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Topic: Power

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am happy to be welcomed once more this evening. Tonight, let us discuss what real power consists of. For what is spiritual power as it manifests in your world? Spiritual power rests and consists in love alone. The Master was so powerful because he was so loving. Your world has not seen such a loving human being since his passing. Human beings are afraid of that kind of love, a love that admits no barriers, a love that overwhelms any who draw near to his person, a love that can change a person's life who simply touched the hem of his garment.



His power was real. Even after the destruction of his earthly body, he remained and then his spirit, his love, was poured out on all flesh changing all the world and everyone in it. His power was not of an earthly nature. Of earthly power, he dabbled little. His power was real and in a sense he gave it even more reality by renouncing earthly power, by renouncing the petty human ego drive to be somebody. In the end, he gave up all power and then was given great power in return.

In human reality, power is a very fleeting commodity. Power shifts as the sand in the sea. It is always moving, changing, rearranging itself and no one single grain of sand can withstand the tide's force.

Earthly power is more or less delusional power. It is temporary and it is very unstable. But, spiritual power is different. Spiritual power is gained as earthly power is renounced. Spiritual power is almost a self-negating or self-forgetting state which is the only way a human being can touch real love and real power of love. You cannot hold it, or possess it, but you can draw near to it as you surrender your earthly power to him who has all power. Human beings panic without their illusions of power, without the illusion of control. The thought of being a small grain of sand tossed by the sea is too frightening for most human beings and so humans go about pretending that their money or their control or their earthly influence will somehow protect them from the on rushing tide. But, in the end, those illusions are shattered and each one departs this life with nothing.

The most mighty pharaoh of ancient times departs this earth equally endowed as his most humble slave. The man with illusions of control loses his illusions. The one without illusions of control loses nothing. Who is richer? Spiritual power is invisible. Spiritual power is all powerful.

It is child like, however, to expect the Father's powerful love to break the rules of cause and effect that he has created for the good of all. The Father sees the end from the beginning. He knows the best type of environment in which to raise his ambitious youngsters.

Human beings, rather than accepting the Father's overriding will, tend to want to change that will and are ever clamoring to do so. Some, in embracing the ego perfidity, try to pretend their power is God like. These humans sometimes actually succeed in bringing great numbers into their control and so succeed in perverting the Father's will for those very people. The worst of oppressors begin by being a friend to the oppressed. Human power is limited but it is sometimes given great leeway to be forces for good or evil in the world.

The mystery of the Father's will always remains shrouded in situations of the allowance of free will and its natural consequences. Spiritual power is not self-seeking. Spiritual power is that which always seeks after the well being of others. As the Master walked through Palestine, he allowed all the evils that men do to each other to continue. He healed many of the sick and injured, but this did not change their souls. The souls of men grow slowly, one step at a time, one decision at a time.

Fantastic works change nothing and he allowed the Father's soil to remain. He came not to proclaim a new earthly kingdom to the great dismay and disappointment of his followers. His power was entirely spiritual and that power the world has never seen really completely exercised.

How child like in your thoughts that so many people see the drama of good and evil being fought in an earthly way. Those who know the Father know a greater drama is being fought out every day, every hour for every soul alive. Those battles are those of the individual, his mind, his heart. How do you find the truth and when found how do you incorporate it into your life? How do you become truth? How do you become love? These are the great spiritual battles.

Human nature is very strong, your egos are all healthy and well developed. You have a million ways to deceive yourselves and others. But these are only delaying tactics. For in the end, you must each lay down your material weapons and armor and lay hold of the spirit and the Father's love and mercy. Think this coming week about the difference between earthly and spiritual power. For in the end, it is a great choice each one of you must make. Shall we go to questions?



Q: You are not saying that we should not participate in earthly affairs.

So for example when it comes time to vote we should make our choices and vote. Are you telling us instead that we should not invest ourselves so much in this and that this is not where we should look for the truth?

Yes, of course. Participating in life is necessary in order to understand the differences we speak of. Life is a great teacher. There is no substitute for it. Life is a proving ground, a nursery. It is a place where ultimately great decisions are made. There would be no value in a world where there was no struggle. Always, in this universe, there is an ongoing struggle of creation. The Father is his wisdom places great value on individual human will. That will is realized or made real as it is brought into conflict with those things that are unreal. Many human beings live their entire lives in a mistaken reality. In other words, they mistake the unreal for that which is real. All human beings make these errors and it is only through living a natural life that one can realize the difference, that one can sort the valuable from that which is not valuable. The young do that which they see their elders do. They value that which they see their elders value and so are lead astray en mass every generation. But, your world is not barren of the older and wiser souls which contribute much more than they seem to to this world through utilizing spiritual power. Is this helping?

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, so you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Of course. My son, you do very well. You have grown in wisdom through many trying times. Remember the parable of the pearl of great price. The rich man sells all he owns, gives everything he has in order to purchase this one valuable thing. So it is with the spirit. Often times human beings must sacrifice all they have or have known, the things they have valued, in order to lay hold of the thing they have come to value. The hard lessons of life will always continue, but you will not lose that thing of real value that you have gained. What is real and lasting, true and good, those things are not measured by the paltry measures of the world. The Master said "store up your treasures in heaven where no robber can steal them, and where your treasure lies, there will your heart be also". True value, true spiritual growth is never seen through the eyes of the world. These things are known within your heart by the spirit of the Father whose measure is true and unchanging. Think of life as a school and that school's whole purpose is to show you what is valuable and real and true as opposed to that which seems valuable, seems real, or seems true.

Q: Ham may I have a personal message please?

