1999-01-08-Seventh Anniversary Meeting

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Topic: Seventh Anniversary Meeting

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Ham, Abraham, Aaron, Lynda, Lorenzo, Altern, Daniel, Minearsia

TR: Nancy, Bill K., Bob S.



Melchizedek(Nancy): Greetings, my students, friends, colleagues, cohorts in this delightful adventure in spiritualization, planetary correction, system reclamation, I am honored to be present among you this evening as you and we acknowledge another time passage of work under Michael's banner. I am one of the Melchizedek overseers who shall remain nameless at this time. I greet you and open the session.

We are requesting full participation of all mortal receivers willing to participate in this communication experience this evening. Typical of an anniversary event, we have many speakers slated to appear and desire many voices as mouthpieces. With these opening remarks, this session is fully open. Welcome to all mortals and celestials here this evening. Thank you for your attention and consideration of our request.


Foundation, Stillness

Ham(Bill): Greetings, my children, I am Ham, delighted to be a part of this celebration on this most propitious evening. Yes, we are a large company present in your midst and because so many of us wish to say congratulations, we are going to restrict ourselves so that our speeches will not place your lives in the jeopardy of exhaustion or boredom. I am attempting to indicate some levity in that last phrase, for certainly we know that none of us is bored to be in your presence and we also know that you are not bored to keep company with your older brothers and sisters and other celestials.

You have completed the round of seven. You began to build the foundations and then you proceeded to build the superstructure. You put on the roof and put up the sheet rock and at times you felt that you had failed to provide the plumbing or overlooked the wiring, but I tell you friends, this has not been the case. Your potential soul growth is flowering beautifully. Remember, spiritual growth is not synonymous with emotion. Do not make the error of judging your spiritual status by how you feel. Your emotions, for the most part, are responsive to your electrochemical bodily systems and your interpretations of the meanings of the events that occurred to you in your life. Spiritual growth is dependent upon intention, motivation, dedication, persistence, and most of all, love.

Now you begin the second cycle of seven and just like the chemical elements that cycle in sevens, you will have to be revisiting your foundations once again. You must always center your life around our Father who centers in you. The time that you spend in quiet, however that is done, remains the bedrock. Nothing else is more important and so I conclude my remarks with this admonition. Return at a higher level now to that foundation which you have been building upon. Examine it. Look for cracks to see if there is the possibility that water will crumble it. Put on a good layer of tar or glue to seal any faults. Renew yourselves, my dear friends, for this next year I am fully confident that you are going to continue to experience profound spiritual growth because you want to. It is your will to do the will of God. It is also my will to do the will of God, to whom be all praise and honor, glory without end. Good evening.

Abraham(Bob S): My friends, I am Abraham, here this evening to celebrate this benchmark event. How I enjoyed my times with you when you were a fledgling group learning how to transmit and receive. Yes, you were like children then and I enjoyed being your teacher. Now you are older, yet I still enjoy being your teacher. I regret my current assignment has taken me away from regular participation with your group, yet I remain appraised of your growth and development through the reports of my colleagues. I would not, for a moment, miss this time of celebration. That is why I am here tonight to take part in this time of great accomplishment. I urge you all to reflect on the last seven years or that portion of it in which you have participated and see for yourself the growth which has taken place in your life. While this is a time of celebration, it is also a time of reflection. I know that if you spend time in reflection, you will see what we, your older brothers and sisters, see and that is the tremendous spiritual growth which has taken place.

Well, my time has passed. My friends, my brothers and sisters, I know exactly what you are going through, for I walked this planet myself many years ago. Go forward in this next year with optimism, with your eyes open, with your heart full of excitement and the encouragement of accomplishment. We will be walking beside you. Good evening.


Aaron: Greetings, my friends, this is Aaron, and it is good to be here tonight with you to share in what is a symbol of the completion of a cycle for you. Now having been present with you for two years and more of your time, I witness much change and progress in your development, both personally and in your interactions. Struggle has characterized some of these seasons and this is inevitable on the pathway to spiritual progress.

As some of you know well, the transition from material mindedness to spiritual awareness is not a simple step, but rather a series of struggles, for the animal nature is in conflict with the spiritual drive. The awareness that there is a God and that there is a purpose by no means places you above and beyond the journey that it takes to move from the place that you are at to the place that you can see. Knowing that there is a higher way of living is merely the impetus to drive you onward and to sustain you through the difficult trials of living. And I dare say you can attest to the reality of these statements, my friends.

But, indeed, you have all progressed on various levels and you have not cowered away from the difficulties of mortal living, the conflicts and realizations of an imperfect nature, and for this, should you reflect upon the completion of a cycle and take a few moments to look back over your shoulder and recognize that regardless of your momentary situation, even if you are in heartache and if life seems without meaning, you are, indeed, further along the path than you were prior, at last completion. If you find that you have not met with satisfaction your own expectations for yourself, then perhaps you might utilize the completion of the cycle as a further motivation to see how you can take the journey from here forward. I do emphasize to you that spending overmuch time in reflection of where you have been can be stifling as well, for the journey is your moment to moment actions and reactions and efforts in life. I am pleased to be on the curriculum staff for a third year and look forward to making an impact in your life once again, each of you. I hope the relationship will provide for a deeper level of realization, not only for yourselves, but also for me. And with this, all I can say is let us move forward. Thank you friends.

Bill: There are some personal teachers that want to make comments. I'm not sure who.


Correcting Time

Lynda(Nancy): I will go first. Yes, there are personal teachers here, desiring contact with their students and a platform for a public, if not a first public appearance. This was indicated in the opening address.

