1998-11-15-Cooperation With The Spiritual

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Topic: Cooperation With The Spiritual

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings, children, I am Ham and I am grateful that you have come here this evening my friends. We wish to use this discussion to talk about the importance of human cooperation and alignment with the spiritual entities and forces on your world.


Cooperation, Progress

Each human has the potential to grow spiritually, but this growth does not occur in a vacuum. You are in touch with other human beings, morontia beings, and spiritual personalities as well. This creates an environment where your decisions impact on many other beings.

Your decision to cooperate with the spiritual influences is of upmost importance. You see, you are all in a web of relationships with those you see and those you don't see. There are many beings held in readiness waiting your decisions. Once you make these spiritual choices, these beings literally spring into action and act to amplify and reinforce those decisions.

You are growing spiritually and morally. The old patterns of conduct no longer fit. You are gradually transforming your thoughts, your deeds, and thus your entire moral stature.

I know that there are some who desire not to change, who desire to remain in the old patterns, patterns that are comfortable, even if they are nonprogressive. But, let me assure you, the angels will conspire to make this situation increasingly uncomfortable so that you must make the choice to move forward and to leave the past behind.

Be aware that you cannot stay still, that you must progress, you must advance spiritually, morally, intellectually, and even physically. There are many pitfalls on the spiritual path. There are humans who will tell you things like, "this is the way business is done", or who imply social disapproval for those who don't follow the same path. And, so you must learn to follow your higher leadings in the face of social pressure to the contrary and this requires true bravery.

Many of you have been under pressure to misrepresent the truth, but you all know also that this is a slippery slope, for misrepresenting the truth to others leads to misunderstanding the truth yourself. Those of you who would represent truth in the world must first sweep your own house clean of the little falsehoods and shadings of the truth that most humans rely upon in their construction of a world image.


When the prophet of old cried "create in my a clean heart, oh Lord", [1] this is what he referred to. He was asking the lord to take away all the uncleanness of deceit, of resentment, of the various desires for unclean thinking. And yes, there is a link between pure thoughts, what is known as clean living, and increasing health. When Jesus spoke of healing, he often spoke of it as cleansing.

So I would admonish you to create a clean mind, clean true upright, without any trace of self-deceit and the body will often respond. The old ailments will gradually disappear. For if the mind is reflecting God, purely, the body will reflect the mind, purely. Follow, therefore, your highest calling, your highest thoughts, your highest awareness and understandings. Do not succumb to the temptation of falling back on the worldly practices of others because this will lead you to confusion, and this confusion is always to be avoided. Happy is he who centers his mind on God, and who walks the path of life holding his Father's hand.

Are there any questions?



Q: Could you give us a little guidance on how we might determine when we are deceiving ourselves because that is a difficult thing to do sometimes?

Ham: Yes, it is. The human mind is very complicated and is capable of building layer upon layer of rationalization. And then, of course, pride enters and embraces self-justification and all these things stand up like armor around acts or thoughts that are basically selfish and self-indulgent. Down at the bottom of all this, somewhere, is usually some kind of guilt. But, the conscious mind doesn't acknowledge this. This can exist in the psyche even while there is spiritual growth occurring, but eventually if this type of behavior and thinking, if indulged in repeatedly, will slow and definitely interfere with the spiritual growth. Is this making sense?

Q: Yes

Ham: Let's take an example. A married man has relations with a prostitute. He rationalizes that this is not adultery, and his pride steps in saying he is such a vital man that he needs these extra outlets and his wife should be happy to have such a vital and sexually active man. But, underneath all this is guilt and shame and it's living a lie. Do you see?

Q: Yes, I have that. I think that is a very boldfaced problem. For me, the problems I have with self deception are more subtle. It comes in situations where a goal or an ambition or something I want for someone else might on the surface seem proper but might on a deeper level is not the Father's will.

Q: But the bottom motive is always fear?

Ham: Yes.


Q: Sometimes physical problems can be traced back to self-deceits. Can you suggest a technique or method that can be sued to examine a physical problem and take it back to its root cause.

Ham: Usually it cannot be done that way, looking at the illness and extrapolating its cause because the illness may be one of many undetected manifestations of a single, uncleanness. I would think that the best thing to do is, in prayer, to open your hearts completely to spiritual cleansing and this is all occurring on the morontia level first, that is the healing on a supermaterial level before it comes down into the grosser material levels. This is not usually instantaneous healing either, but is a process. Those things in the psyche or in the heart where there is perhaps deceit that is bothering you will come into your consciousness at some point and at that time you can renounce these old patterns and vow to change and you shall change and your entire outlook on life will change and your health will also change.

