2015-12-03-Perspective on Terrorism

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Topic: Perspective on Terrorism

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Mark Rogers



Perspective, Terrorism

Machiventa: Yes please, I am Machiventa and I have been eavesdropping on your conversation and the phrase that I might borrow might be a phrase familiar to you that: "Everything done by a mortal of the realm is either a cry of love or a cry for love." When listening to your recounting of the many gross injustices that are now impressed upon your psyche, I am saddened to register that not only do these realities exist of which you speak, but they have reached you and touched you. I call you each to witness that even though these acts of terrorism occur half way around the world, some of them closer than that, but none of them in your own immediate sphere, nevertheless, the energy that they have generated and created has traveled from its location to yours. Be aware that you have welcomed the energies, they have upset you, they have disturbed you.

A master is never disturbed. These energies that are discordant and disharmonious to your vision of what is right and just and true and good and beautiful, these things have strummed these strings and created a discord and you have registered it in your being. So even though it has not happened to you, even though it is not your own personal experience, nevertheless you have felt some of the emotion, you have been experiencing some of the sensation of those who have been more directly affected.

Now, imagine that this is not a one way situation, that what you inhabit, the reality that you experience, the truths that you live, they may be experienced by others. Likewise, imagine if you will, that you occupy a certain space in this dimension and that you insure that the space that you occupy is so full of the aspects of Light and Life that it simply cannot contain things which do not resonate within the space. If your space were so conditioned that these unthinkable aspects which exist, which are present somewhere, sometime, can not be present in your domain, in your realm, for there simply would not be room for them to exist, these unfortunate individuals may then experience from you, this peace, this condition that exists simultaneously with their condition is no less real, no less genuine, no less true.

I invite you to consider that it works both ways. Just as you can register being impressed by the circumstance of others remote from you, likewise can they be impressed with your energies, your space, your reality. So the best way to help is to, as the statement goes, "Be the change you would like to see," occupy space that is enlightened, that is divine and stake this claim in the universe, that you will guard your space, you will protect it from all manner of evil and you insure that your garden is well weeded of these troublesome aspects. This is how you truly affect change. All that you observe outside of you is outside of your jurisdiction, outside of your command, you are merely observers. So condition the environment that you have and create the space that you would envision for your world and for everyone's world.

My dear friends, as was mentioned, there is a great significance to perspective and you all suffer as a matter of course from having fairly short windows of perspective out onto an ever changing world. I assure you that acts no less abhorrent than all these that you now observe through your media have been occurring while man has been walking upright. These are time honored techniques of dominating cultures and lands and kingdoms. Simply go about killing and terrorizing and if you do it enough, you may subdue a people.

The mere fact that you are able to watch a video of a small fraction of the action is what now changes the dynamics. Things such as this which occur in a far off land may or may never be known but in times such as this where you may film and share atrocities, they become of much more impact to those who are observing. This may in fact be a good thing, for how are others to know the atrocities if they are not made aware, how are you to care if you are ignorant of the truth? Once you do know the truth, you may make different choices, everyone may make different choices and replace entire systems if needed.

I mourn for all of you as you are assaulted by such deviant behavior from a minority of your cultures but we are encountering completely what it is to experience the freedom of choice that so many have and while we would hope that they would all be swayed to choose well and wise, certainly we are aware that many will not and do not. It may be difficult at times to endure the consequences of bad choices and ignorant decisions, nevertheless, I can assure you from my perspective, that we are in this for the long haul. We have been through worse than this and we will continue to be here after these current scenarios have played out. You will not share our perspective, you will only get a glimpse of a few decades in which to observe what happens with the players who are out on the field.

Nevertheless, you are all developing eternal values and appreciation for greater aspects of life. It brings with it more patience and understanding when you consider the many phases we have been through and the many potentials before us. Remember even that the worst case scenario, the horrors that you witness and those who are terminated are taken up again in the arms of their Divine Parents and lovingly tended to as they may continue their eternal journey, that even your worst nightmare of death in the flesh has certain rewards, a certain ministry awaiting those who have been unfortunate enough to be caught and suffer briefly before they are ministered to on high. There is a plan, whether it is here or whether it is there, the plan is in place and you are part of this plan, each one and everyone and you will be lovingly tended to, both here and later, there. So fear not. If all is not well at this moment, which I point out is largely under your jurisdiction, all will be made well in eternity.

Thank you all for your devoted attention to these words. I very much appreciate having this opportunity to bring you some viewpoints of perspective for your consideration. Fear not, only believe as your Master has said. I leave you all now, thank you for allowing me this contact, farewell.


Death, Media

Question: Machiventa, I think what we fear is these atrocities being committed on us or our children or our families. This peace of mind you speak of and the "no room for doubt," I'm sure our Master fulfilled all those qualities and yet He was killed. I guess there is no safe zone on this world is there?

