1994-06-05-Appreciation, Submission

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Topic: Appreciation, Submission

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



You do well in the transmission and receiving of the messages. Fear not the anxiety of time and distance. It will pass.

The presence of God that surrounds your being. The power of Him that protects you. The love of the Father infuses each of you and nourishes you to seek His will. Wherever you are, whatever circumstances, the mortal finds himself there is the Father ever waiting, ever willing to aid and comfort your causes. Dear ones...

GROUP: Greetings Jarel.

JAREL: The teacher who is honored this day at your presence. Your bright countenances. It is good. Wonderful. Scintillating experience to be in this fold once again, to share in your lives this wonderful experience of this mission of which Christ Michael is the head. Praise and glory is indeed due Him. We thank you all for your devoted attendance to this cause. How happy are we that you set aside this time to allow us to commune with you in this manner. This manner of communication is becoming much easier for each of you. This is our goal, to communicate fluently in this prescribed language of this realm.


Appreciation, Expression

To convey the ideas of divine principles by which your spiritual growth is enhanced often we forget to allow for adjustments in our lives to circumstances. Daily we are confronted with lack of effort to move forward in progress. We sometimes fail to look back from whence we came. In our zeal to go further we fail to take into consideration all of the trials and difficulties that have occurred to bring us thus far, therefore in moving forward in growth, but have not appreciated the struggle.

Appreciation is important for each of us, to know what has gone on before that permits us this new growth and achievement. We have honored persons in the past with awards of achievement. It is at these times of giving these awards that we reflect upon the course that has allowed this presentation, in our reflection we develop this appreciation. We observe and we recall the struggle. The difficult times of which we overcame to arrive at this station. In reflection our appreciation is increased for this achievement. So it is in your spiritual growth. When you reflect back from whence you came, you can best appreciate where you are at this point. You can see with clear eyes and sharper understanding at this point from where you once were.

So we ask, as you develop daily, that you pause and reflect and appreciate the growth the Father has blessed you to achieve. It is true, you are rewarded almost daily, but the greater reward still lies ahead. Keep focused on your goals, keeping appreciation of your past in sight which allows you to reach your final destination of Paradise. Always will you reflect on the Father's part that you have traversed for aeons or whatever time consciousness is necessary. Always will your being possess the experiential knowledge that you have acquired in your journey to Paradise. Appreciation of this experience and those that have helped to shape your experiences will help you to be a better being. The love that each of you share in this setting will blossom forth and attract others . So , dear ones. Be of good cheer. Appreciate the blessings bestowed upon you. Appreciate your state, and your fellows in love, truth, and beauty. You all grow.

Relax. Focus without effort. Be well. To practice again this meeting. Be open. Yes you may ask questions now. Please do.


LUCILLE: Would you explain the flow you just talked about. Is it a current ?

JAREL: Greetings Lucille. We were addressing Douglas. In that he was distracted momentarily and the flow of our transmissions were interrupted. He is speaking all impressions to allow the practice to renew. It is a little difficult when one has not continued in practice of the process. But it is not forgotten. Just not used. So many of the experiences that transpired earlier in his ability to transmit our messages are reoccurring. The flow that we mentioned is the flow of our impressions.

HAL: Hello Jarel this is Hal. I guess we would say that Doug is a little 'rusty' in our slang expressions. He is doing great however. Would you say that for a topic title for today's lesson would be 'appreciation'. I am sure there is a lot more that could be added to the art and science of appreciation as it relates to the Father's love being spread to those we meet ?

JAREL: Yes. Very observant of you to pick out the subject. We did not indicate it as such, but it is quite apparent that appreciation for all is varied in your experiences. Sincerity aids appreciation. Expression of your sincerity is equivalent to appreciation. We often as mortal beings in our interactions and associations with others who assist us and show great favor to us. We have often times not expressed our true sincere appreciation. The Father is aware of this. It is not necessary to express appreciation in verbal symbols. The Father reads the attitude of your heart and is aware of the sincere appreciation of his creatures. Your fellows on the other hand have not this ability and must rely upon your verbal communication or other acts to know and understand the depth of your appreciation. It is good for each to feel appreciated. Our efforts to assist our fellows are often gone without acknowledgment. This we bear. However a little appreciation shown to your fellows act as an attraction to our cause. So express appreciation, not only to one another of this group but to those who do acts of kindness to you who are not of this fellowship. Allow your sincerity a means of expression, and this will attract them to your cause. Do you understand this ?

HAL: Yes. Very much so. Thank you. Would it be accurate or correct to say that appreciation would be one phase of understanding your fellow man, and understanding is a part of love for your fellow man. That they would be all related in love.

JAREL: They are indeed part of the whole. The love that you have allows you to appreciate your fellows for what they are. Expression of this appreciation is akin to embracing them.

LUCILLE: Is it similar to thankfulness. ?

JAREL: They are very close in nature. Thankfulness and appreciation are brothers.

HAL: Then we should also, as a form of love for the Father express or feel appreciation to Him for all that He has done for us ?

