1993-09-26-Changing Times

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Topic: Changing Times

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Welmek

TR: Unknown



Opening prayer


Daniel: "Greetings, my friends. I am Daniel, your teacher and guide. I am most pleased as usual to be back with you this evening and to hear the reports you have given. Indeed, has there been growth, has there been a broadening of your perspectives within the last year! And as you, my friends, take the time to get to know the Father, to get to that spot within your inner being where there is that communication between the Indwelling Spirit and your own thoughts, is there this tremendous amount of growth potential made available to you. It cannot be otherwise. Those who commune with the Spirit shall so be led by the Spirit.

And it is in various layers and degrees, even as you have spoken; that in being out in nature is there also the chance to commune with the Father. It can often be felt and seen as well, for in the surroundings of your environment you can see God within the people you are with as well as in the landscape. You may hear God in the music, sense Him in the fragrances within the air of the flowers that bloom, the smell of the aspens in the fall, etc. You see, wherever you are, God is; within and without, He is everywhere encompassing. As you become aware, become more in line with God consciousness, you develop a sense of God being everywhere. It is this sense that we hope becomes as dominant for you as your five senses: to appreciate and see God in all things; to realize that despite the temporal outward appearances, underlying all of that is the First Source and Center; that through all things is God present, though not visible by many. It is our hope that as you develop greater faith you can begin to realize the all pervasiveness that the First Source and Center is. Indeed, as you change and begin to see things from that higher perspective,you begin to realize that, despite all appearances, in the long, distant, big picture there will be much goodness erupting, much goodness being brought forth. And with that I would like at this time to welcome another teacher. One moment please."

Welmek: "Greetings, I am Welmek. It has been long awaited by you that I should come and visit this group. It has not been our desire that the time lapse should appear so long for you but because of circumstances it was delayed for a time. Indeed am I familiar with you and am I thankful that I could speak tonight to you.


Change, Consciousness

The times are such now that more and more Urantians are evolving and growing into a greater consciousness. My friends, it is truly the work that you do as individuals that helps to make this consciousness spread to become more global and to become a part of the underlying thought processes. Change is inevitable. The amount and the way change is directed at any given time often depends upon the thought processes of the people who are now inhabiting any locale. And you, my friends, because of your desire to know the Father, to meet with the Father, to serve Him and to serve one another have brought about a change in your own thinking, a change in your perception, a change in your attitude and a change in the way you proceed with your life. There are, of course, days when you fall back into old patterns, but by and large you are bringing about a retraining of your ways in ways that will show forth more love from the Father. In your quiet time, in your actual thoughts you are putting out hope, you are putting out love, you are asking that all be reached, you are bringing about a change in yourselves as far as judging others in trying to be more tolerant and understanding. You are searching for ways in which you can find truth and because of this your thought patterns and your consciousness are being raised. And as more and more join you, so must the overall consciousness of a planet begin to change.

Witness the remarkable happenings nationwide and globally on this sphere! While it is often shattered with violence and with anger, bigotry, prejudice, and disagreement, there is an undercurrent which is beginning to displace all of these things. There is a tide that is beginning to turn. And it is through your work in this regard that change will come about. So, my friends, as you daily tread the path become more aware and conscious of your thoughts. Do not harbor negative thinking! Rely on positive thinking for it not only benefits you as individuals, but gives much to the outer realm as well.

The groups around the country are beginning to see this change for the individual. As more and more groups, not only with this Teaching Mission but others, come together in the desire to bring about unity, so shall this planet be healed in all aspects. It will take time, but as you have been willing to open yourself up you have been foundation makers for many and will continue to be so, to do so. The great message that we teachers in the Teaching Mission wish to bring to you today is this: allow God to work through you. Allow this to happen. Do not cloak yourselves in thoughts that you are not worthy. Do not cloak yourselves in guilt or fear. Rather open yourself that God reaching down to you can be able to touch that inner part that you, too, may reach back and be made whole. This is our sincere hope, that as more and more people realize God in their individual lives, so shall great change take place!

When you can turn over your problems and life to the First Source and Center gradually, over time, those needs, those desires that are important for your spiritual growth will be met. Time will be the predictor. You cannot hurry God in His manner. You must allow all things to occur on His time. Prayers not being immediately answered does not mean that prayer is not being answered. It may not be answered in a form you so desire, but rather from a standpoint of what is best for you and for those around you. This is important, for often those who pray are met with disappointment because they are looking for the magic wand. You, my friends, are growing vastly and quickly beyond that point. As you pray for one another this should a part of your prayer for them, that they can realize God in their life; they can realize that God answers prayer in a way that He knows is best for them.

And now I must take my leave. Regretfully I cannot at this time answer questions. But I would like to speak with this group again. You have shown me today much love. I thank Daniel for the time. Good evening."

Group: "Thank you Welmek." Daniel: "My friends, it is good to have Welmek here with us today. He is very busy at this time, but because of the circumstances was able to come today. We are thankful for his message that is often forgotten by many; that you fine students are relying upon that inner guidance more and more. And because of your growth you are, indeed, beginning to help others to grow. And this is another purpose of our mission.

