1994-01-23-Presenting Truth

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Topic: Presenting Truth

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JAREL: The power of God protects us. The love of God enfolds your beings. It is the cause of your existence. This love brings a sharing of His love that you participate in this day. It is the cause of all beings in your world seeking a better knowledge of the Father. It is a result of his love that all mankind are seeking this faith. Greetings dear ones!

GROUP: Greetings JarEl!


Urantia Book, Dissemination

JAREL: I have listened to your earlier discussion concerning the right and the wrong way at presenting this great truth, the revelation of the Urantia Book, to the mortals of Urantia. I applaud you at your diligence to high and satisfactory answers to your question. You have exhibit that state of growth that we desire for all teaching missions, where as you were able to confront an issue or question and take the knowledge that you have acquired from the text and this mission, coupled them together to bring about a solution to the problem or , clarify an answer to the question. You have successfully exhibited this technique.I applaud you, dear ones. It is not a necessity that a being such as myself who is ascending and still acquiring experiential knowledge, make direct contact with you to supply the answers to your queries. You have the greatest teacher known to all mankind, the Father is your teacher. He indwells you with His fragment and is ever at your beck and call to answer those questions and issues that affect your spiritual growth and development.

Truth, Tradition

You have in the Urantia Book the almost perfect revelation to guide you in your quest for knowledge and understanding. You have your humble teacher and his associates to assist you, through this meeting, and the transcripts that result, to guide you. And you have the spirit of Truth that is poured out upon all civilizations to assist you in your discernment of truth. So it is not that you need direct confirmation from your contacts with us teachers to be assured of the right answer to your problems. You must allow yourselves to trust in your judgement when you have enlisted all of these aids. The example of truth and its power on this planet or any planet is in the evolutionary religion. It has survived. It has prospered. It has enlightened and set many upon the path to seeking the Father. The paths may be different but the journey and it’s goal is the same. The journey is forward , ever seeking, ever desiring confirmation and better knowledge of the Father. The goal is the presence of the First Source and Center. The religion has survived because of the truth contained therein. Each religion of this planet has truth, not perfect truth, but truth nonetheless, and that portion that is truth must grow and succeed.

It is subjective to implant the desire to seek the Father in the hearts and minds of those who participate in those religions.

So you see dear ones, as imperfect as evolutionary religion is in its applications, as imperfect as it is in its dogmas and traditions. As it is imperfect in its ritualistic aspects of worship, it has fulfilled the ability to attract and launch others on the path and eternal goal of reaching the Father. This is the reason we must not condemn nor contend with others of different religious beliefs. They have their truth and their truth has value for them while practicing their religion. However when superior knowledge presents itself through revelation and the bell rings true in their minds and hearts, they shall discard that which is of little value and embrace with firmness and surety, that knowledge of the Father that will carry them and inspire them further on their paths. You dear ones have arrived at that state in your growth that your discernment of truth has allowed you to reach further in knowledge, in seeking the Father and knowing His will.

Wisdom, Information, Knowledge

You have solved many minor problems in your existence through the applications of truth, that you have acquired from your life experiences, the text and this mission. So coupled together we can say you have developed wisdom in certain aspects of your growth . It is the desire of this mission that you become more wise through the application of the text and the mission teachings. What does wisdom benefit if you do not effectively apply it to your life and circumstances? We have in our history many examples of those who have made errors and grave mistakes due to misunderstanding and application of their freewill choices. It is through hindsight, after the fact, and not wisdom. Our colloquial example here is "closing the door to the barn after the cow has escaped". This is wisdom in hindsight. We desire to be wise through the use of the text and then experience is omitted, so that you will protect yourself, close your barn door before the cow has an opportunity to escape. This is applied wisdom.

I am very pleased to know that you have become wise, and that you are seeking more to know the Father's will in your individual lives. I am pleased to know that you are reading the text with renewed interest, and a desire to acquire those skills of wisdom that lie therein. It was mentioned that your teachers have been somewhat aloof in the presentation of facts. Again I will remind you, as the unseen helper instructed us, that all facts are not necessary to the knowledge of mortals. I present to you the question , "if we were permitted to answer in detail and great clarity all of your questions concerning this planet, its origins, and future, your place therein, what benefit would this knowledge have for you?" Would the acquisition of this knowledge make you more spiritual? Would it allow you to avoid the pitfalls and adversity of normal mortal existence? Would it strengthen your belief in the Father and Christ Michael? Were we to perform miracles as such, would it increase your belief in this mission, or would it merely increase your belief in the miracle?

