1993-12-05-You Are Part of Eternity

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Topic: You Are Part of Eternity

Group: Pocatello TeaM


Teacher: Iruka

TR: Rutha



Iruka: The love of God surrounds you, the light of God enfolds you, wherever you are, He is. Good afternoon I am Iruka, I am your friend and teacher. It has been delightful seeing you all together and planning a meal. I enjoy your camaraderie and this group has grown and grows to love each other more each week. That of course, is what the Father teaches, to love each other, to show compassion, and to grow. It has been almost a year now since we have begun meeting and the growth that you have shown is incredible. Your compassion to each other and to those around you has reached the point where you are truly beginning to be different, to get a reputation for being loving and non- judgmental, even to those who do not know what you believe or what church you go to. At work, in your neighborhood the individuals whose lives you touch are seeing changes, and the changes are very positive, and very wonderful.


Time, Perspective

Today I would like to speak about the eternity that you are a part of. There are many ways to look at your life, you can merely see it as your life here on this planet, or you can take the view of all eternity. When you take the view of eternity, your perception changes, the rush, the hurry to accomplish things, and to learn things slows down. As you read about the life of Christ Michael, you have read that He was never in a hurry. He took His time with every individual, He took His time explaining, answering questions, and giving parables to help the understanding and the growth of those around Him. I know that this culture, that this society is a hurry-up, do it quickly, accomplishment oriented (one). That is how your vision has been, but I would like to introduce a new idea to you. That is to try to view things as Christ Michael did. It may seem that you are wasting time, or losing time, but in reality you are not. Taking a few minutes to talk with someone before you rush to get into your car, or taking a few extra minutes on the phone, in the long run comes back to you. The love that you show is never lost and your perception of time begins to change. It will seem that you have more time, that you can do things more in keeping with calmness and joy and peace, with the knowledge that everything important will be done. This of course is God's time and not yours. When you can begin to live this way, your whole being will change. The rhythm of your life will change and you will be at peace. I will now answer questions.


S1: Hello Iruka, I would like to introduce someone here who is new to our group.

Iruka: Thank you very much and welcome. We always look forward to new people. [thank you]

E1: Hello Iruka, last week I didn't ask anything about it, but have you been thinking about the 'One People's Day' and the format we should take?

Iruka: I indeed have begun my notes on a short talk, and plan to develop those notes over the next several weeks, however, I have not been helping you to come up with a topic.

E1: However, being that you have some notes, you might want to fill us in on what you have already?

Iruka: Essentially it is an introduction about how Christ Michael viewed all of who He met, so it has begun on very general terms.

E1: Are the other teachers going to contribute as well, or will it just be your topic.

Iruka: We can ask them to. I have not asked them to, because you had asked me to. If you would like that, we can certainly do this in a cooperative way, is this what you wish?

E1: That would be very nice. I am not sure, but maybe by then you could possibly have contacted the Melchizedek teacher? Anything would be just fine.

Iruka: Then we will have a discussion and have everyone contribute. Is this what you wish?

E1: That would be beautiful. I just need to know, where you are coming from so that we can be in concert. Maybe by January we will have a theme and we can work with whatever you have, to work around the theme.

Iruka: Of course, but I am taking direction from you. Do you understand?

E1: Yes, but I wouldn't mind getting a theme from you all. If you want us to work with something we can take it and work with it. If there is something you want us to deliver to the people who 'don't believe'. We can work with it that way if you like.

Iruka: OK, that would be fine, then I will have a few ideas, we can discuss them next week and choose a topic?

E1: OK, that would be fine, that would be excellent.

Iruka: Very well then, we will work on this.

C1: Iruka, we met last Sunday. I have a question to ask you but I am very leery about asking it. Whenever the T/R is ready to talk to you, I feel a heaviness all over the upper part of my body. Am I feeling your presence?

Iruka: Hello, it is nice you are here again this week. This heaviness as you described may be that you are sensing the many beings that are in this room right now. Some individuals can sense this and some can't. This room is indeed crowded from our side with many observers, and that may be what you are feeling. [thank you]


W1: Iruka, I am just curious, from your side...let me speak on our side first, all we hear here, is the bad. When we listen to the news it is never how much good is going on, it is just more profitable to show bad things, for ratings. From your point of view, are you seeing an improvement world-wide versus what we are seeing here through our media.

