2010-02-09-Monjoronson Q and A Session 87

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Topic: Monjoronson Q & A Session 87

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: And so we feel the presence of the Father around us and in us and we are surrounded with It's light and shot through with It's light and we know that we are light with It. We invoke the presence of the holy Father in us and around us and ask for the presence of angels and others to give us a clear understanding of the topics we are answering. Spirit may clearly speak through us and we give thanks.

Philip: Thank you very much Daniel and we welcome you Monjoronson to the forum. [Good morning. Thank you.]


Magisterial Mission

Question #1: What do we need to be ready for the Magisterial Mission?

Monjoronson: Dear friend, by simply asking the question you have already begun to prepare yourself for my mission, the mission of myself, Machiventa and Christ Michael. You have said as much in your question that you are already ready to participate with us. Your openness to participate with us is essential. There is no published script for how this mission will unfold though you have already been told of the grand scheme of it all. Your place will be of a major part as well because this is your part, this is something you can take ownership of, that you can know that you are contributing. You may never see the effects of your participation but you know that your intent and your sincerity are sufficient to carry your consciousness and energy forward to help the accomplishment of our work. I do not say my work, but our work, for this is a completely co-creative effort. I do thank you for your question.

I would further state that you can further prepare by practicing the presence, being in meditation once or twice a day, being still and open to receive instruction and guidance which you may not hear but which may be given to you subliminally. Also prepare by reading good material that helps you understand the spiritual journey of others and the issues and problems and solutions that they find in their quest. These will be very helpful to help you keep an open mind to all that will unfold. It will also assist you to be in the right place at the right time so that you can complete meaningful contributions to our work. Thank you.

Question #2: It is said that those in close association with descending sons take on the roles of being disciples and apostles. From lessons previously given, we understand that being an apostle is akin to providing ministry on behalf of Michael or perhaps for yourself. Does the Magisterial Mission have a similar distinction of using mortals for ministry and for discipleship? Would you mind elaborating on these concepts for us as it relates to the Magisterial Mission?

Monjoronson: I would be glad to. There is not planned to be an apostleship or a discipleship[1] of individuals. The principle ones who are being of service to this mission are part of the Reserve Corps of Destiny and those individuals who volunteer to participate. Numerous members of the Corps of Destiny are unaware of their membership; many are not what you would think of as being spiritually oriented or deeply committed to spiritual aspects of this world but who nonetheless have an inner conviction that they have something to contribute. There will be no "specialness" assigned to any group of individuals.

You know already that you are or are not committed to the work of the joint liaison team involving Christ Michael, Machiventa and myself and our subordinate staff and those who are assigned to the liaison team. There are many individuals who wish to participate and who will be called upon. Many of you who are not obligated to social, political, and economic[2] commitments will be used easily by us to be guided and directed. Be open to the opportunities that open to you and explore them. We are not saying to pursue them to the ends of the universe but to pursue them until they draw you further in to successes or they come to an end.

It has been an intentional development of policy within the joint liaison team to not have an identifiable body of individuals who have special access to myself or to other team members who will become visible and corporeal when I do. It is essential that everyone have access because of the nature of your societies and the jaundiced attitudes of many who are believers or were believers or those who have distanced themselves from religion. It is important that there not be a special group who would stand apart but that everyone have access to the energy of Christ Michael and the Magisterial Mission.

It will become quite apparent to those who are participating in this effort, who are committed to it, that you will be able to identify each other. Many of you already are able to identify others who are committed to this movement, to this work, to these social and spiritual activities. We hope you are accepting of this as it is also part of the spiritual lessons that you are learning. Remember as Christ Michael as Jesus said: "The last shall become first and the first shall become last."[3] In the regards to the Magisterial Mission, almost everyone will be a part of the following in equal status. Thank you.


(Self Preservation)

In a lesson, the teacher Elyon stated: "A helpful factor in overcoming the tendency to compete will be the loss of the impulse towards self preservation."

Question #4: Is this impulse towards [4] that which prevents really good teamwork from becoming a habit of civilization on Urantia?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. Yes, self-preservation [5] does inhibit the effectiveness of teamwork and individuals joining teams. This loss of self-preservation is an important part of your future society's existence and development and maturity. It stems from your genetic need to survive. The threat [is] external, the only time this is given up is when individuals feel safe in a group setting. Forming new teams is oftentimes difficult for each individual as they do not know how to trust other team members, individually or as a group. That is why it is very important to have massaged the aspects of the initial group dynamics for getting acquainted, to understanding each other and to knowing and trusting each individual and the groups intentions and their propensities for action and for social interaction.

