2000-06-11-Moving To Action

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Topic: Moving To Action

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Rantarason, Elyon, Lantarnek, Tomas, Lester, Michael

TR: Gerdean, Mark Rogers, Jonathan




Rantarason (Gerdean TR): Rantarason here to greet you this afternoon. A different voice for me, what matters is that we begin to communicate where we stand, where we can meet. Your preliminary discourses have given us food, as we often provide nourishment for you. You are becoming comrades. As you are students, you are also being teachers. It is therefore a more sophisticated culture that you present and that you are becoming than that which we met with when we first made your acquaintance many years ago. Having been hungry for truth you have fed well and taken this mission to heart, providing substance to your very reality.

You have spoken of the horizontal reality, the connection that reaches across a plane of existence and gives depth and perspective to your horizon, your experiential horizon. This is how the kingdom grows, how Light and Life is expanded across the tapestry of Urantia. You have reached up; we have reached down, and now we begin to reach across to each other having breadth of experience to share in communion with like-minded souls. There is no need to caution you that growth is yet to come; you understand you have not graduated, but you are indeed a joy to work with. You have done your homework; you have met our many assignments. You have followed up and taken our words to heart. You have taken them inside where you have discussed them with your mind and with the spirit where you have made decisions allowing your growth to expand, allowing your reality to be made more. It is only in the future that you will see and truly appreciate your foundations here, how having begun at the very beginning, indeed, at the very bottom, and having assimilated the truths that you are absorbing and making your own, even in this existence are preparing you for untold wondrous experiences ahead when you appreciate the breadth of experience brought on by and through your associations with each other as mortals, whether these mortals be enlightened or ignorant. Accept and appreciate the learning field, the essential university aspect of your experience of your life and rejoice and be glad. In this gladness it is possible to lighten the burden of your fellows simply by your good cheer. This is a reality lesson the Master well knew. As you relinquish your burdens of existence to yield the joy of existence in sonship, it expands and advances our infinite reality even to the portals of Paradise. Appreciate your stature and take heart in it.

There are many here today, others who would visit perchance to stimulate. Be well.

Elyon (Mark): Greetings this morning, this is Elyon. I would supply you with some more imagery this morning. I offer the image of the inchworm. I would draw some similarities and parallels to this small creature and to the human race.

Notice when an inchworm moves forward it has one segment of its organism which is forward-seeing and which strives with vision towards direction and is at the leading edge of the forward movement, but this part of the entire organism cannot travel without the entire organism's participation. The remaining portion of this inchworm is engaged in great physical effort to draw itself up and prepare itself for its next extension. When the organism is prepared by this action of pulling itself together as a unit, it is then ready to push itself forward, and thus the entire organism migrates forward in cooperation. The front eyes of the inchworm cannot proceed forward without the cooperation of the final stages of the inchworm, which are inevitably last to cross the finishline. Nevertheless, working together and in harmony with the stages of propelling the organism forward, great distance can be covered by even as tiny a creature as an inchworm.

This symbology of the front reaching forward and yet relying on the back to catch up to make it possible is a serviceable analogy to the bulge which happens in the human organism. There will always be a segment of this organism which is keenly aware of the direction of motion. There will always be a segment of this organism which will seemingly be lagging behind and needing to be caught up. There will always be these divisions of function within the organism, but the entire organism is required as a whole to make true progress.

Also, by the example of the inchworm we can deduce that great distances can be covered in very small increments and that, to keep plodding one step in front of the next, your progress is equally sure and certain as is the tiny inchworm's progress making it to the topmost leaf in the tree.

You also may liken each one of your individual selves to this inchworm. You can recognize aspects of your own beings which are forward moving and desirous of reaching new heights and yet at the same time recognize elements of your being which require some catching up, some pulling together, before you as a unit are unified in your progress forward. The head of the caterpillar may not go on ahead and wait; it must wait for the organism in time and in space. Your desires to reach new heights are, in themselves, not enough to propel you there. You must go there as a whole with all of your aspects in tow, so to speak, and adjusted to make the journey.

