1994-08-14-Take The Initiative

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Topic: Take the Initiative

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



JAREL: (T/R Joe)The love of God surrounds us and protects us at each and every step of our path. Greetings to all,, and welcome here this day.

GROUP: Greetings Jarel.



JAREL: This one experiences hesitation. Please hold. It is indeed a wonderment to behold as the mission unfolds , as it is meant to. It spreads and spreads . seeds germinating that will continue until it reaches all corners of the earth. This is indeed the good news to replace "The good news". We welcome our brothers as we will welcome those that will come to this mission , one by one, to begin to assist in disseminating the Fathers love throughout this sphere.

(He changed to speaking in Spanish )(Joe transcribed it)

Hacemos un encargo para que a toda oportunidad, al regreso a sus hogares, tomen la iniciativa para hacer el regalo que es la luz y el amor de nuestro Padre Universal. Conforme se adiestren en la nueva revelacion, mas facil sera, vez tras vez, diseminar esta nueva. Lo que sucede aqui esta sucediendo en muchas partes del mundo. Esta en la etapa de la iniciacion y este es solo uno delos medios por los cuales se esta promoviendo el avance hacia la etapa de la Vida y Luz de este planeta, que es el planeta natal de nuestro Creador, nuestro Hijo Creador.. Michael.

De nuevo agradecemos a nuestros hermanos su presencia y su visita. Les transmitimos nuestro amor y nuestra energia y reiteramos que este es el modo de contribuir, en un modo muy personal, al servicio de nuestro Padre.

(Translation of above: "We make a request so that at every opportunity, on returning to your homes, you take the initiative to make the presence which is the light and the love of our Universal Father. As you become more knowledgeable on the new revelation, it will become easier, time after time, to disseminate this good news. What is happening here is happening in many parts of the world. It is in the initiation stages and this is only one of the ways of promoting the advance towards the stage of Light and Life on this planet, which is the native planet of Creator Son,... Michael.

Again , we are grateful to our brothers for their presence and their visit. We transmit our love and our energy and reiterate that this is the way to contribute, in a very personal way, to our Father’s service.")

LUCILLE....I think Doug will take over now.

Teaching Mission

JAREL:,(T/R; Douglas) It is the love of God that you share once again, dear ones. To be in this setting. To feel the presence of the Father . To share the love and the joy of this . It is a renewal, an opportunity this day to renew yourselves in the mission. Often in your human existence you pass your days with events and circumstances , and at the end of that day you often have regrets and wish that you could live that day over again. But in your human existence this is not so. . You may not have the opportunity to correct those errors of your daily existence.

But now, you come to the mission, you come to the stillness, to the full reality of the Father. To the full solution to do His Will. To understand and be obedient to His Will . Now you have the opportunity each day for a new adventure, a new opportunity to correct the errors of the past.

In this new adventure you may forget that that has transpired and set out anew on your path to be better this day than you were the previous. None of your frailties, none of your stumbling is remembered, only the newness of the path, walking in faith, in love, towards your goal in spiritual development. Each of the steps, it is true, carries you further. Each step that you take in error, or in progress, helps to bring you further on your path.

So we ask that each day you renew yourselves in the stillness. You acquire the strength to proceed forward more secure, more confident in yourselves and the Father. As you become more individually conscious of the Fathers presence you become more confident. You rely more upon Him. You trust His never failing guidance. You feel strong in your faith. It strengthens you daily. This is the goodness of this practice , of quieting yourselves, your minds relieving your anxiety, allowing the peace, the calm of the Father to overtake your being. Relaxing and bathing in love and unity. Peace and harmony.

You find in harmony communication, as you and your fellows are in unity you find you have arrived at a common level that allows you to participate in these communications. Did you not feel the understanding of the message as it was transmitted in Spanish. Although you did not speak this language the words affected your consciousness. You were receptive and understanding of the meaning and perceptions that was generated in the language. You see, dear ones. on our level language is not the sound and syllable. It is also feeling, emotion. There is a difference in definition from language to language but the concepts and ideas are universal. Love whether it is said in English or Spanish or any language means the same.

