2000-10-29-Building Steps

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Topic: Building Steps

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Evanson, Tomas

TR: Mark Rogers



Elyon (Mark TR): Greetings, this is your associate Elyon, your comrade throughout your growth exercises. It is indeed wonderful to witness the exchange among the devoted students in the classroom. It is tempting to leave undisturbed the lessons shared among you, as many connections are made and many doors are opened in this sharing which has become exceedingly valuable; indeed it has become so valuable a part that we the teachers are perceiving a time when you may replace us as the source of the bulk of your lesson material and only turn to us for the confirmation and elaboration of the observations and interpretations you have gained throughout your own exercises.


Path, Growth

I will provide you with some more imagery today and ask you to reflect upon aspects of your planetary history in which various cultures throughout the history of your world have been drawn into building temples or pyramids or scaffolding in which the purpose was to raise the individuals above their planetary level of existence toward the heavens, toward the unknown, toward God. I would offer to you that each one of you has been busily engaged in acquiring material from which you are constructing these very same steps. In this process you gather material and mortar it into a step on which you then step, to stand, to gather more and different material from which to fashion your next step and so on. You stand on the material you have firmly mortared into place in order to mortar in and secure the new material presented to you for your next step. Each step that you make fast raises your level of consciousness and raises your position above the earthly realm below.

As you are busily engaged in tediously arranging these steps before you, you are also in this action, sprouting wings. It is the purpose that you will secure enough of these steps and position them so as to raise yourselves individually high enough upon what is eventually to be your platform from which you will be able to take off with the wings you have grown along the way. Therefore do you leave the material application of this accumulated wisdom and take flight on the wings you have grown while involved in this process. This then that you are engaged in becomes your launching pad, becomes the point from which you will make that inevitable cosmic leap.

Indeed, to you, a classroom such as this this morning, we witness many steps being created out of thin air, out of your very will to be about this process. We see that each step, when embraced, becomes the foundation whereon you will build your next step. Many of your staircases are beginning to tower, beginning to rise above the plane of existence. It is a joy to witness this growth, to see these steps being earned and then taken, as is clearly and easily witnessed here today. Your wings are indeed more than buds; they are growing nicely, and you are becoming aware of their presence, of the very metamorphosis before you. You are diligently mortaring in your next steps so as to rise to the occasion.

That is the imagery I would present to you. Once again I express my love and appreciation of all the effort that you each put toward building your steps, toward reaching your platform. What is before you is thrilling, and I tingle with butterflies at the experiences immediately before you. We are indeed on the edge of something wonderful, of a cosmic leap of great proportions. I wait with great expectancy for us to make these leaps together. I withdraw and allow time for others and remain in attendance. Thank you.

Evanson (Jonathan): Hello to you all, this is Evanson. I am going to ask you to each pause and bring yourself to a position of presentation before the Father who resides in you. Please concentrate, for this experiment will be more successful with your attention. What you will hear is addressed to you singly; this message is not for you as a collective, for the Father present inside your being is intent upon your personal advancement.

I am always; prior to existence, everlasting, the upholder, your beloved, truth unrevealed, love expressible. You are emergent, becoming, accepting, faithful, embracing, acquiring. I am giving, fulfilling, accepting. We together are newness, unique, discovering both divine and human, revelation, wondrous, stupendous. In communion, I who am and you who are to be are what neither of us have been. I dwell in you. You reside within me. All I seek is you. All you attain is me. Though I exist, God of all, omnipotent in providence, you give what I have not. I behold out of nothing beauty emerging, unfoldment never before perceivable in all omniscience, and yet you reveal. I accept, I welcome. Compassion is abundant.

Thank you, friends, for your association in this experiment, for allowing this application of contact for each of you. It was my pleasure to introduce your Father in this manner. I now withdraw.

Humanity, Revelation

Tomas: Good morning to you all, this is Tomas. It is good to be here today and to have the opportunity to expound upon your experiment.

You know very well that it is the desire of God to have you become perfect as He is perfect, and it is heartwarming and humorous at the same time to witness your enthusiastic endeavors to do so, for, embarrassing as it may seem, you of first life experience are doing well at the very activities that we of more advanced years are still striving diligently to attain.

