2009-12-30-Monjoronson Q and A Session 81

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Monjoronson Q & A Session 81

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: Thank you Divine Parents, heavenly Father, for this connection to spirit, to be encircled in this eternal spirit circle as a mere human to attempt to approach spirit to understand in greater detail that which we seek. Thank you again for this opportunity in this circuit to be a part of this ongoing process which man endeavors to decipher the spirit urging to follow through with human effort. Thank you.

Monjoronson: Greetings this evening, this is Monjoronson. Again, thank you for this opportunity to step down to you and share a bit of our consciousness. This evening before we start I would like to say a few things about the matter of faith and doubt.


Faith, Doubt

There is not much difference between faith and doubt. They are both different attitudes of a similar reference, both sides of one coin so to speak. What faith does is activate, what doubt does is resist. In resistance there is no activation, in activation many more things are possible. The genuine act of creative consciousness is imbued with the power through faith yet denied access as a result of doubt. To accept beyond any uncertainty whether faith is real or not, demands that a person opens up to a greater experience which reveals beyond a shadow of a doubt an observation that there is a greater order of mind which can operate through you and in your behalf. Doubt just continually resists. Though there is no judgement as to a human choice, there is a tremendously greater receptivity available to the one who exercises things truly. Thank you, we are ready to begin.

Most Highs

(The Work of the Most Highs)

Question #1: Since the Most Highs have an agency that oversees technical and scientific development on Urantia, is this agency actively withholding scientific advances of benefit to society in order to avoid such technology falling into the hands of governments which would misuse these advances?

Monjoronson: An interesting concept and truly a human thought process, nonetheless, access to information is never denied. Information is the human capacity to receive and find information. When there is truly a desire for understanding for information and for the experience which this brings, truly these are never withheld from human consciousness. Humans have demonstrated that they could kill each other with the very minimum of technological advances. There would be no rational thought process to spirit preventing man from gaining a greater perspective and bettering himself on the process. This actually is the modality of spirit; to make available information to those who rightfully seek it. Again, thank you for this question.


Question #2: How do the Most Highs work with a planet having so many unenlightened government leaders?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question and for your concern as to whether Urantia is receiving the best type of spiritual assistance. Again, in the governing of Urantia, specific details are worked out through the local systems in which Urantia is a part of and there is a small governing body which mediates the dictates of the Most Highs to the presentation of these dictates to become available to those whose responsibility it is to use this information. A lack of the ability of human leadership to work with their better judgement in listening to advice, intuition or even to read the human social barometer of need is not through a lack of spirit cooperation but again, many of those on this small council in Jerusem have experienced living on your world and can best assist in spirit, customizing the mandates and dictates for Urantia.

The greater consequence of the eventual evolvement of Urantia lies directly in the hands of the Creator Michael Son, Jesus, who incarnated on your world and forever has sealed the fate of your world through His bestowal. Therefore the universe has no choice but to respect the desire and wishes of its commander in chief as concerns this lowly world of human origin. Thank you again for this question.

Question #3: Do they Most Highs just wait for them [the leaders] to fall or disappear, or do they have other means to reduce their numbers in order to set the stage for the input for the greater enlightenment by Paradise Sons?

Monjoronson: In the larger picture of the greater reality on Urantia, again, the Most Highs do not directly concern themselves with preparing a planet for a new bestowal. The planet prepares itself through the leaders it has. While it is certainly not the ideal, there is little that can be done to change the way humans operate in leadership roles at this time on Urantia. Certainly as events begin to unfold on Urantia and there begins the evolution of a greater growing consciousness among Urantians, then will you begin to experience a greater leadership for in the not too distant future, Urantia will need leaders who have a greater capacity for survival qualities.

Hopefully, though this surmounting condition there will begin to grow consciousness of a greater community and a greater responsibility as the leader to care for this community, this family of man on Urantia. Again, what may seem as the end of something great, yet it only prepares the way for a greater condition to arise as a response to the need to assume responsibility for survival. The atmosphere on Urantia will create a situation which may preclude that the majority of humans will demand and need a different type of leader with a different governing principle. Unfortunately it is all too obvious to us that your world presents a situation in which it does not grow except when presented with tremendous qualifying challenges. Again, thank you for this question.


