2002-07-14-God's Love & Life's Meaning

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Topic: God's Love & Life's Meaning

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca, Joan C.



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I welcome each of you this evening. Over the years, we have spoken of many things. We have visited many subjects and discussed life in generalities and detail.



What is this business of living? What is the essence of existence, the purpose of being? I have searched through many ancient archives, discussed these things with many more intelligent and learned beings than myself, and always they recur to the mystery of God's will.

We exist because he wills our existence into being. We are his children, his creatures, a part of the working mechanism of his vast creation. The immensity of his will is fathomless. We cannot probe or dissect it. It simply is and is at the heart of all creation.

We know that he created us out of love, that he created us to fulfill his great purpose of love. The purpose of our lives is found in that love, it is found in loving each other and in loving him. We are fulfilled as we receive his love and made whole and purposeful and true as we orient ourselves toward his love.

The Father's love is truly the very essence of all creation. If it were possible to penetrate the very center of an ultimaton, you would find love. Matter, energy, all these things, the vast wheel of creation ultimately in its center is love.

Love is not without intelligence. Love does not exist without purpose. The mind who conceived his vast creation with all its natural laws, all its mathematical complexity, all its symmetry and beauty - this mind is dominated by the purpose of love. There is nothing purposeless in creation. All has meaning. All ultimately when coordinated with the symmetry of love reveals truth.

Contemplating the wonder of the Father's will leads to reflections on the divine nature which is good for human minds to ponder. The Father desires that you know him. The Father desires that you love him first, and in that loving would come knowledge and with that knowledge would come peace and wisdom.

All of his creation is dominated, oriented, and drawn by love. All of creation responds to love. Every cell in your body reacts and responds to love. Love is the unmistakable presence of the spirit. Those who are wise recognize the true spirit in their brethren. The Father's love cannot be faked.

When the Master said, you will know them by their fruits, he spoke with great seriousness about how love dominates, transforms, and makes useful the lives of his followers. He asked Peter the simple question, do you love me, three times. And each time, Peter responded yes, then the Master followed with instruction about what that love should do. And each person who loves God finds then in their hearts some instruction about how to live, how to be with the other children on this world.

Those who know God know his simple instruction, if you love me, feed my sheep. Give the bread of life to those who hunger for it. Give the waters of the spirit to those who thirst. Give as you have received. And so it is. Within the mystery of the Father's will, is the mystery of love.

Love is our source and our destiny. Love is what upholds our lives and upholds the universe. Love is the one great motivating factor in all creation. Love is the pattern, purpose and meaning of our lives.

So I say to you, love God with all your heart and soul and find within that love that little instruction. Love each other and peace will be yours.

Are there any questions at this time.



Q: Ham I am feeling particularly bereft of love and purpose.

Ham: Yes, my daughter, be careful to understand simple discouragement and a certain amount of loneliness with truly being bereft of love. Love desires service and in finding a way to serve, follow that love. For you have not lost it, it is not gone. Separate what is self-serving from what is God-serving. This is not easy and there will always be those grey areas of course but the more you set aside the service of self and elevate the service of the Father, the greater your peace and happiness will be. And, knowing you, you will dissect your life and agonize over this, but this is not may intention. Life is made of little steps and small decisions. Happiness is largely chosen or rejected. Take those little steps that make you happy. Service of the Father is joy. This may not make sense now, but it will over time. Is this helping at all.

Q: I hope and pray, thank you.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message please?


Ham: Certainly, my son. In the human life, each person must make sacrifices for the happiness of others. This idea of putting aside one's immediate comfort to augment the comfort of another is actually the beginning of finding a joyful fulfillment. People, especially now, tend to think that they are entitled to selfishness and this is not always in big things, but in small things, and that this entitlement is adult, but it is actually quite childish. To grow in the spirit, one must continually sacrifice the self and in this growth and in this sacrifice is joy, fulfillment, and maturity. So many people now seem to feel that rigid standards and unyielding positions are a birthright but this only leads to lonely, unhappy lives. The yielding, the bending, and I say this to both of you, this is where you will find happiness. You love each other very much. Seek to make each other happy rather than requiring the other to make you happy. This is the secret to stable relationships and maturing growing lives. Is this helpful?

Q: Yes, thank you.


Q: Anonymous question: Ham, can you please give us some guidance on homosexuality. I have many gay friends who are wonderful, loving, caring people, but their parents are devastated because of so called "religious values". How can I help them accept that these wonderful people are not "condemned to hell"?

They say these beliefs are what is "taught in the bible". They love their children and they keep fighting to "fix" them because they are trying to be good parents and "save their children".

Ham: Yes, how sad. The teachings of your modern churches are right to uphold the family as an ideal for the intact family unit is truly the basis upon which civilization is built. However, there are other mighty contributors to society, as well, who don't fit into the religious ideal. But are they any less the Father's children? It would help if these parents remembered that just as they are children of God, so are their children also direct children of God with his spirit living within them as he lives in all his children. The Father's children are all loved infinitely, none more, none less, and it is the job of parents to emulate the love of the Father, the love of the spirit. Within this love, there is no room for judgment and that is not their job. They must accept that they have done their best with their children and these children are now free to live their own lives as equal children of the Father.

Q: From Charlie Beyer: Could you please ask Ham if he would mind giving Rose D. a personal message in the upcoming meeting?

Ham: Certainly. Yes, this daughter has much fire within her. She is quick to respond to the spirit. She is one who is also very adventurous or precocious concerning spiritual matters. She wants to find out for herself rather than take someone's word for it. My dear, this is just what we want you to do. Never be satisfied with half truths, but seek after the truth with a whole heart and stop at nothing less than complete spiritual satisfaction. Sometimes the teachings of childhood rear up like nightmares and make you doubt yourself. But fear not, the spirit beckons with love, acceptance, and complete understanding. Trust your instincts and your own feelings. Let go of doubt as you push off in the boat of faith. Faith is all we have at times and it is unfailing.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Norbert.

Ham: My son, you do well. Do not be concerned about time going by before you will be ready to transmit. Be very unconcerned for there is nothing you can do to change the time table. Live your life. Seek love, and love others with a full and open heart. Happiness is yours if you choose to accept it.


Before I take my leave, I would like to say a few words with the aid of our new transmitter.

Ham: Yes, we have spoken at length this evening of love. It is the Father's deepest desire that his love will be with you always on your pathway. But, very often in your human existence, confusion and fear will control you as you reach the crossroads in life. This confusion and fear can sometimes prevent you from moving forward on the right path. Stop and ask of the Father to guide you with his love. That love will illuminate your path and make it a clear passage way for you to move forth. Be courageous in doing so for the Father's love will continue to carry you forward to where you need to be. Accept this love and know that it is the compass that will guide you always. As always, our time together is precious for us all. You are all dear, dear souls and my love goes with you.