Machiventa: And even as you speak of His life being terminated, was this a great detriment to His eternal career? Was this an obstacle to anything that He achieved? In the end, this was no more than an episode, one among many. So even as you say, if the worst you can imagine, that you may be killed somehow, which let's be frank, is an extremely remote potential in your experience, even if such an unimaginable potential were to exist, I still contend, it is not for the worst. A transition must occur in every individuals life. The distinction between one point in time and another is very subtle and in the eternal perspective, unnoticeable.

So again, it only looms large to you because of your small window of perception. As I have said, from my perspective, we have seen this all before. This is nothing new, this is more of the same and while things are getting better, we have not moved out of the barbaric stage of human development and it is these last vestiges of this which are so distasteful in our sight, the rearing up of the ugly head of the worst parts of human nature. As I have stated, much of this would be going on without your notice had the advent of the 'age of media' not just come upon you.

But now with this new tool, you are bombarded, you are now inundated and it is difficult to not be strongly influenced by all this input. But, I will never stop reminding you that it does not need to contaminate your environment, that as a light anchor it is your duty to maintain a balance to the negative space, a contribution of positive space. There needs to be those contributions on that side of the scale to tip it. That is what you have as your greatest contribution to make, something to put on the positive side of the scale, some individual who would seek the qualities of Light and Life and promote them and facilitate them, literally creating that which they would choose.


Question: Machiventa, could I ask you a question? [Please] I was thinking back in 1942 we had a very famous Hollywood director, I think Frank Capra was his name. In the early days of Nazism he came out with a series of movies called 'Why We Fight which was pretty much what is happening now in terms of showing what was happening in Germany and Europe under the Nazis. So it begs the question of to what degree are we responsible, able to respond when we are aware of these things happening elsewhere. As you said, even though it doesn't affect us directly in our own personal lives and we can go about our own our personal lives as loving and open minded and open hearted as we can. To be able to respond to what is really blatant evil happening somewhere else, I know our leaders try to evaluate how much it affects our own personal security even as a nation, that the degree to which we have the ability to, shall we say, be the forces of good and simply stop what Michael once mentioned in one of His lessons as people caught up in the situation, especially the leaders, those in power and directing their forces, have gotten beyond the ability to stop themselves. Its like having a tiger by the tail, when you've killed so many people and created such hatred, they are not able to stop themselves so they have to be stopped by superior forces. To what degree then, where is our responsibility in this? Otherwise we could just simply relativize reality, make it relative and say well it will all end sometime, even those who are slain will go on to a better life. How do we avoid that to simply relativizing something that is real and we might have an ability to respond to?

Machiventa: Thank you for your question. It is a time honored question. How is one most effective as a healer and a minister, as one who would envision peace into the equation? I invite you to consider that the material level of cause and effect, where force may be taken or required or used, these are the areas over which you have zero jurisdiction. I advise you to aim high, aim above the material details and conflicts and steps to the level of divine infusion of enhanced values. So, by this I mean, your energies, those of you who are aware of your co-creative potentials, your energies are best spent in bouncing your intentions off your divine atmosphere and bouncing these energies to influence a change of values, a change of awareness, the bestowal of peace, the flavor of love. The essence of all these things may be literally projected by those who would do so and be showered upon entire regions and peoples and areas where they may be beneficial. And in the same way that you may be affected by the plight of these individuals, they may be showered by the intentions of love and peace and mercy and grace.

Rather than working to fight from the ground up, work to influence from the top down. Rather than trying to force the choice of others or make certain things happen or not happen, rather, aim higher than that. Aim for divine values to be infused into the equation, for grace to pervade the circumstance, for truth to filter in throughout the experience because imposing such divine values changes any equation. Rather than trying to rewrite the equation, impose a new configuration because of a higher set of values which has been imposed on the circumstance.

Now we are talking where changes come about, where permanent changes may reside and while it appears perhaps contrary to the notion that in order to get anything done one must force the issue, change it, rearrange it, somehow conquer it and readjust it, see that your role is not one of direct intervention in any of the details. Rather your role is to shower the equation with your awareness of grace, of peace, of love and truth and beauty. Rain down upon all those your wishes of wellness, your vision of beauty. These are where you may be effective, creative and generate real environments around your contributions. It may not seem as though this would be the most effective route but I assure you, it is all that you might really do. The everyday choices and application of others influence will never be up to you but your example, your vision of a better way may in fact grow and become beyond your jurisdiction.


Question: Could I ask you just to be clear then: If my neighbor is being attacked and put into material or physical harm, there is absolutely nothing I should do to protect them in a physical way? Here I am talking about a totally depraved kind of attack, there is nothing then I can do in any kind of material or physical way to assist them in defense?

Machiventa: If in fact this applies to your immediate neighbor, then you are confronted with an entirely different scenario. What I was referring to is all the external scenarios which you are notified about but which you have zero influence over. If you or your neighbor were directly attacked, you would most certainly be well justified to act as your instincts would have you act to preserve life and limb.

United States, Media

Question: Machiventa, I don't mean to be argumentative at all, but this is a smaller world and [lets] say there has always been a world soul but now there is a genuine soul coming in by way of electronic stuff as you said, now the whole world is being made neighbors. We are all aware of each others plight and we definitely have as citizens of a democracy, being presented with a number of different points of view of policy, national policy, isn't this exactly what we need to do as our duty, as citizens, to support that policy which is the most just and merciful way of stopping some hideous thing happening on our neighbors even though they might be half way around the world?

