2000-12-31-Reflections on Progress

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Topic: Reflections on Progress

Group: Nashville TeaM


Teacher: Ham

TR: Rebecca



Ham: Greetings my children, I am Ham and I am happy to have you here this evening. The understanding and loyalty you all exhibit is touching to my heart. We are glad that you are here to usher in the new year with all its promise, all its joy and hope for the new millennium to come. This is a time when it is natural for you to think about your progress over this past year. Let me assure you that you have each made wonderful, good, strong progress spiritually which will aid you tremendously during the challenges that await you each in the coming year. This time is one for rejoicing and also for some stock-taking, for reflection as to how you have progressed over this year. It would be god for you each to express your reflection at this time. Beginning with Rebecca, please express how you feel you have progressed this year, and also where you feel you need to make progress.


Rebecca: (paraphrased) Made progress in being in the now and in happiness and self-fulfillment. Starting to know who I am better - made progress going back in childhood and working through things, progress in integrating parts of myself, but need to make more progress with this.

Jarad: (paraphrased) Hard for me to see myself. Made progress in humility and thinking less negatively about others and myself. Less outbursts at people. Need to make progress in self sabotage and self restraint and dependance on "other than spiritual energies."

Ricallo: (paraphrased) I feel I have back-slid the past few months. This seems to be a watershed moment when old behaviors are coming back and I have to either face them once and forever or run. I’m really uncomfortable the last month or so. Pain is a cornerstone of growth so I realize its for our own benefit, but the confusion and self-doubt has really risen to the forefront. When you’re in the middle of it and living it, it’s hard to realize it for what it is.

Ham: Yes, these times are indeed filled with difficulties for a purpose. You, each one, cannot get through the old patterns and blockages that occur without challenge, without circumstances which challenge you. Yes, Rebecca, you and Jarad have come through a year of quite severe testing and are now at a period of quiescence, when you are resting and consolidating the growth you have achieved through these difficulties.

Ricallo, you are going through the testing still, and are doing very well. It is hard to see this, of course, because the situations which challenge tend to cause you to feel misgivings about yourself. This is due to the fact that you are not able to see a clear decision to be made. As soon as you see clearly a decision that will reinforce your spiritual status as you have achieved it, then you will feel much better and things go more smoothly. Correct, you are allowing fear to drive you into feeling the old patterns, "what to do is what you’ve always done," but this can’t be because you are not who you were. You are facing a challenge, yes, and yes, you will come through it, you will survive it, you will come through to the other end and be alright. Do not feel that this is such a crisis, because it is not really that bad. You are tending to magnify the level of real problem that you are facing. That is from old patterns and a fear that made you give up and run before the test really came several times. That is not an option now.

The test is simple: can you humble yourself enough to endure whatever God asks you to? Can you humble yourself enough to do the work of a common laborer or wash the feet of those you consider below you, you see? It is a chance to find an inner humility an inner willingness to sacrifice that which you want for that which God wants. If you can do that, make that decision completely, that you will endure whatever the Father wills, you will follow him and learn his lessons in the most humble way, even as the Master did, coming to this world, living in poverty and having to work with his hands as the lowest kind of laborer and yet all the time being much more. Yet enduring this, enduring this sacrifice of self for the will of the Father who willed the greater lessons to be learned in this humility. In doing so He found who He was. He found Himself in humanity, in the man, Jesus.

Every person, as you walk through this world, are faced with this same kind of testing in a smaller degree. Can you abandon your will, your wants, your ideas about what you should have and who you should be, for something which may seem to be smaller, but which holds the greater gift? This is the essence of living as a human being, the essence of finding the gifts which God gives you rather than your own will and the self-destruction which that will entails always, in all cases. Those who have much, but have not God, have nothing. Everyone must learn the lesson of the Carpenter, the lesson of the boat builder, the lesson of the caravan shop. The lowly work of service is worth much more than all the accolades, all the seeming accomplishments of those who seem to have earthly power and wealth. The one who walked in true humility, who had no home, who had no money, whose friends deserted him, who was humiliated and finally put to death, gained the full measure of the Father’s power.