Ham: Certainly, my son, you have been going through the self same hard lessons and likewise you are learning to understand the difference, to be a better judge of these things, what seems to be and what is, what is wished for and what is, and what within all that is truly valuable. No one escapes the hard knocks of life. There is no way to avoid difficulties, conflicts, disappointments, and changing reactions to changing realities. Store up those things which are truly valuable. Learn to seek these things within the mundane seemingly valueless realities of day to day life. Life is filled with buried treasure and the spirit gives you eyes to see it and to cherish it. The battles of the spirit are not won easily. The self seeking ego is a formidable adversary for all. But remember and never lose sight of the fact that you are so highly valued in the universe that the Father loves you as if you were his only child.

All the love the Father has, he bestows upon his children. Most of his children, in the earthly state, perceive only a tiny portion of that great spiritual bounty that is theirs. The more you grow toward the Father in the spirit, the more you will perceive his loving arms around you always. Be at peace my son, you do well.

Q: Ham do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes my daughter, you do very well. You are like a butterfly just airing her wings uncertain about flying. Lay hold on the vast store of spiritual gifts the Father has given you. Be unafraid to grow into new realities. Be unafraid of being forceful and certain at times when your natural instinct is to be uncertain and timid.

Teaching Mission

Q: Rebecca asks, should we go to the conference in Niagara Falls this year and what should our attitude be?

Ham: Thank you my dears for referring this decision to higher authority.

I will take it on advisement and answer next week. The increasing confusion that seems to be whirling about our mission purpose will eventually subside. But make not mistake, the spiritual presence upon your world, meaning the many beings who have come from far and wide to aid your world's recovery, are not in confusion. There is no breaking of ranks between groups of angels or groups of midwayers. There has been no change as to our policy concerning human beings and we will be patient as the half-hearted or deluded people are gradually winnowed out. The mission stands firm, unmoveable. Each one of you is precious for each one of you is willing to gradually but surely let go of the old ego driven life as you lay hold, gradually and surely, of a new and greater life, a life of spiritual knowledge, freedom, and spiritual power. The mission will not be waylaid by those who seek to rob it or change it or alter its course. Human beings, as we discussed, can pretend at power but very few of you understand what real power is at all.

Q: Do you have anything for me Ham?

Ham: Certainly my son. You are a man of great loyalty to truth. You are a man who is not easily moved from that loyalty and in this search for truth within yourself, you have begun to forgive that which is only human, that weakness of the flesh, so to speak, the side of all humans that is capable of prevarication and deceit. Forgive, forgive, forgive, that should be your watchword this week. No human being is perfect and you are coming to understand that the more you can forgive yourself, the more you will be able to forgive those others in the past.

Q: I've seen that for a long time.

Ham: Yes, but it is coming to pass in your experience just now. Be completely open to the searching light of the Father's loving gaze.

Q: Ham, I am so hungry to be productive, to be at work and to be in full effectiveness. Is this coming soon?

Ham: The immature human being is always impatient. It is amusing to watch as you alternate between hungering for rest and when rest comes hungering for work. The really productive times are often times of inactivity. The art of waiting must be better developed in all people for in the waiting are many valuable lessons which you must take with you into the doing. Therefore, be not impatient for work will come soon enough. Enjoy the time of waiting and of being just you in the moment in the now. Most human beings have difficulty with the concept for they are so filled with needs and wants that they almost self identify with those needs and wants. But that is not who you are. You are complete right now. You are a growing child of the Father of all things. His lovely daughter who he is giving time to play and rest without worry. Enjoy this time for it will soon be over. Have peace.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Marije?

Ham: Certainly, my dear, you are doing very well. You are handling great changes with ease and grace. You give great joy to those around you and you must learn to see yourself in these greater roles in life and as you accept these you will grow into them more and more. There is not greater thrill in life than to become a parent and to be love and depended upon as you love and depend upon the Father in heaven. Love will see you through all these things. Don't worry my dear, you are doing just fine.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Delores?

Ham: Certainly. Yes, my dear, you have also been experiencing great difficulties and you are doing well making progress and passing tests. These are things which only you can do. No one can make these decisions for you. You yourself must come to grips with the issues that are before you. It is my great wish that my lessons can be of assistance to you for you are certainly in my thoughts and prayers as we move forward through life and lessons and life's lessons. Be at peace my dear, you do well.

Q: Do you have a personal message for Charlie B?

Ham: Yes, my son, never fear that you are losing spiritual ground. Be assured that the hard lessons of life are there to enhance your spiritual growth not to derail you. Every one while going through spiritual growth spurts feels ill at ease and unbalanced. But my son, as you move forward in life, your balance will increase and your steadiness, which many rely upon by the way, will also increase. The way is always forward, even though you may feel you are being pushed backward from time to time. Rest in assurance that that is not the case.

Q: Do you have any feedback for me this week?

Ham: Of course. My son, you do very well. You are also growing in your self assurance and your sense of security is increasing. This is as it should be. Those who are secure in faith are unmoved by the normal ups and downs of living. You are no longer thrown off balance by sudden changes and unexpected alterations. More and more you have gained [experience] and so are not so easily knocked out of your secure place. This is very good to see. Continue in your spiritual questing for always there are times when the way seems murky or shrouded in fog but this is temporary and you know that it will soon be clear. You are doing very well. Be at peace my son.


Be at peace my children. Let not your hearts be troubled and do not allow them to be afraid. For all of you at every crossroads, the Master's voice will whisper "this is the way" and you will be able to tread this new and different way each time. So be completely at ease.