2002-05-13-911 & Middle East

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Topic: 911 & the Middle East

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teachers: JarEl, Correlli, Benson, Michael

TR's: Stella & Steve


Opening Prayer

Prayer, Nel: Our Father we thank you for your presence with us. We thank you for bringing us together every week. Help us Father to know your will and rejoice in the life that you give us. Help us to give your love, to grow in faith and to trust you. Thank you Father for our Michael who so beautifully reflects you. Through him we come close to you. In our human form we are unable to see you in your glory, but someday we will as you lead us forward to your home, which is our home. We thank you Father for all of life’s beauty that is around us. Help us to be light to this world. We suffer when we see the suffering of our brothers and sisters, and we wish so much to do something. To do something is to come to you, be in your presence and hear your voice so you can guide us there to the places where we can be of help. We send you our love Father and rejoice in the love that you give. In Michael’s name we pray, amen.

Stella: I would like to ask you all to pray for Wanda Donaho my best friend who was hit by a car yesterday and both of her ankles were broken; run over by a car. She asked me to pray for her and I am asking you to send a white light of healing to Wanda Donaho. Thank you Father, so be it.


Correcting Time

JarEl: TR, Stella. This is JarEl speaking. Stella asked me earlier in the week if I would be so kind as to transmit through her. I, of course, said yes. I greet you this night, I am happy to see my friends again. This time I would like to send a message of hope and cheer. Your world is undergoing unusual travails and many of the world’s people cannot believe the horrors that are occurring in so many parts of the world, but this is to tell you that these travails will not continue for a long period of time, as we measure time. The problems of your world are a cleaning-out process. We do see signs of encouragement from many quarters of the globe; that people are awakening to the belief and knowledge that only love can transform hate. We see former enemies helping one another and this is love in action. Of course we do see those who are adamant in their hate but hate is self destruction and these haters will fall by the wayside. We are encouraged, so we ask that you be encouraged also.

Christ Michael is here and is personally attending to many of the problems in the Middle East. We are gratified to see that so many Israelis are coming forth and agreeing that the Palestinians should have their own State. This is very encouraging and we believe that the Thought Adjusters are doing their work and because of the love in these people, it is breaking forth in protest, which is a good sign. We love all of you and know that many of you are deeply troubled, but these troubles will pass and nothing will stop your march to the age of Light and Life.

There will be problems ahead of course, but with new thought, new intelligences and new young people becoming more aware, they will have great influences on the policies that were detrimental to the people in the past. We have many new Teaching Mission Personnel on the planet and they are endeavoring to contact many souls. We have been successful, surprisingly so, and these people are working in their own areas of concern to mitigate many of the problems that are facing your world, whether it is hunger, poverty, lack of education or lack of medicine. These are being worked on by very many good people, many good people of good will. This is the emphasis that brings civilization from the depths of darkness. So be not dismayed, there are many, many centuries of Light and Life ahead. To you the time may seem very slow, but in reality it is only a second of cosmic time. These are all plans that are being worked on, plans for the new Light and Life that is ahead and we are happily working towards those goals.

We are so glad that so many of you still care for the Teaching Mission and each of you are working in your own way to bring about this new age. You would be surprised to see how effective your prayers and actions are. The light that you spread paves the way for the angels and cherubim to influence people of like mind to get to work and these people are working, we are grateful. We love you and hope to speak to you again. If there are any questions, you may ask now or I will step aside for any other Teachers who would like to speak.


Donna: JarEl, I would just like to say that I really appreciate your message. It is very uplifting and heartwarming to hear that there are so many good people working in good ways to bring about the peace process. That is news that we do not often hear. We certainly don’t hear this from our media and it is very uplifting and I am very grateful for that news, thank you so much.

JarEl: TR, Stella. You are welcome. However, television can be a great boon for humanity, unfortunately there is so much emphasis on the negativity. So that the good that is being done is rarely being beamed into your living room, but let me assure you, the good is there. People are basically good and they yearn for peace and they are realizing that you cannot fight but rather take care of your brothers and sisters, and love will conquer all eventually.

Stella: I just heard JarEl call Correlli, “Correlli would you like to say a few words?” And Correlli said, “yes.”

Correlli: TR, Stella. I am so glad that you are with us again Stella. We have missed you, but we know that you have been busy. We too send our greetings to your wonderful group, those who are so loyal to the Teaching Mission and we are grateful. We too echo JarEl’s thanks, for your steadfastness and your desire to do good, for your prayers and for your efforts. None of these things are wasted and will bear much good fruit in the long-run. We are so happy for all of you. We and the angels guard you and guide you if need be. We must say that you have been wonderful students, all of you. We love you and we pray for your well being.

