1997-08-05-Assessment of Teaching Mission

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Topic: Assessment of Teaching Mission

Group: Butler TeaM


Teacher: Tomas, Merium

TR: Gerdean, Hunnah



TOMAS: Good evening, friends. I am Tomas.

GROUP: Good evening.

TOMAS: Merium and I are here as well as many of your other celestial friends who frequent your gatherings and who frequent your independent lives. We enjoy these occasions of coming together as you do, and we enjoyed this evening prompting you by way of your mechanical contrivance, your candle. It is a way of making contact, indeed, even though you wisely "scepticise" at its effectiveness, at its existence.

How convoluted that was! I am saying: you are right to question the validity of such a contrivance and we encourage you to continue to question all facets of your path -- not The Father Himself, of course, but -- all things that fall short of ultimate perfection, for therein you are not acting blindly but are acting consciously. You are making decisions that contribute to your growth.



We heard you discussing earlier the supposed phenomenon of the candles and equating the lighting up of them to the superstitious belief of the woman who sought to touch the hem of His garment, and even her superstition, in believing that the mere texture of fabric could heal her, is much like your seeking God-consciousness through a mechanical device such as a lit candle. But, as you testified, it is the living reality of your spirit life that counts, your living faith not in the candles, but in the concept of God that lies behind your belief, the faith that there is a celestial host of personalities who would speak with you if you were but aware of them.

And so we understand your quandary and encourage your investigation into any and all things that will bring you closer to God, that will increase your appreciation for truth, beauty, and goodness, that will help you to find compassion for your fellow believers, that will help you to understand the nature of the vast creations of time and space.

That could almost be construed as a blanket invitation to investigate any number of even sordid spiritualist behaviors, and I tell you that it is not forbidden to investigate the runes, the I Ching, astrology, numerology, kinetic cameras, and so on, for although they are not divine revelation, they are interesting scaffolding and they do provide avenues of discourse and opportunity for sharing relative realities en route to greater realities.

How I managed to go down this path, I am not certain; but it seems an appropriate commentary under the circumstances; it is part of the understanding that this period of time in your history is filled with all manner of investigations, and investigations are not discouraged for they lead to growth.

As you discover the merits, the relative value, and the falsehood of those things which you investigate, you can then assimilate or discard them intelligently and willingly; you can relinquish them, then, for those truths which have more lasting value, that hold more substance; and who is to say, in an individual's development, what has merit and what does not?

Even those of us who have attained this level of operation in the spirit realm have experienced many mysteries and would not have known how to choose but for our engrossed investigation of these that were placed in our path. Having experienced them, having appreciated them for their relative worth, we can also appreciate how and why others would stop to linger upon a bright and shiny bauble that held not lasting value but provided temporary joy and beauty in the moment.

Teaching Mission

There are other investigations that take place, even into the spirit realms, one of which is a discussion among some of us teachers having to do with how to proceed in the various groups and with the individuals comprising the flock of the Teaching Mission. There are those who would have us be more firm and more commanding, while there are others who would molly-coddle affectionately and prevail upon the mercy and tenderness aspects of truth and divinity to foster the understanding of a loving universe.

These are some of the things that we discuss in our "staff meetings" and as there is no 100% sure way to deal with everyone except through an interpretation of love, we are then provided with a similar quandary to those who likewise question the relative merits of these other and many growth hurdles that have been laid in your path.

I would like to ask you and openly solicit your in-put, and it is not required that you come forth with an enlightened and lengthy dissertation upon request, but how do you feel about the Teaching Mission and your involvement in it? How do you feel the teachers would best bring about that which we hope to bring about? Give me your in-put, your contribution in terms of where we are headed.

How would you like to see us progress? Do you feel that we are meeting your needs? Your expectations? Do you feel that we are a waste of time? Do you feel that we are pushing you too hard or that you would like to go further? Do you feel anything at all? I open this to you at large and I will allow you, among yourselves, to respond, understanding that it would be appreciated if one individual only spoke at one time.


Hunnah: It's as if you were reading my mind. I was lying in bed last night just wondering where this was going. In the human world, it is not uncommon for a group like this to have a three-year cycle. I remember when I was in the Casey group it was a three-year cycle and the attendance wavered and I was one of the last ones to stay with it, and I don't say that because I'm any better for it, but because I wasn't catching on that it was over.

And I don't bring that up as a first observation, but how can we be something we are not? I was talking with a woman at work today about her spirit; she was alert and interested in what I was saying, but I could not take her where she could not go, and I was in a time frame where it was not my job to make that visit into a workshop. It's as if we were all given an eyedropper and a small bottle and told that we could go around and put a drop here and a drop there and then someday something would come of it.