Iruka: An improvement since....

W1: Lets just say an improvement in the morality of the people or getting rid of the negative collective consciousness. You know, working toward the goal that I know the mission has.

Iruka: There are a few different questions in this question. One is; it is true that your news coverage motivated by money and power, sensationalize the bad things, absolutely, but there are many good things going on and there are publications who print these good things, certainly not all good things, but good things don't make money, good things don't get attention, and so they are ignored. Good things are expressed between friends, across the fence to neighbors, to people at work. There is a network of individuals, people you know who know someone else, who know someone else, who said this or saw that. There is incredible good going on everywhere. The other part of your question was to the collective consciousness and yes, that is beginning to change. There is much fear, much anger but now there seems to be much love, much compassion. Partly because you are aware of it, partly because you have learned that you can spread love, you can spread peace and joy. Humans are incredibly resilient. When they have heard about all the bad things they can stand, they stop listening, they listen to good things and they emphasize positive happenings. So there is much hope and good things are being known and are spreading. Does this answer? [Yes, thank you]


L1: Hello Iruka, I have had a very challenging week, that has challenged my inner peace. Aside from the quiet time, which I understand to be the very core of our lives, when you speak of slowing down and learning to be in another time frame, what other types of specifics could we do, could we try, could we experiment with to begin to slow our lives down.

Iruka: By changing your focus. Change your focus from the end goal to the process. Ask yourself 'can I show love to someone else in this situation'. If it is something that you are accomplishing by yourself and cannot show love, then this is not appropriate for this situation. But if you are running to the post office, you can greet the clerk with a smile, with a kind word. This takes your focus off what you are doing, what your goals are, and humanizes it. To touch this person who may be tired, whose feet may hurt, who may be worried about her children, it has changed your goal, your focus. You are still getting your work done, but your perception has changed. Does this help?

L1: Yes, thank you.

S2: Iruka, my father's group heard a similar lesson and my father afterward said...this is how he phrased it...he said as you get older, your years pass quicker but you can also see further into the future. If you don't treat death as the end, then you don't have to get more anxious as you get older. He found that a very, very peaceful thought that helped him slow down, and he is slowing down. It is just marvelous to hear him recite that lesson. That is a comment. Now, the whole issue of agriculture in the San Joaquin Valley in California, and how the land is becoming sterilized and saline...I'm sure we could start off with the death in the streets of Washington D.C., all these kinds of things can be used to motivate you in your life, motivate me, and your lesson seems to free me to pay attention to the little things. Really, this is the same lesson that Ceranta has been going through....I am just talking, I had better be quiet.

Iruka: Thank you for sharing that and it is very well put, yes.


S2: OK, here is a real question. [laughter] The Urantia Book is very intellectual, I mean it is extremely intellectual and it attracts all sorts of philosophers, that are professors at schools and want to play with ideas and words. My question is this whole exercise in rational thinking, this whole exercise in excellent qualitative expressions seems to run as another dimension against faith and love and truth. Would you care to comment on how we build as a society here an excellent qualitative expression and whether that is a viable dimension to sink our collective resources into, and would help us move toward a world of light and life.

Iruka: Please re-phrase the question, to make sure that I do understand you.

S2: Rational thinking, agreeing in consensus fashion on a certain phrase of words, building up a consensus that is larger and larger. Will this lead us to a world of light and life. Is this an arena that is possible for human beings to come together in, this construction of rational reasoning.

Iruka: Thank you. Balance must be maintained in everything, and certainly be maintained...when you experience, it enhances your beliefs or changes them, but there must be a logic...Let me start by describing God. He is, of course, balanced. He is of course, rational, there is order to this universe, but he can commune in many different ways with His children. So He tries to touch on both sides. When you integrate these two, it forms more of a whole than if one side or the other was emphasized. When the Urantia Book was written, there were many words, many ideas that there were no words for. You know when you read it, you run across words that have been put together or used in a different way, to be precise, to get the meaning across, to relate to the things that you feel inside, to describe the wholeness, to describe the joy that can happen inside of you without any reason. So yes, a balance of both will help this culture, this planet go into light and life. Did I answer your question, [yes] because I was not sure that I understood what you meant.

