1993-04-18-Deity and Gender

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Topic: Deity and Gender

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teachers: Daniel

TR's: Unknown



Opening prayer and prayer of St. Francis

Daniel: "Good afternoon my friends. I am Daniel, your friend, your teacher, your guide. I am very much aware of the questions, concerns, doubts, expectations and hopefulness that reigns within your minds and hearts in regards to next week. This is understandable and is, of course, being played out across the States in the minds of many.


Faith, Attunement

Hold in faith at all times that the First Source and Center is in ever constant overcare of all of the universes. Through His greatness He has given to His Creator Sons the control of their local universes and our Dear Brother Christ Michael is ever present in working to bring His children into the greater understanding of the First Source and Center. I am always in awe of the beauty, the love that Michael has for His children, and His work is untiring in fulfilling His duty as the Creator Son.

What Michael decrees will, of course, be that wish of the Universal Creator as well. In faith all must believe that the working upon this sphere and on others is in that alignment to bring all of ascending beings to that point in time where you will know your Indwelling Spirit, where fusion will occur, where you will take on your spiritual journey to become perfect as the First Source and Center is, that you may know the loving presence of God. As we march into this week, understand in your mind as well as your heart, that he who believes in the Universal Father will always perceive and understand the unfolding of life. The faith which you hold will carry you through this life and into the morontia worlds.

As you are fine tuning daily this faith through the time you spend with the Father, so, too, are you building for yourself those characteristics that will prepare you for service to the Father. I ask that you, this week, spend time in prayer that through the outworking of the Spirit of the Infinite Spirit, of the Creator Son, that all who are ascendant creatures may have that experience of the One Who has had made possible all universes. It is through your personal experiences of God that you grow and are ever more ready to serve the Father as well as your brothers and sisters. It is faith promoting to allow the doubt you have to surface, but not to allow them to cloud and darken to the point that objectivity is blocked. As you prepare for the time you will have together with your friends from Woods Cross let there be the preparation made that will help you in promoting your own faith, your own growth. We are in great joy that you are working to fulfill your work in finding the First Source and Center. This is founded on your openness and willingness to allow your Indwelling Spirit to work through you. As you grow through the time you spend in quiet, so do you allow God to reveal Himself to you. And as each revelation is brought into perspective, so, too, does your faith grow, and through your faith are you able to step out and reach out to your brothers and sisters.

This week I ask that each of you spend time in asking that you receive the gift necessary in your own personal life that will allow you to experience God for yourselves anew. I will address briefly, also, the aspect of gender regarding Deity.

Gender, Language

As you, my friends, come into greater understanding of God; as the presence of the First Source and Center becomes a part of you, so, too, will the name you give to God become personal, become fulfilling to you. Allowing for semantics is often a necessary step in bringing forth broader concepts. It is regrettable, indeed, on certain spheres that gender bias, gender domination has caused such pain! In the realm of time/space creatures on sex planets often this is inevitable.

In the universes with the Father, with the First Source and Center, gender is not an issue, is not even there. The language used in the Urantia Book and often used by myself is used in symbolic representation, so that you can understand a relationship. It is regrettable and I apologize to those whom the language offends. Look beyond that in understanding the First Source and Center, while working on your own human plane to bring about more equality among genders so that in successive generations that which pains you now will not be an issue for the children to come. Times of change always bring about pain and hurt. And yet if you will review your history you will see that equality, while it is not yet there, will, over time, and has, over time, been worked upon, has evolved into less and less discrepancy.

I say to you who have trouble with the phrase 'father' to substitute that endearing term that will help you in understanding a relationship that will provide the concept of the First Source and Center. As it is necessary to use the term God, First Source and Center, Universal One, Father, it is often awkward to use terms that will not offend anyone. And it is a matter of fading time, perhaps, in not addressing the First Source and Center as not always the First Source and Center. Know that if there is any kind of gender within the Creator of all, it encompasses both mother and father in spirit.

