1998-09-13-Triangles, Energy Healing Fields

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Topic: Triangles, Energy, Healing Fields

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Lantarnek, Elyon, Olfana, Timothy

TR: Jonathan, Daniel Megow, Ginnie



Lantarnek (Jonathan TR): As you welcome us so do we welcome you into our company. We pledge our continual efforts to the further promulgation of Michael's mission, that being revealing the Father to humankind and creating opportunities wherein you all may reveal yourselves to Him.



When considering truth and its source, the Infinite God, they -- that is truth and God -- become and in fact are equal. Yet in His extended creation this truth revelation of the Father takes on qualities which appear to direct one back to the Father, that truth leads to God. There is the appearance of separation, truth being a steppingstone toward Him. Michael revealed this pattern in his statement, "I am the way and the truth". Truth is your pathway, for reality is not discernible as a simple object that you can thus describe. It is likewise not simply a creation of your own creative imagination. The Father has designed reality as you know it today to be an interactive experience. This is the significance of truth and the underlying principle as to why truth must always be lived. For you to know the truth you must live the truth.

This brings me to my comment on the triangles. We could and very well may present far more relationships to you, however, it is of great importance for you to interact with these principles at each point at its unfoldment. There are two mechanisms involved in your discernment of this morontia quality that we are presenting to you as triangles. You have spoken of a tree, given description, and illustrated secondary uses of a tree. The primary function of a tree is to grow, bear fruit, to reproduce itself, and to be a significant factor in the environment of interrelated living beings. Secondarily it provides you with food, not simply for the moment but even for the course of a season wherein such food is not readily available. You have even expressed its usefulness in the form of functional items such as furniture. This is one of the outworkings of understanding these intercomplexities of triangles, that is the secondary application of the patterns presented.

Yet another function, to return to the tree, is that once you have observed what constitutes a tree, you can become equally curious as to how it is as it is, thus leading to the discovery of fluid dynamics, cellular structure, photosynthesis. These investigations lead you beyond the context of simply a growing plant. And so it is in our discussions regarding these triads. When we ask you to compose your own relationships, it is in the purpose of directing you toward application, much like the putting up of fruit and the construction of furniture in relation to a tree. But we do not disallow you from making your scientific investigation into what actually does compose the tree of triangles. In seeking for increased interconnectivity, realize that there is a pattern beneath these patterns that makes is possible for there to be these relationships. This transcends even the morontia quality and takes us back to that original, undifferentiated, Infinite Being.

I am Lantarnek, and I am happy to be here today. I hope I have fulfilled my purpose, that being to encourage you to undertake this study in a twofold pattern.

Elyon (Daniel): Greetings, students. This is Elyon. I would take this analogy of Lantarnek's and bring you back to the tree. Indeed we will not stop you from any explanation, any understanding, any concept of the tree that you wish to pursue. However, we would help you to understand that when it is harvest season, you must pick the fruit and put it up, so to speak. That is not the appropriate time to be looking into the cellular structure of what makes the fruit possible. The fruiting season is short in the year. If you neglect to harvest the fruit that is available in the season that it is available, then you must wait through winter, spring, the budding of new foliage, the pruning of those limbs that aren't productive of new fruit, and, if you miss the harvest, it will be a season before the harvest is there for you again. This is not terminal, I would say, because you know that another harvest will come if you lovingly care for the tree. Yet you can miss the opportunity of much fruit that can feed a large number of people if you choose to not recognize when it is harvest time.

The triangles are a facilitating and useful concept. The fruit of the concept is when you recognize in your own process that you have created a triangle, you have enacted one and recognize the relationships of the process that you went through to do so. It is why I asked you to do a presentation on the triangles, and it is why you came to the realization that this was an awful lot to deal with.

I will interject more triangular relationships from time to time, but those that we as a teaching staff have already introduced must be lived and understood how the relationship fits into your everyday life. You are, in fact, doing this unconsciously, my friends. We are hoping that you will become more adept at doing it consciously, as well.