It is important that the team process be promoted in the co-creative design team process and the co-creative working team process. These teams will hold themselves out as models for other individuals to form their own teams with the thought that they can be successful. It is important that teams not exceed 11 members who are active in the team setting though they can have ancillary sub-groups and individuals who are assistants to the team to promote and complete the work that is being done. Small groups can develop more cohesively than even families can as many of you come from dysfunctional families and distrust the group setting.

I could almost say, most of you have never witnessed your families working as a cohesive, cooperative, non-competitive team, therefore the team setting is essential. I appreciate you question as it helps lead the way to the works that must be done by all of us in the future. Thank you.


(Co-existence of Two Camps of Christianity)

These questions come from a former Sunday school teacher who recently finished reading the life of Christ [in the Urantia Book] and has been following the Monjoronson and Teaching Mission transcripts for several years now.

Question #5: There seems to be 2 camps of Christianity, those in the evolved religion group and those in the revealed religion group. Even though the revealed group is expanding and clarifying errors from the evolved group, isn't there room for both? How do we get each to open to the other, to respect the other and work for a common goal?

Monjoronson: Thank you for your question. It provides a deep access for us to involve ourselves in the workings of your religion. Remember that religions have no soul and that religions will not survive. The emphasis is upon the religion, the belief systems of each individual, therefore my answers are directed towards individuals rather than towards groups. Many make the mistake of arguing their point with others making this situation into a political situation rather than examining the interests that are common to both. The established religions of evolution are truly established. Many of them are literally embedded in rock in the cathedrals that they so proudly maintain. They as well often have inflexible belief structures and doctrines and believe that the truth was revealed once, and that it is the truth and the whole truth.

But, truth is always expansionary. Its capacity is that of the infinite mind which each of you have. It is always good, it is never negative, it is never harsh, it is always kind, compassionate and merciful. Religions of revelation all say this is the way yet some of the truths of those revelations will be sifted and sorted in time to see which remain and which erode away. Truly there is always need for revelation in all religions and because of this there is always a sect within established religions, a sect of mystics who work and believe and live within that established religion who show great promise of revelation in their studies, their meditations, and their journals.

Much of the great work that has been accomplished in the history of the Christian church has been accomplished by mystics and their revelations presented in a manner which is appealing to those who remain doctrinaire and firmly established in their old belief systems. It takes many years, decades, and centuries for these religions of evolution to change their directions. Yet this now is an era within your world where many belief systems will crumble rapidly. The information era is upon the world through the internet. The history of the old testament, for instance, is simply a repeat of those many stories which were written thousands of years before the Bible came into existence. For some, this is new information.

The appeal that we make is to the individual. Our work will not always be within the realms of such a small group as the Urantia Book believers or the Teaching Mission community or the Magisterial Mission but will become much more global and public in its message. People must be given the opportunity to choose, the options of choosing or beliefs. Lastly, do not be concerned about the soul survival of either the individuals of revelation or the individuals who are stuck in their evolutionary religions for it is a matter of awareness and intelligence and information to be able to make decisions.

Even those who are very restrained and conservative in the religions of evolutions will survive and awaken on the mansion worlds where they will be educated and brought into awareness. Those who have incorporated those beliefs and the new revelations and have discerned which is true and which is not and who have drawn themselves closer to Christ Michael and drawn themselves closer to their Thought Adjusters will arrive and be assigned to a more advanced class of individuals. All of you are loved whether you are part of the revelation or whether you are part of the evolution of religion. Trust that you are cared for, loved and that the compassion of Christ Michael's correcting program encompasses everyone. Thank you.


Constant War in Our History

Question #6: This individual feels that after more or less 2,000 years of constant war that we haven't learned very much. Can you suggest a concrete deed that people of peace can do towards the goal of world peace?

Monjoronson: Within the context and confines of your society and your political system and where decisions are made, perhaps the best options that I can suggest is for you to run for office. We have tremendous need for majorities of peace loving individuals in legislatures and congress and parliaments all over the world. This is an important aspect of the social evolution of your civilization. Please know that we have been working and the midwayers work ceaselessly and tirelessly in giving leaders options for making decisions. Most however are overly invested in positions of power, wealth, and privilege than they are in the egalitarian good of everyone which would diminish the power, wealth, and social status of many of those who are a great influence in the world. You will see many new developments within the coming years as the old formulas for decision making and enacting and action simply are insufficient to bring about the good and survival of the world let alone turn it into a sustainable social, political, and economic enterprise. Thank you.


