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Topic: Y2K

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Malvantra

TR: Jonathan



Malvantra (Jonathan TR): I am Malvantra. I greet you. I acknowledge your faith and express my joy that is experienced in fellowshipping with you and perceiving your forward steps in both understanding and attainment.



It is the time of year when many on your planet are preparing for the celebration of the birth of Michael on this world. You know and have read that Michael is reborn in each of you through his Spirit of Truth. Let us develop this rebirth by taking a look at your traditional story of the nativity. Let us assume that each character involved is yourself. As Mary you are not only the receiver of this bestowed spirit, but you also nurture, you support, you feed, you comfort, you take care of this bestowed spirit. This you do by steadfastly adhering to truth, honestly accepting the variables of reality, and standing strong when you perceive that the influences upon you may thwart your living the Father's will. Mary, like every mother, will safeguard her child and will hope for great accomplishments in the child's future. Likewise must each of you safeguard the Spirit of Truth, not because the spirit is fragile and weak in itself, but for your own well-being you seek not to endanger your relationship.

The Master has said that you will do greater things than he. As the mother-Mary dimension of yourself you will live as the Master lived by contributing to and supporting his effort to minister to this world through you.

Now we will assume the character of Joseph. Here was a man who even though troubled over logistics, practicality, and the factuality of Michael's announced bestowal, he was able to engage his faith and become so devoted as to go to every length to contribute to the eventual birth and safeguarding of Michael. And so with each of you; it is this Joseph element that is to look to your well-being. As he cared for Mary on the long journey and sought shelter, so you may for yourselves seek this same care. If it is difficult for you to care for yourself and easier to care for others, shift your understanding that this care is for the Spirit of Truth that dwells within you, for it is the presence of Michael that desires to live with you in this nativity life of yours. It is for his benefit that you care for your well-being.

You all are much like the shepherds in the fields who listen to the ministering spirits who sing (122:8.5) of the glories of heaven and of the gift of the Father who is Michael that is now in each of you. Receive always this ministry. Believe as you are taught, for Michael was the reason that the announcements were made, and Michael is the reason why any celestial minister will address you to minister to you and to help you understand the workings and plans of Salvington upon Urantia.

Also, on a less appetizing note, we must look at another character in this story, that being Herod, who succumbs to fear and pride. Place watch upon yourself that you do not let pride and fear send you about killing things in your life, that would squelch the effects of the Master's spirit upon you. Do not be one who would cause the Spirit of Truth to flee from your presence, but rather be one who would welcome at all times this spiritual influence.

On a final note in this story, you each are as the three wise men who bring all your mortal characteristics, your riches, your wisdom, every element that makes you who you are, everything that delineates you from another, you place before the Master in complete faith that he is the Promised One, the one who will elevate you from the life of a human to the life of a spirit being. You are willing to give all that you have and to travel as far as you must and to place faith in the guiding light to reach him and to acknowledge him and to worship him.

Every day on Urantia another child of God faith-realizes this truth, comes to know with assurance that they are truly a child of God. Joy is experienced in the dwelling place of Michael and Nebadonia when this occurs.

Often it is taught that there exists a war in heaven between the forces of evil and goodness, that the battle is being waged to save souls from a doom brought on by an iniquitous being. Michael is not longing for the faith-grasp of his children and their entrance into the conscious participation in the family of God in order to take away contributors, members, from the evil forces. No. This supposed war is long over. Now what Michael seeks is much in experience like the gardener who sows many seeds and each day emerges from his dwelling to observe in the fields how many have sprouted, how many have come into his fold; not to win victory over an opposing force, but rather to experience the joy of new life.

This particular time cycle for humans on this world also signals a change in time counting, your 2000th year according to your current calendar. This primes everyone to be sensitive to changes, not only changes that will bear upon you externally, but the potential to initiate change in yourself. These symbolic turnstiles are effective in motivating decision and fostering reconsideration of your motives and directions and engaging in newer or loftier endeavors. So, as you celebrate the Master's birth and anticipate the turn of your year, rely on Michael's returned spirit to be your beacon of truth. As you can be any character in this traditional story, know that all actors in the play revolve around this bestowed spirit, and this bestowed spirit is present now with each of you and always.

I can receive your questions if you have some at this time.


Philosophy, Light and Life

Tom: I recently heard an interview with a notable scientist who was asked what was the most significant event of the past millennium. He answered, the invention of the scientific method. Prior to Galileo and Newton scientific attempts were hazy and superstitious.

