2010-02-23-Monjoronson Q and A Session 89


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Topic: Transmitting - Education for Spritual Motivation

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Henry Z.



Prayer: [Henry] Thank you Father, encircuit us in this spirit of love, this eternal circuit of the spirit of Nebadon, the spirit of Michael and Nebadonia. We ask for guidance and wisdom this evening as we once again contact in spirit the Magisterial Son Monjoronson and continue to shed light on concerns that many of us have on this earth. Again we thank you for this connection and this opportunity to contact spirit and trust in the greater words which we receive. Thank you very much.

Monjoronson: Greetings, this is Monjoronson. I come again to this safe human harbor that has been created to speak to the greater community about the ongoing efforts to move this world into a greater recognition of its true destiny and its divine inspiration. Again we look forward to being helpful in answering concerns and we thank you for this ongoing dialog. We are ready to continue.

Mary: Thank you for being here this evening Monjoronson and for joining in our circle.


  • The Process of Transmitting and Receiving

Question #1: Judging by some transcripts, at some point the receiver starts to interject their own thinking process into the communicated messages. We aren't sure at what point contact stops and human involvement begins. Can you tell us something about what is happening here?

Monjoronson: No, not really. I can say that the effort to make contact is an effort that is double ended as the human transmitter attempts to perceive the urging of spirit within their mind capacity to perceive in symbol. It is unfortunate that you would like something greater, but something greater is not possible at this time. When it will become possible [to have almost the universal ability to hear, that] is when no more transmitters are needed and that each one can perceive the inclinations of spirit for themselves. This is what it T/R’ing] is– an inclination of spirit based on information which you already have.

There is a tremendously creative leeway into the thought projections of humans and the inclinations of spirit for spirit tremendously reinforces the positive. No matter what it is, at some point the positive will transform as it needs be into what it is to become. What is important is that there is an effort made on the part of human resource to contact spirit in an attempt to perceive information. Be not fooled by the eloquence of speech or the patterns of words. Learn to discern the spirit behind the words, and in between the words and the meanings which are not being revealed. Like the parables spoken by your Master as He lived on the planet, parables . . . are stories which necessarily involve multiple capacities for understanding. The language of spirit is . . . perceived on multiple levels of understanding of what the human is able to access through spirit.

If you perceive that the current dialog is crude, consider that the text of the Urantia Book was brought in by special delivery. There were no human interface to receive the message, it was directly dictated by spirit through spirit so that there would not be any compromise within the human condition. It was considered necessary to put [the revelation] into the true words of spirit in a human object-book form. In the day and age in which it has been placed, and up until this time, there is not very much noticeable transformation as is intended by the text within your human society, within the human social organizations, and religious organizations.

So I am not sure of how to answer your question. For now you will have to be satisfied with what is being presented until at a future time communication abilities improve. This is basically where we are at this time. Thank you for this concern.

Mary: There are a couple of other questions about the T/R process and I'm not sure that you will want to have any further comments but as the questions are here you can of course respond if you wish.

Question #2: Dr. Sadler wrote a book titled "The Mind at Mischief". This questioner believes that even T/R minds can get into mischief and they ask if you would speak to the kind of mischief that minds the teachers work with get into?

Question #3: Could you discuss and give us an idea of the accuracy of transmissions when the mind is not at mischief?

Monjoronson: Thank you for the question. It is an understanding that the "Mind at Mischief" was a title of a work which dealt with the many different activities that the mind is involved in. The text written by Dr. Sadler first mentions a reference to a process, probably the process used to contact Dr. Sadler through a liaison personality in which spirit was able to speak by using a technique of Adjuster mindedness. Spirit speaking through the human mind is what Dr. Sadler referred to as the “mind at mischief.” Again I am not sure what information you are trying to gather.

Again, the Urantia Papers did not use a human ransmission technique. It used an intrusion of spirit through human consciousness by agreement with the Adjuster mindedness within the individual who was used by spirit to speak through. Again, this was necessary to produce the quality of text which exists as the Urantia Papers. I would say at best, in terms of the transmission of truth, that the majority of what is transmitted contains truth. There is not much misinformation being transmitted. When humans attempt to subject spirit to a more specific time and space related event, there may be difficulty in a human perceiving that these events happened when they happen but as human consciousness is, humans try to define things which are undefinable. This is the quality of mind on the human level.

