for truth, you will ignite the recognition of truth in your fellows and they will hear you and they will respond. Therefore, let the Master's voice come through you, let your voice be his voice as you speak to his children for they are his and they will hear his voice.

I know there are many of you who think about those in the world who do not know of the Master and his presence as you do. But, make no mistake, they are also a part of his flock and will respond to his voice. All your world's religions are endowed with the Master's Spirit of Truth and he is even now giving his words of comfort and words to strengthen faith to the many religions upon your world through many, many people who serve the Universe even though they call the Master by many names.

It is all one truth and though this great understanding, the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of all men, is slow in its unfolding, there are many workers in the field and the time is nigh for the harvest to begin. These workers will harvest the best of all your religions and they will all be brought together and the best of all your religions will create a greater and newer religion that will encompass the entire globe with the knowledge that all men are children of the living God and all are brothers and sisters.

This great work is one in which all believers are enlisted and especially those of you who have been fortunate in being exposed to the advanced teaching of the Urantia Book. This teaching has created a foundation in your minds that is unassailable and unshakable. It has also created through the broadening of your understanding and awareness, a great amount of tolerance and understanding for your brethren who are still struggling with a religion that their faith has outgrown.

Even now, the Paradise Father looks down upon all of his children and smiles upon them giving each one equally his infinite love, and infinite respect and devotion. For you children, as fragments of the Father of personality, hold the entire secret of personality within you so that you are, as imperfect as you are, also a reflection of the Father in that you are personal beings. The adjuster fragment is prepersonal, it takes the union to reflect the Father as a whole. But the Father fragment that lives within looks upon your personal self with great reverence and even obedience.

The personality is the part that holds the key of will. The personality is the will creature. The Father Fragment spiritualizes and transforms the will but does not possess it. The Father can guide you and lead you and spiritualize your thinking into ever greater heights of sublimity. But, you alone possess will. It is up to you, during each and every decision you make, to grant the Father's will be done over you own will. In doing this, you are granting the Father's will on Paradise, the Paradise Father, who is personal and who has will.

He is directly in touch with the two sides of you, the personal will creature and the pure spirit fragment of himself and it is his will to bring the two into ever closer synchrony until you are one. And, even then, your progression is just beginning. It is your decision at each turn of the road, at each crossing, to submit your will to his or to assert your will as you would have it.

As you grow in the spirit, you will be ever blessed with a widening horizon in your mind. That horizon will open up new ways of thinking, new and better ways of reacting to old stimuli. It will give you the opportunity to increasingly discern the Father's will in your life. I know these things are very puzzling to you at this stage and it is hard to discern the Father's will in the many decisions you make throughout your daily living. But, I assure you that as your thinking progressively grows more spiritual, you will discern the spiritual thread that weaves together the many circumstances and situations in your life. You will increasingly discern the Father's way and this is always a progressive experience, it is not that one day you will not see it and the next day you will, It is rather that there will be increasing light upon your path, and you will increasingly discern the higher way, the more spiritual answer, the more loving gesture, the more tolerant attitude and through this you will know what it is you must do.

Are there any questions at this time.


Q: Do you have any advice for me?

Ham: Certainly, son, child you have been through many difficult experiences in your short lifetime already. Some that were not your fault at all and others that you brought upon yourself through immaturity and erroneous guidance of others. You came out of your parental home like a whirlwind, eager to draw in lots of experience and exhibiting an eagerness for life. Be not in too much a hurry to live life to its fullest. Take some time in quiet contemplation, even meditation, to begin to find out who you are. Right now you know a lot about things, a lot about other people and other things, but about yourself, you are just beginning to know. As you come to know yourself and you come to accept and love yourself, you will increasingly be able to pull God into your consciousness and you will find the inner humility to take his hand and walk with him on this path of life. You do well son, go in peace.


Q: How soon do you think this point of everyone having the same global religion or the global acceptance you talked about, how far off is that.

Ham: These questions of time are difficult to assess for so much depends on the seeds that are planted now during your lifetime. It could be one generation or one hundred, it is not for me to know these things.