It bothers me that I can't dialog with you the way I do when I'm not transmitting, like I am now. I would like to have that type of bantering and listening and camaraderie with you all the time. I went to my computer and sat down and it was another failure, so I left and I thought, "Well, so be it." I cannot say that I am any more stuck than my last meditation. I had a teacher that used to say I'm no better than my last meditation, and I have lived with that suggestion long enough now to find out that it was absolutely accurate in regard to having a meaningful day.

I don't know that I'm answering your questions, but … I have not met anyone who was willing to come into a "Urantia group" but I probably could put together something where people would simply find that they communicated and that the subject matter would rise to a plane better than everyday conversations, and there would be a receptivity. I really don't know what to tell you, but I do know that I've been having a hard time for about three months, and my mental self tells me it's because "I'm processing" -- whatever that means -- but I feel compassion for you because your students can't go any faster than they do, it seems. I'll stop. You can comment.

TOMAS: I am going to withhold comment. However, I would like to hear also from Leah and from Ann. (Long pause) If you have nothing to say, that is all right.

Leah: Well, the question was asked, do you feel we're wasting our time. Obviously we wouldn't be here ... Maybe that isn't ... No! I find this inspiring to reflect upon -- things in my life, and I suppose in other people's lives -- not that I should be dwelling on theirs so much. The statement's been made -- and the teaching, I find it very helpful -- but I always wondered if we were going to do some kind of a project, like a community thing or, I don't know what particularly.

I thought perhaps ... one of the other groups had done something like adopting a highway and picking up trash and something like that to help the environment in the sense of spirituality. I perceive that we'll do something but I don't know what it is particularly, other than to take our essence among people and ...

I don't really understand all that energy stuff, but it is my understanding that when you take the time to meditate and to reflect on these things, that it does affect other people. For myself I have a joke that I think my ministry is smiling. I like to smile at people. And I like to listen to them, too. I take it from you, Tomas, that those things are important. I know there's so much more, but that just comes to my mind at the moment.

TOMAS: Thank you, Leah. Ann? I know that you have not been long with this community, but you have been a vital part in the brief time that you have been among us. Tell me, has your association with the teachers been helpful to you? Do you feel that we are contributing to your life?

Ann: Yes, I do. Many times I go back and I reflect on the teachings and how it applies to my life at the time and how it could apply in past situations, and it's been helpful for me. And as far as going anywhere with it, I haven't been around long enough to be at that point to need to move on somewhere else. This seems to be enough for me right now.

TOMAS: Thank you, my child. I would also like to hear from Gerdean if she is willing to make some remarks.

Gerdean: When have I not liked making remarks? Thank you, Tomas, for the opportunity to give in-put. I very much appreciate your work, your dedication. I appreciate your authority and I appreciate Merium's gentleness. I appreciate all the teachers that I've ever learned from, and like Hunnah, I have compassion for you teachers, figuring that it must sometimes be frustrating to have--

Well, it's like I wrote in my journal yesterday: "If you've lived all your life in a cave, how can you describe the sunshine?" And I feel as if you have lived in the sunshine and we are in this cave and we can see the sun shining. We're looking at the door and we can see that the sun is shining out there, but it's altogether different than standing out there basking in it like you do. I'm just glad that the sun is shining!

I don't know -- well, I'm sure that every proponent of the Teaching Mission wonders where we're going with it. I do realize how much I have grown and how much my faith has grown, how much my soul has grown. I know that I am no longer alone -- That is a very, very significant piece of reality in my life. Even when my mortal peers are not flanking me, I know that you are. Even when I doubt your existence, I know that what you represent is true.

I hope you don't go away. Even though it's a responsibility and sometimes it's wearisome to try to keep up with the spiritual growth that you seem to think I'm capable of, I also know what happens when I stagnate and fall back into the comfort of the darkness, so I appreciate your prodding, and I also appreciate Merium's molly-coddling and tenderness. However it is that your personalities opt to manifest is fine with me.

I hope you aren't having any arguments in the spirit realms about what to do with us. And even saying that, of course, I bring you down to our level, but you did say, not long ago, that sibling rivalries were possible. If you guys are arguing up there on our behalf, knock it off! We're doing fine. You're doing fine. And to quote you, "All is well". So those are my comments.

Hunnah: I would like to add a P.S. There is an expression that "thank you" with someone you live with is understood? That you don't go around with every statement and say "thank you"? Well, I must say "thank you" and I said "thank you" to my mother because I feel as if one of the greatest gifts that I have received in my human experience is seeing the transformation of my mother's personality, of her fulfillment, of her attitude, of her quality of life, and she is having some tests done today and it -- she was reassured by her teacher that she was in a sense living in her, for want of a description, in her morontia energies.

And my mother has done exactly what the highers, our friends, have wanted all people in her age group to be able to do, is to bask and indulge in this dialog and this opportunity to learn and she is starting to write poetry and I'm so thrilled that she is not in Illinois. I have the privilege of being in close proximity of her and seeing the fruitage of this movement in her, and it is an unlikely area, to see it in a person in her age group, so that ...

