1993-08-31-Knowledge & Changes

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Topic: Knowledge & Changes

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl, Rayson

TR: Douglas



JarEl: (Douglas) The Presence God surrounds us. The Love of God enfolds us. There is no place that we can be, where He is not. Greetings, Dear Ones!

Betty & Joe: Greetings, Teacher JarEl!



JarEl: So pleased am I to be in your midst this day. I am happy to view your growth. As I listen to you, there is joyousness, humor and a seriousness about those issues that effect your individual lives and your collective participation. I see in all of this as your Teacher and Guide that you, Dear Ones, are developing little by little; step by step; right before my eyes. I see you transverse many difficulties to arrive at new understanding and enlightenment. We have a joyous heart at viewing this from this side. Myself and the Melchizedek, Machiventa. We are well pleased at your efforts to know yourselves and understand your place in the grand events surrounding this Teaching Mission. You do well, my children. I hope that my confirmation and reassurance of your stand in this Mission will ease any anxiety and calm any fears. I trust it will erase any doubts within your beings. How often have I told you that you are well loved. I enjoy the repetition of this. It is like embracing you. It is like holding you to my bosom and saying to you in all sincerity; with all love flowing from me and other beings, that you are loved by all. I hope that you receive good feelings from this knowledge.

Betty: Yes, JarEl.

JarEl: Our lesson this past Sunday was unique. We attempted to show forth the fact how easy it was or is for all to participate. What was your opinion as to our success in this regard?


Betty: I felt that it was very successful, and it allowed each of us to look within and to realize that there had been tremendous changes in us and tremendous growth. It's like when you express these things verbally you begin to see really how you do feel and what really is going on. I thought it was very meaningful to me. In fact, it seems to have set the pace for my whole week. Things that have been happening to me where I have been looking at my life and seeing how all along the Father has been with me. Looking at my growth throughout my life and never realizing that there was any sort of help; sort of struggling along. And yet when I look at it with those eyes as to how I had changed; and how God has participated in my life, it was very meaningful.

JarEl: Yes, this is wonderful. Thank you for your comments.

Joe: In retrospect I do think it was quite successful, because we, all of the many times may not feel that we have much to contribute. But this exercise, I think, gave us all indication that just by merely participating, that is our contribution; and that is contribution enough, it seems to be.

JarEl: Yes, this is true. All of us participate, and all must feel that they are part of this group. And to go further, that each of you is an intricate and vital part. It matters not the size of their contribution, only that each contribute something. If it is a light or a mota, the contributions the important thing. So please teach this lesson often among yourselves. Encourage each one too speak and be heard. Allow each one the opportunity to be involved. Listen to each, nonjudgemental: give praise to the shy ones. This will encourage them to step forward more often.

Are there questions that you would ask of me tonight? I would like to depart from our normal lesson plan, as you have taught a fine lesson earlier. So, I see no need to expound upon that which you have shared so openly and willingly with one another and ourselves. You see, we are Teachers, and I believe good teachers know when a lesson has been imparted. It matters not that it did not come directly from myself or others. It gives us great joy to see and witness how each of you has developed and has set about to solve questions that you have amongst yourselves. Your answers may not always be, as you say "right on the money", but they are close enough to affect spiritual growth. So, it is often that I will say " I could not have said it better". So again, continue as you are, freely sharing and allow each one to contribute his thoughts, feelings, knowledge and wisdom, on the various subjects. Let us proceed!


Joe: I wanted to ask for clarification. In last Sunday's lesson when you provided for a break or for a moment to receive and feel the Father's love; subsequent to that you indicated that you were somewhat sad on your side to see how little of the Father's love that we were able to receive or perceive. I am wondering is that because we are in this particular world? or is it something that will come with our spiritual growth and progress? That as we progress we will be able to perceive the Father's love more and more?

JarEl: Yes, you are correct in some areas. Let me go back for a moment. The sadness I spoke of was not a sadness of heart so much as it was the recognition of sadness we felt because of you mortals inability to receive a full measure of His love. We are glad, and we rejoice at the fact that you can receive a small portion of His love. We just wish that you could receive the full measure. We also understand that in order for you to receive, comprehend and experience the full measure of His love, you must evolve to that spiritual level. But the degree and amount of His love as it is representative in your experience, is still overwhelming to you. It leaves you weak and in awe of His majesty. So, it is as the child. The babe cannot consume the meat. It must consume a soft nourishment, and it is nourishment still. But the day comes that he will have developed and acquired the necessary teeth to consume meat. So it is with you. His love and your development is small, but satisfying. Later you will develop more, and you will receive those tools that are necessary to open yourselves to the full measure of His love. Does this help you?

Joe: It gives me a full perspective. That was beautiful, thank you.

JarEl: This is good. We are pleased that we can enlighten you. It encourages us. It makes our sacrifices worthwhile. This group gives us a great feeling of satisfaction and worth. I thank you for you perception and for your willingness to receive. Many ask, and many receive, but it is often our experience that they come to that point where they think they have acquired all there is to acquire of learning. That they know just enough to figure everything out for themselves and they have no need for our guidance. This brings great sadness to us teachers and helpers, because on this side the little we know has allowed us to realize that there is much to know. And that in our whole eternal adventure we will never know it all. We will never reach that stage of fullness; that there is nothing else to know. As you know from the Urantia Book, knowledge changes. With each change it brings on new perceptions; new consciousness; new awareness; and new adventures in learning. So we are thankful to you that participated in this group for your openness and your sincerity; for your participation. You may continue.

AIDS, Euthanasia

Betty: JarEl, I would like to ask you about euthanasia. There are many people that are dying of Aids. And Deborah asked me to ask you about whether or not this was acceptable. That they take their own lives.?