I realize I take this gift for granted. Primitive man could only count to three, and we have some in the room here who can count up to twenty! Can we postulate a philosophical model, even a spiritual model, incorporating those same methods of problem solving? Is there a morontia version of that? The solution to spiritual problems centers around love. The triangles begin with love and filter down. Are your teachings the "spiritual method"?

Malvantra: The spiritual method has been long stated upon this world and you know it well. It can be summarized as "the gospel of Jesus". The application of this method of seeking to do the Father's will and love and service to your fellows and to treat all as you would perceive in your best how the Father would treat His other children; these methods of spirit will solve many problems.

To work with your comment about the past millennium initiating the rise in formalized scientific thinking, the next millennium will witness a greater need for and certainly, in response, an enactment of this spiritual method, for, as your technological concerns of the change of date in your computers could effect many functions around the world, you are realizing with a greater poignancy your global interconnectedness. This global interconnectedness is the spiritual brotherhood on this world, and it can no longer be ignored. The factionalizations, the sectarianism, all these elements will have to dissipate.

As you have indicated, the superstitions that drove scientific discovery before the development of scientific methodology, these inhibitors of spiritual method must also be discarded like those superstitions. Following the application of this truth of the gospel there will be the next phase of human development on this world, and that will be the philosophic method where you come to terms with both of the prior manners of thinking and problem solving and develop these two into a compatibility. This will be the beginning of Light and Life.

At this stage on your world where science and religion stand apart from one another it is hard to reach this unity of purpose and develop cooperation in effort. Philosophic unity will bring the harmony needed for a stabilized Urantia.

I hope this has contributed to your thoughts.

Tom: Very much so, thank you.


Evelyn: Going back to the nativity scene, the animals in the background were docile, willing to give even without understanding.

From the angels' role we can see the bigger picture and know that the life of this bestowed spirit is going to have its ups and downs.

Malvantra: Excellent observation that not only are you capable of the grand view as were the angels, but each is capable of the dim view, if I may put it that way, of the stable creatures who merely continued their daily activities without much fuss over the presence of the family of Joseph and Mary in their stall. They were part of the event. They have even been encased in the legend of the time, the poetic story of Michael's bestowal, and have become significant in that picture. Likewise for yourselves there are aspects of your being that do fall in this category. I might also refer to it as the "Alpheus twin" syndrome.

The presence in yourself of an entire spectrum, from the grand view to the limited, mortal perspective, this is acceptable to the Father and should in no way cause you to be condemning of yourself for the presence of those elements of the natural human being that aren't the exalted being you desire ideally of yourself that will and can only occur over the course of eons.

Time, Apocalypse

I also would like to add a footnote to this discussion of your millennium. We celestial observers do not place much value upon this change of your calendar. We count your cycles based upon the change of epochs. Currently this planet is in its post-bestowal epoch. This is the significant change in the world that we observe and look forward to the arrival of the next epoch, and that is independent of the number of years that may transpire based on your yearly counting systems. I say this to make it known that we who are assigned to this world to bring you the message of Michael and the truths of the Father are not in any way pulling strings, working behind the curtains, to bring about some worldly event at the beginning of a year that would wake you up. Know in reality that this has been going on and will continue to go on all the time, in the sense that we will work every day at every hour to help you awaken. But we will not bomb the world with some sudden explosion of spiritual realization to shake you to awareness on any given day or at any specific time. To illustrate this principle I remind you that Michael's birth on this world which began the events of the new epoch were done quietly without the fanfare, without the cataclysmic upheavals, that is often so desired in human experience.

Spirit of Truth, Confidence

I am delighted to witness your discussion this morning on faith, problem solving, healing, and guidance. When the apostles first received the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth, they had a new confidence about them. They felt empowered to teach like they never had before because they felt that now they didn't teach for Jesus, they taught with him. This confidence is not a confidence of a bolstered pride, rather it is a confidence of the assurance of the ability to commune with, to confide in, the Master to effect the ministry that he, in his creator view, can perceive is best to bestow. I encourage you all to use this confidence often. When uncertainty comes your way do not mask the insecurity with a confidence of self only, but approach this uncertainty with a communal sense of confidence, a confiding communion with the Master, and you will discover greater faith, greater strength, to pursue the goodness that lies within the complication, the problem, that exists before you.


I would draw our engagement to a close if it is agreeable with you today and express great love for each one of you and all who receive these words. Peace be with you all.