Q: Is one generation a possibility considering what you know about it?

Ham: Yes, anything is possible.

Evil, Rebellion

Q: The Lucifer Rebellion all occurred and is adjudicated, what is the force that is behind evil that produces the tragedy that you started off talking about? How does that relate?

Ham: Much of what you would call evil in this world is the continued outworking of the Lucifer rebellion. It is the result of human confusion, misguidance, and for many the wholehearted embrace of sin, that is the knowing going against all that is good and true and beautiful in the world, knowingly rebelling against the Father's will. As I was explaining, human free will is paramount, it is not interfered with. Human beings are free to choose the way of God, the way of increasingly identifying themselves with all that is real, truth, beauty, and goodness, or they can reject what they know is right and choose evil, sin, and iniquity. Every person has to make their own choice. But then there are instances where human motives are confused and someone can think they are serving God by committing what is in actuality an evil act. Think of a suicide terrorist bomber who in the name of God destroys his life and that of many others and hurting and maiming many more. The Father alone sees into human motivation and the Father alone can truly and justly judge all human action. Is this helping your understanding?

Q: Yes. Who created you?Ham: I was born a will creature on a planet such as this in this local system. I have ascended through many worlds, and have stood in the presence of my creator and yours who was the man Jesus on your world and Michael of Nebadon. So we have the same creator father, the same creator mother.

Q: Who is?

Ham: The mother spirit who is co-creator with Michael and of course the same Paradise Father who is God the Father.

Q: There were 36 other planets that were in the rebellion and did not receive the information we are receiving. Are they being taught what we are now?

Ham: Yes, there are different schemes of implementation but all are designed to bring these worlds back into the universe family and into full universe status, what we term light and life.

Q: One third of the angels went with Lucifer in the rebellion. What happened to all those angels that went with him?

Ham: Most have repented and are serving, even though in decreased capacities. They are once again part of the family of God's creation.

Q: Satan and Lucifer are they the same person?


Who is Satan?

Lucifers assistant?

Are they still walking earth so to speak?


Where did they go?

Ham: These beings embraced sin and iniquity so wholeheartedly that they refused mercy, refused to repent, even though they were in full consciousness that their refusal would result in personality extinction and so it was. They are now as though they had never been.

What about those that followed them that had not repented?


Q: Are we in what the bible talked about as the age of peace. Is that is what is going on. Is that a simplistic way of teaching these truths, and the [Torah]] and the Koran, how does that relate?

Ham: All of these great religious texts have helped keep the light of truth alive on this world through its long period of darkness. They all contain truth, all contain wisdom, and have been the guiding light for many millions and continue to be that for many millions. But yes, these works contain only partial light and all religious works, even the Urantia Book, is only a partial revelation of truth.

Q: Are you familiar with the Pseudepigrapha?

Ham: No.

Q: Jesus is the creator son of the Father and he created this universe in which we live. He is mainly followed by Christianity as opposed to the Torah. Asian religions tend to believe that Buddha is their messenger. Islam believe Mohammed is their person or entity. What do we know about those figures in history and how do they relate?

Ham: Those teachers were entirely human beings. The man Jesus was God incarnate, God and man as one being. There will be many teachers before an after his coming who will aid in the upliftment of the world.

You say coming, do you mean he is coming again?

Yes, but I was referring to his time before.

Second Coming

So he is coming again. Yes

For what purpose?

Ham: As the time of his coming is not known, the exact nature and purpose of his coming likewise is not completely understood. It is speculated among the various orders of beings on this world that he will come to inaugurate the age of light and life when this world will be received into the fold so to speak of the universe and take its place among those worlds already settled in light and life.

Q: He will visually appear?

Ham: This is not known, but it is speculated that at that time the people of the world will be so spiritually attuned as to perceive him in some manner.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, life is changing for you. You are indeed growing in your ability to give and receive love and this opening of the heart is a wonderful and seemingly miraculous occurrence for it is changing your life entirely., the way you see the word and the way you interact within it. This is wonderful for us to behold.