JAREL: This is true. We mentioned that the Father knows from reading your true heart your appreciation. You may express this verbally for yourselves, but He has already received it when it is formulated in your being to express.

BETTY: Jarel this is Betty... It is so wonderful to have you on that side where I can talk to you. First of all , I want to thank you for being with me, and quite remarkably last night when I was with Joe and Maxine. I know that you were guiding my words as I spoke with Maxine. One of the things I want to say to you in my rambling way is this, that the more I am with some one the more I am there just to observe them and their spirit. The more I began appreciating people, the more I can set aside my predilection of judgement. My ideas of who I think they should be, or where I think they should be in relation, to their growth and wisdom, The more I can set that aside and not let in become a part of my interaction with them the more clearly I can see them as a spirit within themselves. It is a lot easier to appreciate God working within them in His own unique way than it is for me to have some kind of judgement about it. Also it is wonderful to surrender to this teaching mission, this metamorphosis that is going on within myself than to try to explain it in my own words which fails, and to have faith in whatever is happening to me with the divine plan. My cooperation is all that is required, and that there is more at stake here than what I can see. There is much more going on. So that is where I have come from, the beginning from not knowing where I was going. I know this is rambling but this is sort of my way of talking to you. Do you have any comments ?


JAREL: Greetings Betty. Submission is voluntarily submitting yourself to the process. Once you have submitted yourself to do the will of the Father you are open to learning. You are open to experiences. This learning experience will grant you wisdom and further spiritual growth. I am thankful and appreciative of your being for submitting to this mission and allowing our messages to flow thru you. At this same time our messages are hopefully helping you to develop and use those opportunities the Father has blessed you with to influence your associates and fellows. Your discussions and friendships with others are ideal opportunities to share those gems of wisdom that you have acquired. The words are not always our own, but the experience that you have acquired allows you expression of the concepts that we on this side have tried to convey thru this mission. These concepts allow you to solve many of your mortal problems and situations. So again we are very appreciative of the opportunity to be of service to you. We are appreciative of your desire to submit to our instructions. We commend you for the fine efforts that you have displayed in this group, and also in your daily associations. Daughter, you are commended on high. You do well in your development and understanding of that which we humbly try to impart. Our knowledge of Christ Michael's love for all of His universe and the will creatures therein is the growth of our expression we share freely with you. You in turn share freely with your fellows and together Light and Life will come upon this planet. Thank you.

BETTY: Thank you Jarel for these wonderful words of encouragement and I am much appreciative of you and the opportunity to serve this mission. Thank you.

JAREL: You are most graciously welcome. Any efforts upon our part to assist we know is appreciated. We too have been blessed by our interaction with you. Now this past year we have developed a greater understanding and appreciation of you as individuals and as a unit of the teaching mission. So it is for us an extreme honor to be of service to you.

HAL: Jarel, could we also use as a title for today 'Appreciation and Submission' ? Betty brought this up and it brought to mind that could this possibly be the problem with those of us who are not so proficient in receiving impressions. That we have not completely submitted ourself, even though we have consciously done so. Maybe our inner being has not submitted. Last week you made the comment about some being, especially myself, of being willful as though we needed a greater submission of our willfulness.

JAREL: Willfulness is willfully controlling your being consciously and subconscious. You may make the conscious decision to do a particular thing, but often times the heritage of your being prevents the completion of this act. The subconscious blocks it. Small dragons appear and hold back your full concentration. Submission is saying to your conscious self that I desire such and such, I am open to thus and such. So practice verbally and in thought submitting, and releasing, and letting go. Letting God. And you will be open to new experiences new learning's, new concepts, new ideas, new expressions thereof.. Does this help you?

HAL: Yes very much. Then we would need to consciously submit and in someway internalize this to where this submission becomes a part of our inner being, our true nature.

JAREL: Just an expression internalized will suffice. In your prayer say that 'I give permission for the Adjuster and teachers to use my being for the purpose of this mission'. This is an act of submission, setting aside any disharmony, any disagreement, allowing only the peaceful purposes to be manifest. Submission is the key to achieving the goal. The Master, Christ Michael, submitted himself to the will of the Father. At the same time he submitted himself to the freewill choices of mortals in relationship to his death. In conscious submission he conquered and effectively dealt with the adversities of this existence. In conscious submission He subdued this evil that had existed on this planet and lifted it to a state of glory. So again, submission will be the key to great achievement for you in your spiritual development.

HAL: Pardon me a minute but I would like to pursue this a bit more.

JAREL: Please do.

HAL: I understand that in your realm you understand our natures better than we do ourselves.

JAREL: We are again not, as you say, 100%.

HAL: It seems to be better than ours, because I personally, and I assume others have the same problem, willfully and consciously express a 100% desire to give myself completely to this mission, yet I do not have this 100% feeling within my inner being. There seems to be a bit of myself still there. Is there any thing you can do or say to help us incorporate this 100% feeling within, and why do some of us have this problem of internalizing our conscious desires.

JOE: This is what I was going to say along this same line. I have the desire to submit yet have difficulty doing this. I think that you Jarel mentioned something about my heritage of people in authority in my life. I am not quite sure how to get above and beyond that.