So, this phenomenon occurs personally and as a group and as a race. We must realize the nature of forward progression, and it is helpful at times to visualize this process even using the lowly inchworm.

That is the substance of my lesson today, and I will withdraw to allow room for others.


Lantarnek (Jonathan): While we are on the subject of some of your small creatures of earth, I would like to use the analogy of an anthill, the anthill of Paradise, to illustrate your connectedness and to emphasize the benefit of sharing your burdens.

The phenomenon of the structure of the ant colony is that each creature remains in a line of connection to the other which is connected directly back to the home base. While you are here on Urantia you are abroad, you are away from the anthill, yet there are numerous beings in the line you travel back to Paradise. Each of you has a connection immediately to one alongside you, and this progresses all the way up your ascension route. Know that you are assisted, complemented. Know also that, as you are wrestling with your difficulties, you oftentimes feel that you are backtracking, you are slipping in the effort to overcome your burden. Have you not asked yourself, "Oh, I will be better when this is over with. I will be back on track."? Take an example from the ant that hauls its great burden backwards. It is making progress all the while, though it appears to be backing up. Obstacles in your path are not causing you to slip behind. Sometimes it is very important to move these difficulties by stepping backwards, dragging them rather than pushing at them. As you have witnessed, when this little critter brings its object into the line, into the community, many associate with it, and it is eventually brought home to the nest. Take your burdens to one another. Share them. Make them lighter in the cooperative effort to address the difficulty.

The food for an ant is not a food for oneself but food for all. Each of you who struggles is providing nourishment to one another by sharing your burdens. Everyone will grow therefrom.

This is Lantarnek with you once again. Thank you.


Teaching Mission

Mark: I observe magnificent spiritual growth in individuals in the Teaching Mission, success on an individual level, and maybe that is good enough. What success on a collective level do you teachers feel for the mission? Can you give us any information on how we could make it better as a whole?

Tomas (Gerdean): Aha! I, Tomas, will happily embrace your inquiry, stalwart student.

Your question has been asked before in other situations, to other teachers, other groupings. Often an administrative response gives the indication that things are going swimmingly, indeed, even better than anticipated. This is, of course, a gratifying response, but it really does not get down into the specifics of your existence such as you like, you who are so literal-minded as to find tremendous spiritual value in the analogies of your insects.

You are the creatures, indeed, who determine how well the mission is going, for have you not been reminded again and again that you are the workers in the field? You have the ears, the eyes, the hands, the feet, the back, the shoulders. You are the physical expression, the grapes in the vineyard. So, you need to ask yourself in your heart, "How are we doing? Are we advancing Urantia? Are we engaged in Light and Life? Are we fostering and furthering righteousness and religious living? Are our characters true? Or are we relying upon a false sense of what will get us by until someone else takes the reins and drives home the point that we are sons of God and desirous of living a way of life that gives glory to this Infinite Parent?"

The teamwork that is a part of this scene today is an essential part of your advancement, for even though individually you inch ahead in your spiritual development and in the actualization of your potential, you also are learning to work with your fellow ants in an orderly and efficient manner such that you will be able to bring about results, planetary results, even.

It is therefore entirely up to you to determine how we are doing. As you become self-satisfied or content your attitude will reflect on how vigorously you hasten to the opportunities that may be seen if you are open to respond to the opportunity. The mutual stimulation of the imagination is still virtually untapped in your community at large. The fellowship of the proponents of the Teaching Mission has been a bridge from the past to today, a day wherein the sun shines. You have gained strength from knowing each other. The kindred spirits that are now a real part of your life, not just a fantasy or a dream, are enabling you to recognize that, in company with others, flanked by fellow believers, you are indeed marching in this noble army, soldiers of the circles. As you also mature as religionists, you will develop such that you will foster even more growth in yourselves, in each other, and in your expanding community.

It is always an interesting focal point when someone asks, "How are we doing?" because it gives us an opportunity to sit with you for a moment and ponder how are we doing. If this is how we are doing then tomorrow we can advance again, understanding that in the main we have come thus far and there is still much to do, much exciting work to be done in creating and co-creating our world.

