1994-10-02-You Will & Can Function on Morontia Level In The Flesh

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Topic: You Will & Can Function on Morontia Level in the Flesh

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Douglas



The power of God Protects you. The love of God enfolds you. The presence of God infuses your beings. This is my prayer this day, that the Father grants your wish, your request to be of service to your fellows.

Jarel: I commend you dear ones for your unselfishness, for your true dedication for seeking to share this great love that the Father has blessed you with with others. I am joyous, indeed happy to be with you once again. My greetings of peace be with you. Quiet times this day. Let us say, ‘greetings teacher’ this day.

Group: Greetings once again teacher.

Jarel: Love and greetings to you my students. Sometimes it is like ‘the pulling of the teeth’ to get you to open your mouths.



You hear our words, you feel our presence’s, you bathe in the love and reflection of the Father, and yet you find yourselves ‘dumb’ when it comes to speaking. This is quite amusing. But dear ones, you are of joyous heart this day. You need expression of that joy. I trust you will share it with one another. I will not be formal, as I am much too excited and joyous at your presence and the events taking place throughout Urantia. Many new persons are coming to the groups through out the world. Much light is being shed on the minds of humanity. Much spiritual growth is taking place as we speak. You, even as you sleep taking your rest, may be aware of the sensations of movement. Many of you are conscious of being in a learning environment. You have some memories in your waking hours of having participated in a learning environment. You, dear ones, like others are being impressed and taught during these times. Your thoughts may have been that you must remember this experience what is said what was learned. You cannot force this remembrance to the forefront of your consciousness. you must relax and allow. You must not say I WILL remember these things but instead you must say I SHALL, passively. Time will come when you will recount great spiritual lessons and truth. Preparation is occurring for all to be true lights to the paths of others. This is occurring unconsciously, and consciously for some. Again we ask that you be prepared for those instances of sharing the Fathers knowledge. (the t/r’s cellular phone rang several times)

Yes, I too do not like it when I am, as you say, ‘ on a roll’. However we are adapted to all distractions that mortal existence brings. It is for us a small challenge.

Growth, Stillness

It is indeed joyous to share with you this day every opportunity we have to be in your presence. It is wonderful and happy for us because of the phenomenal development that you students are exhibiting. Your discussions become more profound. Your answers become more readily available. So, dear ones you will not need us teachers to guide and structure your learning. Soon dear ones you will rely upon the Spirit of Truth and the indwelling Adjuster. You will be functioning at morontial levels while yet in the flesh. This will be wondrous for us to view, for here you will be able to teach and instruct through your example to your fellows, speeding the process of Light and Life to Urantia. Aiding in the establishment of true peace on earth. Aiding in the practice of true goodwill toward all people. Growth is the object and you dear ones are exhibiting that growth. I trust that you are reading the text and the transcripts that are provided. I remind you that the text holds the key to your learning and understanding of the mission that you are engaged in. The transcripts we call the lessons and bring them again to your memory. However the text is the meat that you need to digest in order to teach others . in order to explain satisfactorily to your fellows your belief systems. Your trust in the Father. the relationship that each of you are experiencing with the Father. Seeking the stillness has been our instruction from the beginning. Again you are experiencing new beginnings daily, you have the opportunity to renew your faith, to move forward in progress thru seeking this quiet time with the Father. I, and others of my associates have reminded each group recently to not neglect this time, this valuable time with the Father. Here dear ones, lies the solution to all of your cares when you are discouraged, your hearts are weak, and events of this existence loom large in your face. Then is the time to ask the Father for His guidance and presence, to overcome these emotional and real circumstances. Trust the Father as you trust in other things that have not proven worthy of your trust. Give Father the opportunity that you have given to other things that have not proven worthy nor effectual. I tell you and speak from that which I know. The Father will not fail you. It is His pleasure to relieve your hearts of distress and discouragement and replace in their stead joy , happiness, confidence. So again we ask that you avail yourselves of this valuable time.

May I share with you this day your thoughts and concerns May together you and I add happiness and joy to this setting. Dear hearts I will at this time allow your comments and questions. You may proceed.