S2: Well you focused it a bit. The balance between rational thinking and experience...and truth discernment and love...is our world too much on the side of rational thinking, and errs to much toward the scientific rational side, at the moment?

Iruka: I can say that your culture does, because when you talk of the whole planet, that is not an accurate reflection. But certainly this culture, the western culture, yes. [thanks, that is what I wanted you to say] You are welcome.

AIDS, Research

E1: Iruka, I was just curious. Is there a cure out already for Aids, or is there a cure for Aids?

Iruka: At this time, no.

E1: Would the Life Carriers know the secret to the cure?

Iruka: There is much work going on, not only on your side, but on our side as well.

E1: I find that rather odd. The Father would know, wouldn't He.

Iruka: Yes, but the Father doesn't work like that. He asks His children to grow and to learn, and to become, so we are not given easy answers. Sometimes this is hard to understand, but that is the way it is right now. Things may change in the future, but right now we are all working on this.

E1: OK, so does He dole out bits and pieces of information or do we completely come onto it on our own.

Iruka: He will help, He may point the direction. It may come in moments of intuitive reflection, small discoveries here and there. This seems to be the way that it happens.

E1: So this seems to be the way that He will give us the information. In other words, if someone took the time to meditate and they focus on saying 'I am going to meditate, I am getting some information on the cure for aids' will the Father comply?

Iruka: Not as I understand things, no. Guidance is given at times to those working on the problem, doing the research, putting the pieces of a giant puzzle together. This would mainly be with your scientists, your doctors that are doing their tests, doing their research. Does this answer?

E1: Yes, I have one other question. A while back, I think it was two years ago, the FDA got this man to stop making Cancell, that is what he called the product, and he declared that it was a cure to [www.fda.gov/Cancer cancer]. Would you know if that is so?

Iruka: Would I know that if this is really a cure? I am aware that in some kinds of cancer it can be helpful and possibly stop the cell growth. It is not a blanket cure. Does this answer?

E1: Yes, but in percentages, what is that about 80% it can help? Eighty percent of the cancers?

Iruka: I don't think it is that high and I really do not have knowledge on this particular area, but it is not that high, much lower. The mind and the body interact and effect each other in that sometimes even the best cure will not effect it. This can be with any disease. The mind is very, very important and to say that something will cure everything, you cannot say that. Does this help?

E1: Yes, so would it be worthwhile to by-pass FDA's ruling and to make it undercover. Is it worth the while of doing that?

Iruka: This is not an area that I should or can answer this. This is something that needs to be your decision. [ok]

W1: Iruka, going back to the cure for AIDS. When you say there isn't a cure are you speaking mainly of there is no one bullet that they can shoot to wipe it out, or are you saying also that a lot of the different therapies that I have run into, different people, didn't really get rid of the problem. Because I am aware of different people that have arrested the problem, at least they say they have, and tests say they had, not from one thing but from doing several different things.

Iruka: This is going back to everyone's mind set and how important the mind is in conjunction with the body. Also, remember that your electrochemical make-up varies from individual to individual and what might work and might help with one individual may or may not help with another. You are both asking specific questions that have factors...so many factors are involved that the big picture is much bigger than your question encompasses. I am aware of how concerned the culture and the humans need help with diseases, but rather than focus in on a small area, you need to back off and see a bigger picture on how things are working with each other to cause these problems. I am not sure than I am making myself clear, but to back off and see a bigger picture and understand how many things interact, rather than focus in on a small part and say 'will this work', that is not the way to look at it. So my best answer is to change your perception of what is happening and encompass many more things than you are considering. I understand this is not answering your question, but I am trying to give you guidance on how to perceive this whole picture.

E1: That is a very interesting statement Iruka, to make the picture a bit wider are you saying that there is a reason for this suffering and we should just wait it out? Would it be fulfilling some of the things that are spoken of in the Bible?

Iruka: Absolutely not, but look to what we have been talking about for the last year. About you as individuals looking to the Father, growing toward the Father, taking on His characteristics of love and peace, you know what I am talking about. This changes who you are as an individual, this time spent with the Father not only changes your religious vision, but your physical, your social, your psychological make-up. You become a different person. This is what is lacking on this planet. Individuals are not looking to their Creator for sustenance, to be sustained with everything that they need. So disease manifests itself in the physical body but it is a reflection of what is going on with the whole individual. Then as you back away, with the whole culture, and then as you back away from that, with the whole planet. Is this a little bit better description?