JAREL: Well Dear ones. First is the path. The individual path. Second is the heritage you touched upon earlier when speaking of being inhibited by cultural bias. These elements affect you path and growth. Each of you are different. Are separate in your development, yet are a part of the whole. Often times a change in one effects the whole. The difficulties you have in transmitting and receiving should not be looked upon as a lack of spiritual growth. Spiritual growth occurs in increments daily. This is the reason we have asked each of you to practice the stillness from the very beginning of April 1993. We have been asked by the teachers to practice seeking the stillness. The seeking of the Father and His presence would have, and does, put you on the level of solution You must submit to do His Will. The conscious act of seeking Him, is submitting yourself to the practice session, to the impressions, sharing of these lessons and impressions puts you into the solution whether you are conscious of it or not. Often times our lessons are very subtle and you do not see the full realm and ramifications of such a practice, but in the doing and the practice of the event the full picture comes about later. You become conscious of the change within you. You become conscious of your growth. I, your teacher, can stand herein this place and say that Hal who is here and in my presence this day is not the same Hal that began in April of 1993. Indeed the metamorphose has taken place. Indeed you have grown greatly. Indeed you are advancing on your path. This is true for each of you. Note that your sincere desires has allowed you to submit already to this mission, and we see the benefits of instruction. So this in itself is proof that you have the ability to submit. Addition proof is that you are still here this day. Still in faith, love, trust, unity, of this teaching mission. It began for you April 1993.

HAL: Yes. I am still searching. I am wondering. I can see a change. One thing I notice is that I have lost a lot of my confidence, which must have been a false confidence before. I hope it is a transition of converting from comlpete control to complete submission.

JAREL: You say loss of confidence. I see an increase in belief. The Father has not left you. Nor have you abandoned your belief in the Father. It is much more evident to your fellows. Your faith. You are indeed practicing your faith. This is a result of your submission to learning, and an increase in your understanding.

HAL: Thank you Jarel. I hope it continues to where I can return to the feeling of being able to express myself more fully. This has been a tremendous help to my growth and inner confidence. Thank you again.

JOE: Jarel I think this has been part of my difficulty. In full submission. It seems to me if I fully submit I will feel a loss of myself. If that makes sense.

JAREL: This is a shared concept. What can be said that will put a firm foundation under your feet. The Father fragment must speak to your being. You know that the Father loves you and desires to commune with each of you. He desires to not take from you your individuality, your security, but to embrace you totally in His love and desire for your eternal existence. We as mortals have focused perhaps too much on our individual importance and have not been conscious enough of the group, or the body as a whole. The mission developer and seeks to develop your individual potentialities to enhance the whole. We have informed you often that you have value . You individually have purpose to this cause, that collectively you enhance the total, that thru your efforts you will help to bring about Light and Life on this sphere. These are great scenes, and perhaps the greatness of them, overshadows the belief that you have value. Perhaps you do not see that you are capable of making a contribution to this greater cause. Perhaps because of tradition, of cultural bias the small 'I am' does not see the Greater 'I AM' and potential for assistance. Each grain of sand contributes to the total of the beach.

HAL: Thank you. you have expressed it. What else can be said. We are doing fine, "hang in there" Stay with it.

BETTY: I would like to make a comment. I certainly understand my brothers struggles. I have often expressed to them my own struggles.

HAL: You have expressed them beautifully which has helped us in our growth.

JAREL: Dear ones. Each one are examples for the others. Each of you are a source of encouragement to one another. Look at one another from whence you came. Compare it to where you are this day. You will be, as we are, astounded at the fantastic growth of your spiritual beings. Each of you have fought the great fight against the dragons that tied your tongues. You could not speak to one another let alone relay our messages. So this is accomplishment. Fear has been set aside. You have accurately received and transmitted our messages at various times. You could not have done this had not fear been set aside. So each of you should be an inspiration to each other, and those that will come shortly. Do you see this, Dear ones ?

GROUP: Yes Jarel. Very nicely.


JAREL: Wonderful. Then our time this day has served a greater purpose. It has enhanced all of our spiritual beings. We are aware of the conflicts that this one is currently experiencing. The uncertainty of events has great concern for him. However his faith and appreciation of his being will hold him together, and assist him in overcoming difficulties and circumstances. My message for this one and each of you.. Fear not, and submit to the Will and desire of the Father. Allow the Father to reflect in your beings daily, and great growth and reward will be yours, joy, peace, contentment, harmony, truth, and beauty will enhance your beings. I thank you for this opportunity to share in your lives and spiritual growth. The truth of this mission as revealed by Christ Michael to you and to us, Remember we learn right along beside you, our paths are interwoven. Our experiences are shared. You have not fought a battle that we have not experienced. Your joys and concerns are equally ours. We are here together. We appreciate you, Each of you are loved.. I will take my leave of you and allow you to reflect and discuss our lesson this day. Peace be upon you, all of you. Farewell.

GROUP: Farewell with individual comments.


Extensive meaningful discussion about the submission process to transmit and our spiritual growth followed.