2002-03-17-Welcome to New Teacher Base

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Topic: Welcome to New Teacher Base

Group: Rio Rancho TeaM


Teacher: Tomas

TR: Gerdean



This new group formed quickly upon Angus and Gerdean relocation to New Mexico. TeaM Hostesses will be Dorenda, who also plays the piano for us, and Mary Jo. Guests included Ann and Nina. We captured some of the pre-session conversation on tape and share some Q&A as part of the introduction. This first gathering, taking place on St. Patrick's Day, led to this first question:


Q: Is Tomas a little bit Irish?

A: I've looked that name up, because of the spelling of it.

Q: Is it To-mas'?

A: It's Tom'as. No H. A lot of people think that it's To-mas' because of the spelling but it's spelled that way in German, Spanish, Irish, and in Slavic languages, so it's very cosmopolitan.

<general discussion about the personality styles of Teacher Ham and Teacher Abraham>

Q: Who is this Tomas? A: He was an anthropologist on his planet.

Q: You don't know how old he is?

A: No, but he lived his mortal life, he died, he ascended, and since part of the program in the universe is that you teach what you've learned, all of the teachers volunteered to come teach us, or edify us, or reveal to us or whatever, so they're on a spiritual assignment of sorts.

Q: From God?

A: Right. It's all part of God's master plan. It's through the auspices of Jesus, a Michael Son, and it's all part of God's family of beings.

A: It's like a career thing. Tomas, like the other teachers, are on a volunteer career path. A: When we leave here, we still continue to grow. Tomas is in like what you would refer to as "heaven". He is beyond the material realms.

A: As the scripture says, "I go to prepare a place for you," and "In my father's house are many mansions" and the Teachers call it mansion world rather than heaven.

A: The kingdom of heaven is within us.

Q: How are Ham and Tomas related?

A: They are co-workers.

A: Actually Ham is more of an administrative personality. Tomas has called himself "a lesser prophet". I have such esteem for him it makes me a little mad that he would call himself a lesser prophet, but that's not my business, that's Tomas' business, so . … Ham is like the Dean, sort of, of the Teachers. He's got a different administrative role than Abraham. Abraham has a peculiar uniqueness because he is the original Abraham who lived here before. None of the other teachers have ever lived here before (not counting Melchizedek who was his teacher then and is our teacher now.) Abraham has some fabulous perspective to offer because of having lived here. And so, many of the things that we know about Abraham by the Bible, is enhanced and made quite real because Abraham will talk about it. I guess his authority is his experience, and that, really, is what we're learning - the authority of our own experience -- because we can read what other people say, but it's only made real for us when we own it, and it has become a part of us.

A: They are all very unique unto themselves and they all teach excellent stuff. It's different things in different ways. Tomas is kind of a professor type. A: And there are others, like Olfana, who's ebullient! She has a big smile on her face. A: I won't let her work through me. I'm way too uptight for that. (Laughter) A: Susan does well with it. A: Susan does beautifully with it. I've let Olfana in a couple of times, but I'm just more comfortable with Tomas because he is professorial, even stuffy, but I should let Tomas talk for himself! A: I was going to say, Tomas will probably carry this conversation on farther.

Q:: They have been listening? A: Oh yeah. A lot of time they tell us that the conversation that we have before the meeting is important or more important because they will go from that.

GERDEAN: Is everybody ready then, because it is not something we want to launch into until you are comfortable with it.

GUEST: So we just listen?


DORENDA: Will Tomas let us ask questions?

GERDEAN: He will, no doubt.

MARY JO: Does he give personal messages? You know in Nashville, Ham does.

GERDEAN: Tomas has not, overtly.

HOSTESS: Does anybody need anything?

EVERYBODY: We're fine.


TOMAS: Such accolades! I am charmed to be your friend. I am heartened to be welcomed into your lives, your social arena, your private time with God, this religious moment of searching inside for what will be that great mainstay of our association - the First Source and Center of creation. This fellowship we enjoy spawns from Eternal Parents, providing for us such kinship as to bridge the gap between your realm of existence and mine as I find it in my existence.