E1: Yes, thank you very much. So you are saying in other words, AIDS is something like...for example when someone doesn't get enough vitamin C they get scurvy, are you more or less saying that aids is like a symptom of (being) spiritually malnourished?

Iruka: If I say yes to that question, then you will point to individuals and say 'they are bad people'...

E1: Well you can go to them and say you need to go and be with the Father. They can take that two ways but you can tell them that.


Iruka: This is not what I am saying, it is a problem with the whole planet. Let me reflect this to help you. Lets look at a plant, a bush, a plant in your yard, a plant inside your house. If it is strong, if it is getting everything it needs, then when a bug comes along and starts to chew on it the bug might make a hole in the leaf, or chew away some of its stem, but because the plant is so healthy it will not hurt the plant. If, however the plant is not getting everything it needs, and the bug starts eating it, it eventually might die. So you say, is it the bug's fault? Well the bug might indeed start it. Well is it the plant's fault? Well, partly yes. It is many things that work together. Does this help, does this metaphor help?

E1: In a way. Are you saying the plant would be the symbol for the planet? Or would it be for the individual.

Iruka: It can be both, but since individuals are not taught how to be, because the whole planet has problems, they do not learn how to grow into strong, balanced, healthy people. It is a ripple effect. Does this help?

E1: Yes, very much so, thank you.

Iruka: Your welcome. You might, if you have time, ponder this. See if your Thought Adjuster will help you fit things together. How different systems overlap each other and influence each other. You may get insight that way.

W1: Iruka, again on the same subject although I don't want to beat it to death. In some of my travels, I have run into some healers that....well first let me say that I understand what you are saying, it makes a lot of sense, it enlightened me. One particular fellow that I met in New York that is having a profound effect with AIDS patients, and cancer patients, and now that you have said what you said, it makes a lot of sense. He wasn't really curing them, he was actually doing more of a focus job on the Father. Because talking with one of the aids patients... after the session he had with him, for several days, he was a lot more into God, he meditated, and he just turned into a much more spiritual person. And that was part of the curriculum that this particular healer put them through. So we wouldn't call that a cure would we?

Iruka: Not for the whole population, but perhaps for this individual. We do need to discuss what we mean by cure, because that does mean different things to different people, certainly. Back to our language again.

W1: Right. As a matter of fact, most of the particular therapies that I was speaking of were more "whole" therapies. It was not one thing, they were teaching them how to think better about themselves, become more spiritual, and boost their immune systems back. It was a group of things happening, it was not just one thing with the majority of the therapists. Some of them are MD's that are practicing alternative ways of handling these problems. It does seem that it falls right in line with what you were saying because spiritual and the whole self is involved in the cure, or the removal of the problem.

Iruka: Absolutely, very well said.

W1: So when you say that there isn't a cure yet, you are speaking more from the structured medicine point of view. Is that so?

Iruka: Yes, that there is not a pill that everyone can take and be well. [thank you]

G3: Hello Iruka, since we are on the topic of health issues, I have a problem I have been having with my right hand. Four of my fingers have been numb since before I had the baby and they started tingling and being numb at the same time. I have been to the doctor...it doesn't seem to be a major problem right now but it is very irritating to me and it can also cause my movement in my handwriting to slow down because I am not able to hold a pencil tight, and I am not able to grasp things tightly. I was wondering if you had any insight to the problem of what it might be. My doctor first said it might be carpal tunnel and I was wearing a brace but now she decided she is going to send me to have more tests done. I was just wondering if you had any insight on what the problem could be.

Iruka: That is certainly something that should be checked. My first question would be, are you getting enough of your vitamins?

G3: I believe I am. I used to take more, but I slowed down. I take a multiple vitamin, I take extra iron, and I take vitamin E. The only thing I am not taking that I might be lacking in is calcium. I take some, the minimum, but I am not taking an excess of calcium. That is the only vitamin, to my knowledge that I might be lacking. It could be something lacking in my vitamins that I am not aware of.