I thank you for your willingness to persevere in this manner. It has been a time of much challenge for you all. Your faith has been tested and the doubts that have arisen over the last few years have been balanced. But because you have been so willing to cast aside doubt in the prospect that indeed God does work in mysterious ways so have you allowed that door to remain, not a narrow passage, but rather has it grown to be a broad and ever welcoming door for you to go through. Indeed are you beginning to allow faith to be your guiding light. You have shown that through the trials of life, through temptation and through the doubts that you are trustworthy. You are beginning to develop a characteristic that is most treasured in aeons to come. Be ever thankful for those opportunities that you can offer this great and wonderful gift given to you and given back by you by your actions. I will now accept questions."


Teaching Mission

V1: "Hello Daniel. I was reading this morning about the amazing healing that Jesus did when He was on earth. He did not expect it to happen, this 683; that when He desired it and it was the Father's will, it says that those things are. They just happen. And the book went on to say that very few people grew spiritually of all those 683 that were healed because God doesn't work in that way. It takes a slow process. And I could not help but wonder about the Teaching Mission because frankly I think it is a marvelous wonderful miracle in my life. Has this been a result of (our involvement in this) a result of many years of perseverance, or, indeed, has this been a wonderful instantaneous gift that has caused us all to respond to the love that God has given? I guess I just wanted a comment on that if you would, please."

Daniel: "Indeed what is willed by Christ Michael has always been brought to pass if the Father has so desired. And the Father has always held each of His creations in esteem as worthy. And so, you see, when this planet, so long in darkness, was ready for new truth to be given, so has it taken place. And as we have spoken about in previous lessons, you have benefited spiritually, not because of you being specially selected or chosen, but because you have persevered. You have been truth seekers, you have been willing to take a risk to remain open. Each and every one of you have traversed a different path. For each and every one of you the answer would be individual. Overall, however, this Teaching Mission has been given at this time and this place because of the evolutionary timeframe when a new revelation was important and imperative to be given to this plane. With the opening of the circuits the Teaching Mission has been given an earlier birth into Urantia. And so, it is in a sense a gift that you, too, have worked to prepare yourselves to be open for the gift. Does this answer?"

V1: "Yes, Daniel. Very much. Thank you. It is just such a significant miracle in my life. I guess I appreciate very much the communication and the indication and the support and the love. I am very grateful for the miracle."

Daniel: "And as you grow, all of you, in that appreciation and understanding of what this truly means, so shall that be given to your brothers and sisters as a byproduct of how you lead your life."


N1: "Hello, Daniel. First of all I would like to say `thank you' to Welmek for his message and visiting us. That was quite exciting. His message brought up to questions I have struggled with off and on. The first one, I don't know, perhaps sitting in the quiet will take care of. I have been reading the Urantia Book. And what Welmek said was that we were growing in tolerance and judging our fellow human beings less, I believe. And I feel like I am judging more! And I am concerned about this. And it relates to the genetic issue that was brought up earlier. I am finding myself looking at different people now and judging their genetics. I feel very wrong about this because I didn't used to be judgmental in that way. I didn't used to note people's innate abilities or lack of them. I just sort of considered us all equal. And I am having a really difficult time understanding that God's love for us is all equal and yet we have differing physical mechanisms. Can you perhaps clarify to me the difference between will and soul growth and the physical mechanisms that we have inherited by chance?"

Daniel: "Let me first of all say this. Indeed will you often times, now that you are developing more sensitivity, find yourself judging. Have you not in the past judged on other levels and not been aware? What happens as you become more sensitive to the Spirit is that you realize when you are crossing over to a less desirable path more readily. You recognize this. Also, there is a fine line between truly judging and thinking about or observing. It is OK to make observations. One must make observations. But to really judge is taking a step beyond noting or observing. It is OK to note and observe. For it is in doing so that you are able to broaden your horizons, question and so forth, that can bring about change. However, to judge places things in a different category.

And now, back to your other question. In the whole picture which the First Source and Center has, there are many, many pieces, as you well know. Even those in very high places, those of descending status, even to these individuals the full picture is not given. And so for you on the lowest of planes to understand all that is up here is but an impossibility! Rightly, you should question, 'how can a loving God decree to not make people equal, but yet expect equality?'

One must remember this; that over the many aeons of time all factors that at one point or time did not appear equal, do come into equality. It is not for you to judge what is valuable or necessary for soul growth, for that is not the purpose or nature of your life. What is important is that you remember that in all individuals is the First Source and Center working. And because of that Indwelling Spirit, no matter what genetic code is implanted, no matter what the personality may be, God is, indeed, a part of that individual. It may mean that an individual will ascend quicker, or may take longer. Even those of less intelligence and less cultural advantages have transcended and have gone further in this lifetime than those who have been given seemingly more opportunities or greater intelligence. Do not be concerned with the genetic code in regard to the Father's work. In time this question will be answered by the group at large. For now the pressing questions are on other things. Know that the Father's love includes all His children. The Mother's love includes all of Her children. A family unit you all are! Even as brothers and sisters in one small family unit on earth, even as they are different and take different paths, show different talents, different strengths, do not the parents love them the same? Do not the parents support them the same? Do not the parents give their concern equally? Indeed will the First Source and Center take care of the family! Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. That helps very much at many levels. Thank you. As you were talking I realized what was going on for me again was that I was doubting God once again! Perhaps this other question is related to the same thing I keep going back to, doubting God. I think I have asked this question before in maybe a different form or maybe exactly the same, I don't know.