Where you are in this world is only truly where the Father sees you. The Father sees each of you in your spiritual growth, he sees your true worth, your true value, and He withholds only gifts which you are not ready to receive yet. Once the Master had been through His earthly trial, then he was ready to receive the gift of complete sovereignty in His Universe. Each one of you, therefore, must be ready to endure those trials which prepare you to receive His greater gifts. No one escapes this. It is not something unique, but is complete in this world.

You who would grow in the Father’s Love, who would grow toward Him in His security, in His peace, in His joy and faith, you must be ready to endure trials of an earthly nature; and not only one, but many. Each trial, which comes before you, is one which will steady you, which will give you greater gravity, greater feeling of being planted in the earth, a greater feeling of having endured and of being able to endure. No human being who has ever accomplished anything truly worthwhile, has done so without first experiencing great suffering, trials and tribulation. These things you will look upon with spiritual eyes as being wonderful gifts, not terrible tragedies, for each trial forces you to ask the question, who am I? Who am I really? What are my decisions based on who I am? Am I a person who is buffeted about by the slings and arrows of fortune? Do the winds of chance throw me off balance? Or am I steady, regardless of the fortunes of time, which come and go; or the fashions of time, which also come and go? Everything changes.

You three have endured much and have been made much greater than you were for this endurance. You are learning as you endure to be a beacon of steadiness for your fellows, to be a source of inspiration for having endured great uncertainty, great tribulation, without having been thrown into old patterns of instability. You who have had problems with alcohol and substance abuse, have indeed endured some of the greatest testing that a human being can endure. These little things that are happening now are nothing compared with what you have been through.

The Father has called you. Are you willing to take up his broom and seep the streets if need be? Are you willing to walk humbly with Him in whatever it is that He gives your hands to do? Are you willing to receive earthly praise for that which He has given you without it pushing you off balance and causing you to be arrogant or at least not humble? Are you prepared for what the Father will give you? He is always certain that you are. He will put into your hands that which you should have, that which gives you what you need.

To be able to endure uncertainty without instability is part of the goal of life. Think of Gandhi, who accomplished a revolution which reverberates to this day and will reverberate even more in the new millennium. He had nothing, his life was full of complete uncertainty. Whether he would be jailed, whether he would be free, he walked humbly with the Father and accepted what the Father had to give him every day and accomplished much more than almost every other living person in this past century. Remember that the Father’s greatest gifts may come in disguises. You cannot know the value of what is given until you open and experience it completely. You three do well. Are there questions?

Ricallo: I’m about to embark on a venture that to some may appear somewhat glamorous. I don’t think of it that way, but from what I heard tonight, maybe I should be a carpenter or something. This is going to require self-discipline that I have lacked in the past and now after hearing this and my own reluctance, maybe it’s not what I should be doing.

Ham: No, it is a question of ; are you willing to take what the Father gives you with true humility? Whatever it is, if it is to make a record, if it is to put deals together, sell people of situations, that kind of thing. Whatever your gifts are, they must be used with humility, with the attitude of: "Thank you Father. If this is your will, I will do my utmost to carry it through. And I will do so calmly and humbly with You leading each step of the way." That was the lesson of the carpenter shop. It was, the daily work, taking each day’s work as it came and completing that work with humility and yet with doing one’s best work. Whatever it is that the Father is putting before you, that is what you should do. It is the attitude with which you do it that is important. Is this making it clear?

Jarad: I don’t ever remember being more affected by anything than what you’ve just told us. It’s the essence of the whole thing. I realize that I don’t care what the Father wants me to do. Whatever it is, is fine with me. Don’t you think that’s true?

Ham: Yes, I think you have arrived at this place very recently.

Jarad: And another thing I tell you that I realize is that when I’m gone from this planet, I don’t care if anybody knows that I did anything. If they know about the Master, I don’t care if they know if I had anything to do with it. I’ve always known what the Master told me about the wealth that was laid at me feet. I’ve always known what that was, that it was Love, and that that what matters. And that I should learn to Love too, you know? It’s really beautiful. I know sometimes I have this trouble with the little things, the food, and that I know that it’s a deeper thing, but I have complete faith in God and I believe that He can help even me to do what He means for me to do.

Ham: Yes my son, this was a wonderful expression of faith and it is good for you to have this opportunity to put into words how you truly feel and I am deeply honored to be the recipient of these words. The true recipient, the One who knows all, knows these things before you are even conscious of them. Yes, questions?