Iruka: Remember that your body has not gotten back to its normal balanced stage since the baby was born. You have a few more months to go, before the enzymes and the preparation your body made to have the baby...it has not gotten back yet. This might be an influence. The only other thing I might mention would be stress. You are very busy with a baby. The baby consumes much of your time and so this could affect that. Also, check out fear. How are you handling your fear? So check those things out and be aware that your body is still changing.

G3: OK, in terms of fear, what types of fear are you implying?

Iruka: Anxiety of a new child, that you are concerned if you are doing things right. Concern for his future, normal mother-fears. I am just suggesting these things for you to check out, just be aware. It may not, but these are things that affect new mothers.

G3: Thank you. That makes a lot of sense when I think about it.

Iruka: You are welcome, and this will take some time for you to explore.

G2: Hello Iruka, I have a question too, but it is not about health. I have noticed that my productivity at work has gone down. All the major problems that come up, I deal with them effectively, but in the lag time I have just noticed that my productivity has gone down a lot. I know there is a problem with sleep at home, restful sleep, I know I am getting more than G but other than that, what can I do to get the productivity back up?

Iruka: I think you have mentioned the problem. It is very important to get your rest. It influences many things including productivity, including your eating habits, because you have, and this goes for anyone not getting their sleep, when you have one area out of balance it will change everything else. So it is very important to get your sleep and right now, in a household with a new baby, that may be months before you are back in balance. Just being aware of it, and making allowances for yourself can help.


V1: Hi Iruka, I am a scientist working in the field of cancer research. It has been interesting to hear this whole conversation because I am one of those people who is down in there doing the studies. I am just wondering if...and what led me into this whole field was I wanted to be of service to my fellow man and also have a profession that I could be happy with or proud of or whatever motivates people to do science and spend their lives in basements or whatever. What I am asking for is some guidance or reassurance that what I am doing is the right thing and also what is the best avenue for sharing this knowledge with my fellow man. I want to make it a reality, I want to make it a . .. I want to make the service part of it a reality. I have spent so much time learning and now I feel that it is really high time to start giving it back and I'm not sure what the best avenue of sharing is. I don't feel that it is through the scientific papers and the scientific... whatever, I mean they are pretty demanding, not demanding but they are a highly critical group, when you speak through the scientific papers it doesn't reach the public, it doesn't reach the people who have a more spiritual understanding but they also want to know something about the science behind it, the disease. So if you could share any thoughts with me on that I would appreciate it.

Iruka: Thank you for your question. You are in a very unique situation and I do have some suggestions. This will sound old hat to the rest of the group but the first person you should be concerned about is yourself. To grow, try to spend time with the Father, with your Thought Adjuster every day. Begin with ten or fifteen minutes and grow from there. I realize that you are very busy, that you have much to accomplish, that you have many responsibilities. By focusing on the Father for a short time every day, feeling His love, growing closer to Him, enhancing and beginning communication, in your studying, in your research when you learn to be open to Him, He can give you guidance. He can make you aware of things, of things to look at, to try, to pursue, to aid you in your research. When you have done your work, your papers, which are communications with other doctors, correct? will have the necessary background research needed to prove what you are writing about. But the first thing is to develop a relationship with your thought adjuster and then listen to Him, listen to His guidance. When I say listen, it is not audible, these are ideas that come to you, suggestions, look here or look there or however it will become comfortable with you, and you will know. Does this help? Does this give you the guidance you are looking for?

V1: Partially yeah. My prayers, meditation, and worship have led me this far into science. For years and years I asked the Father 'what should I do with my life' and basically this is where it has led me so far. I agree that more time with the Father is always nice and I agree that as much time as I have spent with the Father, I have enjoyed and love the Father very much. I will spend more time with Him, every day in the future. I believe that my focus has been distracted too much by 'science' and I know that the Father is ultimately interested in the scientist and not necessarily the science that he is doing. So, thank you.


Iruka: In this time that you spend, ask Him for direction, ask Him for ideas for your work and He will lead you. He has led you this far and it will be farther.

I have quite enjoyed our afternoon together. I look forward to these times of growth, because you know I also grow. Find someone this week to show God's love to, learn to change your perception using Christ Michael as your guide, your mentor. I will go for now and you enjoy your supper and your friendship. Good afternoon.

Group: Good afternoon.