One cannot be had without the other. Indeed, even in your own life as gender creatures you are not wholly just one, but a combination of both. And, again, realize that the Urantia Book itself, while not inclusive in language, is not meant to offend, is not meant to exclude or to perpetuate an idea of gender bias, especially in the framework of God. And with that said, let there go forth from here an understanding from my part that when the term, 'Father' is used by me, not to confuse it for gender but for a relationship that embodies both Mother and Father Spirit, One combined Together. And if I use Mother Spirit know, also, that it includes Father combined. Semantics can cause much disagreement among people. I laugh in realizing the trouble that was had in giving this Urantia Book, for many, many hours were used in finding language that was expressive, suitable to convey an idea. The humor rests in the fact that when one is busy doing something and you continually run into roadblocks, after a time it becomes something to laugh about. I and others realize that the feelings that non-inclusive language generates for many is painful. Much thought was given in presenting the idea of 'Father', as in a family situation. On a planet that is patriarchal it was deemed a proper way to go to help the greater number in coming to a clearer understanding of God. You who are feeling offense, take heart in realizing that God is no respecter of persons, no respecter of gender. And your pain will only provide for more character growth and will someday be an ally to you. This week work to bring into your own personal lives a greater sense of faith, that through your increasing faith, will you better serve one another on this plane. And now I will take only a few questions."


C2: "Daniel, this is C2. Thank you for addressing the issue. I guess my response and I don't even know if it is a question is that...you see, I don't think that gender prohibits me from really understanding God nor does it detract from my faith in this Universal Creator/Caring Parent of mine. But it certainly does estrange me from being at one and in complete relationship with my brothers and my sisters. It's not the relationship with my God that suffers because of that because I think God is beyond gender and is both. I guess it would just be nice to hear the word, 'mother' sometimes as well as 'father'. And maybe not even Mother Spirit but just Mother. It would be nice to in reading and learning about the Urantia Book worlds that there are Creator Daughters and that, yes, I know God doesn't have any gender bias and is no respecter. And I keep hearing that we who are sensitive to that are the ones that have to move beyond that! I guess...is the burden of responsibility always on us to discount the reality that the world thinks that God is gender biased?"

Daniel: "Your concerns are noted, and your concerns are being addressed in ways which are not always known to you. And because of this being a time of change, transition from a very domineering patriarchal world to one that in future generations will be more equitable, this is, indeed, difficult for those caught in the flux. And so I can certainly sympathize. And I speak regularly with my fellow teachers in this regard, that even as teachers on this mission, if we could be more conscious of this pain, we might be able to bring about a greater sensitivity in the society at large. And I know that often I, myself, have erred in not always using inclusive language. This has been a growing step for me as my planet of origin, also, was male dominated. And the pattern of thought is still ingrained. I ask that you who are sensitive to this to put forth in your own personal life those things that will bring about change. The Urantia Book is a great promoter in bringing the truth, the revelation of the First Source and Center into understandable terms for this time. It is often regretted that the aspect of language is in some ways hampering further enlightenment. You who understand the First Source and Center as you do, understand that language should not and cannot be a block for you. And continue, therefor, in your human endeavors in the human realm to bring about language that helps to stir people in realizing that the symbolism of 'Father' designates a relationship that espouses love, that the term is but a term, mother, also, parent, indeed. While this conversation we have now will not change what is, realize that in time this will not be an issue. In that time in between, however, there will be pain, but out of pain there is growth."

C2: "Thank you Daniel. I appreciate your comment. It is less distressing for me to hear you speak in those terms that are classicly used. But I guess I would ask that if, indeed, our life here and our gathering here is but a laboratory for the future, could we not do some retranslating on everybody's part?"

Daniel: "This is what we are trying to do. And these discussions will indeed generate much thought in regards to this issue. And I will, again, work on my end to uphold you and to work with other teachers in upholding this idea, keeping intact the relationship symbolism necessary for there to be understanding of the First Source and Center, the God/Parent of us all."

C2: "Thank you Daniel."

V1: "First, Daniel, I would like to introduce B9, whom you are probably already aware of, from Council, Idaho. And she is here visiting with us. And then at the same time I had a thought during all this. On the spheres where there is Light and Life and mortals have reached that place, is gender an issue? Or has it all been taken care of, and, indeed, as I read this morning [page 1260], the concept of God will one day be greater than the concept of Father. What is the First Source and Center called on spheres where there is Light and Life?"