JarEl: Ah! The dreaded disease. The dreaded consequence of this disease. Dear one, I will try to enlighten you on this subject. You must keep in mind that freewill reigns. Freewill choices may not be violated by us. Your will and the exercise thereof, is supreme. It is sad to view the destruction of the mortal body. We feel great love and compassion for those who are afflicted with this disease. But we view it as what it is a disease; a sickness; an illness that has devastating consequences. If you view it equally as your other diseases, such as cancer, crippling diseases as polio, cerebral palsy , Alzheimer's and the like, you should be able to put the issue in some perspective.

It is never pleasant to view the end of life under these horrendous circumstances, but the choice of existence or nonexistence lies with the individual. A right or wrong of this issue cannot be addressed by us. The moral decision lies within the mortal creature. His morality is the deciding factor, but rest assured that the process of reassembling is the same for the victim of cancer, the victim of unforeseen accidents; and the victim of the dreaded Aids. Reassemble on the mansion worlds will take place the same.

The avoidance of issues; the avoidance of growth and learning through the taking of one's own life will only delay those issues. Sooner or later, the lessons must be learned, whether fully in this existence or in the morontia existence. The lessons are the same. So, Dear ones, the decision whether or not to go on under the circumstances of pain and deterioration must rest with the individual. And like all decisions there is the possibility of error, therefore, a lesson can be achieved through this experience. Spiritual growth can take place through the experience. Does this help you and your friend?

Betty: Yes, thank you, JarEl.

Joe: This disease we talk about, Aids. We were discussing briefly starting this session. Is it something that was brought into the world by Caligastia prior to the adjudication?

JarEl: Many believe that this is such. The confirmation of that, I do not have. If this is true, this is a terrible thing to have happened. It will only show the complete association and embracing of evil and his total disrespect for Michael and the Father. This one was given ample opportunity to repent. This one was offered abundant divine forgiveness and mercy. But this one's heart had waxed cold, and hard. He was unremitting in his efforts to corrupt others and unrepentant. However, even in his unrepentance, the Father was merciful in allowing him to be fully adjudicated and the sentence carried out. This was benevolence and mercy on the part of the Father and Our Creator Son. It is saddening to His divine heart that His creatures could err and reject His mercy. How else may I be of assistance to you growing ones?

Betty: I personally thank you, JarEl, for being my Teacher and I really feel that you are responsible for bringing me out of the darkness, and into this wonderful opportunity that I have to serve the Father and to grow spiritually.

JarEl: Thank you. Thank you very much for your comments. Thank you for your love. It does us well. It pleases us that we are able to be a small part of this mission and contribute what we have learned from Machiventa, Michael and the Father to this mission.


Please hold a moment, as Douglas asks a question. He asks if you are proceeding properly in establishing the treasury to do those things that you feel need to be done by you? I would say, this is correct. Often times we miss opportunities to be about the Father's business through our inability to have funds for various things. It would be good to have a nest egg so that as opportunities present themselves to further the cause, that it does not burden each individual to meet those needs. It will be good that you have in your possession adequate funds, contributed to by all through some means of participation, that will address the group needs and desires. Yes, you ask if we will be present this Sunday at the new location of the meeting. Yes, We will be there. We look forward to meeting with the new people who have expressed an interest in this mission. So all may come with open hearts, minds and happy spirits. We will be most anxious to participate.


Joe: We look forward to seeing you there and talking with you. We were talking about...I brought up the subject of Hal's healing. If there is a practical exercise that we might engage in this coming Sunday as a whole group? Is there something that we could be doing more. We understand that patience is what is needed;and for all be of one mind, of course. Is there something that you perceive that we need to be doing further?

JarEl: Please wait while we consult with Rayson. (There is a pause of 2 minuets or so)

Rayson: Dear ones, I am Rayson, I greet you.

Betty: Greetings, Rayson! Joe: Welcome, Rayson!

Rayson: To answer this question, I think it is essential that I be present. Belief and prayer is necessary. All of you have done well to this point in your agreement and your efforts to bestow this healing. We have been evaluating and examining this one. The results of which we cannot disclose at this time. But we ask that you continue as you have in faith and love. This will facilitate greater ability to receive healing. Know also that by your desires to heal this one among you; you have made a bold step in sharing the Father's love. You have made a bold step to healing the problems of mankind. You may not perceive this presently, but look within your room. Look at each and you will see the healing taking place. Healing of the issues that have tormented each one over the years. There is great healing taking place of the emotions and spiritual development of all. I can foresee that if you continue with this path, it is foreseeable that the physical healing of this one, he will have in his experience. This is all. I thank you for this opportunity to address you in this your practice session. My love I give. Farewell!!!

Betty: Farewell, Rayson! Thank you for being with us, and administering to our group. Joe: Farewell, Rayson!! We are very honored to have had you with us and we thank you for all your work.

Rayson: All are welcome!



JarEl: It is I, JarEl. I thought it best to allow the one that we honor in the expertise of this subject, to answer directly. I was correct. His wisdom exceeds mine in this area. This is great good that is shared as brothers. You are blessed to have this one with us at this time. We are thankful for his presence, and his message. If there are not any further questions, we will take our leave as your hour grows great. We do not wish to infringe upon your many duties. So, we will...correct me if this is not correct, but take a chill pill?

Great laughter from Betty and Joe.

Betty: It was a joke! It was a joke!

JarEl: Yes. Was that correct?

Betty: Yes. That was correct. You got it!

Joe: It is so refreshing to hear you begin to use our sense of humor in our sessions.It is wonderful. I thank you for it.

Betty: Yes! Yes!

JarEl: Humor is like particles that enriches the soul. Blessings, peace, love, truth, beauty , goodness we wish unto all... Farewell.

Betty: Farewell, JarEl.

Joe: Good luck to you JarEl. Farewell!