You have done well, children, to ascertain who it is you are speaking to. I am going to spend, in fact, today devoting our energies, such as I might, to an acquaintanceship. What we will build is relationship, which will bring forth from each of us a degree of recognition of who we are and how we live our religious life. That will enable us to socialize our beliefs, clarifying all the while what love is.

What is relationship but sharing, and what is our association but sharing our inner life? If we were not interested in deep mind concepts, or heart-felt conditions, it would suffice us to be at the mall or at the game. But, inasmuch as we seek to go beyond the common perception of reality and enter into an arena of divinity attainment, it is pleasurable to get to know you.

And, in fairness, I can share with you something about myself, for this contributes to our ability to understand each other, and in understanding each other, we can come to know and love each other in ways that will indeed be eternal.

Even as my form alters and your form changes, we will recognize one another by our personality, and so let us commence to embark upon a full appreciation of what personality is, so that this gift of God can be revealed by and through each of us in an appropriate expression of praise for our Creator.

As you have heard, I am a former mortal. That is to say, I am an ascending son, a pilgrim of time. I am not complete spirit. I am still carrying with me vestiges of my animal existence. As you review your faults in moments of reflection, I too look upon my shortcomings and lament the fact that I have yet to master certain qualities of behavior, animal vestiges. I admit to prejudices and intolerance, but not often and not demonstrably, but even so, I am aware that the shadow of imperfection lingers within me.

And so I, like you, have work to do in releasing to the ascension scheme all those qualities that will, like the sinker on a fishing pole, hold me down, weight me fast to the current of living water, that I might stay the course and fish, keeping my goal in mind of what I am fishing for. Am I a fisher of men for the Master? Or, am I a fisher of flattery and vain imaginings. We thus learn together.

However, I must confess to you a certain edge, a certain experiential edge, which in fact is what gives me the credence I have as a Teacher. I urge you to question my authority at any time. I encourage you to find fault with my efforts, for in these exchanges I am not perfect. I accept my need to know more, and so when you question me you stimulate me to think and ponder and indeed to pray for reconstructive surgery such as to heal my error.

I'll tell you my common format. It is to enjoy your camaraderie and share in the concerns of your lives, and therefore we encourage your association and your honest portrayal of what it is in your existence that concerns you, so that as a community we can share these concerns and perhaps I can enhance your appreciation of your experience by the value of the experience I have had in the nature of mastering such concerns as you have voiced.

Much like a Dutch uncle, I am a philosopher now. For while I once was a Cultural Anthropologist, I can only study evolving life up to a point before I have to acknowledge how it is that we are the same, even while appreciating how it is that we differ. Once this occurs, there is no resolution but to become a philosopher, and encourage the performance of those acts which will, in faith of their performance, bring about an actualization of a greater reality, and this reality will reflect in your hearts and you will know greater happiness. And so I come to you, my friends, to help you become happy, even while I rejoice in the happiness you bring to me and to my peers in this Corp of Teachers, to this lovely orb of glowing light in the galaxy.

After I give a lesson or offer a thought, I will pause and you can choose then to follow up with the lesson, if questions come to mind, or you may divert entirely to another realm and we can investigate other concerns and interests as if they were part of your curriculum. I am fairly tolerant of curiosity questions, however, I have been admonished by my superiors to not expend overmuch time in trivial socializing, as we are under the influence of Efficiency Engineers, even in this work. I have a smile on my face however as I say, "Let's not let the Efficiency Engineers create such a mechanical working environment that we lose our social fragrance and natural grace."

I am so glad to meet all of you. Let me hear from you.


DORENDA: I want to welcome you, Tomas. I am so pleased that you are here. I am just thrilled. Mother and I have had a long and wonderful relationship with Ham, and I have to tell you I cried when he handed me over to you, and still tears come up to my eyes, but it is with a happy heart that I welcome you and look forward to a "getting to know one another" period, and so thank you for being here.

TOMAS: Gracious daughter, I am humbled by your words. Most assuredly, you have not lost Ham. He often attends all of our meetings and is intimately involved in your growth and interested in your concerns and will continue to nurture you even as he offers you subsistence counsel under myself. How glad I am to be so welcomed by you, and assuredly together we will make our elder brother Ham proud of us in our ultimate ascension.

