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Topic: Friendships

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am Abraham. Welcome to you my friends. I am happy to once again be here with you. I often think of you each and make effort to have personal interaction. I must say, your friendship and faith in me leads me to excel in my position as a Teacher and personally as your friend.


Friendship, Healing

Last week we discussed reviewing your friendships and techniques on how to improve them. It is always amazing how you can distinguish acquaintances from real friends. Those that would just be aware of you as a person and those that are interested in you personally and make efforts to become close. You can recognize a real friend in that they would bring out the best and most honorable in you. A real friend would relish the thoughts of acting as a stepping stone to help you to excel. A genuine friend seeks to help inspire you to be your best and accepts you when you are not at your best. It would be completely wonderful if all our relationships could fit this description, but more often in the world today do we find fierce competition.

One who would claim to be a friend might be fearful at watching you excel. Their fear may be... your success would take you above them and they would perhaps lose your friendship. There is jealousy in some so called friendships that would perhaps cause a holding back and a creating of barriers. Many friendships of which do not stem from spiritual foundation embrace spirit poisons; fear and jealousy being two of those spirit poisons. Needless to say, friendships based on a non spiritual or spirit poisoned base level do not receive as much Father participation. Father does attempt to break through to assist, yet cannot go where He is not invited.

The genuine friendship always enjoys Father's participation in elevating understanding and receiving the joy therefrom. You all have experience with certain individuals who have held you back or assisted in bringing out those things opposite of truth, beauty, and goodness. You have felt the disappointment or embarrassments over sharing the negative side. There is always temptation to put blame on your counterparts; this is certainly understood.

I would though say to you here today, that you having entered the Father's Kingdom are becoming well equipped to counteract the negative interaction. Those who have been born of the spirit know a new and better way to deal with your fellows. Having died to the old ways, you are set apart from using negative tactics towards warding off those who bring out the worst in you.

Having been reborn and reconnected with the mind of all minds, you are privileged to immediate information from Father who would seek to assist you while enlightening your fellows. Upon such encounters of negativity, waste no time in checking in with your Father and immediately asking for help. If one you know is not likely to join you on the circuits with Father, then you must make a commitment to stand there with the Father on your own. This provides an immediate shield from those spirit poisons that would chance to overtake you.

This evening, I would ask that we move our discussion into the area of forgiveness ‘forgiving' and ‘being forgiven.' It is almost confusing in a way that once you have dedicated your life to the spirit, there is still fostering within you an unforgiving attitude toward certain individuals. I mean not to say... all here experience such unforgiving attitudes, no. I mean to help those with difficulties with past events that you would find difficult to let go.

The act of forgiveness on your part is somewhat like the ‘born again' experience, wherein you would acknowledge the event as real. Understand that your Father possesses all power to transform all events into meanings and values, feelings of release and relief, and last... the joyful worship that flows uncontrollably from you most excellent gratitude. This learning to forgive is not always immediate and perhaps may not happen in this lifetime, but I can guarantee that all things are healed in time, all things are to be understood.

This week I would ask that you continue working on your understanding of friendships and look honestly within to view any vengeful feelings of unforgiveness. Ask for Father to be involved in every aspect of your mortal living, the good and positive along with the bad and negative. Allow the healing to begin. I will now take a few questions!



Wendy (paraphrased): Abraham, is it Father's will that I walk this path alone, or should I continue to struggle in my current relationship with _____.

Abraham: It is difficult for me to answer for Father, but I can answer you for myself. With your maternal feelings as an indicator, how would you answer your question. With your life experience, there is value in all things. There is value in adversity and yet adversity is only part of the mortal journey. Joy is always allowed and your efforts to attain it are not curtailed by Father, no. The answer you seek is already known by you and your Father. There is always a great list of things to consider when making life choices big mortal decisions. There is at times many lives to consider. I doubt not my daughter that you are well prepared to do what Father would ask of you. You have been well trained to consider the whole. I would express my faith in you as my sister and fellow child of God. Is this helping?

Wendy: (paraphrased) Am I wasting my time with ______ my x husband? By what I did today?

Abraham: I am unable to answer your vague questions, to prevent providing proof to my existence. Your questions would need to be more specific!

Wendy: I wrote a letter of 10 positive attributes of this life to him. Is this beneficial or is he at a stage where he cannot accept anything more from me.

Abraham: I am still unsure of the question!

Wendy (paraphrased): My x husband is very bitter and full of hate. Is it possible for one to reach him in a positive way, or should I stay out his life and let him walk his own path.

Abraham: I can say to you that the efforts made on your part will do some good at this time. I am informed that there needs to be allowed some time to pass. There needs to be some stability shown in your life, circumstances for him to begin to listen. I would consider it my personal honor to meet with you in your moments of meditation to give further counsel on this matter. Be not worried and dwell in the factor of time. We will meet again. Is this at all helping?

(Yes and thank you very much Abraham)

Teacher Contact

Calvin: Speaking of relationships, am I just ignoring my old friend/Teacher Elwood, or is he gone to serve somewhere else? I haven't talked with him for awhile; I do recognize your presence and assistance though.

Abraham: Elwood is on assignment with a new member of our Teaching Mission. You are correct in assuming I am speaking with you. I would however, have you know that if it is your desire to speak with him that would be acceptable. But for the most part, I would assist you along with my brother Ham. Is this helping? (Yes, and thanks for your assistance.)

Aaronson: Would it be out of place to refer to you, or to address you as ‘Master Abraham?'

Abraham: It would be perhaps a bit confusing in that it puts me higher than my students. I would not ever assume myself to be a higher position in the Kingdom than my friends, whom I love dearly. Your meaning though, I can understand is... ‘Master' meaning ‘Teacher?' I would answer to you my friend whatever you may call me.

Aaronson(paraphrased): Could you share with us of your family and acquaintances, who they are, how many, etc? For instance, I have a family of 5 (?) and I work with a group of about 60. Can you share your personal relationship status with us?

Abraham: My close associates consist of those in this Teaching Mission other Teachers. You my friends and students, are what I would deem my family. There are numerous seraphim, midwayers and Melchizedeks that I am in close association with. I find it difficult to put a number on those who I am close to. I do understand your question and can verify to you, that as you ascend in your spiritual levels, will your family members increase.

Miriam: Is it okay to ask a question on relationships, or are we now moving on to the ‘forgiveness' subject?

Abraham: Ask your question!


Miriam(paraphrased):Sometimes I still find myself being judgmental of what others should be doing, and I wonder if this is just me mirroring myself? Is this blocking out others by walls of negative emotions/actions? Does that judgmental-ness within us shield us from getting inner work from Father's healing? (I think I got the flavor of the question here.)

Abraham: Yes. First I must say, we will continue the lessons on ‘relationships.' Forgiveness is part of ‘relationships.' Much of our lives are spent attempting to heal past wounds, to correct certain wrongs. There is with the human mind to seek out individuals who would best fit our description to helping us heal. Much of our mortal lives are spent searching for the ‘one' thing we can find through knowing the Father, and attempting to keep a close connection with Father enables us to not seek for those who would heal us but for those who would share the divine experience with us. The reflection factor is real and a great tool for understanding, but not so solid as to make live decisions over, yes. One moment...

In asking that you reach for Father's immediate guidance and connection is a technique in which we are less likely to be pulled from the cosmic circuits to participating in the spirit poisons. In your stillness meditations this is seemingly a simple procedure. In dealing with your fellows this is more difficult in that there is always that tendency of the ‘ego' to go more towards the animal instincts.


I am slipping. I would express my love, and confirm our meetings during the week. Until next week, my love is with you, shalom.