Has that been helpful?

Mark: Oh, absolutely. You are always helpful. The rest of the group is with me in thanking you for the advances that we can see in each other. The spiritual growth is undeniable. It's hard to see how that interacts with the whole. Thank you for your comments.

Art of Living

Tomas: Your testimony here in print will be a reminder to all your fellows who pay attention and serve as a reminder of their own growth. Everyone will be refreshed because of your remarks. You have reflected the light of truth to your world even in your sharing. This fountain of outpouring of your living faith and appreciation of life and light is that which will carry us forward. Keep up the good work even as we inch along.

In the face of Philip's remark I will assign you all a project of encouraging each other. If it is true that as sons of God your urges now are to reveal the light of truth, then encourage one another in your expressions, in your outpouring, in your daily duties, in your manifestations of work and play, in home schooling and in lumbering, in gardening and in reading, in writing and in cooking. Encourage each other and support each other in a filial way so as to begin to recognize your wholeness as a living entity. Garner such satisfaction from the simple acts of living that you find your life is a work of art, a reflection of the Father and the Mother. Do this by and through the encouragement that you garner from your association with your family who loves you.

Lester (Ginnie): This TR knows a song about an inchworm,[1] but she can't quite grab it. Good morning, this is Lester. Being that my voice is dependent on her, we will let that one go. She promises to sing it when she is ready.

Again I bring to you this morning some hope of encouraging you to remain light and easy on yourselves, as you so very often get so ponderous over all these responsibilities that you project into your work. Your work ethic is bleeding into your spiritual growth. Your cultural dependence on, "Jesus is coming. Look busy." is still much ingrained in your psyches. Each ant building their edifice has no idea what the others are doing. You, in a way, have those tendencies in your animal nature that you do things not necessarily understanding totally how it is connected to the ant in front of you and the ant in back of you. Have faith, my dear ones, that we will take care of that for you. You are indeed impressing us immensely with your dedication and your desires to do more, to be better. We cannot ask you for more. You have surprised us beyond our expectations. You can all take a bow now. Be gentle on yourselves. If you do not see the edifice that you are building or the book that you are writing or the song that you are singing in its entirety, your faith will carry you through and should be in place as a reminder that we are doing what you cannot do at this point. Some individuals are meant to be stars. Some are equipped with capabilities to be in the spotlight, the limelight, to be well known. In your position that is what is so attractive. Take it from me that each small act of kindness, each smile, each encouragement, each little bit of humor and encouragement . ... and is more suited to the temperament of other people.

The balance you have been talking about is just that, that we need both types. We need public figures. We need private ones. Each is well qualified to do what they are equipped to do. So, keep on doing your little dance in whatever form it takes. Know that even though you do not become well known, well appreciated, well applauded, that you are in the eyes of our Father making tremendous strides in the building of the kingdom. We need both drama and passion. We need intuition. We need insight. We need all of it to build this kingdom. We are very happy with you. We wish you would be more happy with yourselves. If there is a project we need done, we will surely know how to do it and whom to pick and how to get it started. All of your projects thus far have succeeded tremendously with our help.

So, I take my leave. Be happy.


Michael (Mark): My dear ones, I desire to communicate with you. Please be aware that I never will tire of coming to you to offer words of comfort and encouragement, as you are dear to me and as I am devoted to you. You are as my sincere ants, as my loyal fenceposts, as my dedicated inchworms. You are a dear part of this plan we have together, and I pledge you my support as you so freely offer your support to me. You must trust me that your desires to be effective ministers for the kingdom shall be made manifest. It simply may not be given you at any given time to be made aware of your impact. But I am aware of your impact, and I am most pleased with your devotion and your sincerity and your desires to be about this business together. I have called on each of you. I will continue to call on you and I have no doubts that you will continue to serve me with love and devotion. Words cannot express my appreciation, but my love and the love of our Father can do so. I bestow this love upon you. I bring it to you from our Father and together we lovingly dish it out to you. Thank you once again, my dear ones.