Daniel: "Welcome, B9. It is good to have you here with us today. I have been aware of you, of course, and I am pleased that we can be together here this evening. Your growth over the last time frame is one that shows an awakening of the spirit, a desire to grow and to come into further understanding of God. I welcome you and ask that you continue to seek that quiet time, that through it you will not only come into greater love, greater understanding, but you will, through that time, be able to rest, to answer and to put aside those questions which you are seeking answers for. Welcome, my friend. The concept of God, the person of God, the name given to God, the First Source and Center is not a given. God has not given a name for His/Her being. God is God and the name, the way God is addressed is different on most spheres. Many equate God as Father in terms of understanding the loving relationship of parent to the child. In a planet of Light and Life, if they are gender planets, so, too, will there be the differences that are genetic, and because of this and thought patterning, there will always be a difference. The difference on a Light and Life planet as opposed to one as this, is that there is no dominance of one gender over another. Equality and respect for the strengths as well as the weaknesses that are inherent within gender are thusly respected and thus are these strengths and weaknesses used to help each individual grow in their potential. And the term, my friends, of what to call God on many spheres becomes a very personal one. As you grow in more self realization, God-consciousness, the concept of what the First Source and Center means to you becomes that which you call Him/Her. Do you see? Let us not get hung up on a name! To assign a name in this regard that is one that will stifle even one individual in their ascension to the First Source and Center would be error. Let not a name stop you in your ascent!"

V1: "Thank you Daniel."

Hell, Perspective

B9: "Daniel. I want to change the subject for a minute. My mother seems to be one of the most miserable people on earth and she is in 'hell'. And sometimes I feel guilty for not being there with her! I'm sure it is not necessary to go to 'hell' to comfort your mother (laughter), but do you suppose I should be happy that she is so miserable? Perhaps you acquire great character?"

Daniel: "Indeed, you have put forth a fact that 'hell' is possible for individuals on this plane, for it is nothing more than the perception of your outlook on life. You, my friend, do not need to lower your expectations of life to be of comfort to your mother. Rather than placate or support her in her misery, rather than do that, pray and support her in her goodness. For in giving her love, in being able to look at her and try to understand where she is coming from, this motivates her. You will be able to give her some underlying support that is not based on negative concepts, but is given out of love. And it is through love that change can come about. Even as you pray, pray that those, in this case your mother, who appears to be hardened of heart, can be softened and can be given seeds that will help her in experiencing the love of God, rather than the negative aspect which she perceives. Do not go to 'hell' with anyone. Rather pick up your load and with it help, also, carry the load for those who are not understanding, that are in the dark. And by giving love daily, in thought, word, action, and prayer, you help carry that load for them. Realize, my friend, that you are not responsible for your mother. You are responsible for your own experience of the Father. In your growing, in your experience of the Mother, you will help your own mother to see, to feel, to know that, perhaps, 'hell' is not the only avenue in this life.

My dear friends, do you all realize that as you grow in the understanding of the First Source and Center, that you become a sharer of the First Source and Center with others? You who are in family ties with others who are not understanding God will be able to do much to bring a broader perspective to them through your life. Realize, also, my dear friends, that when the time comes for your mother to make a decision, she will be afforded every opportunity to ascend. And through the love that you can give to her on this plane, you will be helping her in fostering a greater avenue for her to make the change to go on. Many times in this life those who are in 'hell' are there because of their own choice or because of the many circumstances in life. To say that because one is, in their own perception, in 'hell' is building character, soul growth, is not within my understanding to know. Rather, it is of my understanding that these people need your love and support so they can see, through your life, a different path. Has this helped?"

B9: "Yes, it has helped. And do I understand that I don't have to rescue her because she doesn't seem to respond to anything I say? I hope that I don't have to be her rescuer. I may be just selfish. I don't know."

Daniel: "Give love, support, and prayer to her daily and you will be serving. Through you own life actions will she see. Often words are not heard. Your phrase, actions speak louder than words often is very true. For people who see action are allowed to make their own judgment, whereas words, especially words given as advice are often blocked and therefor not heard. Continue to love and pray."