Human feeling on the morontial level evokes even greater understanding. So, it is true that you experience much of the morontial understanding while yet in the flesh. This is the goodness of this mission. It allows you to experience much while yet in this setting. It is with hope that these experiences will heighten and sharpen your perception and awareness of your spiritual fellows about you.

We sympathize with you in your condition of heat. We observe the discomfort of many in this area. It is not a characteristic in our existence to be conscious of temperature extremes . But we do understand and sympathize with your human existence . Dear ones, there is much comfort, much coolness in the stillness that you are perceiving in the quiet of your thoughts as you come to this place. However you perceive it, you find that your physical beings relate to this spiritual existence. You are here in the coolness of the stillness and your physical bodies relate to that coolness. None of you perspire at this time. You feel the coolness of your setting. Here again is the power of the Father to transmit your existence with that of morontia. Here you share with us the peace and quiet of thought. Here is where spirit takes form. It is allowed to freely express the fullness of love, truth, and beauty. Newness is the term and rejuvenation is its meaning. You , dear ones, are rejuvenating yourselves in growth of spirit. You will share this feeling of newness with each and every person that comes. Newness will give you enthusiasm. You will become more outgoing as you attempt to share this new ‘good news’ of this mission. So strive continuously. As your efforts become more and more firm , your steps to share His love thru your being improve.

I will entertain any questions at this time.



JOE: Jarel this is Joe. In the previous Sunday I was not able to be here, but having read the transcripts, a being of extreme luminosity appeared. He spoke about the circuits being opened. We have heard of these circuits before. Could you please elaborate or explain a little more as to what these circuits are ?

JAREL: Greetings Joe Well, dear one. Circuits as we would perceive them and to bring to your consciousness that you may perceive them. Picture ribbons blowing in the wind. Circuits are similar.. However circuits are connections from one point to another. Circuits are the highways that communications travel on. They are the instruments by which planets, universes, and spiritual beings are connected and communicate.

If you will picture in your mind multitudes of ribbons flowing from one point to another you will have an idea as how they are connected. However we do not perceive them as such. We walk thru and past circuits continuously. Some of which affect you, some of which do not. Spiritual circuits affect you more as you become more spiritually attuned. You are more perceptive of the leading of the adjuster. You are more perceptive of the proximity of your fellows and other celestials. So to understand and experience circuits more you need to rely more upon stimulus. You need to increase your faith in the practice of the stillness. Does this help you ?

JOE: Yes. Very much.

Teacher Contact, Exercise

LUCILLE: Jarel I have a question. It seems when I am extremely tired, or in stress, or disturbed, I have a hard time releasing the physical to hear the spiritual. I have a hard time opeing up to my teacher. That is when I need her most. ?

JAREL: Yes. We understand this particular circumstance. For you dear one, I might suggest that prior to seeking the stillness you practice deeper breathing , from the diaphragm. Ten minutes of deeper breathing exercise, then seek the stillness. Breathing is important in that you need the element of oxygen to rejuvenate your mind. You need to expel the old and bring refreshment of new oxygen to your being. It is observed that you as humans breath very shallow. You do not fully expand or expel from your lungs. So it is you take in only a minute amount of fresh energy. You need to input more. This has a two-fold effect. It gives new energy to your mind and body. It also relaxes the total being, which makes you more receptive to spiritual influence. So, Try this exercise and lets review the results next week.

LUCILLE: Thank you very much.

JAREL: The presence of others are missed this day. Could this account for your quietness ?

LUCILLE: Yes. Betty and Donna are in Israel.

JAREL: Touring the land of the Creator Son.

JOE: Have you been able to visit with them ?