I am Lynda, Nancy's, PamElla's personal teacher, here to speak with you momentarily. I am thrilled, delighted, ecstatic to participate this evening. I have returned in person temporarily from assignment elsewhere. As I have indicated to PamElla earlier this week, my absence is a part of her loss, for she has become familiar with my presence since I have been with her since she was very small and my absence feels like a gap.

I am very excited to have this new, although temporary, assignment. It too involves ministry to an individual, as well as preparation for further growth and expansion of my teaching skills.

This time of correcting is a gold mine of opportunities for growth for us all, you mortals, we teachers, the many layers upon layers of celestials gathered here in this system for reclamation from all over the universe and even from other universes within this superuniverse. We most often refer to the correction that is occurring on this planet, Urantia, but this time of reclamation is much broader than just this planet and those involved are myriad.

And so we grow as do you, as we take those steps and new experiences, new challenges, new opportunities for service to ourselves and to our siblings. Thank you for this opportunity to share with you what is occurring for me at this time and to communicate to you my thrill in this ongoing process. Seven years, yes, you have been aware of us. You have been in the struggle with your eyes wide open, knowing what you are about, but many of you have been on these paths for a long time and we, your teachers, have been on these paths for an even longer time, some of us for a very long time from your perspective.

And so I now take my leave. I offer you my congratulations and I leave you with my sincere love and my blessing and my wishes for you in this coming year. I love you all. Farewell.

(Long pause)


Larenzo: This is Larenzo. With some discussion amongst ourselves, we have a lighthearted exercise we would enjoy to see you go through. If each of you could sit back for a few moments and reflect over the period of time you have been a part of this group and think of a moment that gave you a sense of joy or camaraderie or a deepened sense of purpose, it would be our pleasure to witness you share these moments with one another to close this evening. For the level of expression from yourselves is hesitant and from our perspective, we recognize that our participation with you is growing increasingly co-creative, meaning in the "as you pass by" affairs of your lives. If you could reminisce on these moments of light and life with one another we would surely participate in our way.

(What followed was a section of reflections with lots of laughter... and some tears by group members. Ken's reflections on his first talk with Lorenzo. Bill shared about the first time he heard Daniel speak and how impacting it was. Gwen talked about her first meeting at Debbie's house and the love she felt. Simeon shared about a Christmas party at the Kelly's and sledding down the hill with Debbie. Lori talked also about the Christmas party and connecting with Debbie; and her first T/R session. Virginia talked about the early months and a visit to Woods Cross where Debbie and Virginia saw the teachers. Nancy talked about the experience at Wilsonville where she and Debbie were both T/Ring the same words at the same time with the same arm movements and the energy that she felt; and also her experiences of healings with Debbie and Virginia. Pat talked about some of the first Michael gatherings where Christ Michael and Machiventa spoke. Marty talked about her first experiences with Cora, her personal teacher. Bob Schreiber talked generally about how easily he came into the group and his acceptance of it and the personal teachers coming in and transmitting. Barbara talked about her first meeting and the sense of family and belonging she felt and the candle she had received that kept coming on on the way home and at home. At the end, Bill sensed that Daniel wanted to speak...)

The Teachers

Alturn(Bill): My brothers and sisters, I am Alturn. I desire to know you better and I have been gratified by this exercise. I understand the skepticism that several of you have expressed, including my beloved charge. Actually it is a sign of your intelligence that you are not willing to suspend the use of your minds in order to experience truth. Because you have this cautious attitude you avoid the pitfalls of emotionalism, wish fulfillment, fantasy and over dramatization which are pitfalls of human mortal experience. Never fear that we are offended by your lack of faith in our presence. We are amused, yes, but never offended.

Because this planet has been part of the system rebellion and therefore quarantined, you do lack the normal planetary affairs that would make our presence much more commonplace. But at the same time would you not all agree that you are becoming familiar with us? You miss us when we are absent. You know deep down in your souls that we are with you and even though your mind may project its judgmental and critical faculties, in your heart, your soul, you are aware of, not only us, but more importantly, the presence of God within your minds.

All of you have experienced spiritual reality. Some of you can see morontial forms, some of you hear better than others our messages, but all of you have the same gift, the Divine Indweller, who ever speaks to you. Let me say on behalf of all teachers, it is our final goal to assist you in hearing God within. That doesn't mean we will leave you and you don't have to interact with us any further, oh no. It is not our desire to leave you, nor our assignment. We may come and go at times and certainly we don't follow you around like your guardian angels do, but always we are sensitive and in reflectivity connection when necessary, or in other circuitry so that we can assist you.

My time is up. I give my love to you, Lori, and to all of you, for love is not something contained within the heart. Love is always something that passes through us from the Father to brothers and sisters and back to the Supreme. Good evening.

(Some discussion of whether the teachers were done and whether there was enough tape to record.)


Daniel: You will not need further recording as we are in summation. I am Daniel. I simply would like to express my appreciation for our relationship together that is ever deepening and broadening and to close this evening I will turn this to Minearisa who would like to give a few closing words. Good evening.

Minearisa(Nancy): Yes, my beloved students and friends, I, Minearisa, have been granted the privilege and joy in concluding this session, acknowledgment, celebration of the completion of seven years. I ask you to take one another's hands and to stand.

This circle that you form represents the Father's love. It is without beginning and without end, continuous. I ask you to experience the Father's love flowing down, filling you, filling this room, filling this planet, filling the superuniverse and all that could ever be. Feel this love connecting you soul to soul, heart to heart, hand to hand. This love is your greatest gift, your greatest lesson. You stand united in purpose, in dedication and desire to know God and to do God's will, to manifest in your lives truth, beauty, and goodness. It is our privilege to assist in this process and we appreciate the assistance. You return by taking those steps to become more spirit. You are family, we are family, brothers and sisters, children of one God.

Go in peace and in celebration for the time behind you and the time yet to come. Farewell.