MARY JO: Tomas, it is going to be wonderful to add another Teacher to love and to get to know. Ham and Abraham have been great and we are grateful to them. We are also very grateful that Gerdean and Angus have moved into our area. We have longed for a Teacher for a long time and thank you for fulfilling that. It is wonderful to have them and it is wonderful to have you. We look forward to getting better and better. Thank you.

TOMAS: What a marvelous presentment of sentiment, Esmarelda. The story behind this Teacher Base is a saga of loyalty, and I am truly glad to be well based, and I am as appreciative of your steadfastness and longevity. In being patient, you inspire me to better myself in my impatience. Perhaps we could begin having exercises in patience! (Chuckles) Everyone hates those unilaterally.

ANN: I also welcome you, Tomas. I know that when Dorenda sent me an e-mail and said you were here, I knew that this is where I belonged.

TOMAS: I embrace your heart, daughter, and welcome you home. We are family, indeed. You belong with your people. How can I presume to make such a claim? Because I am fully impressed by the community we share. There is nothing greater than kinship in God's family. With each other we are able to accomplish anything that He should set before us, and with each other as company and inspiration, our accomplishments will lead us through those growth experiences which will teach us how invaluable we are to one another as extensions of our divine Creator.

As I grow in affection for each of you, I grow in appreciation of the Infinite Parent, I have a greater respect for omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. Listen to the trickle of the water. These grand words are only reflections of the purity of the trickle of the water. This is the same value lesson as we find in the Living Water of divine love. As it flows in and around our hearts, we are refreshed and revivified, purely and without excess verbiage. My heart goes out to you and I look forward to many romps in the Living Water with you, bathing beauty.

NINA: I guess it's my turn, Tomas. TOMAS: I am delighted! Tell me about you.

NINA: Okay. I'm a Christian. I'll be honest with you. I'm a little skeptical about being here today. But something has brought me here and I would just like to hear from you. What can you tell me that will help me not to be so fearful, to feel more comfort here?

TOMAS: You challenge me, indeed, with affection, for you present to me words which I can chew one at a time. You present me with the word Christianity. You are Christian. You have shared with me a chocolate, for I am also [Christian], in that, I am a believer in Christ. He is my Lord. I follow him as avidly as did his original apostles. I am bent upon building his church. I believe, with you, that with Christ we can bless earth with love and harmony.

There are many things we share because of the word "Christian." However, I have in my experience also known, befriended, and come to love heathens of all manner, and also have lost my heart to faiths of a different order/nature. There are values that rule worlds similar in divine quality but which have scant frame of reference for Christ, for he never appeared on their world; there are others, however, who are appointed the task of uplifting and edifying, yea even saving humanity, and so there are dimensions of Christ-consciousness which extend beyond the shores of the Christian history as it has been presented to you in your culture. It's remarkable how many individuals are in step with Christ who have no knowledge of his name. This is because of his beneficent ways and His mysteries.

Continue to question, and think critically, for one of the greatest travesties of this world has been those who follow foolishly and blindly down some path which appears to be a solution but which really only paints a pretty picture of what could otherwise be a divine reality. Your spirit indwelling will help lead you. As Jesus has admonished, the Spirit of Truth will always point the way and say, "This is the way" and when you are convinced, you will go the way in which the Lord has led you, content to have followed his voice.

It is experience like this that creates the strong soul, that which will not be swayed by sophistry, but which will know because they have gone through the experience with Jesus, with his essence.

NINA: Tomas, how do I hear his voice? Is it in my conscious? In my head?

TOMAS: It is, yes, and the mind is the arena wherein you ponder and weigh intellectually these thoughts which will lead you to a superconscious resolution. However, in the end it is the spirit within you which will ultimately clasp the truth as you have discerned it, as you have chosen it, in order to create that which will serve you eternally. Therefore, ponder carefully and choose wisely which way you will go. That which is built upon a firm foundation will endure, but that which is made of intellectual resolutions is vulnerable to being cast ashore, being shipwrecked by tumultuous storms of experiential fury.

