1998-09-01-Fear Of Her Children Going To School

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Topic: Fear of Her Children Going To School

Group: At Large


Teacher: Unknown

TR: Delores



Hi there, folks,

My twins went off to school today, 9th grade, the bottom of the class in that big school full of big people. They could not get to sleep the night before, for anxiety. Remember how that was? They were scared. Scared, also I knew from talking to them the night before, of the threat from the older Senior brother and his wrestling team friends, who warned that they were to be "creeked", bodily thrown into the small creek that runs through the school grounds, a form of initiation done sometimes to Freshmen. How ugly. My husband kept giving them heartless teacher-to-student advice which rolled off them like the cliches they were. When they got out of the car, they turned to face it, and stepped away without saying good-bye, so involved were they in the struggle to brace themselves for it.

On the drive home I began praying for them."Dear Father, please give them courage and give them some sort of joy today to help them connect to some of the good things. I remember being that scared. Please be with them as they face it today with their child's true hearts in fear. Michael send your comfort to them."

Suddenly I saw the whole planet as scared children moving into our unknown challenges, alone and afraid. I had just seen Woody Harrelson in "Welcome to Sarajevo", a movie which breaks your heart again and again. A movie of the reality of life amidst constant war and hatred and fear. I was struck by the question:

HOW DO YOU STAND IT, GOD? I thought. Crying all the harder. Your children growing up in darkness?

HOW DO YOU STAND IT, FATHER? All the evil lies the people live by?

HOW DO YOU STAND IT, MICHAEL? Your own children not knowing you, and some even teaching their children you don't exist? How do you stand all the pain and struggling of this blind planet? I know you must relate to us as a parent. Do you feel this kind of pain?

Later, at home, a personal message began to come to me slipping in between the lines of a book I was reading. So insistent that I had to put it down and get my notebook. It came in chunks of images, so please forgive the stumbling translation as I tried to put it into words too small, and I was emotional, so that will have had it's effect, too, but I think it was meant to be shared, as you will see. So...


Transmission Response: It is all made up for, dear one. You do not understand how short the human lifetime is, how much is held in loving care to be balanced and blessed and healed. Human life is made of just such challenges as this. Each challenging growth step is made to create in that person just the courage that you mistakenly ask here to be "given". It is not given. It is acquired through testing and through experience, and is only then thereby owned and made a part of the person's own strength and character.

You were all made to thrive on challenges but that is not fully understood on your world. You lack the support systems of a normal planet that would be in place, which would help you make each uncertain step with more loving support. You are both blessed and cursed by the Fall in that there are greater difficulties for you now to face, but you will be justly and amply rewarded for every brave upward step you make. Never are you blamed for suffering in the struggle.

Someday you will be proud to have been a Urantian. We are proud of you now that you are willing to open your eyes to the harsh reality of your fractured planet as is today before the years of light and life adjustment have taken hold. We are proud of you for taking up the challenge to Know Thyself. For taking the courage to examine your life, for realizing how the evil patterns pressed you into unnatural shapes, we grieve with you the grief it brings to you, how seemingly impossible to bear. Yet you continue in this, and just so, does the Truth set you free. You were not intrinsically designed to live inside boxes of fear.

You are the Threshold Generation. Those of you who manage to be brave and willing to open your eyes to see and your hearts to know, will own a personal history of such deep meaning and value, such intricate and beautiful contrasts, that you will as a natural consequence, be subjected to much honor, respect and loving curiosity among the citizens of the Universe, who watch even now with intense interest your future history as it begins to unfold.

We are here with you and feel with you the effects of the horrors that the devastation of your planetary culture wrought. We sometimes weep, the same as you watching your young boys step up to their new school challenge, seeing you go forward in your child's courage, to face that what to us is now only a memory of childish fear. But it is real for you and is as much a challenge to you now, as our current challenges are to us. You are not alone. Let us give you comfort of heart, for in the big picture of reality, you are rising above the limitations of your world, rising above against unique, extreme conditions, that will give you a brand of courage forged so deep and so true that there is not compare. In your beautiful breaking hearts, seek the One Source of hope and joy that assures your success. The Father can indeed stand it all, there is no hiding anything from his all sustaining heart, because he knows that from this precious and special testing ground of his broken plans, comes the proof that life without wise parental guidance is wild and lawless, that a world without the Father's plan of love and brotherhood is a horror, and a hell. You who stand beside love, who answer Michael's call in this age, rise above a world of hate and violence and truly shine. Many choose otherwise at his time, for your world is still strong in it's ignorant pattern of distortion and there is safety and comfort in numbers. Do not blame those unable to choose your path. But do not give up your hearts' faith that the Father's hands are now moving among all people. His Will shall be done, yes, on Earth as it is in Heaven, eventually. Have patience for the wonder of his ways shall prevail.

We thank you for seeking the knowledge of the true nature of your situation here, because only by knowing what really happened here can you devise the means to address it. Only by becoming wise about the fears of the human heart can you offer it peace. As the warm spirit of love shines on the cold metal of cynicism and pride, it heats and cracks those protective barriers, eventually letting a new awareness of life in, new challenges of freedom. Love is a "threat of growth" to stagnation. Love is a call to the uncertainty of change. Love is resisted here. How unfathomable this is to many of us! and how very, very sad. Love is your Father given birthright and we encourage all of you to reclaim it for yourselves.

You will not be stoned nor crucified in this generation but you will be faced with suppression, cynicism and rejection, because of your love. Be brave enough to see, grieve, and release yourselves from the ignorance of evil which is working it's way out through your world now. Make yourself ready to face the challenges that this unique time/space revelation brings, this plan of Michael's for individual uplift. You all have challenges to face, but when this life is over, you will then truly begin to see what you have done. There is no way for you to fully realize it yet, but glorious will be your rejoicing. You have already become so much more than you were. You will yet become so much more than you are. Let the Father love you. Let the Father guide you. Carry him in your trust, near and dear to your hearts as your greatest possession, for surely that is so. And look to us often as your encouraging friends. Our arms are ever around you.


Our hearts are with you in both your singing and your tears, and the Father's loving ever present hands hold us all together. Peace, little sister, Michael knows you well and trusts you.

Your teachers.