2000-05-01-Problem Solving Within Relationships

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Topic: Problem Solving Within Relationships

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How filled I am with joy and gratitude to be here with you this evening. How blessed we each are to have one another. I am with humility at being witness to the awesome works of God. What a time to be involved at this particular part of the universe. We rejoice to view the upliftment of Urantia and how it affects the universe and the growth of the Supreme Being.



Our Father delights in seeing us without worry and in full joy of the Spirit. It is entirely acceptable to take a moment to be joyful and appreciative of Father's works around you. What rest for the mind, body and soul! Finding our place with Father brings a new outlook to everyday living. I am with the full joy that only the Spirit can bring. Even we, as teachers and your unseen friends, need to take time to rejuvenate in Spirit and reconnect with that pure essence of the Father's love.

Michael said, "I am the vine and you are my branches. The Father is the Gardener that tends to the whole." Being an extension of the vine gives us all reason and purpose. Father tends to us so that we may produce much fruit. We all have a function to perform and we all stem from the same beautiful vine. In the Brotherhood we learn that we not only have the duty to produce our own harvest, but to aid in the harvest of others. To be apathetic towards your fellows is to stifle your own production of the spiritual fruits. Your joy is my joy. Your sorrow is my sorrow. Your harvest is my harvest.


I would think it time to discuss a bit about problem solving within relationships. Many are the times we cross paths with our fellows and find we do not communicate well, or assume that others think poorly of us. Conflicts arise out of what seems to be nothing. Many have had difficult backgrounds that would have taught them to believe the world looks at them in a negative fashion.

Problems between you and your fellows become built up with excess baggage, not only from what is obvious and in front of your face, but with the many years past scars. Through mis-communication we find that we assume what others are thinking. The problem becomes so built up in our minds that the original problem is lost under the pile of assumptions and negative thoughts.

This week when communicating with your fellows, should you happen to have difficulties, attempt to not build up in your minds this problem with your own understanding, your own definitions, but look at it for what it really is. Isolate the problem--what is the core of the problem? Remove from it those assumptions you have added to it. Contemplate where mis-communication may have occurred.

Some difficulties are never to be found healed because feelings are so damaged by assuming you know what others are thinking. Chances are you can return to your fellows and discuss with them the mis-communication or the difficulty, and isolate the problem and discuss possible solutions. If each party is willing to be open to change then is this fertile ground for healing. If there is too much self-saving occurring--then are you not being true to the vine that sustains you? Are you not tending to your fellows harvest?

This week remember to find time to be in the full joy of the Lord. This brings a wonderful balance to mortal living. In this balance are you less likely to make negative assumption and be more open to communicate with a giving heart and attitude? Before blowing your problem out of proportion, view it for what it really is. Be aware that you are not adding baggage from the past that makes it all the more painful. Be aware of your inner thoughts that say, 'this person thinks poorly of me or that person is thinking this of me.' Only a few questions please.


MIRIAM: Abraham, I have a quick question. I asked Don if he would like to know and he did--what his spiritual name is and maybe what it means?

ABRAHAM: One moment. I say with what I know of your English language it is pronounced Andor. It is with the meaning of steadfastness and loyalty. Yes. Another question?

INERIA: Abraham, can I ask what Ineria means?

ABRAHAM: It is the name of a beautiful flower that grows on Edentia. The only significant definition you could attach to this is light, beauty and brilliance. Yes. Another question?

CALVIN: Abraham, do you have any words to share with Marty who is reaching out his heart to yours.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Marty, my son, long are the days we have spent in each others presence. I understand you as you understand me. We do have a brotherly connection that most definitely surpasses all religious beliefs and teachings. I know that you feel you are sometimes only treading water and not moving anywhere, but let me assure you that you have planted many seeds that will take root. You may not be witness to this, but the seeds of effort that you plant are being carefully tended to by the Master Gardener and He works within His own perfect time. Worry not, my son, the doors that are open--by all means--enter; the doors that are seemingly closed--allow them to wait. Your ideas, your shared ideas are what is important, not so much the following through to see that each one takes root and grows. Have peace in your heart and know that God is your partner in all things. He is there to guide and give you the seeds in which you are to plant. My friend, think not I am a figure from the days of old--but a friend close by to help you and bring you the love that you have so kindly given to me. I am not a distant teacher--but a close friend. Carry on, my son. Another question?

SARAUNA: Abraham, thank you so much for today's lesson. You addressed things I've just been carrying in my thoughts today. I am wondering if the planetary alignment that is coming up the end of this week is going to have any influence upon us that important?

ABRAHAM: Not anything spiritually that I can foresee. As with all planetary happenings, there is natural events that could create a bit of change in a ecological nature, but nothing to worry about. One more question.


MIRIAM: Abraham, could you give a ballpark comparison of where we are now compared to when Caligastia did his thing and Adam and Eve did theirs?

ABRAHAM: I can try. With the Correcting Time we have had to unteach certain beliefs. We have had to demystify and disillusion the old understanding to make way for new understanding. With the Rebellion and the Default there was less universal communication with Urantia's inhabitants. With the severing of the circuits there was not the influx of spiritual understanding there could have been, and therefore the worlds peoples had an 'anything and everything goes' attitude. Religions was built from the dust and not from actual, practical application of inner Father-fragment guidance. Without my wonderful friend and mentors assistance, and of course the highly successful bestowal of our Creator Son, this world would be in total chaos. These two epochal events did much to keep Urantia on track, but these times now are newly occurring for the first time. The circuits are allowing a greater influx of information and as individuals are disillusioned, perhaps some in a negative way, there is new room made for new information. It is difficult to say where you are now because this re-incircuitment has only occurred a few times in all the history of the universe. I believe though that you, as a civilized society, are not so much moving backwards or in circles, but at least now in a forward momentum. This is wonderful and all the more reason to rejoice in the awesome works of our Father. Good question Miriam.

MIRIAM: Thank you Abraham. We just love you. We just love you.


ABRAHAM: And I you. I look forward to working with you and standing by you as your brother. Yes. My love is with you also. Until next week, shalom