The transmission process is not intended to be 100% accurate from either side. Again, what is important is that humans attempt to reach out and discern the quality of spirit, the quality within spirit mind and to discern through spirit what spirit dictates to humans. These are much like the early telephone, tin cans with metal wires strung between them, crude, yet able to discern. This is quite similar to the T/R process which utilizes faith and trust as the connection and condition to receive information. Then again, if you are not getting the information you need through a T/R, well then it is necessary for you to contact spirit yourself and get the information first hand. That way it will not be necessary to criticize a process which is at best tremendously inspiring, faith filled and trusting. Again, thanks for this question.

Thought Adjusters

  • Irrevocable Thought Adjuster Decisions

Question #4: Does the Thought Adjuster decide to abandon the mortal of His indwelling because the Thought Adjuster is fully aware of the consequences of choice and that the mortal will not change his choices and therefore the Thought Adjuster decides to abandon them?

Monjoronson: All Thought Adjuster information is purely personal. The personal interactions, decisions, journeys, activities, communication, of a Thought Adjuster are necessarily private. Some general things are able to be discerned about Thought Adjusters through observing humans. But let's be quite frank, on your planet the Thought Adjuster activity within the human mind is at a low level of operation. Again, this type of information is best discerned through going within and getting that information directly from the Thought Adjuster himself. A person necessarily would not know whether the Thought Adjuster is still operating or has left. Obviously, [the Adjuster leaving] . . . would make no difference to the person of indwelling. Again, thank you for this question.

Question #5: Are Thought Adjuster decisions about abandonment of a certainty and without doubt? Are Adjuster decisions coordinated with Trinity justice or is this an example of the Father's hand alone?

Monjoronson: Again, these activities are the mysteries of the universe. The evidence of the Thought Adjuster activities is discerned through contact with humans. The human is the only person privileged to the innermost thoughts of the Thought Adjuster. The person of the Thought Adjuster's indwelling, [has a] Thought Adjuster which works as one within his mind. The inability of a person to integrate with the Thought Adjuster merely evidences no growth, no personal growth, no personal spiritual consciousness or recognition. This is an observable fact by spirit. The programs by which Thought Adjusters work within human minds and coordinate activities presents a tremendous challenge on a planet such as Urantia. Nonetheless if a Thought Adjuster has, for whatever reason, to abandon a human mind, this does not interfere with the activity which continually involve Thought Adjusters in the rest of the mortals of the planet.

The discernment of a Thought Adjuster is a purely personal activity based on some level within the pre-personal aspects of the First Source and Center not necessarily involving the Trinity yet being a part of the primal deity essence of the Father. These are pure unadulterated substance aspects of the Father designed to work within the human consciousness to bring the human to an integrated and coordinated personal and social consciousness of spirituality. [Thought Adjusters help make conscious the] . . . personal meaning and purpose to ones life by revealing the greater [meanings of the] social service activities of the brotherhood of man on the planet. They make available the necessary relationship between God and man within the human mind. This we know through observing human activity, what humans have voiced and what humans show and don't show in their behavior. Again, thank you for these questions.

Fusion, Urantia Book

Question #6: Should the possibility of translation be taught as an alternative to death as a release from the body? Will this teaching somehow better motivate mortals to learn as much as they can in order to bypass the normal death process through translation?

Monjoronson: Thank you for this question. This is not something that can necessarily be taught yet this is something which needs to be observed within your culture and as the phenomenon begins to increase, more and more will become aware of its possibility and many will begin to seek it. It is tremendously difficult to teach or show humans something for which they have very little reference or no reference at all.

The Urantia Book is a very good example. It is a book which is tremendously challenging to disseminate because so many people are just not interested. There are so very few people truly living the truths within an ideal Christian life as lived by Michael [on this planet] to warrant that more and more people be inspired by the book. So the challenge for humans is not to use words to disseminate truth but to use others things, other symbols, to disseminate truth like the action within your lives of transforming your own lower nature into higher and more respectful natures of being.

Not to say that [the Urantia Book or improved self-transformations] are not going on already on the planet, but such is not going on with tremendous frequency at this time . . . to catch the attention of the majority of people. Yet what you ask, certainly is worth exploring within your own life and consciousness of how you can live these truths and bring them to a greater reality within your life. This is where education begins, and when humans begin to translate, those events will necessarily begin to inspire others to do the same. Again, thank you for this concern.


Question #7: Your advice is sought about whether or not it should be taught that the Father alone is worshiped or may we include God the Supreme either as worship or adoration? They ask for your guidance and appreciate your help on that.