Practice, Stillness

Janice; Jarel. I want to know why is it so difficult to enter the stillness. I don’t know if it is because I have doubts. I try so hard. Is it just a learning process I am going thru but I want to over-come this. How shall I approach this. I am seeking for an answer, I am seeking some help, there seems to be so much I want but am having difficulty.

Jarel; Greetings dear one. You are not alone in this dilemma as such. Put trust in my words that you will overcome this. Your fellow coworkers who have been long in the mission experience this same difficulty. It is in the process. It is quite natural . You must remember that you spoke earlier that you came from many years of misunderstanding, misinterpretations of truth and light, misunderstanding of ritual tradition and practices. The process of the stillness has been practiced many, many centuries, but the technique has been lost to some. It has been reinstated in this mission. However variations exist in other religions as practices of yoga and meditation. It is a practice of quieting the mind and allowing the presence of the Father to permeate your being. It is different for each. For some it is blocked because of emotional abilities as many are emotionally centered. It is hoped that each, thru practice, repetition, and through seeking the quietness will learn the technique that is best for them, that allows them to free their thoughts of all concerns, save the presence and quietness of the Father. For you dear one, I would suggest that you seek the Father when you have no distraction or the potential for distraction. Relax yourself with deep breathing, cleanse your lungs by deeply inhaling and exhaling. Allow your body to relax. Be comfortable. The focus on the single thought of quietness allows your indwelling fragment of the Father to commune with you This does not require long periods. Start with short intervals and increase as you feel the need. Practice will bring about the reward and result. I caution against expectation. Do not approach the stillness expecting any particular thing or feeling. Relax and allow. Does this assist you ?

Janice; Somewhat. When you say focus on the stillness or the thought. Just as you say to relax and allow. I am sure it will come. So, yes it does help a lot.

Jarel Do not consider where we must go. What we must do. Obligations or responsibilities. Devote that time to thoughts of the Father. The single thought of His presence, or of His love. This will suffice to get you moving in the direction of the stillness. The rest will come quite naturally and unexpectedly. Seek with those here. Read the transcripts concerning the stillness and this will guide you and assist you. Most of all I wish to encourage you, and I applaud you as a new fledgling for your desire and attempts in seeking the presence of the Father. Continue in this way and the reward will be yours.

Janice. Thank you.

Jarel: you are most welcome. (pause) I am at your service dear ones.

Mind, Focus

Hal; I have a question Jarel, as to whether you have any suggestion on, shall we say, the control; of the mind. I find that in the early morning hours when I am half awake and half asleep that the mind free wheels and roams all over the place without any seeming purpose. I’m sure it happens during the day at times. As Doug spoke earlier in our discussion period . of having the mind of Jesus. , How can we tune our mind to be more under our control; Are there any suggestions you might have ?

Jarel; Greetings to you dear one. You must first understand the nature of mind. It is for the mortal mind the nature to ramble out of control. It is when you enhance the mortal mind with that of the spiritual that control comes. You are selective in those thoughts that you would have. Even in that selectiveness negative thoughts intrude, but it is through the Spirit of Truth that the Father has blessed you in that you are able to shut out those negative influences and again focus more on the positive. Again, it is with practice and repetition. You come from long histories filled with negative examples on how to live ones life. It is a long process by which you have come thus far. Do not expect, overnight, to become in control that which has run rampant for many many years. Do you understand ?

Hal;; Yes, it means we must be constantly alert and aware of the minds thoughts and patterns and bring it back to positive thoughts and actions. I understand that our mind is an endowment of the Third Source and Center. I am not real clear as to what part of mind belongs to me and which is His.

