1999-02-14-Mission Challenges

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Topic: Mission Challenges

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings and welcome to you each. I am made to rejoice when I view our Mission in action. Your example this evening was the crux of our Mission purpose.



Mary Magdalene, who took such joy at her mission callings, did not at the time realize her greatest learning came from accepting these mission challenges. She had without hesitation gone forth and ministered to her fellows without thought to her own spiritual advancement, and yet, with the acceptance of each calling, she excelled in spiritual knowledge.

I am also still at an educational level in my mission assignments. I am continually learning vast truths of the universe by serving. I take great joy in Father's ability to complete many tasks all at once. Those that accept various mission assignments find that not only is their faith made stronger, but also is their well of spiritual knowledge deeper.

Our basic goal in the Teaching Mission is to uplift the hearts and minds of the earth's people. Learning and understanding is our focus. Without experience, there is a deficiency in understanding, and at times, a decline in the capacity to receive spiritual knowledge. Father does coordinate lessons that one person or several may experience. His goal is to lead us to Him, and at times, that is best accomplished when you interact with one another.

Should a mission assignment chance to come before you which seems like a great deal of trouble, or causing you to feel discomfort, know that prayer and stillness practice can assist in clearing the fog of doubt you feel when attempting to make your decisions to accept or decline the assignment. It is brought to my attention that there is a need for questions. Have you questions for me this evening?


HARRISON: Abraham, I would like to introduce Anthony and Robert, and invite them to ask questions if they have any.

ROBERT: How was it you got your name?

ABRAHAM: My name was given to me by my own parents, who were also divinely inspired, yes. Does this answer?

ROBERT: How do you choose the person you channel through?

ABRAHAM: I spend a great deal of time in training with an individual, but also there is a need for personality likeness to meet with mine. These are basic standards in which we look for in transmitter\receivers.

ANTHONY: What is your purpose for teaching and what can we learn?


ABRAHAM: My purpose is to aid in the enlightenment on this planet and serve in the Mission Christ has set before us. I would say, I am a teacher of basic spiritual knowledge. I would be happy to assist you in your divine search. I perceive you both to be quite serious in your pursuit of spiritual knowledge, and, I would confirm that your inner truths that have brought you this far is a wonderful beginning on your journey. Another question?

ZACH: Abraham, I was wondering if you could tell me what my spiritual name is?

ABRAHAM: One moment. In the English language, the best pronunciation... your name is Branson. Yes, Branson. As you reach morontial levels, word syllables can be heard in various tones or notes, and at times this can be difficult to translate. As the Chinese pronounce various words--the different pitches in their language means different things. Branson means ‘heroic attitude.' That is the best I can answer. Another question?

RACHEL: Yes father Abraham. Two weeks from tonight on February 28th will be our 8th anniversary. I would like to request that you have a few words for us that night with reference to the growth of our Mission in those few short years, and also, I know even when I have talked to Rebecca, we have wondered just how many of you were really present with us that night? That is what I request.

ABRAHAM: For you, my daughter Rachel, granted, certainly. I would find it my pleasure and privilege. Certainly. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, the meaning of "Branson" was interesting to me... What does "Calvin" mean--trouble maker? (Laugh)

ABRAHAM: Yes. (Laughter.) I can say that your name does reflect the image that your Father perceived upon first viewing you as a new soul. You each have been gifted in certain areas to serve. In this life your Father has seen to your experiences in order to train you and light the way to Him. Your name reflects a willingness to work and also a demand to be involved, yes. Is this answering? (Yes.) Another question?

TECTRA: Abraham, staying in the same vein, all these normal English names--I come along with a name of "Tectra." Is that some kind of intergalactic thing or what? (Laughter)

ABRAHAM: Again, the morontial tones would sound slightly different, and, I can say with certainty that your name reflects one who is gentle in spirit or one who gives comfort. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question?

HARRISON: Abraham, can we continue with the same subject in what you would have to say about the name Harrison?

ABRAHAM: Again, the names reflect Father's divine plan for each of His children. Your name reflects one who thrives on accomplishing goals, yes. (Thank you.) You are welcome. Another question?

Inquiry, Teacher Contact

MIRIAM: Abraham, you haven't been answering questions for a while. Is that part of the deal to help us communicate with you throughout the week? . .. Help us find our own way?... Use lessons and connect with our Divine Parents, etc.? I guess the reason I am asking is that I am noticing as I read the transcripts from the "tml" list from all the other groups, it still seems as though questions are really needed by people. Is that sort of like helping us grow up? Do you know what I am asking?

ABRAHAM: Yes. You have said it well. I am not to be relied upon through Ellanor (Nina), but assist you in exercising your own transmitting muscles. Each child who asks will be served. I would say that this Correcting Time was also to assist in improved Thought Adjuster communication. Your questions are best answered by Him, and should I always attempt to answer questions, there may not be anyone asking throughout the week, therefore, decrease Thought Adjuster communication. Yes, times I answer questions are times when I have been asked to -- either by my superiors or personal Father Fragments. This is a hands-on Mission, yes. Good question. Is this answering?

The Teachers

MIRIAM: Yes Abraham. I've got just one other question--following up on the lesson. I looked up in the Urantia Book on Mary Magdalene and I read what I could. I just felt so inspired by her and so grateful for you using her in the lesson. I was just wondering, you know, just from your personal viewpoint and what you know about her... and, maybe what wasn't said in the Urantia Book -- without violating anything -- if you could give us your personal spin on Mary Magdalene?

ABRAHAM: Understood. I know that she is one to be quite enthusiastic about anything she becomes involved in. She progressed rapidly in her spiritual studies, for she took such great joy in being treated as a child of God. When she was in the flesh you could not have believed the degradation she experienced as she lived this mortal life. She could not understand the inequality of the worlds people, and how with her good intentions, she was made to feel so bad or sinful. She was a quick learner though--in that she realized, to rely upon the Father would ease her level of caring how others viewed her. When she fully believed she was a child of God, then could she serve without worry of others opinions and their down-casting attitudes. She is known to many to be a source of joy and always can find a lighter side to every negativity. Her enthusiasm and joy are quite contagious, and I feel energized in her presence. As I am slipping, I would accept one more question.


ANESIA: I have a question on spiritual beliefs and different people getting connection different ways. I have been kind of having a problem lately of what I want to put my faith in--looking at all the different ways of feeling spirit and energy connecting and how many different ways are so true. If you could just give me a little advice so I can have a little more understanding, the various ways of connecting with spirit?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. To search is completely acceptable. To be open to various beliefs is welcome. There is always that Fragment within you which identifies with Truth. If you can identify the fruits of the Spirit within that you seek, then I would presume it to be safe. There are always dangers in the search for spiritual understanding among the various religions or sources, but Anesia, you are one who knows her mind and trusts the Father within. To go where you feel drawn is acceptable, and you can rely upon your Inner Compass to inform you if you have made a good choice. The fruits of the spirit is an indicator.


I am once again overjoyed to meet with you each and have found this particular teaching experience quite educational. You are known and recognized as individual distinct children of God, and yet, your group unity is a wonderful example set before other groups, yes. As always, my love is with you. Until next week, shalom.