The Father has all you need to be fulfilled. The Father is everything that could be needed. But becoming like the Father in your own perfection implies a little more than acquiring Him as you, for in this same Paradise mandate is the implied corollary, that the Father become imperfect as you are. I do not mean this in the generally accepted form of flawed. I mean it more in terms of a microcosm, a non-wholly universal manner. If we replace "perfection" with "universality", the Father wishes you to be universal in your being as He is everywhere: no stone left unturned in your discovery of truth, no canvas left unpainted in your creation of beauty, no fellow left un-fellow-shipped in your expression of goodness.

The vast distance of charted and uncharted space is the playground of the divine. You on Urantia have your charted space; you seekers of perfection have recognized your uncharted space. There is a great hybrid taking place, the one and only God and the increasingly many personalities meeting, uniting, transforming, exchanging, and merging. Only -- well, I take exception. Others besides humans, but you human beings have this unique, fusible, future. I stand in awe over the process, and I am of the fusion order. Our midwayers are hoping for a like experience in their own way to host the Father, to become one in fusion with the Father.

Do contemplate the significance of the fact that you are to be the radiant expression of the Father. This will not happen by nine o'clock tomorrow. It will take age upon age and life upon life and station upon station and dimension upon dimension. So many other created intelligences are reflective of many aspects of the combined natures of the Trinity, but the Father has reserved bestowal of His Fragments for you. It is a joyful realization to comprehend. It is a solemn responsibility to act upon.

In desiring to acquire what the Father is, trust. Use faith to bridge the gap between experience and divinity, that you have Him now; He is all in you. You have acquired, are this moment, all you will attain in the future. It is only a matter of the unfoldment of the ascension. So, then what? Well, this is the exciting part. The Father has come to you in order to discover what has not been resident within Him. There is your contribution to the Father. Here is where the unknowable emerges. Here is where the non-existential becomes real. Free will bestowed upon humankind wasn't placed there simply to allow you freedom to choose the Father without coercion, without predisposition, without a predetermined path of unfoldment. Free will is bestowed upon you because the Father knew not what you would do. This is not a doubt of the divine; it is a curiosity. That is why He has flocked to all worlds such as yours to be intimately involved in your experiences. It is not good enough to the Paradise personalities that they are everything. They are seeking what is also not at this time. You at the fringe of the circle of perfection are revealing this to the Father and the Son and the Spirit. This is to be fun and it is also to be cherished as any fine jewel you could ever own.

Perhaps this is a good time to take a break and let you either respond to myself or others here today, for as I have already given a sermon about it is your contribution that is cherished and desired by us teachers as much as the Father wishes you to give to Him. We do enjoy our lectures, but we likewise benefit from your responses and input. Thank you.


Teacher Contact, Transmitting

Mark: I recently had an experience with a friend which left me confused as to why I wasn't able to contact his personal teacher for him. Where was the breakdown in the circuitry? I assume it was with me.

Elyon: This is Elyon. First off, I feel it important to address the point of familiarity. If I may trace back to our early years together -- is it not a joy that we have now "early years"? -- teachers were told that the human mind will be uncertain as to who is in their proximity and fret over identification. Therefore we were trained to be accepting of whatever appellation was placed upon us, and it has been expressed to you all that you have made mistakes identifying who each of us is. But that is not our concern. As the time had passed, and you who are TRing have had the accumulation of experience which faith builds your discernment, you have grown to recognize our personalities or our energy presence. You have become comfortable with a grouping of us. Sometimes it is for your comfort as a receiver that we displace and dispense with the identification and relay through a familiar being to you a message that another entity wishes to convey. That way we get to the point and not worry over the preliminaries of identification. Witness the many times you will identify the teacher contact as "unidentified". Though the human curiosity piques over such an unidentified being, it is authorized by us that you go ahead and do so that we may move on to our point.

You have been told of the circle of healing from Father on down to and through you to the one in need, and through faith that one's reach to the Father completes the circuit. This is taking place in a situation as you have just described, for much of the time the personal teacher is working directly with their associate and another being is working with the transmitter/receiver to make the audible connection, and a circle is being established where faith may be bolstered and truth realized.

Mark: Thank you very much. Please accept my apology whenever I cause interference inadvertently in this circuit. I will make every attempt to remove the issue of names from the list of hurdles I must overcome.