I'm wondering about prayer and I'm wondering how it is that praying for our brothers and sisters or praying for a situation causes change? Because it seems to me God knows all things and has unlimited power and therefor it seems for things to come about God should be taking care of these things without us needing to pray for it! Perhaps I think that praying is drawing it to God's attention, yet I know that God must know of it, whatever our concerns are long before they are even in our conscious mind. So I'm still confused about the role of prayer and how we help one another through that. Is it because by praying we are in fact benefiting ourselves and by benefiting ourselves we benefit the collective consciousness? I guess I have a question about the collective consciousness benefiting everyone. Would that same question to the connection of the collective consciousness to God as prayer to God. If you would address this I would appreciate it."

Daniel: "Certainly. Indeed is God all knowing of every need, every desire, every want! And, indeed, is the First Source and Center ever ready to help the individual to grow, to reach their potential. It is a matter of the individual being ready at any given moment to allow for that next step to take place. Here is where prayer becomes important. In prayer you are, in fact, benefiting yourself by coming to terms with what is really necessary. What is my motive? What is really going on? And in praying for others as well you must decide how best to pray for your brothers and sisters. We have discussed the various types of prayer from the very immature prayer to the more mature spiritual growth promoting prayer. So I will not go into that. But let me say this. Through prayer you focus yourself. In focusing yourself you come into greater understanding. Greater understanding provides you with the tools that will help you to grow in wisdom. It is in this wisdom which is spiritual in nature which helps you intuitively and consciously to know how to lead your life. For prayer is that communion with the Father, if prayer is tempered with silence as well, a necessary ingredient.

As to your other question regarding how and why pray for your brothers and sisters, you do so that you can better understand the situation, as I have just said. You do so, as you have said, because by prayer you are putting out into the collective consciousness those thoughts which can generate change for the individual. People who have people praying for them are in fact saturated from many areas. Because of that they are able, in a sense, to open up and allow God to work in their life. You see, you are more than the five senses. Recall that you have that divine nature within as well. And from that divine nature there is also a mechanism for sensing. When you pray for one another you help mold and jell that spiritual bonding and unity. That, in fact, allows that individual to grow in spiritual awareness. And in time, if that person is willing, will they begin to realize on the human, mindal/conscious level, and will begin to bring about change in their life. You pray for one another, not that miracles can occur, but that that person will open themselves up in a special or particular way for the need that most needs to be dealt with.

And so, yes, the First Source and Center has no need for your prayers or petitions, but you do. As you take that time in prayer and you allow silence to be a part of that prayer, then the First Source and Center is able to reach down and to touch you. And given the many times a day that you pray, the many times that you have a moment of silence, do you reinforce this connection between you and the First Source and Center, between you and your Indwelling Spirit. Prayer is the opening of the communication between you and the Father Fragment, the First Source and Center. If it were not for prayer, many would never have that inner communication. Does this help?"

N1: "Yes, Daniel. That did help. I had a further question, but I think I answered it. Yes, I was wondering why praying for somebody increases the saturation so that they can open up, when I thought that God should be able to increase the saturation so they could open up. And yet, I suppose, that is like questioning gravity or something like that. And I think I'll maybe just accept it and not be playing debate tactics with God."

Daniel: "What needs to be understood is this. God is up here as big as all the heavens. He reaches down to you, the individual. Always is that channel and pathway open. But individuals themselves are the ones who decide whether or not to open themselves up this way to meet God. When God is met with a blockage there must be, because of free will choice, God respecting that person's choice not to be open. And so what you are doing in a sense when you pray for your brothers and sisters is that you are sending encouragement to them that they, themselves, will open up to receive God. Do you see?"

N1: "Yes. Thank you very much."

B1: "And I want to add my thanks, Daniel, because when I asked a question a while ago about my concern with prayer, N1 has pretty well expressed some of those concerns as well. And you have answer has helped me as well. I don't have a question. I just wanted to tell Welmek that it was great to hear from him. And, yes, please come back. I have some questions I want to ask of you. It was great to have him here."

Daniel: "This is understood. He will, indeed, know. And again he asked me to send his love to this group and to convey to each of you his utmost respect for you as individuals. We in the Teaching Mission see daily your struggles and we always have much respect for you and what you must go through, given a material body. Believe me when I say that while it is wonderful to walk this plane, you will feel much more freedom as you travel in the morontial worlds and on up. And I, too, will close this meeting today sending you my love and peace.


This week work on the idea of expanding your consciousness to include God in all that you do. Allow God even into those moments when you are feeling angry, when you are feeling bitter or the like. Do not only include him in moments of joy or moments of need. You will find that as you include Him in all things, so shall you be moved by that Spirit and so shall your actions come in line with that Spirit. And so even when you are in anger, if you can think of God, your thoughts will begin to change. My love to you this evening. Good day."