Knowledge has power. Experiential knowledge has greater power. Experientially you learn and it becomes a part of your being. Experientially the knowledge confirms to your entire being that which is true. Observation of phenomena only captures your attention and holds you in fascination. This is not the desire of this mission.

Study, Dissemination

The same as it was not the desire of the Master to perform great miracles and phenomena to attract and confirm the truth of who and what He was. Belief has come about by your own individual experience in dealing with the Father and this mission. You are here as a result of your belief. That belief is a freewill choice honored by all,the Father, the Son, the Spirit, and your teachers. This mission continues as a result of your choices of freewill and belief. Should you desire to not receive our counsel and guidance. This would be your choice. We , regretfully would adhere to your desire. I speak of regretfully because of your high level. I could see that such a choice would be error on your part. Yet I am bound to honor your freewill choices regardless. So dear ones you see again how loving and gracious the Father is in dealing with us. His love and desire for your success and understanding is great. Far more than I can present to you in these short meetings together. I urge you to allow the wisdom of the text, your experience with one another, and the mission teachings to seek Him and become a part of your being, your existence. This takes time. This is why you must read again and again the text, the transcripts. To allow it an opportunity to sink in further and to learn the message therein, once you start taking on the growth of spirituality as a result of your study and sincere seeking. You will reflect accurately the truth of the revelation to your fellows. This mission is about you individually and collectively. Becoming more spiritual than you were in the past. Sharing that love and spirituality with others. Here is the sum of this mission. You're giving your fellows an opportunity to share in the greatest revelation to be brought to Urantia. So dear ones, continue to prepare yourselves for dissemination of its truth to others . Study and work with one another in an effort of cooperation. Let not the detractors, moments of doubt get a foothold in your belief.. Turn to the Father, you need it. The Father will reaffirm everything to you that is needed.

Stillness, Technique

I cannot urge you enough to seek the stillness . Your communing with the Father is essential. Look within for the answers to the problems that bother you. You will repeat this message, over and over, until it becomes a part of your automatic function, that when you have question and doubt, turn to the Father. Some have difficulty yet seeking the stillness. I wish you to relax your thoughts in this regard. Some find it easier than others, seeking the stillness, but with continued practice and dedication all will achieve this state. However do not limit yourselves to only this technique. We recommend this technique first. We have proven records of its success. However for some to quiet and still the mind so that the Father can commune, Another technique may be appropriate.

I would suggest that you try and relax and calm yourselves, try what ever technique appears effective. The music today was soothing and open for transmission of our words. It was relaxing for some. So again, try that medium that relaxes and calms your mind to the point that the stillness can be obtained. The important issue is to daily seek the Father and His guidance. Do not limit yourselves to once daily. The mission desires that you develop to that point that you will intuitively turn to Father.. That you will incorporate the Father in every aspect of your life. When you are driving you will intuitively think of the Father. Whatever your activity is the Father should be a part thereof. This gives you opportunities to share his love. To share the knowledge of the book with others. To share your experience in growth with others. So dear ones, try often and harder to incorporate the Father into your beings. Into your lives. Our message is clear. I thank you for listening.I will entertain your questions at this time.


Parenting, Adolescence

LUCILLE; JarEl this is Lucille. We seem to have been having difficulty in guidance for our granddaughter, at least the results do not show , at all times. She thinks she is in love with a boy whom we and the psychiatrist does not think a good influence for her. He seems to control her, and take away her self confidence. She is less than honest with us when he is involved. She supposedly was through with him a few weeks ago, but has now renewed the contacts. We wonder if we are too strict. Should we have him here in the day time . We wonder if our guidance is right. Could you please comment on this.

JAREL; Your guidance is not in question. You are guiding from your knowledge and experience as a parent, and from the knowledge you have acquired from the text. The individual accepting your guidance is what is in question. This young one has a rebellious spirit which is normal for this age on this planet. Freewill choice again reigns supreme. You have guided and offered counseling. She has listened and chosen another path. This is not to say that your guidance was in error, only that it was not heeded. It is trial and error. You must try different techniques to reach this one. Once you stumble upon that interest that will hold her, she will be able to absorb your wisdom and see the error in her decisions.

LUCILLE; We have had a problem attempting to find what her interest and abilities are, other than boys. She has tried the ‘flag team’ at school, but her timing is off and the teacher did not feel she should continue.

JAREL; The opposite sex is an attraction for this age. You must understand this and work around this. Use this as a tool to get your message through. The experience of doing different activities should be allowed whether this one is adapted for it or not. The experience is what counts as growth for her.