N1: "Daniel, I wanted to thank you for addressing the issue. Now I would particularly thank you for the use of the term 'His/Her' and the use of 'Father/Mother' It does help enormously. When I hear 'His' over and over my stomach clutches and then I hear the 'Her' follow it relaxes. I think as you are aware I have spent a lot of time thinking about this in the last couple of weeks and I think I understand...and I guess the reason I am telling you this is that it sounds like this is an ongoing thing with the rest of the teachers. I just wanted to share this with you. I think that part of why it is an issue to me is that I am not a man. And if the directive is to become like God, God is seen in a gender term, then I can never become like God because I am not male. Charles said to me...and this helped me to clarify a lot..and I told him a little of what went on..and he said to me . .put in whatever words you want. He thought it was important. He said he cannot sing a song that is written from a woman's perspective. He has to change the words or it doesn't ring true for him. That's really how I feel with it. I need to change the words and hear them both..is wonderful, because I can sing the song and feel the harmony. It is just not harmonious for me to sing of something that I am not. And I know for some women that is not a problem. They understand those words as inclusive of them. For me, I don't. I just wanted to say 'thank you so much' hearing the term 'Mother' and hearing the 'His' followed by 'Her' just really helps me. And I really appreciate your sensitivity to this issue and me not being made to feel that I am just 'wrong' for having a problem and I better get over my problem!"

Daniel: "Beautifully stated. It will be noted by all teachers, I am sure."

B2: "Daniel, I just wanted to make a comment. I don't recall the source, but back in the seventies I read a book that used the word 'tess' for his/her and they combined the e from the male and the s from the female and vice versa in the possessive and the other and used 'ter' and 'tess'. I don't know if those are terms that are comfortable with you but it would certainly be easier and more streamlined if you could use a non-gender term. I don't know if that helps?"

Daniel: "Thank you, B1, for your comment. This will be taken under advisement."

B1: " Daniel, when we gather on Saturday with our friends from Woods Cross, do you have any directions as to what we should do? Like sit in a circle or begin with prayer, of should we just follow our Inner Guides, our Thought Adjusters?"

Daniel: "This week take time to pray that faith may be increased for you. With all gatherings it is nice that a group prayer can be offered. And because of the nature of this, it is asked that you be prepared to be ready to sit in stillness. It is also possible that through the stillness there will be messages given, directions. Do not seek to formalize, seek rather to be open that you may receive."

B1: "Thank you. That clarifies it for me. So we will gather with prayer, go into stillness, and see what happens."

K1: "Hi, Daniel, it's M3. It's good to see you, hear you again. I just have a question...I know the 24th is also Earth Day. I just wondered if there was any correlation between this event and caring for our planet?"

Daniel: "Urantia Day, yes. We are aware of this. No growth of the soul of the creatures upon this earth can take place unless there is a home for you to reside on. And the care of your personal home that houses your Indwelling Spirit is always important, as it is important to take care of the home that houses all of the inhabitants that house an Indwelling Spirit. And I say welcome back to you, you who are a 'frequent flyer', as the rest of us in this mission! (laughter)


My friends, let us end this meeting tonight in prayer, in the outpouring of love to all on this sphere. Hold now within your heart a concept of what the First Source and Center means to you. And in doing this, realize that you concept is magnified so many times over, more than you can even comprehend. And in this realize that the Creator of all loves each and every one of His/Her creation. If you in your limited understanding could begin to love your brothers and sisters in even a small way, you are expanding the concept of God for them!

'Mother/Father/Spirit, Christ Michael, all the angels, daughters of the Spirit, be with this group and all on this plane that through their efforts and the efforts of countless others, as well as yourselves, that in some way during this week all may begin to get a glimpse, an experience of the First Source and Center; that in receiving that experience their lives may be so turned around that they, too, may help one another as well as themselves in bringing greater harmony, peace, and love to this land,this planet, this Local Universe, this Superuniverse. May each here throughout this week take the time necessary in preparation experiencing You at greater depth. We ask this in your name.' My friends, go now this week. I send you my love. Good evening."