There are many beings here enthralled by your loyalty to one common goal, which is to spread the love of God to all that you meet. We are working, contacting other groups, there are more coming forth, for which we are happy and which we have prayed for these long many years. Your group has been very faithful and we appreciate it. We all hope to meet you someday. There is much eagerness here, but it will be awhile before all of us will be together on this side and we look forward to that day. In the meanwhile, do your work as you are so inclined, the world will be better off for it. Thank you for letting me come to speak to you. This is Correlli, Aflana, and Meister Eckhart always standing by. He so wishes that there had been a Teaching Mission in his day, he so enjoys this great phenomenon that is taking place in this century.


Benson: TR, Steve. Good evening, this is Benson. It has been awhile since I addressed this group. I cannot begin to hold a candle to the message JarEl just delivered. Most of the thoughts which he presented to you are those which are on the minds of so many of us Teachers, especially in this very tense time of worldly events. I only wish to add a few details. After the tragedies of September 11th suddenly many, many individuals who perished, who had Teachers, were suddenly gone and those Teachers are now in search of new subjects to serve. Most of these individual Teachers who were left subject-less were given a special course in training. Many, many of them returned to surviving family members, to assist in their Adjuster contact and consoling and guiding them. Now that the bereavement is for the most part past, there is still much work to do. Very soon the site of the tragedy will be swept clean of all the debris and reminders of that horrible event on your world. However, the total sum of the determination of individuals that were affected by the tragedy, to try to do better in their lives and to do more good for the lives of others, tremendously outweighs the quantity of evil which occurred on that day. I, myself, spent a bit of time assisting and training some of the other Teachers.

Michael has had double duty, dealing with the problems of his old neighborhood, the Middle East, as well as problems arising from the September 11th tragedy. And yet the two are related in a way. In the Middle East we have individuals fighting for their independence and they are fighting a cultural, historic and religious affront. There are only so many acres of land and yet both sides cannot occupy the same land as an independent state. The ideal solution would be for a certain limited area to be set aside as a coalition for both sides, yet due to angers which have been provoked by the suicide bombers, the Israelis are not ready to yield. In a way we can understand this, for they believe that they are the chosen people. In a sense that is correct for it was these people who were chosen by the Bestowal Commission before Michael’s incarnation. Yet the Israelis do not see it that way, but themselves as the political chosen. While as the other side, with new generations, does not see the historical base, so they see themselves as a void. We are hoping that some great statesman may be able to make peace between the two sides.

It was disheartening for Michael to see the direct center of his nativity besieged over the past two weeks. Yet he stands up with courage and certain that this entire difficulty shall someday be over. Many higher angelic beings have made it possible for greater restraint than would normally have been shown by leaders of this area. In other words, things could be a lot worse. Your prayers for peace, which we hear from all of you in this Teaching Mission on a daily basis are being heard. Although celestial powers cannot directly intervene, except in a dire emergency, the intervention on the part of each human being’s Teacher can start a collective wave of good; can bring people to the plate. Everyone will reach a time when they will all say “enough!”

It is a very uncertain time but, in a sense, it is the last set of spasms from the end of Lucifer’s rein and Satan and Caligastia’s nefarious deeds on this planet. With that influence removed, the task will be far easier then it would otherwise have been. Again, prayers for peace, almost constantly and on everyone’s mind are one of the most powerful tonics that can be administered. Until next time I bid you farewell.

JarEl: TR, Stella. Are there any other questions?

Nel: I would just like to express also, my gratitude, for the messages tonight. They have really been uplifting and reassuring. I think all of us feel rather helpless at times, so I just want to say to JarEl, Correlli, and all the Teachers, thank you, we need you and your interaction just gives all of us a lift to carry on, thank you so much.


Michael: TR, Stella. This is Christ Michael. I commend you Stella for agreeing to step in. You are so uncertain and yet you can transmit and I also echo JarEl and Benson’s message. As much as it grieves me to see what is happening in the land of my birth, I know it is the last vestige of age-old traditions of exclusivity. We are indeed our brothers’ keeper and we must all work together to help one another. We can no longer say that this land is mine to the exclusion of someone else’s right. There must be a broadening concept of brotherly love. We do see vestiges of this love coming forth in those Israelis who condemn further war. This condemnation of war and violence must take hold in all parts of the world. Those governments that have been instrumental in carrying the war will reach their own demise, because destruction is self-destruction. It can no longer take place in and among our society. We weep for those who have lost their lives, but they are safe on the other side and rue the day that they were ensnared by old traditions and loyalties to might and greed. They urge those that were left behind to change their ways and some are listening, which is a good sign. We will continue to work for peace especially me as your Father/brother. There are great forces in place to stop this un-gamely blood shed. We are reaching many whose Thought Adjusters are there promoting love and the desire for peace. We are not totally dismayed, because we know that this too shall pass. So we urge you to be patient, be loving, be kind and continue your prayers. That force is a great help to us because we can use that force for the plans that we have for peace in the Middle East. So continue what you are doing and we love you and we salute you and we wait for the day that we shall meet face to face. Thank you for allowing me to come in.

All: Thank you Michael.