Machiventa: My dear friend, there are many many many around this world which consider you and your country the enemy. Your country has bombed indiscriminately hundreds of thousands of innocent people. So it is not as easy as declaring who is an enemy and who is not. You are told many things by your media. The rest of the world knows a different story. I cannot sanction anything that you would do under the jurisdiction of democracy or any other form of government when in fact you are bombing innocent civilians. You may not justify on any high ground whatsoever any of these activities, therefore who is the terrorist in the world today? It depends on where you are standing when the bombs drop. I assure you, the picture is not as neat and tidy as it has been painted for you, and the definition of terrorist has been grossly misinterpreted.

Question: I get your point and I agree with you 100%. To me, this is the whole thing then of being very well informed by all points of view and I'm just saying, everybody is a neighbor now and we have to be really well informed in order to support that policy which is generally the most merciful and most loving.

Machiventa: I applaud your efforts to seek to be well informed, however you are at the mercy of your media and I assure you, you do not hear what they do not wish you to hear. Therefore, how informed can anyone be, in this day and age, where the media is so entirely manipulated by the few.

Question: So we would just be helpless then, we shouldn't try to inform ourselves at all? Michael just made the point of the political thing, every point you've made so far about what our country has done is actually out there in the media, there are people presenting the point of view you just expressed.

Machiventa: Yes, its abundant out there for those who will dig around and be informed. There was a quote from your Mark Twain: "If you don't read the newspapers you are uninformed, if you do read the newspapers you are misinformed." This illustrates the problem at hand. Suffice it to say that there is so much that no one is informed of, that it is truly difficult to make an accurate assessment. This does not preclude the fact that you witness and discern rightfully that there is injustice and there is intolerance and there is lack of grace and peace that abounds. These all exist, you are right, you are correct.

The point I am trying to get at is that while all of this exists, one must take it in extreme moderation into their own environment, the totality of evil that resides out there. It is not good or healthy to be immersed in all the negative aspects of humanity. There is an understanding that it takes 21 days for a human to develop a habit. It takes only 7 days for that habit to be broken. It is important that one continue to uphold the positive,the good, the true, the beautiful, because it is so easy to be derailed and contaminated by the ugly, the false, the bad. This, in the end, is all you have jurisdiction over, it is all you can assimilate. It is what you allow to reside in your own space and what you choose to do about things you feel are unjust or untrue and having taken some action and having decided about how to react, then it is up to you to maintain your own peace of being, your own peace of mind.

This does not mean that you forsake all evil. You may be aware, you may understand, you may perceive but you do not have to choose it, you do not have to accept it and bring it in as freely as it would come to you. At some point you are going to have to preserve yourselves. You may be overwhelmed, you are all compassionate individuals, empathetic individuals, you feel the pain and distress of your brothers and sisters. At some point you will have to protect yourself to some degree because suffering exists, it will continue, it will be present just as you are present.

So make peace with yourselves about what you will do; do it, and then be at peace with it. Since you can't do it all, do it wisely, do your prayers, your meditations, your visualizations and consider that these are valid contributions to the whole and that you cannot fix the entire world nor are you required to. But you can be sure that your house is in order, that your intentions follow the highest of your aspirations and if you did this and only this while you lived and breathed on this planet, you have succeeded.

So while I acknowledge your being drawn into the fight, I advise you to not go there, to not burden yourselves with what to do with this regime or that country or this land or this catastrophe or that earthquake. You simply cannot keep burdening yourself with so many different aspects. It will get worse before it gets better so be mindful that the whole weight of the world is not on your shoulders. The weight of your world is what is on your shoulders and to the degree that you can help with any one else's circumstance, by all means.

Comment: Thank you very much, I like that you were echoing that favorite phrase of "a hallmark of wisdom is a sense of proportion."


Machiventa: I very much appreciate the discussion. I admire greatly that you all have a passion in your voice about your world. about how it is growing smaller, about how you feel it more, about how real it is to you, about how things unknown to you previously now impact you and cause you to feel. This I point to as a sign of the spiritual pressure that has been applied to this planet. You all are feeling more connected, more in touch, more in tune and this is as it should be. However, with these growing pains, one will have to monitor how much of the weeds outside of the kingdom will be let into the internal garden. One must guard against their effects, the effects of evil, the effects of fear, the effects that others are feeling; while they are so easy to feel, we cannot let them contaminate our kingdom, our kingdom within.

What a nice personal conversation we have had this evening. I wish you all peace. I am sorry you are disturbed. I am sorry that there are aspects out there to disturb you. It is that sense a parent feels when they send their child out into the "real world" and know that they are going to see things which are distasteful and hurtful, and that this is part of growing up. Hopefully we all will not choose any aspect that does not meet our requirements of truth, beauty and goodness and in this way, literally crowd out all aspects that do not align with Light and Life. This is the way it works, it has been working and it's still working. Fear not, only believe.