2001-02-05-Spiritual Circuit

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Topic: Spiritual Circuit

Group: Arcadia TeaM


Teacher: JarEl

TR: Henry Z.



Greetings my friends, it is I JarEl. Again it is good to be here and listen to your discussions.


Circuits, Relationship

This evening we will continue our discussion on man's relationship to God. Last week we discussed aspects of personality. Personality as a commodity in the supreme and a gift from the Father of eternity. The spiritual circuit is not made up of little wires that connect to electronic components. The spiritual is more like an ocean. Vast and complete bodies/planes of energy and each one of you is connected in someway to this spiritual circuit.

What is it that activates the spiritual circuit and how do you benefit and connect to this spiritual circuit? Do you even have a need for a spiritual circuit? The circuit of the Adjuster is at best activated by man's will. If you view this circuit as a gigantic body of water and see yourself as sitting on top of this surface, feel the motion on the surface. The surface is alive with motion. Man's will accesses this motion by the aligning of man's will with the greater intention of the Father's movement/purpose. In this great sea, there will be great swells of motion and when man's will navigates these currents of Father's will, man begins to gather momentum in a spiritual sense.

Why is this important, then? Isn't the Thought Adjuster enough; feed, guiding, loving and nurturing us. The circuit connects all of the Adjusters with links to the evolving Supreme and links back to Paradise. These links connect you to the vast future and past of eternity.

So this circuit with its hook-ups and connections give the person a real identity and a greater view of spiritual reality. True, it is not until that you have made the ultimate commitment of fusion, whereby you are commissioned in the service of the universe. Nonetheless, even as a young fledgling spirit, your identity is respected, fully regarded within the spiritual circuits. You are continually receiving the benefits of all other spiritual circuits, made available to you on Urantia.

There are many levels in spiritual evolution where being connected to these circuits, bring you into an awareness of like-minded individuals who have achieved the levels of spirituality which you have achieved. There is an inherent awareness, a recognition that takes place and not always on the conscious level of awareness.

Man's desire to align his will with the will of the Father; To love and serve mankind, is the crowning human achievement. There are many who are beginning to serve the movement. The movement of spiritual energy on the planet. The consciousness of spirit identity and the task of service.

This spiritual circuitry has a dual function. God is constantly nudging, guiding and constantly making opportunities available, challenging your growth and testing your allegiance. There is also the aspect of the individual seeking God's help, asking of the Father for clarity of consciousness, for the answers, for the direction, meaning, purpose and value; for the next step, the work at hand. God will respond to you. It is a reciprocal relationship. God also desires for you to grow and become one in His identity.

This one on one dimension of God to man is a particular dynamic within the growth of the individuals' own personality. The evidence of this and the process by which man grows spiritually is the work man does in the world for others. You cannot grow spiritually just with God, but must grow spiritually both with men and God, with the Godlikeness of each other.

This is why you can be intellectually perfect and experimentally a fool. You can have eloquently and intellectualized your own reality, and have totally deadened your hearing to the plea for help from those around you, or blind to the need of assistance and service to others.

Yes, it is always comfortable to be connected to God within your mind. To be always assured of your personal greatness, yet it is another situation to help bring those around yourself to assist in building a spiritual relationship in which the family of God begin to exist on this world. This is one of the important dynamics of this teaching mission in this correcting time, to help you become aware in one dimension of responsibility of man's relationship with God and in the other dimension, to draw you into the vast need of correcting which exists on this world.

You are the eyes, mind, ears, feet and hands of God. You are representatives of the Most Highs. As you mature spiritually, you begin to encounter with growing awareness, the joy of challenge and struggle. The world will one day awaken to a stillness, a stillness and peace of beingness which is within.

This is my simple lesson for this evening. Are there any questions?



Stella; Well, is this spiritual circuit something like the Divine Mind? Or is that different?

JarEl; This is a good question. Quite possibly the spiritual circuit is a part of Divine Mind. Divine Mind has an overcontrol in it to coordinate it with the individual aspects of perfection, constantly making adjustments to meet the weave and warp as the fabric of reality is woven. This Divine circuit emanates from the aspect of mercy and compassion of eternal Deity, of the eternity of Father.