Q: Do you have anything for Elena?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you have many tests ahead, many new experiences and changes in your heart. Embrace happiness and experience the Father's love with openness of being. Be at peace, for you do very well. Growing in love is the main thing.

Q: Do you have anything for Frankie?

Ham: Son, you have come far in a short period. Be tolerant and understanding for those who cannot follow so quickly for you have been a willing partner with God, you have seen what he wanted to show you, you have understood what he wanted to tell you, you have gone where he has led you. You are a son with very little fear and it is hard for you to understand the fear of others. The Father knows that you will follow wheresoever he leads you. He knows that he is your first priority and your highest focus and you know together that this sometimes leads to parting with human beings. But for now, show only kindness and tolerance for all those who exhibit fear and a lack of truth perception for they are valuable and their paths are valuable, just as valuable as yours.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Daughter, you do well to walk humbly with your Father and to seek not after your own will, but to wait on the will of the Father. Stay close to Jarad, be his aid and comfort during the exciting and trying times ahead for he will require much of you and you must be ready and willing to help him without resentment or inner grumbling.

Q: Do you have anything for Jarad?

Ham: Jarad, you do well son. Begin to create a routine for yourself that makes your practicing a priority. Practicing and meditation, those should be your first priority. All else must be second at this time.

Q: Can you tell me any advice for my mother?

Ham: I can only tell you how to be with her. I cannot give her advice unless she should ask herself.

Q: Tell me how to be with her, please.

Ham: Yes, I perceive that your earthly mother is somewhat of a trial for you. She exhibits certain behaviors of which you disapprove. She has much trouble within that needs to be worked out, maybe even therapy or group therapy, something like that could be very beneficial. She tends to isolate and to not share her troubles. She takes them on herself without wanting any help from anybody else. All you can do, however, is to love her, do your best to accept her the way she is without judgment. You can give her advice, but you can't force her to do anything she is not ready to do. Be there for her and love her, that's all. Is this helping?

Yes, very much.

Q: I would like to know if you have any real estate advice for me this week?

Ham: This would be more appropriate for Imanni to answer, however,.

Q: I have asked her and I feel uncertain about my clarity in receiving her response.

Ham: You received correctly, but she says maybe she wasn't specific enough. Yes, she wants to help you further and will be available for your personal contact after the meeting.

Q: Do you have any other feedback for me this week Ham?

Ham: I am happy to see you collaborating ever more closely with Imanni, she also wants to tell you a few things about your book. I would say spiritually, you are making good advances and it would be well to follow Imanni advice even though it might seem to be a dead end. We have information that there are some things which seem quite hopeless in both directions for you that are not. So, be open and follow her advice closely and I know it is difficult when you yourself are the transmitter because it seems to close to something you might have thought often times. But, sometimes again, it is not and that feeling of personal familiarity comes just from it going through your mind. So, learn to trust the process and to go with it wherever it leads. This is your great learning step for this week. Go in peace, you do very well.

Ham: Vontiss, You also do well and continue to make good progress especially with personal communication and interaction. Continue to be completely open to all suggestions and insights that come from other people as well as from your teacher. Let others help to guide you as you go through this particular critical time. There are some things, perhaps, that you should just let go and start over, so to speak. You do well, go in peace.

Q: Should I be recognizing any teacher communication right now, is there any going on that you know of.

Ham: Not quite yet directly, but have faith, it will come.

Q: Is there any coming from Ian for me?

Ham: Yes there is son.

Q: Can you tell me if I have a spiritual name and if so what it is and if there is any teaching going on in my life?

Ham: Son, you have a teacher and yes your spiritual name will be forthcoming but I am not allowed to divulge this yet. Be open to new understandings and new spiritual growth. I welcome you wholeheartedly to the mission's calling and am very honored to be your teacher and will do my best to aid your understanding in the future. Be at peace, for you have come very far and yet have very far still to go. All of life is a journey, even on to Paradise and eternity. You don't need to understand it all in one night.


Until next week my children, my love and my prayers are with you each. Go in peace. Farewell.