2000-10-02-Faith Trust Factor

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Topic: Faith Trust Factor

Group: Woods Cross TeaM


Teacher: Abraham

TR: Nina



I am ABRAHAM. Greetings. How blessed I feel to be able to meet with you. I can feel more gratitude. I can learn more. I can gain more valuable experience because we are friends and fellow coworkers in the Kingdom.


I have come to know so many wonderful individuals that have taught me to always have hope and never underestimate the powerful works of our Father, yes. I have also experienced seeming down trodden times, and my associations with you have helped me to persevere and keep an eye single to the glory of God. I experience Father on a personal level, no doubt, but also do I experience Him through you each, my friends. I have learned through humility and being teachable that the universe is filled with endless possibilities. My deep and abiding trust in Father does not lead me astray. I know when I include Father in every aspect of my life that I can trust myself to make good decisions.

My friends, you have had enough experience to know that Father is unfailing in His dedication to us. You cannot from this point on ever really believe that God leaves you to suffer the mortal life alone. You have studied enough to know that you must decrease so that God in you can increase. These simple truths can bring you comfort on a spiritual level, but in your agondonter status– what is right before your eyes speaks loud and clear.

To strive to be God-like is a tremendous challenge in mortal living unless you possess the faith-trust factor. Having faith that God is there and trust in His abilities is key to advancing spiritual levels. If you focus on allowing God in you, and you in Him, the faith-trust levels build to where you begin to lose fear and gain self-confidence. The more you allow God in and rely upon Him, the more you can be confident that you are moving and acting from the Spirit. Do you see, you have decreased self-doubt and increased trust that God, our Father, works through you?

Spirituality is integrated in your lives beginning on an intellectual level, and the faith concept does not support that. Spirituality is best learned through the faith-trust factor because it allows you to set aside the ego's logic to being perceptive of Father's hand in your life. Most definitely is mind a gift and a stumbling block all at once. To begin first from the faith-trust factor allows your intellectual capacity to open and receive without interference from the ego. You are trusting in Father to guide--to be in you. He gives you that ability to trust yourself.

You each have the ability to know what is truth for you. You are entitled to your truth as others are entitled to theirs. What is true today may change tomorrow. As long as you are having that faith and trust God is leading you, then can you move with smooth assurance that your truth will grow and evolve.

This week contemplate your faith-trust levels. How much does your mistrust or ego interfere with the receiving of new concepts? Think about that personal relationship with the Indwelling God. Who is He? How can you be sure you are allowing Him to work in your lives? We are on our way to learning overall personal wellness leads to spiritual comfort and contentment, which will certainly affect the masses, yes. We are not about catering to the ego, but about feeling confident as a well loved child of God. I can accept questions or answer requests for personal assessments. Proceed/


CALVIN: Abraham, we welcome Mr. Keeler and Rita tonight with us. I received a call from Jim Foster, I'm sure you are aware, who is asking for any personal assessment help you might give to him back in Oklahoma.

ABRAHAM: Yes, I am aware. I can say to you, my son, your diligence in this Mission has been inspiring. Your gentle manner and kind heart certainly makes everyone who knows you feel at ease. There are times however when you do become upset, and in your dedication to serenity, you keep quiet. At times this is good, but it is taking its toll on you physically. You can say things from your heart, my son, in a tactful, intelligent and gentle manner. To speak your mind is not causing irreparable damage, but at times may even be helping. I understand your physical pain to be quite unbearable, and you will need to keep in step with your material medical curriculum. I understand you to believe that being productive is proving your value, and your need to be productive worsen your injuries. Relax and know that all things will be completed in due time. Worry does not add to your good health. Suppressing honest feelings does not help either. I know you are seeing this pain as somewhat of a test of spiritual endurance--it is not, but most definitely can you count on Father bringing out the value of this experience. Be cautious of the medications you may take for pain. Sometimes they only cause more harm in the long run. Focus on looking deeply at your life and those things that cause you inner turmoil and confront those things with honest words. Be honest with yourself. You might think you have made your bed and have to lie in it. I say--make a new bed! (Laughter). Have comfort knowing you have the forces of the universe with you. I thank you for your courage to accept this personal assessment. Be at peace, my son. That is all.

RICHARD: Who are you?

ABRAHAM: I am the Abraham from the old testament, husband of Sarah, father to Isaac, student of Machiventa. I have been commissioned by Michael and His staff to return to my native planet to teach because of my mortal experience. This world is in somewhat of a state of emergency, so I have been asked to return and teach from my mortal experience, and because of my association with my mentor, Machiventa. I have a deep and abiding love for the human race. It is an honor to enter into this Correcting Time and help in the upliftment of Urantia. I am not so much as the books of old say I am, but more along the lines of the way your book says I am, yes. Is this answering? (Yes. Thank you.) Another question or assessment?

RITA: I would like to ask a question, Abraham. Are you now the Planetary Prince? Are you working with Melchizedek? I think you did say that. Is Jesus the Planetary Prince of Urantia?

ABRAHAM: I can say I am not the Planetary Prince. I am in a long line of subordinates who work for Michael. I am advised not to say who the Planetary Prince is at this time, for there are conflicting viewpoints among the Mission participants. With time it will all be explained. Thank you for your question. Another question or assessment?

SIMON: I'll take a spiritual assessment.

ABRAHAM: Simon, my son, your enthusiasm in our Mission is definitely energizing. You are neck deep in all this spiritual discovery. You are courageous to move forward so rapidly, but I would ask you to be at peace with the natural absorption of all this spiritual information. This spiritual learning is not only going forward because there is so much correction needed. Without having some understanding of the past it is difficult to move forward. It is difficult to attain the meanings and values on an advanced level when you have not understood previous experiences. I can say with the enthusiasm, you possess it would be quite healing to venture into the past and realize some things. 1) You need not find value in attachment to another person. 2) You need not seek others acceptance. 3) All is the way it should be. Have not regret for your past experience or think that you have missed out on something. Your feeling of unfulfillment will begin to fade as you incorporate these 3 steps into your daily living. Your associations within the group can aid you in understanding that the past was not just an endurance test to see how much you could take. You are stronger than you believe. You can be your true self and people will either accept you or they won't. My son, God will always accept you. Rely on Him for your reflection and know that in His acceptance of you--you can find self-acceptance. You do well, my son. Thank you for your courage in accepting this personal assessment. One more question or assessment.

RITA: Could I have an assessment? You're my favorite in the Old Testament.

ABRAHAM: Certainly. I see you with abounding energy, one who believes that all things are possible with God. It takes quite a lot to discourage you. You are persistent in your dealings and this is good. I see you at a spiritual level where you are looking at open doors and are feeling you should go through them, but there is some hesitation, some fear. This is easily understood, my daughter. You have always been one to be the first at doing new things. You are more of an instigator than a follower. You are quite the faith filled daughter and work hard to do right by God. While you are wondering where your life goes from here, feel secure in your ability to know truth and know that your strength has carried you thus far. There is nothing to fear. You can focus your attention on improving on meditation to strengthen your personal relationship with Father. You would benefit to journal your honest feelings, and then be still, and wait for inspiring words that may come after. I do look forward to knowing you better, and I want you to know I am available should you need me, yes. I thank you, my daughter, for your courage to accept this personal assessment. Yes.


Our time has come to a close here this evening, but know I would make myself available to any of you during the week. Know that always my love grows more for you each time we meet. Until next week, shalom.