1996-09-02-Courage and Liberty

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Topic: Courage & Liberty

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Welcome to you all this evening. It is my great pleasure to meet with you. I do endeavor to reach each one of you personally during the week. I am not a personal teacher to anyone. I am to assist in the education for the Reserve Corps members. I assist many. I find it my great joy to know you each personally and help when I can.


I have known you and I say we have a real and growth promoting friendship. Our friendship is not on surface levels, no. We know each other beyond that and feel at ease to be our true God-like selves. Your use of spirit vision has enabled me to be forthright and honest without injury to our friendship. You have made it clear that your choice to be spirit led is first, is primary. I do feel more at ease to speak without worry over pushing you away due to feelings of intimidation.


You know me, my friends, and accept me as myself, and I say, that makes for excellent teaching grounds. I also have known you and I perceive you with my spiritual vision. I see that you are dedicated and have surpassed that desire for spectacular predictions and happenings. I see you as serious students who would not accept anything less than truth. Perceiving our Mission with the Father's eyes is allowing yourselves to be within the will of Father and the word of Michael. Anything less is not a reality for you. You are learning that using the eyes of the spirit brings forth liberties that were not easily perceived before. Your new found liberty has led you on an internal journey to rediscover your God-self, your true self, your very soul that works toward higher spiritual realities hand in hand with the actual Fragment of our Universal Father.

The journey to the soul can be filled with turmoil and at times you witness many painful wounds that you feel have manifested into eternal scars. I say these scars are your badge of mortal living. These scars are valuable and to be viewed as lessons in mortal experience. To journey to the soul, the knowing of your true God-self, is one of seeming tedious repetition, but it is known that the older one is when they begin their journey toward the discovery of their true God-like selves, the more debris there is to uncover. With the use of your spiritual vision you have found Father's liberty and you feel wrapped in a cloak of courage. This courage in combination with liberty has armed you with the tools needed to excavate the debris from the true self, the soul. This is not difficult. This is morontial technique regarding use of spiritual vision to discover what you are and what you are becoming.

Yes, Father has made it known to His children that they are loved and valued for their very existence, not for things they have done in error or toward accomplishments. I say Father's freely bestowed liberty has enabled you to search within without fear or regret. You are enabled to look with that part of you that combines logic with love. As you learn of your true self through your spirit vision you are also feeling that combination of courage and liberty to go forth and be that person, that true self. I say I feel at liberty to be my true self with you. I am understanding that you are attempting to view me with your spiritual eyes and I worry not about offending you. You are my friends and associates. I would always accept you without doubt of your sincerity of our dedication to one another and this Mission.

This week I would ask that you take note of those moments of recognizing your true selves. Note the feelings of freedom and courage to stand in unwavering dedication to fulfill your eternal destiny. Note the feelings of liberty and pause to consider that where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. [1] Have you questions?


CALVIN: I am glad to see our friends back with us, Roinda and James. When James and Roinda came in tonight I felt Michael's presence Abraham. I thought Michael was going to speak. (ABRAHAM: Always entirely possible, yes.) This liberty you have been talking to us about, I feel it is a bigger issue with us than what I am perceiving so far, but I am getting a glimpse of it with my daily associations, for instance, as I am readying to come to the meeting someone in my household says, "oh gee, you are going there again. I thought we could go do something as a family." I don't have to feel guilty I am pursuing what I feel is very important. I can not worry if they are going to like it or not, that I know it is the correct thing to do and still take my other time and be helpful to them. It's probably a bigger picture than that, but before I would have felt more guilty about not spending enough time with them and choosing to go here instead of being with them. It didn't bother me like it would have before. Is that just the start of this liberty thing?

ABRAHAM: Yes, understood. To those that accompany you through this mortal life, that are not involved in searching for spiritual realities within the day to day mortal living, are not perceiving these spiritual realities to be congruent with what they see before their eyes. Also you being dedicated to a force that is unseen also leaves you to question, yes, what is more important? my fellows that stand before me or my Father whom I cannot see. The guilt is beginning to be overridden by the use of your spiritual vision. The unseen realities you perceive with your new eyes are becoming more real and more easily understood. You have discovered the value of seeking first the Kingdom and it is not in error to profess this to your family. Spirituality is absolutely real for you and you are dedicated to pursuing it. Your fellows will understand in time as they witness your devotion to spiritual realities. You are at liberty to be your true God-like self without worry. Yes, this is a part of Father's freely bestowed liberty, yes. Another question?

RACHEL: Father Abraham, now I understand why I had so much more debris to uncover than the rest of this group has, because I am that much older. Thank Heavens the Father has allowed me some extra time. I hope I can wade through all of it.

ABRAHAM: Understood. I would say without doubt that you have made that journey to your true self long ago and are now more at ease to be that true self. I would say your age is a plus. Another question?


JAMES: Abraham, I understand to some extent the idea of political liberty because we enjoy more of it here in the United States than a lot of people in the rest of the world. I am not clear on what is meant when we talk about spiritual liberty. Could you expand on that a little--define it as you are using the term?

ABRAHAM: Certainly. When the Master sojourned in the flesh He came up against many who would have Him disregard His inner spiritual feelings, longings and understandings. As the Master matured and begun to understand His Father in Heaven He endeavored to live within the will of Father, therefore gaining the use of His spiritual vision. With the use of spiritual vision you are seeing through the eyes of Father and having Father help you to understand what He understands. The Master in perfecting His human self, discovering His divine self, choosing the will of Father was freely given that liberty to search for spiritual realities, to live a spiritual life without being affected by outside judgments or ridicule. Many disturbing things fell upon the Master and He walked without worry for He carried the liberty of Father to be His divine self. Spiritual liberty is freedom to carry forth with your divine education without others putting stumbling blocks before you. Spiritual liberty is not a license to carry on in a selfish manner, but spiritual liberty is permission to be your God-like self. The world is changing and it is through our association that the masses will be reached. Spiritual realities will become unextraordinary, quite natural and uneventful. Spiritual realities will appear as if they had always been. Is this helping? (Yes. Thank you Abraham.) Certainly. Another question?


CALVIN: Abraham, I get a bigger picture now of this spiritual reality. On Sunday I heard a devotional, a BYU devotional, and there are masses of people, as we all know, listen to those teachers there intently. That speaker told the group that if someone in the neighborhood had some higher concepts that they wanted to share, new revelations of higher insight, and invited you over--He put the question to the group--should they go? They were told by this speaker absolutely not, unless the leader of that religion said it was okay to go. He even said do not dare step one foot in there. Its almost like cutting them off from any type of spiritual liberty they might have to pursue Father. I thought how drastic, and here you are saying, realize that we have the spiritual liberty to open our spirit vision eyes and not worry about what a bishop or a leader or a neighbor thinks. We can pursue truth without worry. Even though we may misconceive and err a little bit, as long as our hearts in line for search, it will be cleared.

ABRAHAM: Wonderful perception. It is the spiritual leaders that will move people to look within for understanding. The planetary awakening is occurring and no amount of fear promotion will carry enough momentum to stop any of Michael's good works. You are correct in your understanding and I must say I am slipping.


I wish to express my love and gratitude to you each and I will meet with you throughout the week for any questions you might have. Until next week, shalom.