Q: I have been examining the thought lately that probably you cannot just say no to some negative situation, some error or evil, that that is just more negativity but instead you have to say yes to something greater.

Ham: Yes. You have to always strive toward the positive. A man may vow never to cheat or take unfair advantage of someone else again, but unless that is replaced with the joy of generosity and fairness, this vow will not endure. You are correct. But usually, there is both, there is the renouncing of the old and the embracing of the new. When you pick up one foot to move forward, it is leaving behind the past. If you keep one foot in the past and one in the future, you are not going anywhere.

Personal Counsel

Q: Ham do you have anything for Esmirelda?

Ham: Daughter, you do well. Yes, your life is in a sense calming down, and you are finding a balance that is comfortable to you, a balance between activity and rest, between concern and detachment, between faith and belief. In this balance, there is growth. Allow the Father to lift you as you just maintain a balance and embrace his grace.

Q: Elena?

Ham: Daughter, be happy. You are discovering love anew every day and are finding yourself surrounded by much love. Find joy and peace in this realization.

Q: Frankie. Frankie wondered if he has a teacher and if so what would you tell him about this?

Ham: I would commend him first to Welmek's group, and all else will be clear in the future.

Q: Do you have anything for Rebecca?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you have much to occupy your attention and I would like to advise you also to work on your book again, to find a level of complexity of pace that will serve you without getting bogged down in details. Yes, when you have time, advise library work to begin again.

Q: Jarad?

Ham: Son, you do well and are working very hard and are very focused. This is very good. Walk confidently on the path ahead, but remember you are wearing a new set of clothes. The old reaction patterns and thinking will not serve you as well as your new reaction patterns and thinking will. You wouldn't wear a new suit and an old pair of scuffed shoes, they don't go together and as badly as you hate to let go of old shoes, you must do so.

Q: Do you have a message for me tonight Ham?

Ham: Yes, daughter, you are walking a higher path and are welcoming expanded love into your life at this time. You are finding a greater love for yourself and for others and also for God and other beings. This is exactly where you should be at this time, you are completing all your work well. You are opening to the understanding of your greater role that is coming now after motherhood.

Q: Ham, you told me once that I was a member of the reserve corps of destiny, is that correct?

Ham: correct.

Q: Could you tell me which angelic corps I am assigned to, would that be permitted?

Ham: At this time, what was the reserve corps of destiny is under the direct supervision of Abraham. The angels are involved in your task, but there is not permanent assignment as in the past. So, then to tell you that you were under a specific corps might be misleading because it is not permanent. In other words, angels that are positioned to help your task will help.

Q: Do you have a personal message for me, and I appreciate that answer.

Ham: Certainly, son, you are doing very well and are always eager to make spiritual progress and to align your will with the Father's. You should take some time to enjoy the progress you have made and allow yourself some peace and relaxation. Don't worry about business or children or household things for a couple of days. Give yourself some time off. You deserve it.


Q: Ham, I need to get at the source of my creativity in order to write again. Can you give me any how to's? I sure would appreciate it.

Ham: This is a complicated question and is very difficult to answer, for every person is different and responds differently and requires different things. Sometimes, during mining, a mining operation, there will be areas of no minerals or different kind of minerals than what you are mining for, areas where water seeps in and you feel bogged down. But, with time, you will come to a richer vein than you had previously. What is called writer's block, is sometimes just a rest and a time out, but all the while the mining is really still going on and you are getting close to the richer vein, it's just not conscious yet. The consciousness of it can come quickly and suddenly as in "eureka" or it can be slower and more gradual dawning as the vein becomes richer and richer. As you work with the indwelling spirit, he will reveal to you when it is time to write again. Be happy that all is well, even though it seems hard, you are where you should be.

Q: Thank you very much.

Ham: You are welcome.

Q: Ham,. Do you have a message for me tonight.

Ham: Certainly, son. You are still in a transition period and still a little unsure where to put your feet, but you must know that your entire life is securely in the Father's hands and he alone has brought you to where you are and will see you securely through this time into greater things.

Q: Ham I would appreciate any feedback you have for me this week.

Ham: Certainly. Brodan, you are always expanding in your awareness and broadening your understanding of people as well as facts or issues. You are becoming increasingly and instrument for the Father to use to reach his children. Be contented and embrace the path the Father has set before you. Continue to consult with Imanni as well. All is well and as it should be.

Q: I have one more question. Is there any way we can show you how much we appreciate you. I wish there was something I could do to indicate our appreciation. For example, I have been enjoying Fred's book about the teaching of Will and would love to see your teaching in a book.


Ham: Thank you son. All these things are in the Father's hands. I know of your love for me and receive it with gratitude and with love. Go in peace, all is well, farewell.