JAREL: No. Verona has. This period of celebration starting shortly, a period of recognition of the birth and bestowal of Michael on Urantia. Much in preparation is appearing. This will be a time of great enlightenment for you in all of this planet. Look about you. In your daily events that come to you thru the media you will find a commonality of events appearing throughout this planet. Your fellows do not yet know the reasons for their planning of certain spiritual activities throughout the days of the 14th throughout the 26th of this month you will note if you will examine that there is a great influx of spiritual events. Events relating to peace, unity, brotherhood, and fellowship. Look about , dear ones, and this will be your confirmation of the need at the time of the birth of this Creator Son... Peace and goodwill to all was the theme. Again this theme will resonate throughout all Urantia.

LUCILLE" Yes I understand there is a world peace organization that is having a peace conference in New York, on August 21st.

JAREL: This is so. But they are caring much more locally, like all states and territories of this Planet. Again this is confirmation for you who are believers in the truth of Christ Michael. The Spirit of Truth has united all of humanity in an effort of celebration for the Creator Son. You are aware of the true significance of this . They are learning.


JOE: Que si usted Rodolfo tiene alguna pregunta Gonzalo o yo podriamos traducirle.(That if you Rodolfo have a question, either Gonzalo or myself could translate.

RODOLFO: No es precisamente una pregunta sino mi percepcion.

Siento que todos juntos ahora, en este momento, somos una energia unica cosmica. Que nuestra energia que en este momento estamos recibiendo del cosmos intermitente nos estamos reflejando en una superficie y estamos siendo une especie de reflejo de esa concentracion de energia. Y esta energia que tenemos ahorita, ahora ene este momento, siemore ha existido y esto que estamos viviendo ha sido siempre. Me siento realmente integrado ha algo que he percibido desde hace mucho tiempo y que tenia que ser en el momento adecuado. Creo que en este momento de mi desarollo tengo que seguir adelante de muchas maneras, librar ciertos problemas, porque estoy en busca.... mas bien estoy... quiero lograr la mision que tengo en esta vida, en esta existencia. Este camino tiene muchos contratiempos pero sin embargo se que en su momento los voy a superar.

(Translation: It is not precisely a question but my perception. I feel that we are all together now, at this moment, a unique cosmic energy. That our energy which we at this moment are receiving from the cosmos intermittently is reflecting on a surface and that we are being a sort of reflection of that concentration of energy. And this energy that we have right now, now at this very moment, has always existed and this experience that we are living has always been. I feel really integrated to something which I have perceived for quite some time now and that had to be at the appropriate time..I believe that at this moment of my development I have to go on in several ways, overcome certain problems , because I am in search of . ..better yet I am... I want to achieve my mission for this life for this existence. This road has many setbacks which, I know, that at the right time I will be able to overcome.

JAREL: Rodolfo, my son, God be with you as He has been and as He always will be. You do well in your development. Fear not. Have faith and trust in the process. that you exhibit in taking time to spend with the Father. Continue in this way and you will find enlightenment. You will find the tools that you need to solve the problems of your existence. You will find they are not as large and tremendous as you envision them. But when you put your hand in that of the Father you find He will show you that these small vicissitudes as they are just building blocks to help you become greater in your character, and strength in your faith. So trust my son, and continue in your path. Your fellows, your brothers are here to assist you, to support you, and be a constant source of the reflection of the great cosmic Love of the Father. I thank you for your comments.

HAL: Jarel. Did you understand the conversation in Spanish ?

JAREL: Yes indeed.

Thought Adjusters

HAL: I have another question that I do not think is just curiosity. Could you enlarge upon and enlighten us more as to the nature of the Thought Adjuster. I understand it is pre-personal. I have difficulties developing a personal feeling or relationship with my thought adjuster. It might help if I could conceive of His nature a little better. Is there any way that you could enlarge upon this, with the limitations of our language. ?