I am extremely grateful, and I am aware of the companionship that's here, but I was in bed last night and I still doubt that I believe! I doubt the quality of my belief in Christ Michael. I doubt the quality of my acceptance of your service.

I went to the chiropractor and I put my arm out and he said "Do you believe in chiropractic?" and my arm went down and we both laughed and he said, "Of course you're having troubles, because you are serving two masters!" and when you embrace a new teaching, there is a part of you that is still married to the old teaching and ... her description of the light in the cave was excellent . . . because what you do is you go out, like a cat, and you get warm in the sun and you feel good for awhile and then you go back in and you go to the accustomed environment, so apparently what's happening is we're just responding the way people do at our level.

I really thought, for myself, that I would be able to show you more fruitage, but it's apparently happening in an area where I'm incapable of judging, which is probably very good. It's sort of nice that you asked us this. The whole thing just boggles my mind. Oftentimes I can't believe that I'm in the group, but I do respect it, but I don't get to share it with anybody else but us for fear of being a nut in their eyes. I don't want to hurt the quality of what we have by exposing it inappropriately. Thank you.

TOMAS: Thank you, my daughter. Thank you all for your soulful expressions and your wholehearted response to my question. Your testimonies have given us courage. You have heard it said that we are here for the long haul, and so we are, but like you, it is good to hear that you are loved and appreciated, not only on a cursory level but on a meaningful level. We are teachers who have come to teach you to be teachers.

Earlier Hunnah remarked about instigating an environment in your arena which lent itself well to a natural proclamation of truth, and this is the fruitage of your soul's progress, that you would allow for such an environment of Light and Life to prevail, indeed, to help to orchestrate, through the ministrations of the Infinite Spirit, to create the kind of environment that would enable spirit to go from potential to actual, and to thus bring about a glimpse more of Light and Life on Urantia. Another glimmering of truth to add to the Supreme.

The Correcting Time will be on-going for many years, but there are other thrusts involved. It is not now nor has it ever been our intention to keep you churned up inside yourselves trying to purify your own soul, but to go forth in your childlike faith and teach what you have learned; even if on occasion what you teach is not ultimate truth, if you teach in good faith. It will be brought home, whether it is truth or not, and you can grow accordingly.

Teacher Sons

But there are long-range goals of the Teaching Mission that see past your own correcting, and even past the correcting of the planetary conditions as outlined before, in setting it in alignment with where it would be had it not been retarded by the Lucifer rebellion and the Adamic default. The other reasons involve reaching toward Light and Life, and although it is a way off, it is the new frontier, and you pioneers in the spirit are forging the way through the material mind of the age into the morontial values of the future.

We are preparing the way for the Trinity Teacher Sons, which will surely arrive. Your minds are being prepared for greater teachers than we [are]. Also, this process of communication, besides reassuring you, to some extent, that you are not alone in the universe, is a method of familiarizing you with your own mind sufficiently that you know the difference between your voice and the voice of your Thought Adjuster. In due course, as you evolve, as you become aligned with His will, you will have better communications.

This practice of speaking with your personal teachers and the group teachers, and indeed Michael and other personalities, can give you a conscious awareness, a practice, of the various and sundry personalities that exist throughout your cosmic neighborhood and can contact you in your mind through the circuitry. This friendly universe opens the door for your closer betrothal and communication with your indwelling God fragment.

As you allow yourself to step aside for greater reality, knowing in your heart that it is of The Father, you ultimately will be able to have contact and speak directly with the Father that dwells within you.

There are long-range goals for the Teaching Mission. This is not a card party. It is not a human interest situation that we will outgrow and that will become passe as greater truths come into being, for you, my students, are the greater truths that are coming into being. You are the progeny of the teachers of the Revelation; you work under the banner of Michael, the Creator of this Universe; you are the vanguard to the new age. You are greater than the New Age.

Do not grow weary, do not fall short of your own expectations. We are grateful to you. We are very grateful to your application, to your efforts, your growth, your faith, your struggles, even for your doubts and for your fears. We are grateful to you that you are, and in that we are grateful for your very existence, we truly nurture you and hold you to our heart in the most loving embrace.

God and man need each other. This is a relationship that will last throughout eternity, that will expand and grow and continue to plant seeds of satisfaction in your soul that you can plant seeds and bring in the harvest for The Father tomorrow.


TOMAS: I have had my work cut out for me this evening and I feel like I earned my keep. I thank you for your loyalty and your love. I also thank my co-workers in the spirit realm, and particularly Merium for her valuable assistance. All of you, continue. You're doing well. I will see you soon. Farewell.


This session was extended by Merium working with Hunnah on transmitting skills and a visitor, a social architect. In the interest of expediency, they will regrettably be expunged from this transcript.