Monjoronson: Worship is reserved for Paradise Deity. All Paradise Deity comes from the Father. The attenuation of the Supreme comes from the Father. All worship goes to one source, the First Source. All other sources are characteristics or aspects of the Father, removed yet still connected in some way in relationship to the presence of the First Source. As far as humans are concerned there is only one God. It is only necessary to worship the one God. Thank you for this question.

Preparation, UFO, Intervention

Preamble: You have mentioned Monjoronson, that we have not progressed very much in the last 2,000 years and one can only assume that if things go along as they have, the "straw" will break the camels back sooner or later. We know that you will not interfere or perhaps are mandated not to interfere and that the "buck stops with us," that we are the ones who have to take action and you are in the main [from our perspective] in an advisory role to us.

Question #8: What comments can you make on the following suggestion: Perhaps a "visual" celestial visitation or even/and some form of verifiable extra-terrestrial contact maybe would shake up the status quo and still would not qualify as "interference" on our world. Perhaps there could be some helpful political and religious convulsions that would precipitate change for the better.

Monjoronson: Most certainly. There is a complex within human psychological consciousness [something] called the messiah complex. The messiah complex deals with the concept that someone or something from the outside will come to the planet and make it all okay so that everybody will believe and be part of this great and wonderful thing. It stems from the Jewish concept of the messiah as it was bastardized through the ages down from Abraham to David to the times within Christ's appearance on the planet. The actuality of God becoming man and walking among you is proof and evidence first, that God does exist, second, that God does care and third, that God personally in the representation of His Son came as one of you to show you how to live.

Quite frankly, until your planet learns the few basic things that were shown 2,000 years ago, spirit doesn't deem it necessary to interfere. Again, even the Urantia Book in its unadulterated nature stands as testament as dust collectors on peoples shelves because obviously the ten's and hundred’s of thousands of books published have not yet garnered a greater readership capacity.

No, spirit is more interested in humans grappling and grasping, learning something because they believe it within their hearts, convicted within their soul. This is what we yearn for, this is what we search for, this is what we know will bring man to a greater and greater consciousness, that through hard work and believing in the information that you already have, that you can move forward, that you can bring the kingdom of heaven down here on earth. You must first lose yourself to gain a greater recognition of the greater purpose.

I can tell you for a fact [performing an intervention] won't happen. Spirit is not amused to entertain man into believing. There is no growth in coercion. Growth comes through struggle, it comes through grappling, it comes through believing, it comes through creating and acting. Be not discouraged, each of you have been blessed with an enormous amount of faith and a soul to trust. Draw upon these resources, learn to attenuate into a more refined spiritual consciousness through the use of faith and trust. Begin to wear the words of truth within your heart that the life you live begins to show forth the greatness of God within the mere human, that with God, humans are able to create a better life and live in a greater consciousness.

This is not something which can be forced from above, this is a human misconception not a spiritual one. It must be resolved from within. Again, it is the luck of the draw. Your world is a world which must grapple for a greater recognition of meaning and purpose through its endeavor, through the intelligence which was allotted you. All of the components for heaven on earth already exist on your world.

There are many of you who know what you are doing. Begin to recognize and move towards a greater awareness that even now begins to impress itself upon the greater society. Again, in answering this question it is not intended to disappoint you, only to align you with the actuality at hand. You are correct, the responsibility is yours.

If spirit makes its presence known or off-planet activity begins to be shown on the planet, the reference for this is one in which this casts more fear and doubt than it would a greater understanding. It will further polarize the already conflicting elements of consciousness which are constantly at war on your planet. This is why extra-terrestrial activities are recorded as a minimum on your planet. It certainly suggests to those who are capable to understand yet is merely received as coincidence to those who do not understand and the greater part of your society at large is in denial anyway.

Look at the way people in your country fervently work against the greater good. They do it politically, they do it economically, they even do it religiously. Don't be mistaken by this human notion of feeling something from the outside will come and reveal itself and make it all better for when that day does come, the weight of that day will carry its own references according to the new dispensation of moving forward on the planet and the preparations which must be made prior to that. Again, thank you for this question.


Mary: Thank you Monjoronson, I appreciate the T/R's indulgence in sticking with this long series of questions tonight and I appreciate you being here and trying to work with some of these rudimentary understandings that people are seeking and searching out and I appreciate your working with us on this.

Thank you.