The faith son can stand calmly by and watch such calamities occur without losing ground. Thus any time your choices have led you astray you have the option then to recognize that perhaps your faith was built on a lesser reality than what The Father would have you know. Rather than find fault with your imperfect choices, you have the opportunity now to modify your thinking such that you will allow yourself to be led into greater awareness of greater reality, and this will help shore up your psyche and your soul for subtle new degrees of perfection-attainment.

Ultimately, child, you will have forged the right to stand before God, a perfect product, a perfect entity, because of your choice to do His will. That is your goal and only you can attain it. You have every right to be mindful of your choices, your comings and goings. I hope only to encourage you, to inspire and edify you and to companion you in your efforts to become all that you can be, in the spirit and in the flesh.

DORENDA: I just want us to acknowledge Willie, too, because he is really looking forward to being here and being a part of this group. He is not here this afternoon, but he's very mindful of the meeting and very supportive and encouraging. He's looking forward to being here, too.

TOMAS: I look forward to him as well, having had the pleasure of his personality presence in times past. And there will be others! Others are en route even now to conjoin with you in this new configuration, this celebration of sonship -- the Rio Rancho Teacher Base. Is this the official title? (Group laughter)

THOROAH: It has a nice ring to it.

DORENDA: Yeah, it sounds great!

MARY JO: Thanks for recognizing Rio Rancho.

TOMAS: It's easier to spell than Albuquerque. (Laughter) This is one of the lessons we have all learned from Teacher Ham. If we can make these morsels of food small enough for you to chew, you will savor their value and grow teeth to chew off greater concepts later on. Perhaps later on we will also have an Albuquerque Teacher Base for those who have chewed the spelling.

Now, that was a reflection of my prejudice, you see, but I don't regard it as a negative quality in my personality; rather, an appreciation for human nature. Having been a human being, I know whereof I speak.

Thoroah and Gerdean, it is with great joy that I embrace you in this new configuration. Truly you have come into your own, as they say. Having meandered, Gerdean, hither and yon, how marvelous it must feel for you to have lit upon the common shore that we knew so many years ago. And how accommodating of the universe to provide Thoroah with the Land of Enchantment in the process! How are you enjoying the climate, Thoroah?

THOROAH: All I have to do is look outside and see those golfers playing golf and that says it all.

TOMAS: It would appear as though your milieu might be fellow athletes. It's always helpful when attempting to make a connection with someone, that you have something in common. That's the way to bridge the gap of personalities. Perhaps in discussing golf you will be able to begin to create the parallels/parables necessary to bring the reality of divinity into the game of golf and thus praise our Creator in leisure as well as in production. It's the same as women with recipes, or horticultur-alists with plants. What you have in common is immediate foundation for association, and the more joy you find in the activity, the more praise is available for your lips. Having been bonded and developed a sense of kinship, it is possible to go on, then, to those areas which will need some work in order to meet your standards of attainment.

Perhaps as we bond as kin or friends in something we have in common, it will be possible for us in time to address some of those concerns that will require a more critical eye. Thus, we may be able to impact upon our society as a group of people in addition to each individually impacting upon their society of friends. At any rate, I am certain we will enjoy the association -- providing I don't do all the talking.

We've had a delightful visit. I am glad to have made your acquaintance. I am not certain I have offered a lesson. However, I have at least established myself in your consciousness. If we can develop the same kind of consciousness of Our Father, it's possible we can enhance this relationship to another level of reality, for the same technique is used to come to know God as it is to know one another.

Spend time with Him and share with Him your concerns. Listen to Him for His response to your cares, and in faith, give yourself up to His counsel. In strength, then, of His abiding love for you and his creation, allow Him to lead you into ways and means of connecting and correcting a life extended from the life inherent in sonship.

We have no reality without the reality of God. It is merely illusion if we exclude our Source and Center, that "still, small voice" known by many things.


I think one of my favorites is "the voice of the Good Shepherd" who calls his sheep and his sheep respond. May your bounty this week be to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd and follow him where he leads, knowing you are in his loving care. Until we meet again, I am your friend, teacher and companion, Tomas.