The Mind of God is an incredibly complex concept to organize, for it exists withing the realm of the Trinity, the three persons of Deity. The particular circuit of the Father, emanates from the personality of the Father, so yes, is part of the Dynamic of mind and how mind functions with personality. This is why you can speak directly with the person of God, that can respond to the individual person of assent, through the actual indwelling of the Thought Adjuster and that resonance within the vastness and greatness of the circuit.

Mother Spirit, Evolution

Are you looking for a specific concept?

Stella; What about great inventions, art and music. Does this stem from the Divine mind that is brought into fruition within the human?

JarEl; Actually, that aspect of mind is not connected with the spiritual circuit. Those thought concepts are associated with the mind consciousness of the planet and that is within the realm of the Universe Mother Spirit, which connects her spiritual circuitry the mind consciousness of Urantia and its pattern of evolution.

There is a pattern of evolution for all of life. Everything already exists in eternity, so if you on Urantia are all perfect beings discovering your perfection, you also live on a perfect world and discovering its perfection, albeit you are discovering this through its limitation. Consciousness is already given to this world. All of the possibilities already exist. At this stage of evolution and development, not all minds have access to all of consciousness. This is why some minds, minds characterized as minds of greatness, minds of masters are capable of accessing more of this consciousness and gleam the needed concepts for this particular time in man's evolution.

Transistor radios' would not have done cavemen much good. Just as sticks and clubs are not doing the human situation very much good right now. There is information that will be forth with coming through the consciousness, through the endowment, which will be brought through the reality consciousness of individuals at the right time in the further stages of human development.

As man begins to attune the will and mind, of course at that point, reality becomes synchronized with spiritual reality, more information will become assessable to you. Does this Help? (Yes)

Hal; Is it not a matter of semantics as to define Divine Mind, what is the definition of a circuit. Seems to me, that there is much more involved that we are not able to see fully. To try and put this into words is a bit like classifying something which we have no reference for.

JarEl; Thank you Hal.


Lucille; Could you enlarge upon the spiritual identity? (Of What) You mentioned this several times, how we find our spiritual identity as individuals.

JarEl; When man can begin to identify you as spiritual, then you can begin to comprehend that value you have acquired for the spiritual universe. Others can identify you spiritually not by what you say, rather by what you do. It is this dimension which brings not only spiritual recognition but spiritual identity. (As conceived by others?)

You cannot identify yourself spiritually, You can only have a relationship with God and men. In your own mind you are already perfect. You are already one with God. Who else knows this. How can another know this until you begin to demonstrate this. When you begin to be the eyes, ears, hands and feet of God. When others begin to benefit by your relationship with God. God will love you no matter what you do. If you don't interact with your fellow man, you are not activating a spiritual dimension, you are not growing. You have just become aware, but have not yet acquired any spiritual experience.

Lucille; So it is a relationship?

JarEl; You can hold all the seeds to your survival in a little package, but until you plant those seeds, watch them sprout and grow and eventually bear fruit, you will die. You are not going to be able to eat of that fruit and live.

Spiritual identity is the same, until you live a spiritual life and that others begin to recognize, this is spiritual identity. As an Adjuster indwelt individual you are recognizable as a candidate for fusion, but this is all. You are given respect and opportunity as is everyone on this planet from a spiritual perspective. When you begin to activate this identity, to go forth into your community and allow others to come to you, you can begin to access the gift you have been given as a spiritual component.

Spirit is not just a linear progression as it is a dimensional quality which is whole and affects you totally. Spiritual identity is when the spiritual universe begins to use you spiritually for its own purpose, the purpose of Father's will. A spiritual identity allows you more contact with the spiritual universe, though you may only sense a growing awareness of deepening into your relationship with God and men.

This is why time and space universes were created. In Paradise, everything IS perfect. God created everything perfect. Yet it lacked a dimension. It lacked the dimension and quality of experience. Therefore God came down in the image and likeness of mortal humans, to begin to create perfection out of Chaos; to begin to create order out of confusion; to begin to bring love to a world in despair, needing hope; to bring light into darkness; quench the thirst of those who are thirsty and to bring the spiritual bread that man may begin to feast upon and know for certain that there are Divine parents and that you are loved and cared for.

