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Topic: Progress

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I thank you each for coming here this evening. Welcome back to our two wanderers, your presence is much appreciated by all. This evening we shall discuss progress.



Progress is a word that human beings like to use in many different contexts. Progress can mean material acquirements, it can mean job advancement, it can mean personal progress, and it can mean societal progress. Humans have, on the whole, a narrower definition of progress than we do.

We see progress as containing the whole, and that seeming progress in one area, while stagnation or retrogression in another, is not true progress in our estimation. When you think of societal progress, you think largely of advances in technology and material well being. And while the last 100 years has seen this type of progress, spiritually, society has not advanced at all and, in fact, has retrogressed for some time and is just now turning a corner. This we have seen as a very unstable, indeed dangerous, time and it has proven to be a very perilous time in which to live. When society advances in technology and especially in advanced weaponry without the simultaneous advance in spiritual brotherhood, there is great danger to the races and the possibility of civilization self-destructing.

Here in these United States, with the advances in communication, you have, on the whole, just begun to halt the backward slide of morality and have begun to redress the issues of personal and societal responsibilities. However, many, many parts of the world at this time are still sliding backwards morally while advancing technologically. We hope that Americans can be way showers for the world in advancing morality and basic brotherhood for the world to see. You who are involved in this mission will be way showers for many other people and will bring the first glimmer of light and life down to this world.


The world is now in a period of a vacuum in moral leadership. As it says in your text, your leaders have many ideas, but a dearth of ideals. In the coming years, you children will have the opportunity to step into leadership roles in many ways and these roles will require the utmost moral conviction. No human can truly lead unless they can appeal to "the better angels" of human nature. All human beings respond to sincerity, conviction, sacrifice, and love.

Jesus has said when your brethren see how fervently you serve them, they will be touched in their higher selves and will follow your examples. Words are meaningless without the example in your lives for others to follow. Words have only a temporary inspiration but example has lasting inspiration. If you would truly serve your fellow man, you must be willing to undergo a spiritual purification and purging, just as you have been doing, for your motives must be pure and your highest motive must be love. You must serve your fellows because you love them and that, children, is all the secret of leadership. If you love your fellows and are willing to serve them, they will likewise love you and be willing to serve others on your behalf.

As we spoke of earlier, in a previous session, if the whole world could change their attitude about working in the world to service in the world, your world would be instantly transformed. Jesus said, he would be greatest among you must be a servant to all and this is true for all time.

You are all making good spiritual progress and you are all changing your attitudes towards life, little by little, and this I am very heartened to witness. I see each of you gradually being quicker to resort to the spiritual answer. I see you each changing one habit at a time, one old way of dealing with things for a newer and better way each week. I am very gratified to see how much you have grown and very happy that I might have had a little to do with this. Are there any questions at this time?



Q: When you talk about morality and its ebb and flow in the last 100 years, could you elaborate a little more on what you mean so we all have the same understanding of it.

Ham: Different parts of the world have gone through different experiences and there have been a few spiritual leaders who have helped to change the direction of this spiritual desolation. But, largely, the extreme materialistic thinking, the so called scientific influence, the nihilism in American and European society really increased during the 20th century] among the masses. And of course, there was the complete atheism of communism which came to dominate much of the globe. All these things have been extremely detrimental to the overall progress of civilization.

Q: I would point out that it is often not what most of our most ardent Christians point to when they talk about the moral decay of American society.

Ham: When I speak of moral decay, I am talking about the lack of higher ideals and truth and the confusion in the minds of many over what is truth and what is idealism. Those who are spiritually identified with the highest moral values have no problem understanding what truth is nor do they hesitate to identify themselves with the truth. Confusion has been the order of the day for many, many years. The German people followed Hitler thinking their greatest ideal was German cultural supremacy. The Russian people followed Lenin thinking their greatest ideal was complete social equality. But, these are not true ideals, there is no truth in either. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, I would say very much, thank you.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham, can you give me any advice concerning my relationship with Jessie?

Ham: Patience and tolerance. You cannot force the situation. You cannot alter what has been done in the past. You cannot change this human's attitude, it must change on its own. Don't worry over much about this person for Jessie must make decisions that belong to Jessie and no one else. You can't make these decisions. So, let go of fear and relinquish control to the Father. Let Him influence and change things. Have faith that he will do so.

Q: Ham, do you have any counsel for me tonight?

Ham: Certainly, son, you have run the gamut of emotions this week. You are finding out a lot about yourself, and your own strengths and weaknesses. The Father is giving you these lessons to help you break down your inner wall, the inner walls that you built for protection and are having trouble tearing down. Sometimes if feels that there is a sledge hammer in your life, smashing your hopes, changing your plans, and not letting your proceed as you think you should. This is in actuality, a gift for you will find in deep humility greater strength through love than you have ever found in pride, and self-assertion that has been a false protection. Pray sincerely for release of pride in any form even intellectual and spiritual pride are dangerous things. The Father has a way for you which he will show you when all the old walls have come down for they are what keeps you from a wiser self knowledge and would surely cause great trouble for you in the future if they were not dissolved at this time when it is truly possible to do so. Center your mind in the stillness and in prayer and the way out of these difficulties will come to you. You will see.