You are students always, as are we. You are teachers always, as are we. You are God's child. Play with that triangle. That is all from me today. I am proud of my class and my peers, which you all, indeed, are.

Unidentified (Ginnie): Good morning. When you are dealing with another's problems, when you find that it is a concern for you to reach out and assist another, remember that it is very much in your nature to want to extend your self into the energy field of another. When you can think of it as allowing your own energy field to permeate into... (Ginnie: This concept is confusing.) When you see another suffering it is very natural for you to want to help. But remember that you can do so by your very presence, by your thoughts, by your intentions and desires to help. Allow at these times the Spirit of Truth, the spirits of Michael and Nebadonia, to permeate your being. Your own sense of calmness, assuredness, conviction, steadfastness will be felt. It might be a technique for you to be aware of other people, but at the same time try to remain ever conscious of your own spirit.

Ginnie: I don't know who this is.

Olfana (Jonathan): This is Olfana; I visit you today joyfully. I wish to take you through an exercise that will help toward healing of this fellow that you have spoken about this morning. Because we all believe and have experienced the principle that where two or three are gathered there is Michael also, let us collectively open ourselves to this synergetic commingling of souls, each one of us here in this room, and acknowledging our encircuitment with this fellow, let us include him in our group. Expand your mind to be embracing of everyone. Visualize with me, not only what I subsequently say as occurring within yourself, but within all of us collectively, including Mike.

Your mind is the applicator of your will upon your body and upon your environment. Send to your vehicle the neural signals of generation, vitalization; let it break off the sense of dullness, of fatigue. Visually perceive this as blue. Send out into your body the energies of purification and of nourishment seen through and delivered by a circulatory system to every milli-inch of your body. Let it wash away as it simultaneously brings new health; let it wash away all that is restricting of advancement of positive action. And with the effect of a sonic boom, receive this beneficial cleansing reflected back to your brain centers, adjusting attitude, adjusting appetite, instilling within you a new drive toward personality attainment, character development along the lines of Michael. As we all here do this together with the prayerful attitude of improving your friend, we are expressing to Michael and the Father our desire for the ministries that are close at hand to bring effective change. This is a prayer that is Supreme, and may this be so in the will of the Father.


Healing, Prayer

Ginnie: In the story of Jesus, sometimes he chose not to heal. He chose not to save John the Baptist; he delayed the timing for saving Lazarus. I tell myself, he knew everything so he knew when to do it. How can we develop more sensitivity to when we should walk in and help out and when we should wait?

Daniel: Love and it will be obvious if we do nothing but care. That is in itself healing. Then you know at the moment.

Timothy (Jonathan): In faith you have touched upon the very secret to the frustration of unanswered prayer. Often has the willing mortal been disappointed by prayer for help, for healing, only because the awareness of the greater implications was not present that the prayer must go unanswered. In reality the answer has come but not in the form conditioned by the request. When in doubt always pray in faith with that loving compassion and from your highest understanding, trusting all beyond your abilities to the greater care of the higher ministers.

Michael had the advantage of a cosmic perspective. He had a foresight stemming from his divinity that augmented his human perception. This is not the condition of all of us. Trust that even if your prayer for healing for another does not fit with the Father's will, you are never in any sense attempting to contravene His will. The Father faults no one for an expression of compassion and care, for in the grander scope, the true help to that individual will be forthcoming, and you will have likewise been a receiver of guidance, of divine ministry.

Every expansion of concern for another, of care for other personalities, enlarges your heart to the extent that you ascend one more level in the great brotherhood of the Father's family. One time in the great future before you your expansion will be large enough to literally embrace the Father Himself, the personality of all personality. So, I assure you that, even if your desires are not the will of the Father, they are in no way seen as an effort to work against His will. You are accommodated in his overall providence.

Is this helpful?

Ginnie: Yes, thank you.