In Paradise, there is not yet this quality and dimension of experience, for there everything is Perfect, This is the quality the Supreme will bring to Paradise, earned identity.

Talent, Expression

Nell; I have a question about talent as humans go. If a person is a writer or artist, whatever, do we always work in the same vein as we pass on, or is this a bridge to something different later on in our ascension.

JarEl; You know, Nell, all of these things are possible. It may be that as one begins to go into perfection, one begins to experience other ways and means of expressions and of course when you get into the more spiritual worlds, there are available many more avenues of expression.

Some may keep into their chosen talents and continue to do the work they did on this earth for a period, you know that eternity is a very long time. There are many things to experience, a person can completely exhaust the possibilities of something after thousands of years, and may find a need to experience something else which adds to the dimension, flavor and character of that person.

Nell; The potential for this we already have? (Yes)

JarEl; Not all the time on Urantia you may not have the opportunity to experience all of this, and of course, life is so short and fleeting, it demands that man at some point focuses briefly to get a few things done while you are here on earth.

Mansion Worlds

Nell; What I am thinking of if feelings being brought on feeling very inadequate and small and discovering surprising things within myself, I never thought to think of doing certain things. Who knows what we have the capacity to do, and maybe I can surprise myself becoming interested in something which at this time is far removed from my mind. I guess when we are exposed to all of the possibilities that this must be such a tremendous choice.

JarEl; There begins a tremendous transformation of will and character. There are not the same conditions which render one feeling small and inadequate, because on the mansion worlds, every thought and whim is given respect and attention. You are not just brushed off or passed by or ignored. Any interest and keen observation is greatly rewarded. Of course all work is done for the pure joy and pleasure of the experience. There is no toil here. Everything has a wonderful melody and color to it. There is no static and repetitious grinding toil on the mansion worlds. There is "Spirit" associated with everything which is undertaken on the mansion worlds. You will immediately feel a sense of value and worth there.

Hal; Is this not a matter of perspective. We have the same opportunities down here to avoid the retrace and vicissitudes of life. We can have the same attitude and perspective here, isn't that possible?

JarEl; Yes, you could. Though this does not exist for everyone at this time, but it may in the future.

Nell; As an individual this can happen. I am kind of experiencing that I am beginning to enjoy the everyday humdrum of the chores, while before I was griping about this in my mind, of course, but now I am thankful and grateful for this life. It becomes a change in attitude.

Donna; JarEl; speaking of the other side, the mansion worlds. Are some completely astounded and surprised when they find out that there is life after death. They who don't expect this for example. Do they know that they died, or are there occasions where they are confused and not even realize that they are alive again. Could you speak to this.

JarEl; One of the great and one of the rarer and more available forms of service on the mansion worlds is attending to the newly arrived. After you have been there a while, you need less service and one is always looking for opportunity to experience spiritual growth.

At this point I cannot help but say that there is much more spiritual growth available to you here than on the mansion worlds, much more. Yes, the newly arrived present a tremendous opportunity for many to help integrate the newly arrived into the mansion world regime. Especially the newly arrived from Urantia. There are of course many arrivals from other worlds whose transition is a bit smoother than it is coming form here. For many different reasons, there are may who pass over in tremendous pain, pathology and suffering and must be rehabilitated to adjust to the new surroundings. This presents a tremendous opportunity for the surviving family members to be of service to their kin.

Also to those who have not much kin. There are people who refuse to believe that they have passed over, as well as people who would rather not be there, who don't want to be there. You must choose to continue, always there are a small contingency of persons who for whatever reason, choose to not continue. This is usually bred out of arrogance, conceit.

Stella; Somewhere it is mentioned that anything which isn't in the will of God falls away from you. However, if a person is filled with hatred and revenge and dies, do those terrible thoughts leave such a person and can this person be rehabilitated?

JarEl; This also presents an opportunity for service because a lot of individuals who are rehabilitated under these conditions are necessarily put into a probation sector and are separate from the mainstay mansion world number one. Some of these individuals are quite possible rehabilitated in time. It has been quite a number of years since I myself have served upon the mansion worlds.