Rebecca, you are doing very well. You are coming to a place of great spiritual strength and resourcefulness, a place where you feel much more calmly and completely yourself. You are greatly blessed and also a person who bestows great blessings on others. Continue...tape runs out... in your attempts to communicate God’s love to others, always think of their greater good, and communicate Love to all whom you encounter.

Jarad, you also are becoming more comfortable in communicating love, and love for your fellows, not only for your immediate family, but others as well, and this is a truly wonderful and liberating experience for you, that you give love freely and be blessed by this not endangered by it. You are becoming less and less easily threatened of frightened or put on the defensive. This is a much more sure place you are coming from now in feeling love for others. You are now more open and joyful. You are less apt to feel hurt by the actions of others or ego-offended, and this is a true sign of spiritual progress. You are doing very well, my son, continue.

Marije, my dear, you are doing very well. You have somewhat of a tendency to want to find human heros, to want to invest others with superhuman qualities and then become disappointed when they turn out to be mere humans. This is a natural process in your growth and you will find that you will be much happier, the less you expect of others. Learn to be loving and accepting of everyone without requirements. This is a lesson that will take a long time. It is one which those in the Mansion Worlds are just learning, so be patient with yourself. You do well.

Jarad: Dolores asks about her husband George who had passed on. Is he with his family and at peace? I would be grateful for any information concerning him.

Ham: Of course, my dear. He was a person who had some great contradictions, a person of great warmth and also coldness. A person of joy and sorrow, love and indifference. A person who lived quite a full life in terms of experience that will require a long time to truly understand. He is doing very well. He is what is termed a sleeping survivor, who will awaken with others who are in his same spiritual progress range in the future. He is in a state of complete peace at present, a state of complete unconscious sleep. When he awakens, it will be as though no time had passed, as though he simply went to sleep in this life and woke up in the next. At that time, he will of course ask for you. So do not worry about him. He is fine and is expected to do well upon awakening.

Jarad: Judy Langston wants to know [who] is her teacher, Onoxyan, a former red man/healer or is it Ochotiwa? She is transmitting in an unfamiliar language. How can she best serve the Father now?

Ham: Yes my dear, this is a difficult question because you are asking many different questions in one. Some of what you are experiencing is an active imagination and some of what you are experiencing is, of course, genuine teaching. It is my recommendation that the specific histories of teachers should not be gone into in too great a detail, because it is a distraction for the student. It is not so important where your teacher comes from. What is important is the greater wisdom which is imparted during these sessions. When you are experiencing this other language it is like a "warming up." A process in which you can free your conscious, thinking mind concerning the meaning of words, and concentrate on the rhythm and the sound. This is to help you in your transmission, because you tend to worry about what is being said, and when you engage your mind, and sensor or even think about what is coming through, it creates a barrier and a difficulty during the transmission process. When you are transmitting sounds that have no meaning then you are freer. Combine this feeling, this experience when you transmit English and see how much easier your transmissions become.

Esmeralda, daughter this is a time of trial and difficulty which will be helpful to you in the long run, while also quite a strain in the short run. This trauma that your mother has experienced is quite severe. She seems to be coping quite well, yet there is a pretty severe shock to her body which is not able to take such shocks as well as she used to. Be understanding with her and sympathetic with her dilemma, for she is quite confused and in need of comfort. You have acquitted yourself well in caring for your parents. All these things count for righteousness in the kingdom.

Elena, yes my daughter, be of soft heart and sympathetic with all that is transpiring. Allow yourself to truly love these women who have been such a great influence upon your life. Allow there to be space and time for you to experience this time of transition.

Charlie Beyer, Son you do well. You are learning many things through difficulty and through joy. You are learning to soften your heart toward others - toward all others not simply those who are in your immediate family. You are learning to be a greater beacon of light and a conduit for Love. Be at peace, my son, you do well.


To all my students: My love is with you each. I do check on you. I do personally monitor your progress. All of you here and far, you are all known to me and all beloved by me. I take none of you for granted. You are each precious and I want you to know that I am honored to be your teacher. I am honored that we will begin a new year, a new millennium together. Be at Peace.