Sleeping Survivor Adjudication on Urantia:

Preamble: In a very recent transmission you stated in part concerning a "dispensational act"..."It is a way of removing those individuals who have refused to move on." "The earth will be cleansed of those who have died and are sleeping and are waiting to move on." "It will be a time of removing those who have resisted this movement."

Question #4: How can a soul resist moving on if it is in possession of one of the guardian angels?

Monjoronson: The circle status of a human does qualify that human to proceed in life with greater spiritualization. Short of Adjuster fusion there is no guarantee which will dictate the behavior or the choice directive of a human will. Nonetheless, the universe is tremendously merciful in its ability both to give one another chance if one truly desires such. It is true, the end times of a dispensation coincide with the preparations for the next dispensation. It is also true that even though parts of the population will be removed one way or another, this does not in any way interfere with the choice and the possibility that these souls may eventually move forward in a greater spiritual capacity on their next world of sojourn. In particular, the dispensational cleansing so to speak, is done in anticipation to prepare the next dispensation and it is the mandate to bring Urantia into the resemblance of a normal planet. To this end it certainly is true after all the effort of this dispensation has become exhausted and all of the possibilities play out, what is left will be dealt with accordingly. Thank you for this question.

Question #5: How are these souls characterized by the spiritual judges?

Monjoronson: The only stigma attached to a soul is the stigma which the individual human attaches to itself. The qualifying move at the end of a dispensation only signifies that a mandate for change, progressive change, has been ordered and that change will be facilitated at all costs both to the souls which are relocated on to the next worlds as well as the souls who remain here to take part in a greater and progressive culture of brotherhood and worship of the Father. Thank you for this question.

Question #6: Are these the "ghosts" of popular description or are they unhappy and unenlightened entities that have no power to be seen or heard by we material beings?

Monjoronson: No comment.

Question #7: We understand from the Urantia text that Lucifer forbade adjudication of the sleeping survivors to the mansion worlds. Is this part of the reason Urantia may have some sleeping survivors in this category who could not be resurrected at the time of Michael's epochal dispensation and must wait until the Magisterial Mission to move forward?

Monjoronson: All sleeping survivors from the planet have moved forward. There do not exist sleeping survivors on Urantia. The last dispensation ended the sleeping survivor status on Urantia. The coming of Thought Adjusters forever make it possible to resurrect on the third day. This has presented a tremendous situation for the system mansion worlds. Many survivors who have been re-personalized on the third day have not demonstrated a tremendous desire to move forward or to grow spiritually into a greater awareness. Also, having to quarantine these survivors from a greater social existence has put severe demands on the mansion world in terms of housing those who do not contribute to the growing consciousness of the greater family.


Many of these survivors choose not to move forward and eventually become de-personalized. It is tremendously sad to watch a great potential come to naught and true, the Adjusters do return to Divinington to further their journey of inhabiting and guiding humans forever forward. It has become a tremendous problem in which it becomes necessary to take greater action to remove the Agondonter status associated and affiliated with Urantia so that this dispensation may come to an end and a new dispensation can truly begin. The age you are in now is the age of the last and great Agondonters of Urantia. Thank you for this question.

Question #8: [Philip] Monjoronson, I have a personal question. Michael recently mentioned that we are in a new age now and I was wondering if your arrival here heralded a new dispensation and allowed the sleeping survivors to move on or is that to come?

Magisterial Mission

Monjoronson: This is yet to come. My arrival is preliminary until I take physical form and arrive as the Magisterial Son. I will not arrive as a Teacher Son to spawn a great age of enlightenment. I will come to adjudicate the age of darkness which prevents the light from truly shining on Urantia. Thank you for this question.

Philip: Thank you for your clarity on that.


Monjoronson: Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of this exchange.

Philip: Thank you and that concludes our session for the evening. Thanks to our t/r and all your staff as well. Good evening.