Q: Regarding leadership, it seems that in our society in any area, even spiritual areas, that its impossible to become a leader without an overriding ambition and a striving to elevate oneself above others. Could you discuss that contradiction of us becoming leaders with higher ideals while still having to operate in this ego drenched world.

Ham: It is not impossible to become a leader through service and without ambition to elevate oneself over others. Jesus had none of these things and he has continued to lead good men for 2000 years through just a few words that he left behind. The leaders you describe are not true leaders and their influence is not lasting. Personal ambition to lead often propels men forward into your so-called leadership positions, but if that's all there is, they cannot truly lead once they get there. Your world is full of such non leaders, men whose ambition is for their own self-exaltation and nothing more. Yes, in true leadership, there is a drive to serve, to better the circumstance of one's more unfortunate fellows and this drive is more powerful and more reliable than any personal ambition could ever be.

Q: I think that Martin Luther King and Gandhi were examples of leaders like that.

Ham: Yes.

Q: And FDR.

Ham: No.

Q: He was not a selfless leader you are saying.

Ham: Correct.

Q: Ham, do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you have some problems that, though are minor in nature, are interfering with your inner peace. My advice is not to look outward at the source of this irritation, but inward for the real source of this irritation. Let go of your long-held stands of self-justification, the "I have every reason to be upset" idea and look inside instead at the source of this pain and irritation. Follow where it leads and this will help you.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are finding a truer, realer inner reality than you had allowed yourself to feel previously. You are letting go of labels, the I am blank, or I am always blank when blank happens and you are allowing yourself a new inner freedom that you have needed to experience. You are just beginning to find out who you really are and this is exciting even thrilling. You do well, my daughter, be at peace.

Q: Frankie?

Ham: Son, you are experiencing much inner change and yet this newness is familiar. It is rather a rediscovery of your inner self. This is all as it should be. Rejoice in your new found freedom and cultivate your childlikeness.

Q: Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you have a long way still to go until you reach a personal flowering. You are still sending out new roots and new shoots into the air and you are continually becoming more at ease with yourself and with your own truth. Go in peace, all is well.

Q: Jarad.


Ham: Yes, Jarad, you are truly undergoing some remarkable changes. These changes are affecting every aspect of your life and you are learning anew what true joy is. True joy is not ecstatic shouting from the mountain tops. True joy is the quiet glow of being when one has fulfilled one's duty and accepts with joy the Father's loving embrace. Joy pervades the entire being and does not come and go like the wind but is steady and quiet like a warm glowing ember.

Ham: I am aware of a question from James. Son, you have written a very detailed wish list of which I can only touch on a few points. First, there are number of individuals who desire to be closer to you and yet you have not been given the opportunity to draw them into your world. You must remember that to have friends, one must show oneself to be friendly and venture out into the sphere of others rather than waiting for them to come to you. Secondly, your book has been a great sustainer for you, it has sustained your through many trying times and given you a focus and a sense of purpose that you would not otherwise have had. But, it has also been like a cocoon which you have drawn yourself into and wrapped around yourself to isolate yourself from others. Therefore, it is my advice to put it down for now. Don't worry about what should happen to it or what you should do with it. Let those things develop naturally for a while. I don't mean to say do not promote it or give it to those who could help you, rather let that not be the center of your life at this time. Your teacher is with you, and is helping you, even though you are unconscious of this guidance much of the time. And, yes, your connection is getting stronger and more reliable for you. Be assured that your communications are not just wishful thinking, but also be advised that wishful thinking can color any transmission. Son, you so well, be at peace. The time is approaching when you will make some changes, but do not worry about this now.

Q: Ham. I missed you the whole time and I really appreciate the lesson you just delivered, but I have a personal question that is important. We are going to put my mother in a nursing home tomorrow or the next day. Do you think this is the best thing to do?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you need not have any guilt or feelings that you haven't done enough for she requires a greater level of care now than you or anyone can give at home. She will be apprehensive and frightened, perhaps, in the first few hours but she will soon adjust and come to appreciate the reliable steadiness of the routine. Fear not, for she is an always has been in the Father's hands. Do not burden yourself by trying to take on the role of God. She is provided for and all is well. Anything else?

Q: Thank you.

Q: I would appreciate a personal message.

Teacher Contact

Ham: Yes, son, I am aware of your confusion concerning conflicting advice from our staff and this is perhaps fortunate in that you are forced to rely on inner guidance and pushed into asking your teacher through yourself. This is all necessary and as it should be. The teachers communicate best directly to their subjects and even though your may feel some discomfort with this process, some apprehension, it is necessary for you to develop this communication as soon as possible. Is this helping?

Q: Yes, thanks.

Q: Ham, I would appreciate what ever feedback you have for me this week.

Ham: Yes, son, you are developing a better contact with Imanni as well and this is of course very important, even crucial, for your future work. You are finding an increasing comfort level with turning to her in times of uncertainty when needing advice. This is important that your trust develop. Imanni is very skilled, very wise, very trustworthy, and careful in her advice. You do well to put your trust in her and allow her to guide you. Imanni is a person of great insight who will help you understand more completely those humans with whom you are dealing. You can ask questions like, where is this person coming from, and she will give you much detail in response. This can help your understanding immensely and it is my counsel that you should turn to her with regularity. Are there any other questions?


If there is nothing else, I will retire for this evening. Until next week my prayers and my love go with you each.