Is it appropriate to offer (TRing)? I tend to go out on a limb and offer our service, yours and mine. I hope I don't overstep our boundaries.

Elyon: Your expression of concern over quality and accuracy makes you qualified and acceptable to myself, one of your close teachers, and to any others who wish to make contact through you. Be not concerned that you are in any way a hindrance, for your expression of such concern eradicates such a problem. As regards . .. in this method of contact we undertake . .. I direct you to the methods of the Master where he used leading questions to draw out where another one is in their level of faith and trust in the Father's work in their lives and where they need to grow and what they need to know, how he would whet their appetites. Therefore you may suggest and offer as a whetting agent to soften the crust, so to speak, to allow the inner desire to emerge to the surface and be recognized by the other individual. If they are forthcoming with interest then proceed knowing that all individuals are willing, you, myself, my associates and that one who is opening.

You may ask yourself where the halting point is, should it be forthcoming, wherein you must retreat and allow for another time, another rung on the ladder of that individual's growth climb wherein they may be ready to undertake this kind of process.

You know that the Master never gave advice unless asked for. He never preached at but drew out the individual. But he did travel extensively. He put himself in front of multitudes. He contacted one individual after another for years boldly, making the opportunity possible. If the other responded, then the ministry became actual. Had he holed up in Nazareth awaiting the recognition of who he was by those in his vicinity, no one here today would have heard his message. He organized a group of followers. He created a virtual city that could be torn down and transported to another town and reconstructed. These are bold, external activities, but anyone who walked into those encampments came willingly and received what they sought. Nothing was ever required of them that they did not already seek, did not already wish to express.

In your quandary as to which encounter is appropriate or when it is appropriate, rely upon these mannerisms of the Master. I hope that has helped.

Mark: Yes, it has. Thank you. I trust you will gently correct any missteps I may take to make this as accurate, true, beautiful, and good as possible. I thank you in advance for that.

Elyon: And I thank you, too. Also be assured that your mistakes are fine, for had you -- and I speak to more than you singly -- never made a mistake, we would have been done a long time ago. But that is not the case on a world like this, and it keeps us just as on our toes and wondering where we go next as it does for you.

Focus, Presence

Tom: In the exercise behind the eyes and between the ears, to clarify between the ears, is the practice of silence one of the exercises between the ears? Please throw some light on the aural aspects of this space created when we practice.

Elyon: We human origin creatures are coordinate beings. We have the tendency to think in an up-down, back and forth, to and for manner. The sanity of the human mind is anchored by a given that can be phrased, "I am here". Without that identification of "here" one feels disoriented. If you were to be anywhere on this world and did not know where the I am is residing -- that being you -- what would follow? Perhaps panic. Or fear, the frightened sense of powerlessness, the hastened anxiety of the need to locate. In the silence where the mind is peaceful and the thoughts are lessened and the heart is open, without an anchor you can become subject to a dispersed consciousness. By focusing on this method, behind the eyes, between the ears, upon your heart, you are coordinating your attention. Focus rather than dispersion of awareness is the sought for experience.

Though the Father's presence does not dwell in any particular organ of your body, or even dwell within the mind as the mind is concerned, you can best enter into fellowship, recognize the presence, through creating a chamber in the mind, and this exercise uses the space in your skull to make the chamber, though we all fully know that the skull is not hollow. The Thought Adjuster is superimposed upon all of this. But if you were to approach the contact through stillness without focus, more often than not you would simply fall asleep. Less desired than any, you could become disassociated in mental functions.

It is not unusual for humankind to seek a particular spot for worship, be it a temple, tabernacle, or sanctuary, a hermitage, or even a personally favorite location. But you do know with a moment of reflection that three paces in any direction would be likewise as close to home with the Father as any other place. So where do you go but within?

Do you have further inquiry?

Tom: No, thank you. That will keep me occupied.


Elyon: Time is drawing on and I would bring our meeting to a close. I am greatly warmed in heart that you are so attentive to the offering of your recent visitor George, that you have taken his lesson to heart and have practiced it with the diligence that you have applied to the lessons I and others have given you from our side of the fence. Keep up this good work, this investigation, for everything you bring into your possession, whether you retain it for a long period or pass it on after a short while, will help propel you forward in your soul attainment of morontia realities.