Another American Civil War?

Question #7: Our government seems to be frighteningly polarized almost dramatically as in the civil war time, Republicans versus the Democrats, and there seems to be little bridge building between the two. Is civil war within the United States a probability or a possibility again? If so, what as Christians can we do?

Monjoronson: We do not see the possibility or probability of civil war in this country. There will be far greater issues which will divert the attention of the opposing sides from engaging further animosity towards each other. What you are seeing a century and a half after the civil war is the maturation of this democracy. It has reached its crescent of accomplishment and is now in deterioration and decent. It will become less and less effective as power accretes to those in positions of great influence. Much must be done to avert the disasters of a deteriorating democracy. Civil war is not part of that.

You will see rapid developments coming into your world and this nation and other nations as they face an increasing crescendo of crisis and cataclysms that sap the strength and credibility of existent leadership. The divisiveness of two parties is unfortunate and in a developed democracy it leads to great social inequity, the molasses-like movement of social activity to uplift and augment the betterment of your population. Further, the militarism that is endemic in this nation and other western nations is a very dangerous impediment to social and global progress and deflects the good that can come from using these resources for sustainable enterprise. Thank you.

Soul, Death

The Soulless & Adjusterless on Urantia

This question concerns the recent Feb. 5 special session which you participated in. One of the statements that you made as regards your recognition by individuals on this world was as follows: "Those who have not grown will not see me; those who are soulless and who have no Thought Adjuster in them due to their own proclivity for erroneous decisions and commitments will have no appreciation of my presence and me."

Question #8: Do Thought Adjusters leave people or give up on them? Do we actually have soulless people?

Monjoronson: Yes, there are soulless and there are Thought Adjuster-less individuals and usually these two events coincide. As a person has chosen to live in iniquity, they have chosen to live outside of the social, economic, and moral parameters of a society and have surely opted out of the ascension program provided to them by their Thought Adjuster within. They have abandoned their life plan that was given to them when they came into this existence in this lifetime.

Yes, the Thought Adjusters leave when there is no possibility of participating in the reclamation and reformation of this individual for contributions to their souls and its survival. Thought Adjusters are not obliged to remain with an individual who is iniquitous consistently and permanently so. Thought Adjusters are well acquainted and know the life plan of each individual and can thoroughly see the course of events that will proceed and develop as an individual lives out their life. There is an efficacy and efficiency of Thought Adjusters in this action. They have much to contribute to the good of the universe by leaving the individual to whom they were with while they were with them. Thank you.

Security, Defense

Self-Defense Against Iniquity

Question #9: Regarding the topic of self defense, in the Urantia Book I seem to recall a [paraphrased] statement from Jesus where he said...if you determine that a human being is not a brother you may take any action for your own defense regardless of the consequences to the attacker. Was He referring to this type of an individual?[6]

Monjoronson: Yes, but and however, which of you can thoroughly know the absence of a Thought Adjuster in another to make that decision? Thank you.

Philip: That was my question, how does one actually do that? Do you judge it by an iniquitous act?

Monjoronson: No, there are no mortals on this planet who can make that decision, who can make that distinction. Few individuals on this world have the capability of seeing a Thought Adjuster within another individual to know that individual is totally iniquitous and will not survive after the dispensation. Therefore it is immoral on your part to attack another.

I caution you to remember that the Bible and New Testament was many times been amended, edited, and revised for the political convenience of the writers and those sects which were involved in recording and changing the original meaning and content of those scripts. Do you have further questions?

Philip: No. Thank you. That does conclude our question and answer section. If there are are any comments you would care to make at this time, we would offer you this forum.


Monjoronson: Myself and the joint liaison team are grateful for this forum to address questions from individuals around the world who direct their questions to you. It is important that everyone have an access to this source. I am one among many who can address the questions which you ask. There is a need to be present and available to everyone who does ask. This is part of an ongoing living revelation that will continue and become even more developed and expansionary than before. There is need for this to occur in all language groups and all cultures. Thank you.

Philip: Thank you Monjoronson, we are grateful for your counsel and we thank our t/r Daniel. That concludes our session this evening.