Jarel: And this clarity will not be yours in the flesh. So do not concern yourself with that as much as how much positive direction you may give to your spiritual development. Each little thing that you as mortals do in a positive vein adds to your spiritual growth. Each positive action to assist another adds to your spiritual growth. It is as if each event has weight and eventually that weight will cause the action. That action will be total spiritual development. So, dear hearts, continue to seek the positive and the good, continue to guard against negative thoughts and influences. Allow your spiritual growth to be of a positive light. We, your coworkers and helpers are ever present to help and protect you from negative influences. You must assist also by when these things occur turn quickly to the Father. Ask quickly for aid and aid will be immediate. Dear ones you are aware as I am aware that we have occasion to slip in our thoughts. Pick yourself up and move forward. Seek the protection of the Father. Ask for guidance.

Hal; Then a wholehearted dedication to the Father to direct your mind towards the Father and His desires.

Jarel: The fragment is present. The gift is given. The Father is with you Continue to grow.

Hal: Thank you.

Spirit of Truth

Mercedes: I don’t know about this Spirit of Truth. that can lead folks personally. Sometimes that Spirit of Truth is so abstract for me. Could you explain or give me a little bit more knowledge about it ?

Jarel: Greetings. Yes dear one. The Spirit of Truth acts. It brings about in your life those circumstances and examples that allows it to bring to the front of your consciousness those gems and grains of truth that will affect your life and your spiritual growth. It is an active spirit marshaling together celestial beings and your fellow humans to share with you, and to show you the truth of the Father in your daily existence. Little gems of wisdom. Little gems of interaction that are of a spiritual nature that you will recognize as the truth. As you proceed to read the text and relate that knowledge to your past and present you will find in your interactions with others that these little gems of truth take light, take life and you are able to recognize them as such. Continue in your growth dear one. Read the text and discuss, speak freely open your heart and your mind to the truth that is present. Let it speak to the truth that is inherent in your being. You will know of a surety.

Now this one has reached that state where he is not conscious of the physical body. This is a state that is part of the stillness.. There is, peace, happiness. quiet joy. (long pause in peace)

Hal; We were reading a transcript. from the group in Bakersfield in which Michael transmitted through the T/R. Was that Michael in person. I under- stand that He has a private circuit. I’m not quite clear. Was He there in person, returning to this planet, or was it the Spirit of Truth that He was speaking. through ?

Jarel: A circuit from Salvington. Yet he spoke to the new teaching mission group. His purpose was to encourage and remove doubt from those present. It was indeed the Creator Son who spoke to them and through them. You will observe great confidence coming from this group in the near days.

Hal; Yes. In reading the transcript it gave a personal feeling of relationship with Christ Michael. He spoke of returning to this planet. We have discussed this before, I know, so He was not there in person but speaking through His circuit.

Jarel: It was not known to my knowledge or to the knowledge of many who are of higher status than myself. But as they are revealed to us and we share that which we are permitted to share with you, as He has freely shared with us.

Hal; Then we accept it as it is , for what it is, and go on from there.

Jarel: Indeed. You here have been blessed with His message.

Hal: Yes.

Jarel: It was, if not a confirmation, an encouragement to You all.

Hal: Very much so.

Jarel: It indeed serves that purpose, to give you that boost that is needed from time to time. It is indeed a boost for us the teaching staff also. It makes us desire to rededicate ourselves and proceed that much further. To work that much harder, to achieve the goals Michael has set for this mission. You and I are coworkers in this grand adventure.

This is good. It means for me that you are indeed learning your studies . I again am happy to be in your presence. Honored that you are my students. Privileged that I am your teacher. Delighting on the fact that we work in this mission together for the benefit of all mankind. So I again ask you to take my hand and that of all the other celestials and let us begin anew to continue on our path of spiritual development and sharing the great love that the Father has granted unto us. Dear ones feel wonderful. Feel joy. And express these feeling to your fellows. Embrace them with confidence and surety that the love that you exhibit is contagious. Infect them with the love of the Father as transmitted by His Son to you. Do this and indeed your heart will be joyous.


I will take my leave at this time, with prayers for your continued success study and growth. I urge you to continue. Do not become lax. Now is the time for growth for each of you. Go to the stillness and receive your reward. The presence and peace of the Father. My love be with you . My peace upon you. Take care until next we meet.

Group: Farewell Jarel.