JAREL: Beyond that that is written in the text I do not see where more enlightenment could come from the expression of the word symbols here. If you have studied the origin of the thought adjuster in the text and how it relates to all will creatures, is in itself relatively clear. You yourselves individually must experience your adjuster. Each adjuster is different. They are not the same. They take on the qualities of the Father, that is true, but in relationship to you, you are an individual and that adjuster will relate to each individual differently than that of another. In seeking the Father through the stillness you allow more opportunity for adjuster connection. You allow more opportunity for more direct communication. But it is the prerogative of the adjuster as to whether or not he will communicate with you in a way that is conscious to you. Often times it is not necessary to have this communication because you, as an individual, are influenced enough by your adjuster, and you are given those things that lead to your spiritual growth as a result of his machinations and adjustments with you. So it is not always a matter of human communication. The object is that you develop spiritually. If your adjuster can achieve this goal without direct communication it matters not that you hear his voice, likely that you are perceptive to his leading. Does this address your concern ?

HAL: Yes this enlarges my concepts considerably I appreciate it. . I thank you.

JAREL: All are welcome.

HAL: One other question along this line the text indicates that He is called a thought adjuster until we reach maturity when He is called a thought Controller, yet we maintain the term adjuster. It is probably just somatic of words or is there a reason for this.

JAREL: It is a designation but a designation at various stages of growth. You must be comfortable. You must address that as you perceive it. It is very similar to the 1st Source and Center. In most of the realms the most comfortable designation is the Father. Others rely on Creator. So it is a matter of creature comfort and how the designation of the adjuster and how it functions in your existence at that particular time. There will be a time when you will understand and conceive of your adjuster as a thought controller.

HAL: Thank you. I have been trying to develop a personal feeling towards my adjuster knowing that some day I will join with Him as one. At this point he seems like a separate entity rather than something I can be a part of. This is the reason for my questions. He has no personality, is pre-personal. I guess he is pure love, pure spirit of the Father.

JAREL: When you experience those moments of heightened spirituality, when you experience in your being great compassion and love for your fellows, on this planet you are experiencing the relationship of joining you and your adjuster. He is accurately reflecting to you the Fathers love and concern. Enjoy those moments knowing that you and the adjuster are working together conjointly in your spiritual development. Rely and trust upon his communication to you. It is true you are working with multiple feelings on the physical plane, but the stillness allows you to set aside the physical and rely more upon the spiritual and mindal energies of communication and perception.

HAL: Then as we are expressing the love and concern of the Father this is expressing the love and concern and the nature of our adjuster.

JAREL: This is true. So you need to appreciate your fellows a little more and express love to them and allow your adjuster to communicate with theirs.

HAL: Thank you. This enlarges our concept considerably.

JAREL: Dear ones. We are most appreciative of your questions . We are most appreciative of your presence in this , the teaching mission. The ones who are away from this setting please hold in thought and prayer. Please remember them and send your love to them to strengthen them in their endeavors to be more conscious of this group.


It is, as we said in the beginning , a rejuvenation that you are participating in as you come to this setting. It is a rejuvenation, a newness daily that you have the opportunity to share the Father’s love with your fellows. Before sharing with others on a daily basis we ask that you partake of it yourselves. Allow yourselves thru the stillness to partake of the Father's love. Let it rejuvenate you. Let it enthuse your being. Give you the smile. The bright illumination of the spiritual countenance to go out daily and do good unto your fellows. Go, dear ones, in this light of truth. Continue. May God be with you. My peace I leave with you this day. I look forward to our next gathering. Until that time, practice the stillness. Practice love, enjoy peace. Farewell.

HAL: Before you, leave Jarel. Donna and Betty were going to hold us in their thoughts at this time of our meeting. Is their any means of contacting them from us at this time.

JAREL:: This is what we asked moments ago. That you hold them in thought and prayer. You may join hands and focus upon them and ask the Fathers love and blessing be upon them and see what blessings come thereof.

HAL: It is nighttime there now.

JOE: I can see Betty Bright’s bright smile.

LUCILLE: I can see Stella too.

JAREL: Release it, send it forth in faith... So be it... It is done.

GROUP: We thank you Jarel;


Marlies; If you give your adjuster a name it might help. A name gives a personal warmth when talking., as when I talk to someone like Betty it gives me someone to relate to.

Much chatter. Not transcribable.