Exposing her to different activities is good. It gives choice. You in turn allow her to make choices. If her attraction to this particular person is so strong perhaps you can use this as a means of getting her to submit to the rules that govern your living.

LUCILLE; Then it would be better for him to come see her in the day time even though he seems to have control over her emotions..

JAREL; I would think supervision of her activities would be better. To allow her to depart this dwelling unsupervised where you know not where she is or with whom she has sought companionship. This phase of growth in mortals is difficult. Not just here on Urantia but on other spheres also. Know dear one that parenthood is universal, and the problems are universal.

LUCILLE; We didn’t have these problems with our boys. It is a little different being a grandparent.

JAREL; You were blessed!

BETTY; JarEl how is this problem handled on other planets?

JAREL; Without going into great detail it will suffice you to know that the confusion in the isolation of Urantia has been the chief cause of the great difficulty in [[Parenting}bringing up children]]. On other spheres who are not in isolation and confusion, the respect of the parent is paramount, and obedience to the parent, and to the rules, and the laws of that society are taught at an early age so the child is brought up with the example constantly as to how it should go. But because Urantia was lost in rebellion the confusion and the fact that "The Father" was not taught as it should be, has allowed mortals to inject their own ideas as to the growth of the offspring.. As a result the offspring have little moral values or a respect for the parental role. Rebellion is their banner. This is their theme. They feel in their hearts that they are right in this rebellion, as the Lucifer followers felt that they were right. Let us pray that results are not the same.

BETTY; Thank you Jarel.

HAL; Yes Jarel. this has been a good summary that is very helpful.

JAREL; If there are no more questions I would take my leave of you this day.


BETTY; Jarel I have one more question before you leave . Just recently if you were listening before hand I was telling the Kettell’s and Donna about Joe and I, and our experience last night., of reading the manual of the Course of Miracles.. They describe the curriculum. It sounded very much like our curriculum here. But it was an over-view. I was wondering if you had any comment on that.

The second part of my question is; when you use a transmitter do you use the repository of knowledge that we have within us from our reading, from our life experiences, from our beliefs, from the ideas we have about different literature we have studied. Is that what you have to work with, or do you interject your own ideas and concepts that we have no knowledge of. Is that clear?

JAREL; Yes, your question is very clear. The first part; the literature you mention has value. As many books on various subjects all have value. The Father takes that which is good. He discards that which is not..


Part two; Yes, it is true we have this great repository in each individual of your experiences , of the acquired knowledge, and we use this to communicate our thoughts and ideas to you. To express in your terms those divine principles and lesson that we are obligated to teach. Often times your knowledge is supplemented with the experience of ourselves. So we often speak from the transmitter/receivers viewpoint, and often from that of our own... However do not fall victim of trying to distinguish the voice of the teacher from that of the transmitter/receiver for truly they are combined in this instance. Truth regardless of source is truth. So discern the truth in our transmission and in your literature and utilize this in your growth. Does this help you ?

BETTY; Yes, thank you very much Jarel. That was very comprehensive and clear.

Teaching Mission

JOE; This is Joe and just a brief comment in reference to the literature that we mentioned. The brief reading that we did at Betty’s allowed me to appreciate you more as a teacher. I just wanted to make mention of that. Thank you for that.

JAREL; You are welcome dear one. I might add that I understand your reservation . Your manners on Urantia are different from that from my sphere. I understand that you desire to be familiar with those that guide you. This is good.. However we are in the correcting time and familiarity with each teacher is not possible. Our histories , our personal life stories would add much confusion to you. The object of this mission is to bring about spiritual growth. Clarity of thought. Ideas knowing where your direction is going, ever towards the Father. We as you instructors would not encumber you with the trifles of our past experiences. Only in those areas where example or reflection upon our lives would enhance your spiritual growth would we ever venture to include our history to this teaching mission. We ask that you not accept our words based upon the knowledge of us as an individual teacher. You will notice that our lessons are consistent with all teachers . So here is your proof of the unity of this mission that Christ Michael has ordained. Does this help you?.

JOE; Yes, most definitely , and thanks again..


JAREL: All is well and welcome again to our presence. We are exceedingly pleased and happy at your growth dear ones.

Your coming together in love and unity.. Continue and your rewards will be great. Share with others your love and concerns. Speak from that which you know and others will be attracted. Their spark of curiosity will be aroused . They will seek the Father. My love and peace be with you. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell. Our love to you, JarEl. And peace be with you too.?